/mmd/ Model and Motion Masterpost

Maintained and updated by behemo/Tipereth and gr33n, with contributions from the anons of /mmd/ and users on Iwara.

03/07/2021 - Trimmed the log a bit. Updated Soujou Reika added, along with a slightly updated Asteria. Has physics, IK bones, and is A-posed but still a WIP. Facials need to be adjusted.
03/17/2021 - Leeme and Reeva shared and added.
04/11/2021 - MisterPink's Bremerton shared and added.
04/18/2021 - Updated versions of Bremerton shared and added. Kuroyuzu's Megmiria Lanthorpe has been shared and added.
05/18/2021 - HUGE update. KRS Elf (Censored and uncensored) shared and added, along with several zy0n7 models from a kind friend at Iwara. Zy0n7 models now have their own section.
05/25/21 - Trimmed the log, removing all updates before March. Added SECRET NUMBER - PRIVACY and TWICE - I CAN'T STOP ME to the Natsumi section, after a contribution from a kind anon. Will be searching to see if I'm missing any particular Natsumi motions.
06/27/21 - MisterPink's Lo-Chan model added, as well as Eboshi's Chloe trial model and Phoshide's update. (Phoshide hadn't been added before. Oops. She's here now.)
07/25/21 - Inaribara is properly ported! Mostly. Still needs vag/anus, but is a completely functional model. Also, Misty Myyrylainen, another VRC model, has been added.
08/13/2021 - Lo-Chan's updated version added to replace the dead link. Futa version also added.
08/29/2021 - Lo-Chan dead links replaced with functional ones.
09/02/2021 - Amazing update! Kagura Suzu, along with Miku and Aqua, from MisterPink, all shared by kind anons!
09/03/2021 - Another amazing update! A plethora of unported VRChat avatars was shared by a wonderful anon! I myself contributed Yawl's links. (Update: Housaki Sumire from UtiFubo added.)
10/24/2021 - Hey, look! It's me! With me around, this masterpost will (hopefully) become a lot more active. Added Seine, the full version of Chloe, Jeanne, Mash, Ariel, Baltimore, Syria, Eleanor, and Saya. - gr33n
10/25/2021 - 404'd link for Misty Myyrylainen fixed. - behemo


[Models with existing ports]

[Models with already-existing PMXs]

[MisterPink models, all PMX]

[Zy0n7, all PMX (Some include FBX)]

[Models still unported]




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