How to join Judas DDL

Illustrated, step-by-step guide, because you are dumb. Written by garret. click this if you cant read

Joining the Drive

Go to, and click Join Group.
If you can't see it, you might've already joined. Try to actually access the drive and see what happens.
google groups join page, with the join group button clearly marked

This popup should appear. It doesn't matter what you put in there, just press Join Group again.
google groups join popup

You now have access to the Judas DDL.
Google Groups will still say You don't have permission to access this content. (like this) This is fine.
We're not using the group as a mailing list, just as a way to get loads of people into a drive. Even if you did have permission, you wouldn't see anything interesting. The interesting stuff is somewhere else. (namely, the drive)

Actually accessing the Drive

If you've followed the steps listed above correctly, you should now be able to access the Drive.

Go to
If you can see the drive, great! Enjoy your anime.

If you can't, don't worry. It's probably in Hidden shared drives.
screenshot of shared drives page with no Judas DDL, and hidden shared drives clearly marked.

Lo and behold, it is there!
screenshot of judas ddl being there

You'll probably want to right-click it and do Unhide shared drive, so it'll be less of a pain to get to in the future.
screenshot of the right-click menu, with Unhide shared drive clearly marked

You can now use the drive. Enjoy!


Why is x missing from the drive?

New upload

Episodes are added 3 days after the release on Nyaa. If, and only if, 3 days have passed since the torrent was uploaded, you should probably ping a member of staff about it.
Delay is by whatever timezone currently lines up with Judas' sleep schedule.

Something before 2019-09-28

It's probably in Judas - DDL/[Judas] Bluray releases/My old releases as member of Hakata Ramen group/

Something more recent

Google might've nuked it. Probably worth asking about just in case.

How do I enable subtitles in the Google Drive player?

You don't. The Drive player doesn't support the subtitle format Judas (and any other anime group worth their salt) uses, and it re-encodes the video. You want to watch Judas encodes, not YouTube encodes.
Download the video and watch it locally. If you need a player, do ?players in any channel, and the bot should give you some recommendations.

Why bother with making it private?

so google doesn't nuke it again

It says I don't have permission, help!

go back to the start of the guide, and read it properly this time

I can't read.


because the google drive web interface is absolute dogshit

Desktop (except Linux)

AirExplorer - Highly recommended, apparently.


MiXplorer - "a fast, smooth, beautiful, reliable and full-featured file manager with a simple and intuitive user interface." (direct quote from forum post)
Screenshot - courtesy of Hmm#0270

Le epic hackerman

rclone - powerful command line tool for managing cloud storage

think that's just about everything, ping me (garret#1317) if there's something I missed out or got wrong.

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