1. An answer to a proposal requires >50% to pass.
    1. If no answer passes the aforementioned threshold, the proposal is reset to be voted on again with no Abstain option available.
    2. Similarly, in a two-way or three-way tie, the proposal is again rest to be voted on with no Abstain option available.
    3. If the majority of answers are Abstinences, the proposal is to be revised, clarified and reset to vote. Time until next presentation of the proposal, as well as Abstinence option availability pending.
  2. Matters are voted on by using vote posts to which the representatives of each thread can reply to.
    1. Poal links are optional and hold no weight.
  3. A representative is responsible for collecting the matters to be voted on and presenting them to the general assembly.
    1. The position is rotating, meaning a different thread representative is responsible each week.
    2. An anchor post is to be made each new thread, to which new proposals as well as representatives' votes can be attached.
    3. Voting should be initiated on either Friday or Saturday and left to run for 48 hours before ballot counting and result presentation
  4. Calls for amendment are possible.
    1. They can be suggested by any anon in the general assembly.
    2. The required number of individual anons needed to initiate an amendment vote for a specific matter is 3.
  5. /jp/ makes up a different dimension to /vt/
  6. Our Planet is Earth sized
    1. Whether there is a unified name across the world, or indeed what that name is, is pending
  7. The planet is decorated with a unique element called Vitubium
    1. Vitubium is the name of the pure element, and its symbol is Vt
    2. Vitubium is found mainly in mineral deposits, but it has also spread within the biosphere.
    3. Chuubanite is the general name for such mineral ores that contain Vitubium within them.
    4. Vitubium is not radioactive in the conventional sense. Suggestions that it may undergo a different kind of decay that affects the planet's residents psychologically is pending.
    5. Chuubanite deposits differ from nation to nation, according to the deity they worship or the concept they are based on.
    6. When the land a Chuubanite deposit with a certain affinity changes owners, the Chuubanite begins to lose its up until that moment properties.
  8. Any new threads from here on out will form their nation by taking land from their relevant neighboring nations.
  9. The current land of the Fallen Kingdom of Rushia is considered a wasteland until further notice.
  10. External events that may lead to the fall of a nation, ie graduation or channel suspension of a deity, are to be investigated on a case-by-case basis for their effects on the world.
  11. The previous land of /pyon/ that is now empty is reserved to be shared amongst future threads related to that continent.
  12. Jannies are considered to be beings with mythical powers. Other than that, their exact parameters can differ from lore post to lore post.
  13. Steam trains as a technology is, for now, considered off-limits.
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