It was 7:30 in the morning and she had been up for about an hour, making him breakfast, fetching his paper and serving him coffee as he prepared for work. She usually regretted seeing him off in the mornings, having to look forward to a lonely day at home, the only thing to keep her occupied being the hours spent cleaning the house, working in the garden and having dinner prepared for when he came home. Unfortunately they've had no children, but Melissa had reconciled with the idea of not being a mother. It was obviously not what the Lord had planned for her.

This morning however, she couldn't wait for him to leave. Melissa was usually not a woman who had sexual thoughts occupy her mind, at least not until yesterday. Yesterday was a day that would change the course of her life forever.

Being the wife of one of town's most important men, the town's preacher, her tasks were numerous. Usually it had something to do with keeping an eye on the society and take action whenever there was something going on which would threaten to ruin the purity of their little parish. She had an agenda not to let the sinful life of the city ruin this little paradise on earth that they had created here in the small town by the lake.

So when young Rebecca Vineto was caught red handed on her knees in front of Stanley Robertson, with his penis in her hand and her mouth about to close around it, Melissa made it her business to talk to Rebecca's mother about it. It had however not turned out the way she had planned. It was frustrating to see how the mother didn't have a care in the world over the sinful ways of her own daughter. The gypsy woman actually seemed to think it was the most natural thing in the world how the young girl had been acting on her sexual urges, and would not by any means reprimand her because of what she'd done.

The meeting had ended promptly when the woman had laid her hand upon Melissa's own, looking deep into her eyes and whispering:
You secretly are a horny bitch with a craving for all things sexual.
Normally this would have shocked Melissa beyond anything else, but not this time. In her mind she suddenly acknowledged this for the horrible truth it was, and there was a tingle between her thighs that she needed to do something about.

Melissa hadn't masturbated since she had been caught by her own mother at the age of thirteen and gotten a scalding she'd never forgotten. Her mother's words explaining to her what a terrible sin she was committing had never escaped her mind until this day, and she had been convinced that what she had been doing in her room during the weeks between discovering her own enjoyment of touching her own sex and the day her mother caught her, was the reason why she couldn't have children. So when she left the gypsy woman's caravan in her car, found a secluded side road on her way back home and started to explore the folds of her intimate area, the aching, tingling button of pleasure and the hole that was source of all her wetness, she had her first self endowed orgasm in twenty five years, and it had been wonderful.

Checking to see if anyone could catch her, she put her fingers to her mouth and tasted her juices, and with an embarrassing look in the mirror, seeing her face reddening, she started the car and drove back home.

There was no time to explore this re-found pleasure again after she arrived at the house. In her absentmindedness she had forgotten to do today's shopping for dinner and had to bolt out the door to go to the store in search for all the ingredients she needed for this evening's meal. She was embarrassed by how she stopped by the vegetables to have a good look at the cucumbers and imagining how it would feel to slide one in between her thighs like a large, stiff penis. Despite her embarrassment, she bought one, never intending to use it for dinner.

Because of the delay, her husband got back five minutes before dinner was ready. He kissed her cheek and lay his hands around her waist as she stood by the stove, and she had to fight the urge to press her ass backwards against his crotch. His kiss burned on her cheek and she felt a craving for more. But the only thing betraying her lust was her nipples going hard behind the thick bra she was wearing, and thankfully he wouldn't be able to notice. She dreaded the thought of how he would react if he noticed what a horny bitch his wife had become.

Are you not feeling well, was the only thing he said that had revealed his concern that something was amiss.
I think I will go to bed early, was her flushed reply.

To her dismay, he had decided to join her as she headed for the bedroom. She had been looking forward to finally being alone for a while to relieve herself from the burning itch between her legs, but now she would be unable to do so without him noticing. However there was a chance he might want to lie with her as husband and wife, so it was with mixed feelings that she shed her clothing in the bathroom and donned her modest night gown, making sure to wash and wipe the wetness from her thighs before joining him in the dark bedroom.

They always slept with the lights off, and when they made love, it was always in total darkness with him laying on top of her, penetrating her and moving in and out of her without much noise until he came. Tonight she had wanted him to mount her, take her hard while her legs were wrapped around him, helping him thrust deep into the wetness of her sex, to kiss him hungrily while their tongues explored the cavities of their mouths.

But no such luck. In a matter of minutes she had heard him breath regularly beside her, and her wish to have her cavity filled with his erect penis and his seed flow into her womb had gone unfulfilled. Frustrated, she had let her hands wander down her sensitive body, pulling at the night gown and lifting it up until it was a bundle above her hips. Then she had run her fingers through the coarse forest of hair covering the sanctity of her female parts. She had been extremely wet again, her juices lubricating her fingers as they slid into her.

Her horny twisting and turning and rolling of her hips must have woken him up. She could sense that his breathing had become irregular again and he had uttered a low grunt.
Is there something troubling you?
She tried to lay perfectly still, slowly removing the fingers from her fiery cave. As steady as she was able to, she had tried to whisper that she only had trouble sleeping after such an eventful day, and he had seemed content with that answer.
Try to get some sleep, he whispered and kissed her on the forehead.
Somehow she had again resisted the urge to grab hold of him and press her mouth to his, to climb on top of him and slide down on him and make him take her as a man should take his wife. She just kissed him back on the cheek and turned her back towards him, pulling the night gown down across her butt cheeks.

For these reasons she was for the first time in the last twenty years since they married eager to see the back of her husband as he left for work. She almost ran upstairs to the bedroom, untying the belt of her rope as she climbed the stairs. Naked as the day she was born, she threw herself on the bed and her hands and fingers found the itching, aching, longing area between her thighs, and she began to rub furiously with one hand as she let three of the fingers on the other hand penetrate her. She could barely hear the wet, splashing sounds of her own handiwork over the loud moaning and silent screams coming from her mouth. It took less than a minute for her to bring herself to an orgasm like this, and she felt it surge through her, taking hold of her entire body as she shook with delight. This was even better than she had felt in the car the previous day, but it was nothing compared to what she would feel in the days and weeks to follow.

As she lay there panting and resting in the afterglow of her second orgasm in 25 years, her mind started to work again. If this was the frustration she was going to feel from now on, how would she manage to hide these new urges from her husband, let alone all other people she came into contact with? She was an active woman, going to meetings, visiting friends almost daily and doing charity work almost constantly. There was no way she was going to be able to let her body feed on these new found urges as often as she felt she had to to keep them at bay.

Today however she had no plans. Today she would be able to explore whatever her body desired. There would be time later to deal with these problems, she thought as her hands again found their way down across her naked body.

As she lay panting and sweating after two more heavy orgasms, she had an idea. Looking at the clock on the bedside table, her mind noted that only an hour had passed since she kissed her husband goodbye, and she got up and donned her robe again. For some reason she tip toed silently down the stairs and into her study where what she was seeking would be, almost hidden away in a pile of other papers.

Two days ago, a concerned mother visited her to show what she had found in her son's bedroom whilst cleaning. It was a collection of five adult magazines, showing bare breasted women on the cover and fully naked women in degrading poses on the inside. Melissa had told the woman to leave the magazines with her for destruction and to go back to her son and reprimand him on watching such filth. She also told the woman to make her son go to church to confess his sins and listen to the preacher's advice on the matter.

She had plans to burn these magazines, but now her curiosity got the best of her and she opened one of the magazines. She felt a sudden flutter in her stomach as she opened the first and gazed upon an almost naked woman, dressed only in stockings and a bra that did nothing to cover up her breasts, her nipples protruding slightly above the fabric. One of her hands was resting on the inside of her thigh, only inches from her sex which was, to Melissa's astonishment, shaven bare except for a small strip on the lower part of her stomach. Melissa opened her robe in front to look at the forest of hairs between her own thighs and back at the woman in the photograph. That really looked sexy, she thought.

Taking all five magazines with her, she climbed the stairs again and went into the bathroom. Shedding the robe, letting it fall to the floor, she studied her own body in the mirror.

To tell you the truth, Melissa was a sexy woman. The fact that her 38 year old body had never carried children, that she had always wore a bra even though her breast were quite small until she reached thirty, and the fact that she kept quite fit even though she didn't actually work out in other ways than taking long walks, swimming every Thursday and cycling round the village when the weather allowed it, had done little to make the years show on her. Looking at some more of the pictures of the naked woman in the magazine, she tried to copy some of the poses and found that she could actually be just as sexy as she was. Except for the bush between her thighs.

She made a decision right then and there to do something about it. Looking at the time, another half hour had passed, she took a pair of scissors from the cabinet, her husbands razor from the shelf and went to work.

Forty five minutes later she enjoyed her own look in the mirror again and discovered that the sight of her own body made her more horny than ever. She looked sexy, just as sexy as the woman in the magazine, and for the first time ever she wished that she owned some sexy lingerie.
Hello there sexy. If I was a man I would want to have you, she said to her own reflection.
Her mind continued by saying, "Hell – I would want to have you even if I were another woman," but she could not make herself say that out loud even if no one other than herself would be able to hear her. The thought however made her shudder with pleasure.

She produced a smaller, hand held mirror from the cabinet beneath the sink and started to admire her work. She let her finger stroke across the smooth surface of her outer lips and discovered another new found pleasure. Observing thoroughly in the mirror, she let the finger move up on one side and down on the other. Then she spread her lips using two fingers and watched as the pink inner lips came into view, glistening with her juices just like in the picture she had been watching just moments ago. Her small button of joy was also uncovered as she spread her fingers even more, and when she closed her fingers again, pinching the little button in the process, another surge of electricity shot through her body.

Joining the fingers and letting them slide through the moisture between her lips, she decided to let them slip inside her for even more pleasure and was rewarded with an audible and involuntary ghasp from her throat. Her eyes fluttered, but she tried harder to focus and watched as the fingers went in and out of her, glistening in her sticky juices which also started to run from her opening and down between her ass cheeks.

Losing control, she started masturbating furiously again, and when she came, she hit her head on the wall behind the toilet seat. These orgasms seemed to just become stronger and stronger, she thought with a smile on her lips, and she was already looking forward to the next one.

Picking up the magazine again, she started to flip through the pages. There were articles in between the pictures of more naked women, but one page caught her interest more than the others. The headline said: "Reader's stories".

The first story was simply titled: "Meeting in a bar", and she started reading.

"You probably won't believe me if I told you this is a true story, so I won't bother. But this happened one day as I visited my regular bar just to have a few drinks and chat with my mates and maybe make a few new acquaintances.

As I was sitting there, thinking about nothing in particular, I noticed this woman sitting at the bar with an almost empty glass of red wine in front of her. She seemed to be alone, and I had never seen her before. Not really thinking I would have any luck, I went up to her and said hello, and would she like another glass? To my surprise, she smiled and answered that she very much would like that, and maybe some company too. I was not one to turn down such an offer, so I gestured to Mike, the bartender, bought her another glass and guided her to my table a little further in the back.

I really couldn't think of anything in particular to say, so I opened with one of the most used lines that has ever come out of a bar and asked what a woman like her was doing in a place like this.
"I was feeling lonely and needed some company," was her smiling answer as she took another sip of her glass.
"Well," I said. "I am company, and you are free to use this company as you see fit."
There was a hint of naughtyness in my eyes as I said it and she bit her lower lip and seemed to ponder on some thought. Then without warning she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the men's room in the back of the bar."

This is getting interesting, Melissa thought as she looked up from the magazine and met her own gaze in the mirror. Her eyes were illuminating horniness already and she collected the bundle of magazines again and headed for the bedroom.

"She hardly had time to lock the door behind her before dropping down to her knees in front of me and starting to tug on my belt. I was too taken aback to do anything other than just stand there watching as this eager, horny woman pulled my cock out and wrapped her lips around it."

Melissa felt her cheeks redden as she read the word. "Cock". How naughty was that? Regardless her left hand trailed down towards her crotch again where the sensation of her smoothness surprised her again.

"She was an expert cock sucker this woman. Running her lips up and down my cock, making it wet and slippery, lubricating it with her saliva and going deeper along the shaft with every bob of her head. One of her hands cupped my balls as the other one obviously found it's way down to her pussy where she started rubbing. This was one horny bitch!"

So am I, Melissa thought as she plunged her fingers into her own pussy. I am secretly a horny bitch with a craving for all things sexual. In her mind she could now see herself in the position of the woman in the story, on her knees with a stranger's cock in her mouth.

Suddenly she stopped. With a surprised look on her face she brought her fingers up to her face and studied the slick, shining juices coating them. Where on earth did that come from? When did her mind start using such language? Pussy? Cock? Horny bitch? What on earth was going on? And why did her fingers look so tasty?

As she brought her fingers to her mouth to taste herself, her mind decided to let itself go with the flow, and she turned her focus back to the story and her hand back to finger fucking her pussy.

"Imagine my amazement as my cock suddenly disappeared completely into the woman's mouth. There seemed to be no gag reflex on her as she continuously kept bobbing her head back and forth and bury her face in my stomach, fucking me with her mouth like there was no tomorrow.

Then suddenly she got up again, staring hornily into my eyes for a moment before turning around, leaning towards the wall and literally begged med to fuck her.
"But you have to put it in my ass," she said with a trembling voice as she spread her ass cheeks. "I don't wanna get pregnant."
This is when I noticed the ring on her finger. Damn, this horny bitch was married."

Melissa looked at her finger and at her wedding ring with wide eyes. Her mind screaming adultery and sodomy and how this story was telling of everything she had learned to be wrong. But why was it turning her on so much? Her own pussy was screaming for more as she plunged the ring clad finger into it, splashing in her wetness, soaking the sheet underneath her ass as she pressed the tip of her little finger against the star of her own anus. Oh my God. Am I really doing this, was her last thought before applying more force to the finger and letting it slide into the darkness of her sphincter.

"I applied some spit to my hand and let it run between her ass cheeks, carefully pressing one slippery finger into her. She moaned as I pushed it beyond the first knuckle and seconds later beyond the second. As my cock was still glistening with her own slippery saliva from the throat fucking she had given herself with it, there was no need to lubricate it any more, so I grabbed it by the root and pushed my cock head against her anus.

We both grunted as I pushed it inside of her. My cock disappearing inch by inch into her rectum as she groaned with pleasure whispering over and over: "Fuck me, fuck me!"

And fuck her I did. Slowly at first, and then picking up pace as she urged me on, feeling her ass caress my cock, squeezing it and milking it for all it was worth. The sight of her perfectly shaped ass giving me inspiration to fuck the hell out of this crazy, lustful woman as she started to push back, meeting my thrusts until I could do nothing other than just go with the flow. This woman was almost too much for me and I could feel my orgasm start to build in my balls.

She obviously sensed it too, because on the moment of my release, she jumped forward, making my cock slide out of her ass and turned around, dropping to her knees and grabbed hold of my proud shaft, pointing it straight at her face and mouth.

I shot stream after stream across her horny face, hitting her across her nose, in her hair, in her mouth, on her cheeks and on her chin. She closed her mouth around the head, gave it several milking strokes with her hand and gulped down the last drops of my orgasm before leaning back against the wall with a satisfied look on her face."

And at that exact moment, Melissa Partridge, wife of the town's preacher, long time leader of the Committee of Moral Education, plunged into her wildest orgasm 'till this date. Her body thrashing her face pressed deeply into the pillow on the left side of her marriage bed to stifle the noise. Juices were flowing freely, almost spraying into the sheets underneath her ass where two fingers were buried deep in her ass, sodomizing her and condemning her; or at least that was what she would later believe, to hell.

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