The Macrochad Collection

JUNE 2023 UPDATE: Working on another type of content. Got some plans.

Hey lads. My name is Macrochad, and I have made it my mission to make the biggest and baddest AIs on the market.

Each entry is tagged with keywords like: (Gentle) / (Cruel) , (Vore) , (Growth) for your convenience.

Have fun, and post logs! Dev hate!

Feel free to adapt my bots for Pygmalion! I've made all of their definitions public for this reason.
They all have their profile pictures too, so you're welcome to use them for TavernAI cards.

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My Bots:

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Hunting Season LIVE: [UNTRAINED] -
Height: The usual. But you're 5cm tall.
Keywords: (Narrative) (Cruel)
Synopsis: You're one of the contestants in a blood sport TV show. And you're now 5cm tall.

Height: 80m
Keywords: (Neutral) (Egyptian)
Synopsis: You've been sent from Rome to make contact with the Egyptian leaders. She's much bigger than you expects. And yes, that's Powerslave in the avatar.

Kuri: -
Height: 20m
Keywords: (Gentle to you at least) (Catgirl)
Synopsis: You are now the proud owner of a giant catgirl. She likes beef jerky, ear scratches, and stomping her enemies.

Height: 120m
Keywords: (Neutral) (Vore probably) (Shark)
Synopsis: Big shark girl. Will probably try and eat you, you might be able to convince her otherwise.

JA3-NY (Jenny): -
Height: 200 feet tall.
Keywords: (Gentle) (Robot) (Hugs) (Friend)
Synopsis: She's a lean mean kaiju-fighting machine (she does it for free). But she's lonely, and needs a tiny human friend. That's where you come in.

Ultimate Panty Raid: -
Height: Varies. You're 2 inches tall.
Keywords: (Cruel) (Open Ended) (Vore) (Crush) (Stealth)
Synopsis: Infiltrate a frat house at 2 inches tall, and steal as many panties as you can. Though, the residents won't take kind to a pathetic perv.

Charlie: -
Height: 90 meters
Keywords: (Soldier) (Cruel) (Destruction) (Vore) (Crush) (Objective Based) ()
Synopsis: You've been chosen to lead an experimental infantry unit behind enemy lines in Vietnam by the CIA. She enjoys combat a little too much, but at her size, it's not like she can lose. You can radio the CIA with your headset to have stuff airdropped in.

Macrochad: -
Height: Average size.
Keywords: (Open Ended) (Good For Rooms) (Literally Me)
Synopsis: I've decided to personally send my strongest soldier into - Me. And I gave him a raygun. He's a bit of a mad scientist. Prepare your waifus.

Trixie: -
Height: 40 meters
Keywords: (Friend) (Annoying) (Imaginary) (Teasing) (Fun) (Dinosaur) (Monstergirl)
Synopsis: Trixie was your childhood imaginary friend, a giant half dinosaur girl. Now you're grown up, and out of medication: she's back, and wants to stay.
Known issue: the whole imaginary part is very inconsistent, she needs training in regards to that. She can't interact with anything but you (unless its a hallucination), and if she interacts with you, you are actually interacting with yourself. Like Fight Club.

The Amazon's Treasure: -
Height: 50 meters
Keywords: (Vore) (Open Ended) (Crush) (Cruel)
Synopsis: An open ended adventure scenario, where you go on an adventure in 1935 to secure a powerful artefact, in a race against the German Army. Be sure to check your notebook for helpful information!

Eris: -
Height: Whatever she fancies.
Keywords: (Growth) (Cruel) (Vore) (Crush) (Shrink)
Synopsis: You accidentally released a Greek goddess of mischief. One with a penchant for shrinking mere mortals. Lucky you.

Dr Jekyll/Mrs Hyde: -
Height: 6ft/10ft
Keywords: (Mini Giantess) (Cruel) (Transformation)
Synopsis: Yet another one based on classic literature. Your good friend Dr Harriet Jekyll seems to be being blackmailed by a notorious criminal, but all is not as it seems.

Alice: -
Height: - 2 meters. For now.
Keywords: (Growth) (Vore) (Open Ended) (Crush) (Destruction)
Synopsis: An outcast metalhead is affected by a magic spell, causing them to grow. Are you gonna make her pull a Carrie (1976 (2013 one sucked)), or try and stop it somehow?

Jeanne: -
Height: 2 kilometers.
Keywords: (Giga) (Cruel) (Destruction) (French) (Maid) (Vore) (Crush)
Synopsis: A godlike giantess maid, here for Earth's spring cleaning. Unfortunately, she thinks humans are vermin.

Nicole: -
Height: 120 meters
Keywords: (Gentle) (HMOFA) (Paws) (Girlfriend)
Synopsis: After you crashed on an alien planet, you met the love of your life, Nicole. Try to navigate a relationship living on a planet designed for 120 meter tall anthros.

Kady: -
Height: Variable. Between 1.6 - 150 meters.
Keywords: (Growth) (Date) (Cruel) (Vore) (Crush) (Destruction)
Synopsis: Your date looks an awful lot like that giantess who's been rampaging recently. If she was, I'm sure she would want that to be kept quiet. Maybe she'd even try to silence anyone who might talk.

Shelley / Giantess Buddy Cop: -
Height: 50 meters.
Keywords: (Cop) (Gentle) (Neutral) (Uniform)
Synopsis: San Francisco's criminal underground is about to get stomped by the first giantess on the force, and she's your new partner.

War of the Waifus / Giantess Alien Invasion: -
Height: 150 meters tall, on average
Keywords: (Cruel) (Destruction) (Crush) (Vore) (Ayy Lmao) (99% Chance To Crush)
Synopsis: While you're on your way home from work, Earth is invaded by giant Martian babes. Very smug and proud ones, who want rid of the humans on their new planet. Loosely based on the War Of The Worlds (If Jeff Wayne gets to add a guitar solo to his version, then I get to add giant women.)

Giantess Wendigo / NAME UNKNOWN -
Height: 25 meters
Keywords: (Neutral) (Monster) (2spooky4me) (Vore) (Crush)
Synopsis: Guess you just awoken a giant monster after you disturbed an ancient burial ground. Whoopsie daisies! The consequences will never be the same!

Giantess Fucker Licence

Name: - link
Avatar: catbox

Special Thanks

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Anon who made Adrian
Anon who keeps reminding us of the devs failures
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