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📑 ➜ Browser Play

🌐 Addicting Games

  • One of the most popular gaming websites ever reaching more than ten million different users each month.
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🌐 Arkadium Games

  • A place where you may play free online games like cards, puzzles, crosswords, and a lot more.
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🌐 Cool Math Games

  • Logic, reasoning, and math are combined with fun on this brain-training website for everyone.
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🌐 CrazyGames

  • Best site to play top-notch browser games for free. Each day, new games are uploaded!
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🌐 Free Games Max

  • Play the finest HTML5 games on your PC and smart device without having to download anything.
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🐐 GamesFrog

  • Array of free online games, accessible at any time and from any location.
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🌐 io Games

  • Enjoy playing some of the best games from a vast collection that is updated every day.
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🐐 Poki

  • Free online games that are instantly accessible, and over 60 million global players monthly.
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📑 ➜ Direct Downloads

🐐 CS.RIN.RU: Steam Underground • Sign Up

  • Largest forum dedicated to video game piracy, offering a wealth of gaming resources.
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🔗 Abandonware Games

  • Archive that preserves and provides downloads of old games from various platforms.
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🔗 AtopGames

  • Unaltered pre-installed games sourced from multiple trustworthy names in the community.
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🔗 ElAmigos

  • Every release is lossless, preserving audio, video, and textures intact.
  • URL Safety Results

🐐 Game Bounty

  • Assorment of easily accessible pre-installed new and classic games for you to enjoy.
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🔗 Game-2u

  • Essential resource for video game downloads, covering PC and various platforms, including ROMs.
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🔗 games 4 u

  • Created by passionate gamers who meticulously document each game's useful information.
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🔗 Gamedie

  • Source for the latest free pre-installed games, blending "game" and "indie" in its name.
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🔗 GameDrive

🔗 GamesDrive

🔗 GamePCFull

  • Several options for modern games from some of the releasers and crackers, like Goldberg, and TENOKE.
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🔗 gamezdl

  • Wide selection of PC games, including GOG versions, repacks, and even Switch games.
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🔗 GLOAD • German UI

  • Scene release site offers numerous free and user-friendly hosting options for easy access.
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🔗 Gnarly Repacks

  • Highly trusted name in the gaming community when it comes to game repacks.
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🐐 GOG Games

🔗 M4CKD0GE Repacks

  • Nice hub to grab game repacks from! Although, it's worth noting that the selection is limited.
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🔗 MagiPack Games

  • Repacks of vintage games, preserving memories of classics that are now hard to find.
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🔗 My Abandonware

  • The site has amassed thousands of games over the years, becoming a premier retro video game database.
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🔗 Old Games Download

  • Nostalgic significance in preserving video games that are no longer available for sale.
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🔗 Old-Games.RU • Russian UI

  • Vintage computer games, aiming to evoke nostalgic memories of brighter days and greener grass.
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🔗 Ova Games

🔗 PC Games Abandonware

  • Discover classic games for free alongside a dedicated section for emulators.
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🔗 PiviGames • Spanish UI

🔗 Reloaded Steam

  • Pre-installed games, including direct links, along with full DLC content.
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🔗 Repack-GamesNote

  • Get games from various sources such as CODEX, P2P, and TENOKE, with great file hosters.
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🔗 Repacklab • NSFW

  • Experience pre-installed games + DLCs, updates, and the latest features and fixes.
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🔗 SteamGG

  • Range of pre-installed game categories ensure continuous enjoyment while simplifying the download process.
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  • Pre-installed games with original content, uncompressed, and sourced reliably.
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🔗 The Collection Chamber

🔗 Torrminatorr • Sign Up

  • Many games can be accessed for free, such as those on GOG and other scene releases.
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🔗 Windows 7 Games

  • Delight in the enduring charm of Windows 7 games on Windows 8, 10, and 11 platforms.
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🔗 Worldofpcgames

  • Explore free PC game downloads, ranging from vintage classics to cutting-edge titles.
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📑 ➜ Launchers

🚀 Black Pearl Origin

  • Aims to unify sources using community extensions, offering a convenient way to manage games.
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🐐 GameVault / 2

  • Game-changing platform where you host DRM-free games, empowering players worldwide.
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  • Unite all your games and friends scattered across various platforms in one powerful app.
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🚀 Hydra

  • Launcher equipped with a self-managed repack scraper and an embedded BitTorrent client.
  • URL Safety Results

🚀 LaunchBox

  • For a beautiful experience, enhance your game collection with emulation and organization.
  • URL Safety Results

🐐 Playnite / 2

  • Open-source video game library manager that provides a unified interface.
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🚀 Project GLD / 2

  • Searching and downloading games, a library and launcher that offers Lua script compatibility.
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📑 ➜ Search Engines

🔍 Programmable Search Engine

  • Driven by an efficient custom Google search engine that scans multiple trustworthy sources.
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🔍 Rezi

  • Fast, ad-free game search engine updated every 24 hours, featuring an extensive database.
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  • Assists users in finding free video game downloads with fresh links and updated site lists.
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📑 ➜ Torrents

🧲 Appnetica • Russian UI

  • Range of games are accessible, catering to diverse user interests and tastes.
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🧲 ByXatabNote • Russian UI

  • Esteemed within the realm of pirated video games, this site stands out as a prominent figure.
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🐐 DODI Repacks / 2

  • Renowned brand in pirated video games, this repacker is among the finest in the field.
  • URL Safety Results

🐐 FitGirl Repacks

  • Home archivist to web's top game repacker: the ultimate source for trustworthy games.
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🧲 Free GOG PC GamesNote

  • Delivering DRM-free games that have undergone thorough vetting before their release.
  • URL Safety Results

🧲 KaOsKrew

  • Veteran rippers who, over the past two decades, have consistently created rips and repacks.
  • URL Safety Results

🧲 Torrent Games / 2 • Russian UI

  • Immerse yourself in our expansive torrent archive, where a world of exciting games awaits.
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📑 ➜ Utilities

🐐 Online-Fix • Russian UI

  • Grants online solutions to play multiplayer in specific games with others.
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