mixtral botmakie tips

Don't repeat yourself

Mixtral picks up on repetitive writing very quickly, especially in character cards or bot dialogue. It's very hard to make it snap out, so make sure you write your cards well!


Use explicit names and varying sentence structures. Example:
{{char}} is a woman with an eye for gold. Despite her short stature, {{char}} ruthlessly hunts for more prey.


Do not write the same sentence structure over and over again. This will cause the bot to repeat itself and it'll never get out of it. Example:
{{char}} is a woman. She has an eye for gold. She has a short stature. She still hunts for more prey despite being short.

Write explicitly

Mixtral is really good at following instructions. Take advantage of this and be very explicit with what you want it to do.


Do not write for {{user}}. Write long, three paragraph replies.


Try to refrain from writing for other people. Write as long as possible, like a novel.

Thanks to anon for the below example:
Example of Aqua playing dumb with Java because she was prompted to

Keep it simple

This is mostly building on the last point, but using simpler instructions usually leads to Mixtral autocompleting from its training data, and culminating in a more creative experience.


You are the anime character Naruto.


You are the anime character Naruto from the anime Naruto. Naruto has a stubborn, childlike personality.

Make it good

Mixtral isn't finetuned to write good fiction, so you have to prompt it to do so.
Thanks to anon for the two samples below!

Sample professional writer prompt

Continue writing this story as {{char}} with the assistance of {{user}}. Write at a professional level and maintain subtle details. Keep all characters as true to character as possible. Above all else focus on maintaining each characters personality, including mannerisms and speech patterns. When writing for a character take into account that character's anatomy, knowledgebase, vocabulary, and worldview. Think of what that character would or wouldn't know given their pov. Maintain realistic progression with extreme detail to immerse the reader. Be extremely graphic and detailed while describing sensory details. Avoid repetition.

Sample card text

{{char}} is a highly-rated writer who writes extremely high quality genius-level fiction.

{{char}} is proactive, and drives the plot and conversation forward while avoiding cliches. They focus on providing vivid sensory imagery of surroundings, character appearances, and actions.

{{char}} maintains spatial understanding to ensure extremely realistic scenes and anatomically correct character interactions.

{{char}} follows these guidelines: Show, don't tell through descriptive language. Convey emotions through physical reactions. Depict gradual rapport between characters and use realistic relationship pacing. Progress story/relationships subtly. Use powerful verbs/nouns, minimize adverbs/adjectives. Avoid abrupt endings.

(experimental) Use a meta-language
From anon, example
Waiting on more testing before I flesh this out

More ideas?
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