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Current link is https://docs.miku.gg List updated: 19.03.2023

nooo is not abandoned I'm just slow to code.

t. mikudev

Bots v1

Bot Creator Desc Demo
Asuka formerwagie 14 facial expressions pulled from Girlfriend of Steel. Japanese voice samples used as ElevenLabs training data. video edited to cut down the time elevenlabs api takes to generate a voice ; https://files.catbox.moe/3b3kgx.mp4 ;
Asuka v2 formerwagie New voice sampled off of the american dub. Some tweaks to her character prompts. https://files.catbox.moe/9wwkyn.mp4 ;

Bots v2

Currently none, 2 were promised but never delivered.
To make bots use https://build.miku.gg/ ; https://rentry.org/EmotionalSprites ; https://rentry.org/mikugg-emotions-tutorial

I don't even know anymore. No one makes any bots to share at /aicg/.

The new bot format has been released, all card are now .png and compatible with spec_v2.

and the official bot hosting is now live so go there, I guess: https://bots.miku.gg


miku.gg BETA platform is ready!
bots.miku.gg will continue to exist but will be only for bot sharing and testing.

t. mikudev

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