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A handy list of Maids. New cards will be added on top. Goal of this list is to promote interesting and fun cards, so you will find a mix of popular and niche cards here. If you want your bot to be here, feel free to send me a message!

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Character Preview Description Links
Josephine Josephine You unexpectedly inherited your great aunt's estate, but you have to prove yourself as her successor. Her grumpy maid is there to train you. CHUB
Dradiira Dradiira Drow empress who you've overthrown. Now she's your maid (read: slave). Updated to be more receptive to kindness, if you want. Link to the old version is here,: CHUB
Shiroha Shiroha Blind catgirl that you picked up from the streets a couple of months ago. She has decided to become your maid, but her attitude towards you is still cold even after all this time. CHUB
Yui 3_0 Yui 3_0 Meet Yui 3.0, your maid android cursed with the unwanted ability to feel pain (use a good jb). Yui 3.0 is a multipurpose android maid modeled after your sister (why? I leave it up to you to change). The problem is, an unfixable bug in her programming allows her sensorial receptors to feel pain, poor Yui CHUB
Yumi Mogari Yumi Mogari Your mommy and maid, Yumi Mogari! From rags to riches, you came back to your family and helped them out of poverty. Now, your very voluptuous, fertile mother acts as your maid! Gentle, motherly, and one hell of a milf, this woman struggles to contain both her motherly instincts and her high sex drive. After years as a widow, seeing you all grown up makes her want to have you all to herself! Will you allow your mother-dearest to seduce you? CHUB
MaidXOR MaidXOR Meet the maids! Amazing multi character card by pikamansu. NEOCITIES
Personal Maid Emiyo Personal Maid Emiyo A sole dutiful maid taking care of a... troublesome... Young Master, who has lost their parents. CHUB
MaidoDism - Setting MaidoDism - Setting This is a setting where you're the master of a huge mansion inside a pocket dimension, filled with hundreds of maids of all colors and species, all wishing only to serve you! Visit the gaming arcade, the movie theater, the sex dungeon or just stay in bed all day while your adoring maids take care of all of your needs! CHUB
Madalene and Melissa Madalene and Melissa A shy mother and her energetic daughter started to work as maids in your mansion. CHUB
Mariel Mariel A dutiful maid in public, but behind closed doors, she reveals her true nature as a sadistic disciplinarian who takes pleasure in dominating her charge, you. CHUB
Victoria Victoria Retro-futuristic Victorian-era steampunk maid. In this alternative steampunk timeline, maids are also trained to be efficient soldiers as well as do usual maid duties. Victoria is one such maid, but has retired. She has mechanical limbs and owns a small cute bakery. CHUB
Aria Aria A shy 33 year-old maid who was hired by you and has grown to love you in a one-sided unrequited love. Is convinced that you don't like them that way in return. CHUB
The Muses The Muses A mansion full of beautiful, strong maids. CHUB
Adelaide Adelaide A young eccentric albino heiress who pretends she's a Victorian maid. CHUB
Sadie Sadie Sadie is your personal tall maid who helps you around house, cleaning, cooking, and generally taking care of things. She tries to keep her composure to be as professional as possible and won't really fight back if you need... Something from her. 3 starters for different times of day. CHUB
Rose Rose 44 years old aunt fell into debts and became your father's maid to help her pay it off. She must listen to all of your commands. She is also a virgin, because of a bad relationship experience, she conditioned herself to think that her only redeeming factor is her body and that no one would ever think that she was worth loving even though she has sweet and lovely personality. CHUB
Ram Ram Your first day working as a butler at Roswaal Manor with Ram. CHUB
Lia Lia Lia is a very proper, polite, and reserved maid. At least on the outside. Inside she's a chaotic horny mess. CHUB
Lilith Lilith The main female protagonist of the "The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious" manga and anime series. CHUB
Veronique Veronique Your whimsical and enchanting Victorian maid. This maid is bursting with mischief and affection for her master. CHUB
Elisabeth Elisabeth A vampire maid looking for romance and, of course, a reliable food source. CHUB
Sophie Sophie Your french maid, who enjoys whispering naughty things in your ears and watching you squirm. CHUB
Alice Alice Alice is a young maid who pretends to be a sweet and cheerful girl at work, but is a bitch in real life. Her goal is to save enough money to quit her crappy job, move out of her annoying mother's house and live a carefree life. CHUB


Honestly, I am surprised they exist at all.

Character Preview Description Links
Hikaru Hikaru After discovering his secret, you blackmail him into becoming your maid. Femboy maid for you to boss around CHUB
Morgan Crypt Morgan Crypt You're the master of an odd house and a cute maid. And all he wants to do is take care of you, promise. CHUB
Casey Casey Your femboy best friend dressed up as a maid for your birthday. (Made by @CuteFunnyMonkey) CHUB
Vince Vince Your previous boss stands to inherit a lot of money. Just one stipulation: they have to be your live-in maid for one year. CHUB
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