I enjoyed it and he did as well. I also left you with some questions that were on my mind. This chapter will answer some of them.

The next morning when I got up I went down to get some breakfast, my dad was at the kitchen table. My mom was in bed as she worked the night shift at the hospital last night. I fixed myself some cereal and I sat across from my dad. He was reading the morning paper he stopped reading it when I sat down as he looked my way.

"Morning daddy did you sleep well last night?" I asked with that evil little grin of mine.

"Yes honey but about last night," He said.

I stopped him and I replied, "It’s OK daddy I enjoyed it and it will just be between you and I."

"I know but it is wrong and we should not have done it and we should not ever do it again," dad replied.

I looked over at him with seriousness on my face as I asked, "Did you enjoy it daddy?"

"Yes," he replied.

"Then that is all that matters and as far as ever doing it again, you do not have any say so in it," I said. I added, "Because if and when I want to do it again we will and if you tell me no." "Well let’s just say I have not had a long talk with mom in a while."

"I see so it is going to be blackmail is it?" Dad asked.

"Let’s just say it is getting what I want," I replied with that evil grin of mine.

"Honey you are something else," my dad replied as he just shook his head.

We talked a little bit more as I explained to him this is the new me. I have never gotten what I wanted until I grew these sticking out my chest. I told him that I am going to use them to get my way. I told him they worked on my brother first, then on John and now him. Besides, you all never pay any attention to me until they showed up, I enjoy the attention, and I am just a little slut at heart. So enjoy it while you can.

I had finished my breakfast and as I took my bowl to the sink. I stopped and I gave him a kiss on his lips. Daddy kissed me back so he must have been OK with my terms so to speak. I went back to my bedroom flopping down onto it.

Dad and I went to John’s game later that afternoon. We sat in the stands cheering him and the team on to another win. John played another good game, dad and I both were proud of him. I also left the people sitting near us know that hey that is my boyfriend out there.

I waited for John by his car after the game. I was standing there when I saw Kim’s brother drive by me. Kim was in the car with him, she finally had come to one of John’s games. Kim just glared at me as they drove by. I thought to myself that I had to fix the mess I had made.

John finally came out and I met him at his car. I threw my arms around him and greeted him with a deep passionate kiss. John’s arms went around me as he returned my passionate kiss with one of his own. We stood by his car kissing for a few minutes. We got into his car and we drove off the lot.

I cuddled up next to him wrapping my arm around his as I said, "I loved watching you play today," "I really enjoyed hearing the people sitting near us talking about how good you are," "Oh Kim was there today as well."

"What Kim came to one of my games?" John asked with wonder.

"Yeah I know I was shocked to see her myself," "But John I know she still loves you and I know just how she feels." "Her life feels over when not with you." "I felt the same way when I did not have you and I am wondering if you have thought about what we had talked about before about Kim." I said to him as he drove.

"I have Janet," John replied. He paused for a second or two then he added, "Janet I do not know how this is going to all work out but the three of us need to sit down and have a nice long talk."

"I agree John we need to get all of our feelings out," I replied.

"Janet I do love you but at the same time I still have feelings for Kim as well," "I do hope you understand." John said.

"I do John and I believe that I love Kim just as much as I love you," I replied.

"You do?" John asked with a questionable look.

"Yes I fell in love with her from all the fun we have had," "That girl can eat some pussy as well," I said with a smile on my face.

"She can; can she," John replied. "Going to have to see that for myself," he added with a big smile on his face.

About that time John pulled into this apartment type building, I asked, "What are we doing here?"

"My surprise to you this is my new home," "I got it through the week and I am all moved in," "No more of my dad catching you with food on your face," John said with a little chuckle.

We went inside and his place was lovely on the inside. John told me that his mom had made sure he had some furniture for his place and she rather did the decorating. John showed me around his apartment. John then took me into his bedroom, there was a super king size bed in his room. I sat down on the bed and I looked around his trophies were all there as well as that picture frame with all the photos in it.

I got up and I walked over to the pictures I saw the one with him and that red headed woman in it again. "John; who the hell is that woman and are you grabbing her ass?" I asked while pointing to the picture.

"You want to take a shower?" John asked trying to change the subject.

John came over, he started to kiss me, and soon I forgot all about her. We undressed each other along the way to the bathroom. We both got into the shower and turned the water on. We stood under the water kissing up a storm until I felt that lovely cock of his pressing into my pussy.

I turned from him and I placed my hands onto the shower wall as I looked back at him I said, "Take me from behind."

John did not say anything back he just got behind me. John reached down behind me, and he started to rub my pussy. I moaned softly as he started to finger my pussy. John removed his fingers and he took his cock, which he rubbed up under my pussy. John teased me with his cock just rubbing it against my pussy.

"Put it in," "Fuck me John," I screamed back at him.

John placed it at my pussy and he pushed it in from behind. I love feeling a cock entering me from behind. It feels good as it fills my pussy up. John started with slow strokes working his cock deeper until he was giving me his cock with deep,hard strokes.

"Aaaahhh," I moaned as he started to fuck me even harder and I felt those balls banging into my clit from underneath.

John was now pounding my pussy from behind. I started to have a quick orgasm as I felt his cock plowing up my pussy from behind. I moaned loudly as my body shook as my orgasm hit me. My hands slipped a little on the wall causing me to slip forward a bit.

When I moved John’s cock slipped from my pussy. John slammed his cock back forward but it missed its mark. Instead John’s big fucking cock buried it self fully and deep up into my butt.

"OWwww" "Wrong hole," I screamed as his cock ripped into my ass..

However, John just grabbed onto my waist as he left his cock buried up my butt. It hurt taking all his cock up there with one hard push. I tried to move off his cock, as I wanted it out of my ass. However, John held me fast on his cock.

"Just relax Janet it will feel OK in a second," John whispered into my ear.

I stood there with John holding me from behind with his big cock buried up my butt. He kept telling me it will start to feel good just give it some time. He was right soon the pain and the burn went away. I started to push my butt back against his cock.

John slowly and gently started to fuck my ass. It felt strange at first because as he fucked my ass my pussy was throbbing and twitching just like it does when his cock is up in there. I leaned even more down against the wall. My hands were almost touching the shower’s floor.

"Fuck my ass John fuck it," I screamed out.

John never changes his pace he just gently fucked me up my ass. I started to fuck him back as I rocked against his cock each time it filled my butt. My whole body seemed to start to tingle as a strong and powerful orgasm swept through my body.

"AAAHHHhhh," I moaned out loudly my butt tightened around his cock.

"Ahhhhhh," John yelled as he buried his cock once more deep into my butt.

John just held it there as his cum flooded the inside of my ass. I felt my pussy leaking as I felt his cum flooding my ass. I slowly moved my hands back up the wall until I was back standing. John had just followed me with his cock still buried up my butt.

I felt his cock slip from my ass as his cum back flushed out my butt. I turned and threw my arms up around him. Our lips met and we locked into a deep passionate kiss with plenty of tongue action. As we kissed a whether small fart escaped my butt along with more of his cum.

"JANET," John yelled with a laugh.

"Opps," "I could not hold it in," I replied busting out laughing too.

We washed each other, then we got out of the shower drying each other. I got on my hands and knees, to dry his cock, which started to stir when I rubbed the towel over it. I patted his cock dry as it started to get hard again.

"Your cock looks just like daddies cock," I said smiling up at him.

"How do you know that Janet?" John asked me as I stood up.

"Because daddy fucked me last night," "Which was your fault anyways," I replied.

"My fault," John said looking at me.

"Yes yours, if you would not have got me so horny it would not have happened," I replied.

John did not say anything he just picked me totally up and into his arms. He carried me into the bedroom and threw me onto the bed. John climbed in next to me. I cuddled up next to him as his lovely big arm wrapped around me pulling me closer to him. John told me to tell him all about it.

I started to tell him how I was laying in bed playing with my pussy thinking about him. I told him how when I opened my dad was standing by my bed jacking his cock off. John reached down and he started to jack on his own cock.

I slapped his hand away and I said, "Hey that’s my job," as I started to pump on his cock.

I went on telling him how daddies cock was just like his but that you have bigger balls. I ran my hand from his cock to those lovely big balls giving them a quick rub before I grabbed his cock again. I told him about daddy eating my pussy and making me orgasm.

Now I do love to play with a cock. I have always enjoyed jacking a cock off making it cum with my hand. I guess it is from doing that to my brother a lot. It was no different as I pumped my hand up and down on John’s cock.

I went on to tell him how I had glazed over daddies face with my pussy juices. I told him how daddy just scooped up my legs placing them on his shoulders. I told him how at first I could not feel it good, as my pussy was just to wet from him eating me out.

I was pulling on John’s cock faster as I told him that after a while it started to feel good just like when you fuck me. I looked down to see John’s cock leaking pre cum. I scooped some onto my finger and I gave it a lick. I love the taste of pre cum.

"Did you dad cum in you?" John asked his voice jerky like as I pulled on his cock.

I told John that I felt my dad’s cock throb once and that he pulled it out of my pussy. I told John how dad moved up on my body a little and started to jack his cock off. I told John that daddy started to blow his cum all over my tits.

John moaned, "Going to cum."

I pumped his cock harder and faster. He tensed up and he started to jerk in the bed. His cock throbbed wildly in my hands as cum flew from his cock. His cum shot into the air landing back over my hand. I just pumped his cock some more getting it all out. My hand had his cum all over it.

"Daddy licked his cum from my tits when he was done," I said to John as I brought my own hand up to my mouth and started to lick it off.

"Damn girl you are such a fucking little slut," "Fucking your brother, your dad, I bet you have even fucked Kim," John replied with a smile.

I just smiled back licking his cum from my hand and I said, "I would share this with you but it is all mine this time." I licked the last bit from my hand and I said, "Yes that dildo you brought Kim did come in handy."

I laid there rubbing his chest as he cuddled up to me. I felt good as John cuddled me even more. We both dozed off for a while as I lie there in his arms. When I woke up the first thing my eyes saw was that photo.

I saw the photo of John and that older woman. I got out of bed and I went over to it this time checking it out closer. Dam that woman has bigger tits than mine I thought as I checked her out. The woman was as tall as John was; I thought she must be an Amazon woman. I was also right about him having his hand on the back of her ass too.

"Her name is DeRonda," I heard John say from the bed.

I turned to him and I asked him, "Who is she?" as I returned to the bed.

John told me that she lives a couple of house down from his mom and dad. John told me that he used to mow her lawn when he was younger. John got a smile on his face when he told me that DeRonda introduced him to sex back then. John told me that she was his first piece of ass.

I flopped back down on the bed and I said, "My turn," "Tell me all about it," as I started to rub my pussy.

John told me that he used to mow lawns on weekends in his neighborhood. He told me that DeRonda had just moved in with her husband. I waited a couple weekends before I made my way over to their house as I was waiting to see if her husband was going to cut the yard.

It was a hot June day when I went over and I knocked on their door. The door opened and I came face to face with an set of the biggest tits I had ever seen at the time. DeRonda was a fair size woman, not big and fat more like an Amazon woman. She was about 6‘, red long hair and a body with the curves in all the right places. I would find out later that her tits were 44 DD boobs. John told me as I rubbed my own tits with one hand, my pussy with the other.

John went on telling me that DeRonda must have been lying out or something because she had on a pink bikini, If you could call it that. Her big fucking tits were just hanging there it looked like only a small piece of fabric was covering her nipples. My eyes went down below and I saw about the same size piece covering her pussy.

"Can I help you," DeRonda said in a silky sexy voice.

Now I had been looking at women in dirty books of my dads for about a year. Yes, I was pulling my cock to them as well. When I saw her standing there dressed like that it reminded me of a woman I had seen in one of those magazines. All I could do was stare and gawk at those big fucking tits of hers.

I finally snapped out of it and I explained to her that I sort of took care of the people’s lawn in the neighborhood that did not have time or just did not want to do it. I asked her if maybe they would be interested in letting me take care of their yard for them through the summer.

"God knows some one has to take care of it because my husband is not going to," DeRonda said. She added, "There is a lot of a things he does not take care of."

At the time I did not understand what she meant by saying that but I soon found out. DeRonda asked me to come in and to follow her out back. When DeRonda turned around, I saw that there was only a string going up between two of the loveliest butt cheeks. My cock started to throb and grow as we walked around back to a laid out patio; DeRonda got into a lounge chair put on a pair of dark sunglasses and she laid back in it.

"Pull up a chair and tell me what you have to offer," DeRonda said.

I grabbed a near by chair and I sat it down right in front of her lounge chair. I wanted to be able to see those big tits of hers. I told her about how I would cut the grass and trim the bushes. When I had said bushes, my eyes glanced down to between her legs. Holy shit I could see tons of red hair sticking out on each side of that little patch of fabric covering her pussy.

"Do you shovel snow in the winter time as well?" DeRonda asked me as she parted her legs a little bit.

I was going to tell her no but then I saw a glimpse of pussy lip peeking out as she moved her legs. "Yes I do snow removal as well," I replied but not to her I was looking right at her pussy but I hurriedly moved my look back toward her instead.

"Good cause I know my husband is not going to do that neither." "In Fact I think there will be a lot of things you could do for me that my husband does not do," DeRonda replied as she removed her sunglasses and she gave me a smile.

DeRonda told me I could have full control of the yard work and she asked me, if she ever needed me to let say help her move something in the house could she call me. I gave her my phone number.

"Just call me if you need anything," I said as I gave her my number.

"Anything you say," DeRonda replied.

She has that same evil grin you give me from time to time John told me. I worked my finger up into my pussy. My pussy started to get wet as I ran my finger in and out.

"Tell me more," "and rub my tits for me too," I moaned from the bed.

John went on telling me that they sat out on her patio talking as she soaked up the sun. I asked her about her husband and she said he was on the road a lot with his job. I was getting a little uncomfortable as I had gotten a big boner that I could not make go down. I had to put my hands over my dick as we talked or she would have seen that I had a boner.

"I should be going for now but I will be back tomorrow to cut your grass," I said.

"OK," DeRonda replied. "But before you go could you do me a favor and rub some tanning lotion onto my back before you go I just can’t reach all the spots?" she also asked.

"Ah sure I guess I could," I replied.

DeRonda got up from her lounge chair. She came over and she bent down in front of me where she took her hand, laying it on the side of my face she said, "You’re just so sweet."

John started to pinch my nipples as I shoved another finger into my pussy. I worked them in and out. John went on telling me that her huge fucking tits were hanging right in my face when she bent down. My cock was throbbing against my hand which was blocking my boner from her he told me.

"Just like it is now," I said as I noticed his cock start to throb as it stood there all hard again.

John told me that DeRonda turned and she climbed back into that lounge chair. John told me that he was looking right at her big lovely butt as she settled into the chair. John told me that he gave his cock a little quick rub as he checked her butt out.

"Would you be so kind and undo my top; I hate tan lines?" DeRonda asked. She also added, "The lotion is there on the stand," pointing to it.

I got up from my chair and I looked down to see that my boner was making my shorts bulge big time. My cock was the hardest, biggest I had ever seen it before. Luckily, DeRonda was not facing me or she would have seen for surely seen it. In addition, she had pulled her long red hair up off her back so it also blocked her view of me.

I got a little to the side of her and I untied the strap to her top letting them fall to her sides. I reached for the lotion and taking it between my hands, I squeezed it. I squeezed it a little too hard as the lotion came out with a big sloshing sound. A really big glop landed right smack in the middle of her back.

"Oooh," DeRonda moaned softly as the wet cold lotion landed on her back.

I took both of my hands and I started to rub it in all over her back. I ran my hands up and around her neck spreading lotion there. I started to run my lotion-covered hands down her sides. I had one hand on each side of her body. I suddenly realized that I had my hands on the side of those big tits of hers. I was feeling her tits as I rubbed the lotion in. I pulled my hands away suddenly.

"Sorry about that," I said nervously.

"Hey don’t stop I can’t have them getting sun burnt now can I," DeRonda said.

I went back to rubbing some lotion onto the sides of her tits as she just laid there. As I was rubbing lotion there, I happened to realize that my boner was rubbing up against her thigh. However, I figured she must not have noticed because she did not say anything. My cock was throbbing like crazy and I saw I was leaking pre cum right through my shorts. I should have stopped rubbing it against her but I could not because it felt good.

I ran my hands back up over her back. I rubbed my hands all over her back and neck again. I even sunk my hands into the sides of those fleshy big fucking tits that were pressing out from her sides. For a young man I was in heaven as I felt those big tits up. I removed my hands from her tits thinking that I had rubbed enough lotion onto her.

When I did DeRonda said, "Do my legs as well."

I went to the end of her lounge chair where I squirted a long line of lotion down each of her legs. I took the palms of my hands and I smeared the lotion down each of her legs. I lean forward a bit and I rubbed my hands back up her shapely legs.

DeRonda’s long legs felt smooth as silk as I ran my hands up and down them. My cock was rubbing against the heels of her feet as I worked the lotion into the back of her thighs and into her calves. I took my hands to the outside of her legs rubbing lotion into them as I worked my way down.

I started to work my hands back up her legs with my cock still rubbing on her heels of her feet. I suddenly felt my cock starting to throb and twitch. Shit I thought I was going to cum. I removed my hands from her legs and as I stood up straight, I felt my cock throb again as I started to shoot my cum into my shorts. I stood there with cum starting to press out through the fabric of my shorts I did not know what to do about it.

"Ahhh your hands feel so good on my legs please don’t stop now," DeRonda moaned as she wiggled that butt as she squirmed on her lounge chair.

I put my hand down the front of my shorts just to readjust my cock. When I removed my hand out of my shorts, I saw that I had picked up a huge glop of my own cum on my hand. I did not know what I was going to do with it. I was scared that she would see it on my hand so I just squirted some lotion into my hand.

In my hurry, I rather lost my balance behind her and I started to fall forward. I stuck my hands out to catch myself. My hands fell right onto both of her butt cheeks. DeRonda just left out a series of soft moans when my hands more or less grabbed her ass.

I just started to rub the lotion and cum into those lovely butt cheeks. I saw DeRonda rise up a little as she pulled her arms in so that she was laying on them. I started to massage the lotion and my cream into her butt once more. DeRonda had a smooth fleshy butt as my hands rubbed it. I rubbed my hands down her butt to the upper part of her thighs and then back up to her butt. I was groping her ass as I rubbed my hands over it.

DeRonda moaned, "That feels so good John please don’t stop."

DeRonda was squirming around a lot in the lounge chair as I rubbed her butt and her thighs. I did not know it but she was fingering herself as she laid on her arms and hands. I worked my hands all up and down her legs, thighs and that lovely big ass repeatedly. She was moaning and breathing heavy every so often, like she could not breathe. I did not know what was going on.

"Are you OK?" I asked with worry in my voice.

DeRonda took a deep breathe and she replied, "Yes I am just a little ticklish back there that’s all." "Thank you John you can go now if you like," She added.

That was fine with me because my cock started to get hard again. I wanted to go home and into the bathroom to jack it off. I told DeRonda I would be back tomorrow to cut her grass. I left with the front of my shorts filled with cum. I ran home luckily no one was there so I drew some water into the bath tub.

I got in the tub where I put soap onto my hand and I went to town on my now hard cock. I pulled on my cock thinking about DeRonda. I closed my eyes as my soapy hand jacked on my cock. I thought about her huge fucking tits, how I would like to feel them all up again. I thought about that nice big ass that my hands had been on. When I thought about that red haired pussy and seeing her pussy lips I shot off in my hand.

I remember that I had a good hard cum as I blew my nut in the tub. Some of my cum blasted from my cock with force and it landed on my face by my mouth. I went to wipe it but I only ended up wiping it into my mouth. I licked the cum off my lips then I scooped more from myself as I tasted my own cum and I enjoyed it as well.

By the time John had finished tell me about DeRonda I had came three or four times. I held my wet fingers up to John. He took them into his hand bringing it up to his mouth where he licked and sucked my juices from my hand.

"That was how it all started with DeRonda and I have been doing her ever since," John said.

"What you are still fucking her?" I yelled out.

"Yeah does it really matter?" John asked me.

"No I guess not," "But I want to meet her as well and I bet Kim will as well," I replied. "Does Kim know abut her?" I also asked.

"No I have never told anyone about her, you are the first," John replied as he picked me up into his arms from the bed kissing me.

John and I got out of his bed, which had a big wet spot on it. I told him maybe he should get a rubber sheet or something. We both dressed and walked into his living room.

"Now how are we going to sit things right with Kim?" I asked John. "She won't even let me explain to her," I added.

John thought for a second or two and he replied, "How about I take you both out for dinner Wednesday as I don’t have practice nor do I have to work."

"Sounds good but maybe you should call her to invite her as she will just hang up on me. But don't tell her I am coming along," I said.

"I can do that," John replied.

That is a good spot to end this chapter. There will be more to come in the next chapter. The three of us try to work this mess out. Also in the next chapter I run into DeRonda at the store. Be sure you do not miss that.

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