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DRAMA ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By request, a drama Rentry was made. Should any new Rentry show up covering drama or whatnot, it will be added to this chart. This drama Rentry will stay on the template Rentry to maintain the peace. It's up to individual bakers to include any of theses links in their OP post, or be it in the recap, or anywhere else. Either way, It's not going to be my problem.

Brief Description of Entry: URL:
mdegans Troon Crusade A huggingface user, "mdegans", objected to a uncensored version of WizardLM. sent threats via email to the dev... https://rentry.org/mdegansTroonCrusade
Jarted A user on GitHub named Jart ripped off the hard work of another GitHub user Slaren... https://rentry.org/Jarted
Pub: 11 May 2023 06:48 UTC
Edit: 13 May 2023 19:08 UTC
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