While taking a shower I’m almost expecting Wendy to join me, but I know that she would probably be checking up on Clive taking a bath or busy making supper, but hey a guy can wish can’t he? I still can’t believe that my love for cricket got me into this situation. After getting dressed again I walk to the dining room and find Clive and Wendy sitting at table, chatting about schoolwork. I sit down at the place set for me and listen to them talking, a while later my opinions gets asked about various projects that they have at school and we discuss, Ok Wendy and me discuss, Clive makes statements about ideas for the projects. After a while Wendy gets up and fetches supper, chicken with macaroni and cheese, she seem so calm and relaxed, I can’t believe it’s the same woman who less than three hours ago begged me to fuck her and moaned like a porn star.

We eat while still talking about the projects and after supper, I help Wendy clean up the dishes. Clive is almost half asleep by now, he had a long day at school and he did almost spend the whole afternoon practicing, so Wendy excuses herself as she takes him to bed. I make my way to the television room and sit down in a plush armchair, I place my hands behind my head and lean backwards. I’m staring at one paintings on the wall and I can smell that faint lavender fragrance, I turn my head just in time to watch her climb onto my lap. She smile down at me and lean down to kiss me, I place my hand behind her head and return her soft, gentle kiss, she slowly break the kiss and look at me

"It’s been a while since I could be young, Clive’s dad doesn’t allow much for that"

I smile up at her, and pull her down for another kiss. I’m going to do my civic duty and hell I’m going to enjoy doing it. Our tongues slowly explore each other’s mouths and I can feel her body starting to grow a bit warmer under my hands. She suddenly break the kiss and lean back, I can see her nipples pressing against the fabric of the t-shirt and I can see her faint smile

"Don’t worry, I like it when you look, at least you enjoy them"

I run my fingers over her hard nipples and look up into her eyes, I slowly run my hands down her body and up her soft skin under the t-shirt, she watch me in silent anticipation, I slowly stroke over the soft undersides of her breasts and she sigh softly, I slowly stroke over her breasts, savoring her firm yet soft breasts as I spread my hands over them. I’m sure I can fit three of my hands over one of her breasts, but she seem to enjoy the attention I give to them at the moment. I rub my hands over the sides and over her breasts, not touching her nipples at all. She pulls off her t-shirt and reveal her full breasts, her rose pink nipples stands out hard and aching to be touched, she leans back, her hands on my legs pushing her breasts out. I lean forward, kissing the soft under parts of her breasts as I run my palms over her breasts. She’s panting softly in anticipation by now as I kiss my way slowly to her one nipple, I run my tongue over her puckered areola and then suck her whole nipple into my mouth, she groans and grind her pelvis down into my lap. I keep stroking her breasts as I suck her nipple, rubbing my tongue all over it. I pull my head away as I keep sucking and her nipple slip out of my mouth with a loud pop, I suck her other nipple into my mouth and she dig her nails into my legs as I suck on it and rub my tongue over it. She wiggles her butt over my lap until her pelvis is pressed against me, then she lean forward, placing her arms around my neck as I suck on her nipples

"That’s it baby, I love that, don’t stop"

Just to be spiteful I pull her nipple out of my mouth and kiss her neck, gently nibbling on it, she arches her neck to give me more space

"Mmmm I love that as well"

I softly kiss and nibble on her neck and she rub her breasts against me, I slowly stroke over her naked back and she shudders deliciously as I press my fingers firmly into some nerve points

"God you’re killing me"

I softly nibble her earlobe and whisper in her ear

"I’m just giving a pretty woman the attention she deserves"

I go back to kissing her neck and she sighs happily as I continue to press firmly on her back, I slowly kiss my way back to her one nipple and suck it back into my mouth, suddenly she shoves me away and gets up, she grins at me then turns around and bend over as she slowly pull her mini down her long shapely legs, I watch as she uncovers her firm ass and then her naked pussy, she tosses her hair and smile at me over her shoulder and wiggle her ass at me. I jump out of the chair and strip off my clothes, I run my hands over her ass and give it a light slap, she jumps with shock, but stand still and make soft moaning sounds as I continue to rub her ass. My cock is throbbing and her display really fires me on and I push her up against the nearest wall, she giggles and spread her legs

"I always wanted to get done this way"

I guide my raging cock to her wet pussy and again I slip in easily, she moans as I thrust my cock deep into her, I grab her hips and start to pump my cock in and out of her pussy, she moans loudly again, she supports herself with one arm and with the other hand she plays with her breasts as I pull her into my thrusts by her hips, she looks back at me with a wicked grin

"Before you try to pull out again, I want to feel you cum inside me"

I nod my head and slip one hand from her hip and start to rub her wet, rock hard clit, she bites onto her head resting against the wall as she shudders in orgasm, her flow of juices quickly coats my cock, balls, groin, her ass and runs down her legs to pool at her heels. As she shudders through her climax I keep pumping my cock in and out of her pussy, my groin slapping hard against her ass, when she finally pulls her mouth from her clenched fist, she gasps for breath and look back at me with adoration. I look her in the eye as I softly slaps her ass, she smiles and close her eyes and lean her head forward, moaning softly each time I thrust hard into her. I pinch her clit and that sends her over the edge again, she bites into her fist again as her body shudders, her pussy convulsing around my cock, sends me over the edge and again I cum hard inside her, filling her up again, she sighs and shudders as she feel my cum pumping into her again. When I pull out of her she stand up and pick up her clothing, she smile at me and motion for me to follow, I quickly gather my clothes and walk after her as she lead me upstairs to another room, she turns around and smile at me.

"I come here when I want a good view"

She pulls open the curtains, the window looks out on the river and the lights on the other bank shines softly, the soft moonlight falls onto her body, lighting her up like a goddess, I can see her inner thighs glistening as she walk slowly to the double bed facing the window, she gets in and I quickly join her before she changes her mind. She leans over me, slipping her leg over me, I slip a hand around her and cup her firm ass, our kiss is soft and gentle, she snuggles up to me and start to rub her wet, warm pussy against me.

"Think you could go another round?"

I can’t believe it, here she is rubbing our mixed cum against me, she’s a mother and married and she wants me to have sex with her for a third time! Well I wasn’t going to refuse the lady any time soon if you get my meaning. I replied by kissing her and pulling her on top of me, she responds by kissing me more passionately and rubbing herself against me, I firmly massage her lower back and ass as we kiss passionately. I press my fingers firmly just above her ass, working in a triangle form, she groans into my mouth and I can feel her growing hotter again, she moans loudly as I fondle her ass. I’m starting to wonder if I didn’t saddle up a nymphomaniac here, also how her pussy would taste, the thought lets me slip a hand between us as rub two fingers over her clit, it’s already rock hard and I squeeze her ass as I firmly rub her clit, she shudders in pleasure and I can feel her dripping our mixed juices onto me, I roll her onto her back and look down at her, she looks so sexy in this light, her lovely face, her slender neck, her shapely arms, her full, firm breasts with their small rock hard nipples, her thin middle, the gentle swell of her hips, her long, well toned legs and between them her wet, inviting pussy. I waste no time in burying my cock inside her pussy, she sighs as I softly enters her. She wrap her arms around me as I start to stroke into her, slowly edging deeper with each thrust, her legs hook around me and she clings to me as I continue a slow, drawn out rhythm, slowly building up my pace as I continue to stroke my cock in and out of her body. Our lips lock and hold as our bodies move together, gone is the woman that wanted to get fucked, this woman wanted to be loved. I hold her tightly as I continue to stroke deep into her willing body, her moans is soft, her groans as I fill her up is punctuated with soft sighs of pleasure, she whimpers softly each time I pull back, her pussy clings to my cock, her tight walls gripping and releasing my cock, after long tender moments she cling harder to me as she climaxes, her body shivering as she drives up to meet my cock’s strokes into her, she looks up at me and stroke my face as I keep thrusting into her, my thrusts growing shorter and more rapid as each stroke brings me closer

"Cum in me baby, I want to feel you…"

The rest of her words gets drowned out as my orgasm washes over me and I cum hard inside her again, she shudders as my cum pumps into her again, I groan softly

"Ah honey that feels soooo good"

She practically purrs in my ear as I collapse on top of her, she holds me, gently stroking my back until I have enough energy to roll from her, she kisses me softly and drape herself over me again.

"So is that considered payment for the first week?"

I look at her and smile

"I would say that is for the whole summer"

Her laugh is soft

"The first week then, it seems like Clive’s new contract will keep him out of town for quite some time"

I smile at the prospect and ideas, she trace my smile and kiss me softly, she then lowers her hair on my chest and I listen to her breathing as she falls asleep, I wonder if Clive would approve of what his mother just did, I grin at what his father would have to say and fall asleep with an arm around Wendy

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