LoRa training log

below is compare between scheduler the lr = 1e-03 as you can see there's only slightly different between scheduler so it's probably doesn't matter which scheduler you use

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next is for network dimm and network alpha result is with high lr (1e-03 for unet) you should set ratio between network_alpha/network_dimm less than 0.25 (ie. network dimm 128,network alpha less than 32)
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next experiment is tried to see a limit of lr can go so I set all lr to the same value as you can see with network_dim = 128 ,lr can go high about 2e-03
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refer useful experiment https://rentry.org/lora-training-science by hifumi anon

Pub: 01 Feb 2023 12:58 UTC
Edit: 02 Feb 2023 06:30 UTC
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