"What are you doing up?" I asked yawning. "It’s…" I squinted my tired eyes at the clock across the room. "Good Lord! It’s after 2 am! I didn’t realize it was so late."
Scott stood and stretched, his blanket falling off him onto the floor. He was naked, as usual. "I just wanted to stay up and see how your date went." He paused and looked at me, "well? How was it?"
I smiled, "It was fun, we went out to eat and then to a dance. He’s really nice."
"What was his name again? I forgot what you told me."
"I never told you," I grinned at him. "It’s hard to be coy at 2 in the morning isn’t it?" His only response was to maturely stick his tongue out at me. "His name is Samuel."
"Is Sam a nice guy?"
I shoot him an annoyed look. "A. His name is Samuel, not Sam. And B. Yes, he’s a great guy. But you’re to protective. I’m a big girl, I can figure these things out for myself."
Scott asked the question that I knew he had be aching to ask. "So," he said casually, "How far did you get with him?"
I laughed, "You horn dog, that’s all you wanted to know wasn’t it?"
"Nooooo." He lied, squeaking a bit. He was a terrible liar.
"What if I don’t want to tell you?" I asked sticking my chin out obstinately.
A devilish twinkle came to his eyes. " I have ways of getting it out of you…" He trailed off threatenly.
"Oh yeah?" I grinned mischievously back at him. "You’ll have to catch me first!" I broke off in a sprint to the only lockable room in the whole apartment, the bathroom. He caught me in the hall two feet away from the door and threw me to the ground. He was sitting on my stomach before I had a chance to recover my wits.
Holding my hands above my head with his own, he leaned down within inches of face. "You were saying?" I fought him as much as I could by arching my back, biting at him, and trying to kick him. After a few minutes, I was out of breath and he was still calmly sitting on top of me with the evil glint in his eye. "Is that all you’ve got?"
I glared at him. "I’m a little tired from dancing all night."
Flipping me over roughly, Scott twisted my arms behind my back. He picked me up and half drug me into my bedroom, grabbing a pair nylons peaking out of my dresser drawer on the way in. He then expertly and quickly looped them around my arms and pulled it tight. He harshly tossed me on the bed, but I knew he was being careful at the same time.
I sat up on the bed and backed myself into the corner as a defense. I wasn’t actually afraid of him; this was a little game we played all the time. I loved every minute of it and he knew it.
Scott climbed on the bed and started to unbutton my thin black blouse, he lifted my large breasts out of my bra and sliding the straps off my shoulders, pushed it down to my stomach. I was now even more immobilized then before. He cupped each breast gently and with his thumbs, began rubbing the nipples. "Well? How far?" He asked again. Now it was my turn to stick out my tongue. "You’re a little brat tonight aren’t you?" I didn’t bother answering his rhetorical question. He knew the answer already.
"Robin, you know that I’m going to get the answer out of you sooner or later." He said as if chastising a schoolboy. I nodded. "When why make it so hard on yourself? Why do you fight?" He asked faking exasperation.
I smiled my own evil smile. "It’s more fun this way."
"Very well, have it your way." With that threat he grabbed my ankles and pulled me straight on the bed. He jumped on top of me and placed his chin between my breasts. His penis tickled the inside of my knee and I scrunched up my nose at him. He understood immediately and rearranged himself.
Oddly enough, that was the one line we never crossed, but we had come to it many times. We also talked about it a lot. But we had decided we would best as friends. I didn’t purposely touch his dick and he didn’t purposely touch my pussy, usually. It was a weird relationship, and it confused other every one else, but it worked for us and that was all that mattered.
Thusly fixed, he went back to the interrogation at hand. "Tell me about him!" He demanded like a jealous husband. The very tone in his voice made moisture spring to the lips beneath my short leather skirt. But I shook my head and calmly looked at him. "Very well." He said and gabbed my already erect nipples. I grunted and softly moaned with pleasure. Using his index finger and thumb, he pulled, twisted, and pinched at the same time.
I closed my eyes tightly and with stood the mix of pain and pleasure for about twenty seconds. Then I broke. "All right already! What do you want to know?"
Scott released the pressure and untwisted my nipples, but still held them firmly. " What did you do tonight you little hussy?" He asked again.
"I told you, we ate out and danced." I was huffing a little by this time.
"Is that all?" he asked applying pressure once again to my already aching nipples.
"Yes!" I wheezed out, I was in quite a state by now.
"You’re lying." He stated simply and began to twist again. "I can smell him on you. What did you do to him, or for him?"
"A goodnight kiss, with a little bit of tongue. But that’s all I swear!" I was panting and was fairly certain that a small push could make me cum.
"Good," he released all but a little pressure. "Now tell me about him, what does he look like?"
"Blue eyes, dark brown hair with blond streaks, fake I think. Um, a bit taller then me, probably about 5’9". Thin and wiry, but strong. Is that enough?" I asked him almost begging.
"Yes." He flipped me over, untied me and kissed me on the back of the neck goodnight. He walked out to his own bedroom and flipped off the light as he went. "Goodnight hun."
I sighed and rolled off the bed. After slipping out of my skirt and askew bra, I fell into bed. Scott was good at getting what he wanted out of me, better then I cared to admit. I rolled over and tired to fall asleep, but didn’t for along time.

 I woke up late the next day and stumbled into the kitchen. I was searching in the fridge for something to drink when Scott grabbed me from behind. I screamed and Scott laughed. "Morning!" He said brightly.
I looked at him crossly. "What are you so chipper about?" I asked crossly. 
He frowned, "Why are you so grouchy?"
I sighed, "I had a bit of trouble falling asleep last night. I was a little worked up, over excited if you will." I looked meaningfully and him.
He grinned again, "You could have woken me up. I would have made you tired."
"I bet." I muttered. 
He laughed again and gave me a hug. "What is with you today?" I asked again. I couldnt help but laugh as he jumped up and down. There is nothing in the world stranger looking then a naked man hopping up and down. "Are you drunk?" I asked suspiciously as I followed him into his room. "Why didn’t you share?"
"Can’t I just be happy?" He asked with a fake pout.
I couldnt help smiling at his antics. "You got laid last night didn’t you?" 
"Nooooo." He said with fake innocence while pulling his pants on. He broke into his smile again. "OK, yes."
"Speaking of sex," I began, Scott pulled a shirt over his head and perked up, I had to chuckle; I knew that would get his attention. "Will you be around at about eight o’clock tonight?"
"No, I’m working at six, why?" He asked raising an eyebrow. 
"Nothing important, Samuel is coming by to pick me up and since you were so interested about last night, I thought you may want to meet him."
"I could call my boss and cancel, it wasn’t very important." He offered. "Why do you want me to meet him?" He asked quizzically.
"I want to know you’re opinion on him."
"Awwwww!" He gushed smothering me in a hug. "You care! You really care!"
I pried myself from his grip, "Right, calm down, I just want to know what you think of him. But don’t cancel work. If last night was any example, you’ll be back long before us."
Scott nodded. "Alright, I look forward to meeting him."
I put my hands on his shoulders and said in my most serous voice, "Be good! I really like this guy and I don’t want anything to scare him away."
Scott looked at me a little sadly. " You haven’t told him anything about you’re fetishes yet have you?" I shook my head. "Why not? Are you still ashamed of it?" I nodded slowly, hiding my face with my hair. He took my chin in his hand. "Why? Why are you ashamed of it?"
"I don’t know, I still feel a little weird about it." I said quietly. "I’ll get over it some day."
"Ok," Scott said satisfied, he raised his right hand and in a noble voice said, " I, Scott, being of sound mind…" I raised an eyebrow. "Ok forget that part. I swear to be good, as long as you want me to, mistress."
"Argggg! I’ve told you not to call me that!" I growled at him menacingly. "I don’t know why I put up with you some times." I said exasperated.
"Yes you do, you love me." At that gushy moment, he threw me on the ground and began tickling me until I cried for mercy.
Scott jumped up and looking down at me said, "I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today. Want to join me?"
I shook my head, "No, I want to get a start on my homework and I have to do laundry before it becomes a new life form."
"Ok," he was out the door in seconds shouting goodbye after him.
I sighed again and picked myself of the floor. "I swear, one of these times he’s going to get me to horny and I rip his clothes off and jump him." I grumbled to myself.
The day went quickly and I didnt get as much finished as I had wanted to. Scott came home about two hours before he had to leave again for work. He was getting ready to go again when looked at me with his head cocked to one side. "Aren’t you going to get ready?" He asked.
I glanced at my watch, "I have two hours left, I’ll be fine. Besides, he told me not to dress up to much, I think we’re going to a park or something."
"Ooooo, how romantic!" I gave Scott a look that told him to shut up. It didnt work, it never did. "See you when you get back, have fun! Smiled the same evil smile and turned to leave.
"You better be good when we get here!" I called after him.
"Im always good babe!" he yelled over his shoulder.
"Yeah, right." I muttered to myself and tried to get back to work. But after about an hour, I grew restless and got dressed. 
It turned out that Samuel got to the apartment a half hour early so we left right away. He took me to a thickly wooded park outside of town not far away from where I lived with my psychotic roommate. We followed a path to a small clearing on a hill; Samuel had a pack with him, but nothing else. We watched the last of the sunset together sitting on the grass and listened as the crickets came out singing. Samuel pulled a small kerosene lantern out of his back pact and lit it. Next he pulled out a small soft cooler and a bag of chips out. 
In turn, out of the cooler, he pulled two sandwiches and two cans of soda. "Sorry, I know its not much." He said looking embarrassed. "I just couldnt fit more into the cooler." He explained. "I guess I didnt plan very well."
"Thats fine," I reassured him. "Im not all that hungry anyhow." I leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek. He blushed a little and handed me one of the sandwiches.
We ate and talked for about an hour. The stars came out and we tried to count them. It was all sickenly romantic, like something you’d read in a cheesy romance book (not that those are all bad mind you). I finally suggested a walk in the woods.
"I dont know," Samuel hesitated peering into the dark trees. "Its pretty black in there."
"Thats why they call it night silly! Come on, not being able to see is half the fun!" I practically pulled him up and into the woods. 
Our eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light and we gazed at the beautiful patterns the moonlight and the leaves created on the forest floor. "Its gorgeous!" I breathed. 
"Not nearly as beautiful as you." Samuel whispered into my ear.
I blushed but started laughing hard. "That was really cheesy. I mean that actually hurt."
"I know," he admitted. "I couldnt resist, it was to perfect."
I raised an eyebrow and looked at him evilly. "Ok, you can be cheesy, but youll have to be cheesy alone!" I raced off into the trees and ducked behind a bush before he could stop me. 
I heard him call my name three or four times and then silence. I listened for a few more minutes and still didn’t hear anything. Was he ok? I wondered. Did he trip and fall? Or is he waiting for me back at the picnic site? I stood and squinted into the darkness, but could only see about ten feet ahead of me. 
Unexpectedly, a pair of hands wrapped around my neck from behind. I screamed and kicked at my assailant in the knees. He went down hard and grunted, I whirled around ready to attack again and saw that it was Samuel.
"Oh my God! Im sorry, you just surprised me!" I cried crouching down to him.
"Thats ok. I guess I deserved it." He smiled weakly. "Youve got a hell of a kick little girl. You just grazed me and I dropped like a ton of bricks. Remind me never to get you mad!" 
I smiled ruefully. "Thanks, a friend taught me how to kick. Are you sure youre ok? Do you need help getting up? Or walking?"
"I think I can walk, but youre going to have to pay for that little missy." He said suddenly looking very evil in the dim moonlight. A shot of fear went thru my stomach, but a trickle of wetness went between my thighs. Samuel sprang up, (injury apparently gone) and landed on top of me. He started to kiss me hard and groping at my chest.
I was a little surprised at first, but when my brain kicked back in, I retuned the kisses. Spurred on by my response, he pulled my shirt off and expertly undid my bra. He was gently sucking on one nipple and rubbing the other while taking off his pants when I gasped to stop. 
"What? Whats wrong?" Asked backing off immediately. "Do you not want to?" He asked a little guiltily. 
"No, I want to, just do you have anything to use?" I raised an eyebrow hoping he would catch my drift. 
"No, not with me, do you?" He asked looking a little forlorn. 
"At my place, do you think you can make it that far? Or will you explode?" I eyed his rock hard organ.
"If we go fast!" We both jumped up and ran while putting our clothes back on. We jumped into the car forgetting our stuff; we could always get it later. This was more important.
 We had scarcely made it in the door when Samuel pushed against the wall and began kissing me again. His erection pushed into me as well, I wasn’t sure if it was the same one or a new one, but I didn’t care much. This was one horny bastard I thought. But so was I so the score was equal. 
He had my shirt off again when a light went on in the living room.
We both shrieked and Samuel ducked behind me like a guilty puppy. "Scott!" I nearly yelled. "You scared the shit out of us!"
"Looks like I should have waited and gotten a show." He said eyeing the bulge in Samuel’s pants. "You must be Samer, Samuel. Sorry." He said completely calm.
Samuel tried to compose himself and stuck out a hand. "Um, yes and you must be Scott. Robin had told me a lot about you. And thank you for wearing clothes." Smiled uneasy at his attempt to lighten the mood.
I cut in to keep Scott from prying anymore. "We were just on our way to the bedroom. Excuse us Scott." I said placing a gentle but firm hand on his chest.
"Dont I get to watch?" Scott asked feigning a pout.
"No you dont." I pushed him a little harder and he gave way. We quickly walked to the bedroom and I shut the door. " I wish I had a lock on this door. I dont trust that little horn dog for a second."
"I heard that!" Scott called from the living room. "Dont worry, Ill be good, just go have fun." 
Apparently Samuel believed him because he was naked and kissing me again. My shirt got left in the entryway where it fell and I was out of my bra and shorts in seconds. My underwear ended up on a lamp across the room and we fell into the bed wrapped in each other’s arms. 
I reached into the drawer of my bed stand and searched for the box of condoms I kept in there. I pushed the ropes and handcuffs aside and finally struck gold. Shaking, I pulled one out and tried to hand it to Samuel. But he was to busy making me shake. He was kissing every inch of my body and more then once came to close for comfort to the spot that made me go nuts. "Samuel," I managed to gasp. He looked up and me and I handed him the condom.
I expertly opened it and slipped it on, he had had a little practice it seemed. Thusly protected he commenced kissing and licking my skin. He kissed my inner thighs and spread my legs with his hands. Not that I was fighting him though. He reached between my lips and began fingering my hole to see how ready I was. He didn’t need to; it was fairly obvious that I was ready and willing. 
Climbing on top of me, he spread my legs further yet. He easily slipped in me and began slamming home. He came in a few minutes but still paid attention to my body. He rubbed and caressed every part with strong hands. I moaned happily, but more because it just felt good then it was getting me off. What ever he took it as, it made him rub all the more, which was fine with me. Finally after about an hour, we were just snuggling against each other and fell asleep.

The next morning, Samuel awoke before me and untangled himself from me. He grabbed a blanket from the floor and wrapped it around himself. He walked into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water. Scott, who had been watching cartoons, watched him calmly. "Have fun last night?" He asked making Samuel jump and almost spill his water. "You guys were making a lot noise in there. I hope it was worth it."
Samuel managed to nod. "Yeah, I mean I had fun, I think she did to. But." He hesitated and wondered why he was telling this to a naked man he barely knew. "I dont know, she seemed to like but didnt get a lot out of it."
"She still didnt tell you about her fetishes did she?" Samuel shook his head and looked confused, so Scott took the liberty of telling him. This all occurred while I still slept, so you may wonder how I know. Scott and Samuel both told me their sides of the conversation a few days later and the rest is how I imagined. 
I walked into the living room about an hour later in my robe and came upon Scott showing Samuel some knots and how to tie a person up with out hurting them. "Scott! What are you doing?" I asked leveling a killer look at my roommate. 
"Its ok, hes just giving me some pointers." Samuel said standing and almost losing his blanket. "Why didnt you tell me about this? I would have done for you."
"I dont know, I just felt a little weird about it I guess. I didnt want to scare you away." I said looking at the ground. 
Samuel crossed over to me and took my face in his hands, "That wouldnt have scared me away that easy." He said tenderly and kissed my nose. 
Scott interrupted the moment by clearing his throat. "I hate to break this beautiful spell, but I think the two of you should try this out now that you both know how the other feels." 
Samuel and I looked at each other and in response I bounded off to the bedroom. "Gotta catch me first!" I shouted gleefully and slammed the door behind me. I leaned all my weight against the door to hold shut and was surprised when it was forced open and threw me to the floor. I was more surprised to see both guys charge in and grab hold of me. "Scott," I said in a warning tone. "What do you think youre doing?"
"Well I knew that you wouldnt tell him everything you want him to do to you, so I decided to help. Show him the ropes, so to speak." Samuel and I groaned at the terrible pun but Scott continued. "Ill let him take care of most of it, Ill just help a little. Is that ok with the both of you?" Samuel nodded, but I was about to protest when Scott covered my mouth cutting me off.
Working together, they pulled my robe off and picked my squiggling body off the floor and tossed me on the bed. "Got any rope?" Samuel asked. Instead of replying, Scott opened my bed stand drawer and pulled out several lengths of rope and a few chains. "Great!" Samuel said as Scott laid them on the stand. 
 On the bed, I was curled up tighter then a clam. If they didn’t get me tied down, I’d be fine, I’d still have some control. They tried to uncurl me, but realized that I wasn’t going to let them. "Well, shes really fighting this time." Scott commented 
 "All the more fun!" I said relaxing for half a second and lifting my head to look at them. Scott saw his chance and grabbed an arm and pulled it straight.
"Hold her body, all we needed was a start. Thanks babe." I didn’t him the satisfaction of a reply, I just glared at him. Samuel obediently held my body and Scott tied my hand to the bedpost. "There is a certain spot on her arm that if you lick or even kiss it, all of her muscles go limp and she wont be able to do anything." He leaned down to the inside of my elbow and started to kiss the area. He could never remember exactly where it was, something that I was very happy about. He got near the spot and I jerked my arm down a bit to make him miss. "Ah, here it is." He smiled triumphantly, I cursed silently. "Would you like to do the honors?" He asked Samuel. 
"I thought youd never ask." Scott transferred to holding my body and Samuel kneeled by my arm. "Right about here, on this tendon?" He asked pointing; Scott nodded and looked at me wickedly. I gave one last heave in protest. But there was no way I could get away from Scott laying on top of me, and Samuel holding my arm in a vise like grip. I was dripping like a wet dog. 
Samuel started to kiss and then lick the tendon on my arm, I gave a whimper and all the fight left me. "Wow!" Samuel said in shock. "I didnt think it would that good!" Working together they pulled me loose and tied my ankles. I tried a few feeble attempts at stopping them, but Samuel simply kissed or licked the inside of my elbow again and I went completely limp again. With in a minute, they had me tied spread eagle on the bed totally nude. 
"Ive you two alone now. I think Ive told you enough to get by." He waved like a family going on vacation and walked out.
"Im gonna kill him, I swear." I growled, I released my muscles in defeat and accepted my fate. 
"Thats betterumslave." Samuel said hesitantly. I smiled and nodded in encouragement. Samuel started again. "Itll be easier on the both of us if you just obey me." His face grew thoughtful, "Do you happen to have a bandana some where?" 
I nodded, "Hanging on the doorknob." I pointed my head in the direction of the door. "Why?" I asked a little worriedly.
"I just want to blindfold you, dont worry." He stood and grabbed the bandana. He brought it over to the bed and tried to lift my head to tie it around my face. I forced my head down hard on the bed to stop him. I was having more fun then I’d admit to either Scott or him, but he seemed to sense it. Samuel looked down at me thoughtfully again. 
I don’t want to keep licking that spot because you’ll start to get used to it and it won’t work anymore. So…." He unexpectedly gave my nipple a rough twist and I gasped in shock. He grabbed my head before I chance to recover and looped the bandana over my eyes. He quickly tied it and gave a satisfied chuckle." This is actually quite fun, maybe I’ve been a closeted master all these years." I smiled at the very strange mental image his comment gave me. "There’s just one thing, if I hurt you to much, or you want me to stop for some reason, just say stop and I will. Ok?" I nodded. "Alright, lets get this started."
I heard Samuel walk a few feet away from me and pause. I heard him walk to the side of the room and then some scratching on the wall. I strained to hear or find a gap in my blindfold to see what was happening. But he was being completely silent now and had tied the bandana to tight. He startled me by suddenly climbing on the bed between my legs.

I felt a tickling sensation on my face and realized that he had grabbed a feather from my dream catcher on the wall. The feather moved from my face to the hollow of my neck. I giggled and tried to move to get a way from the torture implement. But it was no use, I couldn’t move because of the ropes and the fact that he was leaning on me.
He sat up and the feather moved down my neck between my breasts and around my belly button. I began wiggling and laughing, but almost screamed when he stuck it in my belly button itself. He laughed cruelly and kept bring the feather lower on my belly. He tickled the insides of my thighs and moved to the back of my knees. I was in tears from laughing and was begging him to stop; he did stop, in a way. Samuel placed the feather on my stomach arched down with the tip in my belly button so he didn’t even have to do anything to tickle me. By me breathing to hard or even moving the smallest amount, his evil plan would work.
Like a good sex slave, I held very still for him. Using my stillness to his advantage, his fingers explored my body as they did the night before. But this time they had an added degree of roughness, not that that was a bad thing. They pulled, pinched, and probed my skin, sending tingles down my backbone. Samuel got rid of the feather and laid on top of me again. He bit my nipples and pulled my hair in the same rhythm sending me into frenzy. I didn’t know if I should expect pain or pleasure next, or both.
I was panting, and he moved lower on my body. Using his hands to open the lips of my cunt, he probed me more. He started rubbing my clit and pinched it slightly. I screamed as I came suddenly; pinching my clit always did that to me for some reason. Urged on by my reaction, Samuel began licking my throbbing clit and biting it thru his lips. He messaged right above it as he pulled on my hair repeatedly.
I was panting hard and felt close to passing out. He was very good; perhaps he was a closeted master. After about an hour of sweet torture (and making me cum over 50 times), he let up and untied me. As I staggered into the bathroom to take a shower, I heard Samuel go into the living room with Scott.
When I got out of the shower I found them together talking. "How was it hun?" Scott asked.
I looked at him a little dazed and finally came up with, "I think I need a nap now." We all laughed and I looked at Samuel. "Are you sure you’ve never done that before? You were really good." Samuel smiled and managed to blush a little.
"So what are you going to do next time?" Scott asked.
"Oh, I think I have a few ideas." I said crossing to Samuel and sitting on his lap. "Are you willing to try them out?" The twinkle in his eye gave me my answer. This was going to be an interesting relationship.

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