JD2 Optimization Guide by REKULOUS

  • Disable Speed Limits you have in JD2
  • When downloading minimize and make the window smaller
  • Disable Window Decoration in JD2 Settings
  • Debloat JD2 Ads
  • Disable SpeedMeter graph by right clicking it or going into Advanced Settings and unchecking it
  • Set JD2 logging to off [NOTE: If you need support or help with JD2 or want to find out an issue with it, don't go asking for help without log files]
  • Turning off your VPN can improve speed
  • Turning off addons you don't use or need can improve RAM and resource usage / performance
Pub: 29 Sep 2021 09:01 UTC
Edit: 29 Sep 2021 09:04 UTC
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