you can try to summon me by calling for shoebill/kemofure anon in the current hdg thread if needed

testing results for a few KF characters on the base SFW NAI model with no extra fuckery added
all of these share the same issue: unless you have enough "human" tags (eg breast size) there's a very good chance (some friends suffer from this way more than others) it will spit out the animal itself or some eldritch animal-girl hybrid. i'm naming this the "body horror issue" BHI - THIS IS EXTREMELY COMMON WITH THE "REALISTIC" TAG
lack of a "chance" means it will work nearly 100% of the time without major inaccuracies

more or less guaranteed to BHI, 100% guaranteed when prompting ass/looking back shots, 70% chance on side shots
chance: ~1 in 5
face accuracy when it works: 9/10 (might get the number or width/length of her hair wing feathers and foulard wrong, really not an issue though as most artists do w/e with them anyway)
low outfit accuracy, enough that it might be a small miracle if you get it even with military outfit tags - makes it easier to give her other clothes tho

absolutely possible with moderate prompt-wrangling, needs to put tags like "green hair, multicolor hair, animal ears, animal tail, colored hair," as the negative prompt or it will keep mixing her with a friend
outfit is doable, just can't get the hat and backpack quite right but i haven't tryharded those yet
example (one of the better ones actually)

guaranteed to BHI with the realistic tag
face accuracy when it works: 9/10, might get the majin marking wrong and the ear spacing might be wonky
high outfit accuracy, perhaps too fucking high as her elbow gloves, thighhighs and serval pattern might and probably will show up on other clothes

jaguar: see serval above, same outfit issues - will prompt a black jaguar by default so put yellow in front or something

crested ibis:
chance: ~2 in 5
face accuracy when it works: 8/10, might get the tips of her hair wrong or wonky head wings but it's noticeably less RNG than shoebill
low outfit accuracy, can be helped a bit with tags like "red bodystocking", tends to give her a kimono/yukata and mikos for some reason. see for one of the more decent results

owls: don't fucking bother

grey wolf:
face accuracy when it works: 7/10, getting heterochromia to work feels impossible (do keep in mind that i'm retarded) and grey wolf is uuuh yeah grey, not exactly the right color
low outfit accuracy but it wouldn't be too difficult to rebuild it

small-clawed otter:
makes her blue by default?
face accuracy: 7-8/10
medium outfit accuracy, not that hard to partially rebuild anyway

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