This was all his idea. He'd ended up being the same stranger from the park. She couldn't believe her handsome stranger had turned out to be the same guy she was supposed to meet as a marriage proposition. Her father's business partner had wanted Fatima and his son to meet each other.

Irfaan was delighted to find out that Fatima was the same woman from the park. He'd been afraid that he'd never see her again. He'd ended up fucking her in her parents kitchen the day before. She'd been amazing, absolutely driving him crazy with her eager willingness to submit to his every need. He wanted to know more of her. He needed to know more, to feel more, to discover more. He'd suggested to her parents he'd like to pick her up for gym every day and drop her off at the end of the 2hour workout session. The drive will allow him and Fatima to get to know each other better. Her parents had readily agreed, already loving the fact that Irfaan was even thinking of a future with their Fatima.

They had no idea that Irfaan had no intention of ever driving Fatima to the gym. He'd called his best friend Zain last night and booked a guest room at his friend's guest lodge. He wanted a room everyday for two hours for the next two weeks.

Then he'd called Fatima and the two of them had talked on the phone for over an hour. She was funny, bubbly, easy to talk to and he loved speaking to her. He'd also found out what size she was in terms of clothes, breast size, waist size and shoe size. He'd then gone early in the morning to a lingerie shop he knew well and bought for her a black and red lace corset, with a black lace matching g-string, black fishnet thigh high stockings, a black and red garter belt, and finally, he'd found just the right pair of gorgeous black high heeled peeped toe shoes. The heels were six inch heels and Irfaan paused for a second, wondering if Fatima would manage with heels this high. He shook his head and laughed out loud. Well she had to learn, he snickered to himself and told the helper the size he was looking for. A size five, she'd said. Perfect.

He'd gotten everything wrapped up in a beautiful black and red lace box and had gone to the guest lodge to find out from Zain if his room was ready. Zain happily escorted him to the room he'd picked out for Irfaan. It was the presidential suite of his guest house and it was Irfaans for as long as he wanted at no extra charge. Irfaan carefully laid the box on the bed and put the high heeled shoes at the foot of the bed. He smiled in anticipation and turned around to find Zain eyeing him suspiciously.

"What are you up to Irfaan?"

Zain asked him. Irfaan merely smiled in response.

"You'll see."

Irfaan winked at Zain and walked out of the room, leaving his friend baffled and shaking his head. He then followed Irfaan out, closed the door and locked it, handing the keys over to Irfaan.

Fatima couldn't believe how nervous she was. She wore her usual black cloak with a black headscarf. She always dressed this way to go to gym because she will change into her gym attire in the change rooms. Last night, however, she'd taken extra care to wash her hair and straighten it with her hair iron. She'd probably take the headscarf off when she was with Irfaan. She had no idea what she was going to be doing with him for two hours. He'd asked her for her clothing and shoe size. He'd called her after leaving her place last night and they had spoken on the phone for over an hour. She'd loved every minute of talking to him. He was so easy to talk to, and his teasing manner made her more comfortable. She'd been a little sad to hang up the phone, but now she was minutes away from seeing him. She kept scolding herself silently. She was already threading on dangerous ground, and she needed to slow down. She couldn't be falling for him this soon. What if he was just having fun? She needed to guard her heart and she needed to keep her head on her shoulders. Literally and figuratively.

Fatima walked tentatively out of the bathroom and stood in front of Irfaan, her gaze on the floor. She looked so innocent, yet so sexy. Irfaan sucked in his breath sharply. His bulge was almost instantaneous as he walked over to her.

"You look absolutely gorgeous Fatima!"

He whispered huskily as he drank in the sight of her. Fatima slowly straightened her posture and raised her eyes to meet his stare head on. She smiled more confidently and her tongue flicked across her bottom lip. Her lip gloss glistened against her soft, pink, plump lips. Irfaan groaned sexily, and took a step back in order to gain control of himself. She was so sexy, so vulnerable, so innocent, he wanted to pound her hard, deep and fast until she sobbed with pleasure...

But first, he had to compose himself. He was supposed to be in control here. He grabbed her by the waist and pushed her backwards gently towards the thick mahogany bedpost at the corner edge of the king sized Victorian Style bed. When her back made contact with the bedpost, Irfaan grabbed both her wrists and lifted her hands above her head. He took off his tie and began tying her hands to the bedpost. Fatima gasped when she realized what he was doing. Irfaan looked deep into her eyes and asked her softly,

"Fatima, do you trust me??"

She simply nodded because she was so turned on by this idea, her throat had become dry and speaking wasn't an option.

"I will never hurt you baby, I promise!"

Irfaan whispered ever so gently and his eyes spoke volumes. Fatima saw complete sincerity in their depths, and for the first time in her life, she found herself surrendering to this man and to his will completely.

Irfaan then reached into his back pocket and pulled out a black satin scarf. He was going to blindfold her too. Fatima was breathing heavily now. Her heaving chest emphasized her beautiful breasts and Irfaan bent down to kiss between her mounds, causing Fatima to instinctively arch her back and moan in soft pleasure. Irfaan took a step back to admire her. God, she was fucking beautiful! He felt a moment of total pride because he realized she belonged to him. This beautiful, ripe, wanton vixen. Oh, he was going to unleash the wanton passion from deep within. He was going to take her to places of ecstasy she never knew existed.

Irfaan said in a stern voice,

"Whatever I do to you now, I want you to enjoy it. Feel every shiver, every ripple, every shudder. I want you to focus on the sound of your breathing...I want you to savor the feel of my hands and mouth all over your body...But, you're not allowed to cum. Until I fuck you! Is that understood?"

Fatima gasped and squeezed her thighs together. Fuck, she was already getting wet and he hadn't even started yet.

"And what if I can't control myself and I cum before I'm supposed to?"

She asked tentatively, like a little girl who knew she was about to get punished for misbehaving.

His cock became rock hard as he watched her. He grabbed onto it with his hand and squeezed, breathing deeply. He needed to calm down. Fatima was making him go crazy. He'd never come across a woman so beautiful, so bubbly, so opinionated and yet she was also so pliable, so yielding, so ready to submit to his will in the bedroom. This transformation highly excited Irfaan and he found this goddess to be the most enigmatic woman he'd ever encountered.

Irfaan took his index finger and trailed a line from Fatima's mouth all the way down her gorgeous neck to rest it softly between her tits. She sucked in her breath and let it out in a whoosh, her chest rising and falling seductively against his finger. He teased in a low, deep voice,

"Well, if you cum before I say so, I will have to use my belt to punish you for not listening to me and being a good little girl who does as she's told!"

He then placed the cold buckle against her mouth and she wriggled suddenly in panic.

"No!" She breathed,

"Please don't hurt me Irfaan!"

Irfaan suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist and held her against him. He whispered against her ear in a loving tone,

"Fatima, my baby, I will never hurt you! We're role playing my sweet, innocent Vixen. Besides, I will never do to you what you can't handle. And if you don't like what I'm doing, all you do is say the word 'Strawberries' and I'll stop immediately!"

Fatima giggled in response and nodded more confidently this time. She trusted Irfaan with her everything. It was weird though, because she still didn't know him well, but her gut told her that she could trust this man.

Zain happened to be passing by the room at that very moment, and noticed the door blinds were slightly ajar. This allowed him to catch a glimpse of Fatima and Irfaan. He froze, not knowing what to do. He was completely taken by the scene enfolding in front of him. He crept closer to the blinds and peeked through. Irfaan had an Indian woman tied to the bedpost, wearing the sexy lingerie he'd placed on the bed earlier. The woman was blindfolded and was at Irfaans complete mercy. Her beautiful, long hair glistened in waves, all the way down to the middle of her back. Her bangs were framing the satin blindfold and Zain realized how beautiful she was. He had an instant hard on and without noticing, had begun to massage his erection through his pants. Zain was married, with two children. Seven years of marriage had made sex more of a household chore than for pleasure. His wife had become complacent in the bedroom and he couldn't remember the last time she'd attempted to look sexy in bed. Zain was mesmerized by this scene. This woman was deliberately role playing with Irfaan and Zain found this notion to be an absolute turn on. He was fixated on them and couldn't move if his life depended on it.

Irfaan had taken off his shirt and his hands were in Fatima's hair. Pulling her head back gently, he kissed her, and she moaned against his mouth. His tongue explored her, tasting her and her moans continued to intensify. She was lost in his taste, in his masculine scent. She couldn't see him but she fixated her other senses on him completely. She inhaled his masculine scent and felt giddy with need. The way he felt against her drove her wild. She kept on pinching her thighs together, her black g-string unashamedly soaked with her pussy juice. Irfaan freed her tits from the confines of her corset, and they rested on the padded bra like two perfect balls. Her nipples instantly became hard, and she whimpered with absolute delight. Irfaan sought her one nipple, tweaking it gently between thumb and forefinger, the hardened peak begging to be sucked. Fatima was whimpering with total delight, nodding vigorously, encouraging Irfaan to continue! He dipped his head and claimed her hardened peak between his soft lips and gently sucked on it, flicking his tongue over it as he suckled hungrily on her beautiful breast. Fatima wriggled against him, she seemed to struggle against the constraints holding her hands firmly above her head. She began to thrash her head from side to side, as though she suffered a glorious torture. Her moans kept coming out in bursts, first she'd say "No!" Then she'd say,

"Oh yes!" and then just as suddenly

"Noooo!" would escape her in a long breath.

Suddenly she's whimpering again and arching her back so her breasts could be up against him. She would moan the word 'Yes' over and over again.

From the corner of his eye, Irfaan saw movement. He looked up and realized the blinds were slightly open, and his friend Zain was peeking, watching them and stroking himself. Irfaan smiled wickedly and whispered against Fatima's ear.

"Imagine you're being watched right now by some complete stranger...He's so taken by your sexiness and your beauty that he can't help but touch himself to you...Would you put on your best performance for him?"

Fatima froze, and went stiff in his arms. She asked him in a husky whisper,

"Would it turn you on to know I was being watched by another man?"

Irfaan laughed softly and said,

"My sweet Fatima, I'm a man and I can't deny that you're absolutely breathtaking! It would be a total shame for me to hoard your beauty. I'd love for other men to appreciate your sexy and beautiful body. I wouldn't mind if another man masturbated while watching you. But you're mine, and I will never allow another man to touch you. And I somehow sense that you'd find complete pleasure in the knowledge that another man is coming for you, while you're filled with my cum..."

Fuck! The way he'd said that, Fatima realized she did like the idea and it was a complete turn on. She was feeling bolder and sexier by the second. Irfaan increased her self-esteem and she was more confident then ever. Irfaan was teaching her to appreciate her beauty and to show it off. But she still only belonged to him, and that in itself made all the difference.

Irfaan took his hand and parted her thighs. He felt her g-string and smiled.

"You're soaking wet my baby! I want you to spread your legs for me, and remember, I want you to pretend that you're being watched by another stranger."

Irfaan decided not to tell her that she really was being watched by his best friend. By now, Zain had freed his hard cock and was openly stroking himself to the scene. He watched Irfaan go down onto his knees, and his mouth was on Fatima's pussy. He'd impatiently ripped her g-string off and his mouth was on her pussy, drinking in her sweet essence.

Fuck! Zain almost erupted, imagining how her sweet juices tasted. Zain could almost taste her from the way his friend seemed to be enjoying her pussy. Irfaan couldn't seem to get enough.

Fatima was lost! She felt like a wanton little slut, and if Irfaan didn't stop this sweet torture soon, she was going to explode in his mouth. Fuck! She whimpered uncontrollably, grinding her sopping pussy against Irfaans mouth, begging for release. God, she needed to cum now!! She suddenly froze and shouted his name hoarsely,


She went completely stiff as she tried to stop herself from cumming and cried out again,

"Irfaan! Please baby! Please stop! I'm going to cum! I don't want to cum until you tell me too baby! I want to prove what a good little girl I am!"

Her husky plea was enough to send Irfaan over the edge! He'd intended to make this last longer but he needed to fuck her now. She was practically begging him and he was so hard, his cock literally throbbed from the intensity of his need. He looked toward the door and Zain was stroking himself faster. He had a glazed look in his eyes and Irfaan smiled. He suddenly untied Fatima's hands and spun her around, making her hold onto the wooden post as he retied her hands in front of her. She was still blindfolded and she willingly bent her body forward as he grabbed her gorgeous ass and lightly spanked her ass cheek. She groaned in response and Irfaan lost it. He took off his pants in one swift movement, groaned loudly, and took his rock, hard cock, slid it up and down Fatima's gorgeous ass. She moaned, and her tits bounced in front of her against the wood, the rough wood brushing her nipples and making them rock hard. She was begging for Irfaans cock, begging to be filled, almost sobbing in tortorous delight, all the while imagining she was in the presence of a stranger, who silently watched her and touched himself. That image made her pussy so hot and tingly with desire. Oh she'd love to be watched by some stranger, completely at the mercy of this gorgeous man. She'd probably cum watching the stranger cum for her. He'd cum watching her and that knowledge in itself would make Fatima explode. Suddenly, she felt his tip at her soaking wet entrance and she instinctively spread her legs for him. He slowly slid into her tight pussy and she gasped in sheer delight. She held onto the wooden pole with both her hands. Suddenly she felt her hair being pulled back as Irfaan began to thrust hard, and deep into her.

He picked up the pace and she found herself crying out for more! She was a bitch in heat and her only focus was complete release! This carnal need had taken over ever fibre of her being! She was being pounded by this gorgeous man and she was loving it! She was begging for it! She felt that feeling build deep within her and she surrendered to it as it consumed all of her! She was sobbing, begging, pleading with Irfaan to make her his wanton slut! She begged him to own her body. She pleaded with him to acknowledge her as his dirty whore!

Irfaan was lost in her. She was completely out of control and had allowed her animal side to take over! She'd transformed into this helpless, begging, beautiful woman and he was transfixed! He'd forgotten about Zain, who was stroking himself vigorously, completely enraptured by what he witnessed. Irfaan pounded Fatima's sweet, delicious pussy with everything he had! He could feel her pussy adjust to his every thrust. He had her completely at his mercy. Her beautiful tits bounced against the wooden post, the sight so erotic Irfaan wanted to explode so deep inside of her.

Suddenly she screamed his name as her pussy contracted around his shaft and her body convulsed violently. She came hard! Her pussy vibrated around him and suddenly she squirted all over his shaft and onto his stomach! Fuck! He groaned loudly as he suddenly erupted deep within her, his cock vibrating hard as he filled her hot, beautiful pussy with his hot cum! She was sobbing and saying his name over and over! Her entire body suddenly went limp and he grabbed onto her waist to stop her from falling to the floor. He held her against him, her body heaving, and he continued to remain inside of her as he waited for her to come down from her orgasm.

Zain exploded so hard watching the two of them in their moment of total animalistic frenzy! Fatima looked so hot, behaving like a wanton slut! Fuck! He hadn't cum this hard in a long time! He was breathing hard as he put his pants back on and hurriedly walked towards his office. He'd been so caught up in what he was doing, he wasn't sure if they had spotted him. He didn't think they saw him, because they hadn't stopped. So he knew he was safe. Wow! That was one damn erotic experience. He wondered if perhaps he should install a camera in the room after they'd left...

So next time, he could watch them securely and safely from his office. One thing he knew for certain. Whoever Irfaan was fucking, she was damn sexy and a complete Pornstar. He definitely needed to see more of her!!

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