Except for some Characters everyone else is above 18. The war of against the Lannisters has not yet taken place. Jon snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and an unknown lady of the North, Not Lyanna Stark, though Eddard Stark has named him his bastard son. Eddard stark is dying of an Unknown diesease. Not all ages of characters are Cannon compliant.)

Jon came back to his room in Winterfell castle soaked in sweat after another long day in the training yards. He removed his thick fur cloak and his leather clothing and light armour, calling outside the room to a waiting servant boy to get him some hot water for a bath as he lay down on his bed to rest and wait for the servants return.

Life wasn't easy in Winterfell,even for him. Contrary to popular belief, being a stark bastard didn't mean he was given the same priveledges as the legitimate stark children. Sure enough Lord Eddard stark loved him and his other children equally but it wasn't always rainbows and roses.

The beautiful lady Caitlyn stark and Sansa, her daughter were as cold as the north to him and Robb, his brother, was always jealous and thinking he would take his inheritance of Winterfell. Only Arya and the younger siblings loved him as a true brother.

He sighed deeply.

Most of this was the reason why he was courting Jeyne Poole. If he could convince her to be his wife, he would then take her and ask a loan of money from Lord Stark and leave Winterfell to cross the seas, far away from the harshness of living among those who despised him.

Especially the two redheads of the family.

Most especially Sansa. That redhead beauty truly hated him for being a bastard.

He wouldn't notice her.

He NEVER noticed her.

Even now when she was a beautiful full grown woman of 18 years he wouldn't notice her. And though she was harsh to him it all came from his unwillingness to give her the attention she wanted. The long and short of it was this.

She, Sansa of House Stark, was in love with and wanted Jon snow. And it downright infuriated her that he did not notice her. Her beauty had well nigh been commented on since her fifteenth nameday feast. Her long fiery Tully hair, her sky blue eyes, her soft looking lips (everyone assumed they were soft and they were. Nobody tried to kiss her to confirm it. Even in his weakened state, Eddard stark could still cleave off a head with little effort and kissing his daughter would call for major head cleaving.) and her beautiful shapely figure had been the dream of many a man to possess.

Her Eighteenth nameday had only seen her beauty grow, her body becoming more curvaceous and her hips more defined. Her breasts grew large and firm, like "beautiful summer's day apples" as one lusty stable hand had said. And still jon would not take notice. Well Sansa was done waiting. Especially when she knew that Jon was trying to court Sansa's friend Jeyne Poole.

Unlike what people thought, she didn't want some young king or knight in shinning armour for a husband. Not anymore. She had outgrown such fanciful notions and was much more wiser in the dealings of Westeros. All she wanted and needed was a brave man of honour who would love and protect her. Someone who would build a home for her, father her children and provide for her and warm her bed.

She knew Jon wouldn't lack in any of the Departments, especially the last. She had spied on him once as he bathed and had seen his large manhood as it lay flaccid as he washed away the sweat of the day's training from his skin. Such a strong and brave man. And such a catch was trying to court Jeyne Poole. By the Seven!!

The only thing that had made his courtship of Jeyne go so slow was his perceived notion that jeyne cared about his bastard status. But Jeyne Poole was no fool and Sansa knew her friend. She would snatch up Jon for a husband in a heartbeat.

The Raven haired daughter of Winterfell's steward was as lustful as a mare in heat for the bastard only he did not know of it. Jeyne had seen just as well a Sansa all the prime attributes of a worthy husband in Jon snow and wouldn't let him get away now.

Not unless Sansa acted fast.

She called her personal maid and ordered for hot bath water at once as well as taking out viles of expensive oils and perfumes from her personal chest. She slipped out of the warm cloak and dress she wore and stared into a full body mirror and her perfect pale white skin and curvaceous body in silent contemplation.

Jon Snow would be HERS!!

As the stark family ate in the feast hall and Jon snow quietly chatted with the Lady Jeyne who (to his quiet happiness) was quite receptive, jon had a feeling of being watched. Discreetly he looked to the main table where the slightly ailing Eddard stark sat with his wife, Robb, Arya and….Sansa.

Sansa was staring straight at him with her vivid blue eyed gaze, not even wavering for a moment when she knew that he knew she was looking. He felt his skin grow hot and red.

What was she doing? No etiquette at all. Not acting her lady self in any way. Throughout the whole meal he felt her gaze on him. Never stopping, never wavering as they all ate and Drank.

Not even for a second.

Jon had returned to his rooms awhile after everyone else had done the same. All in all (Even after Sansa's strange new staring behaviour) the night had gone on well. In a few weeks, the king and his family were supposed to come for a royal visit.

Apparently there were rumours of a joining of Houses. An engagement. Sansa would be pleased at least. She always wanted to marry a king. All jon was praying for was the acceptance of a beautiful brunette to be his wife. Nothing much.

He opened the door to his room slowly while shaking his head in mirth and then stood still with shock at the sight before him. The fire was blazing in the fireplace and his whole room was lit with candles. He blinked wildly, trying to dispel the illusion in front of him if that is what it was.
Too bad it wasn't.

The door suddenly slid back in place as a slim white hand bolted it shut. Jon turned in surprise to find.


Sansa stood before him in a black cloak and dress made of the most soft and expensive silk, ordered from kings landing at great cost. The fire made her long, flowing hair glow like burning flames as it reflected its auburn colour and her icy blue eyes never left his own dark ones.

"Tell me Jon. What does a lady have to do to get a Man's attention in this castle, hmmm?" She asked in a soft voice.

Jon gulped. This was dangerous ground. "Sansa shouldn't you been in your…" "Room? I'm not sleeping there tonight Jon, so why should I be there?" She answered his unfinished question.

She took a step towards him as he unconsciously stepped back.

"Since I reached my fifteenth nameday men have wanted me, jon. But i did not care. I have only ever wanted you, snow. I have prayed that you would give me the same glances you give Jeyne and yet you refused. It made me Angry at you and made me lash out and I'm sorry for that." She said still not breaking their gaze as she continued.

"But I've waited too long and I won't wait any longer. I will have you Jon snow. If I have to kill every Whore who dares look at you when YOU are MINE, then so be it. But today, you will take me. I will share your bed tonight and every other night after. I don't care for you being called a bastard by these fool's in Winterfell. YOU are MY bastard." She said.

Her dark cloak fell to the ground and the dress soon followed. Jon let out a gasp at the beauty before him as Sansa stood before him completely naked. His gaze fell on her full, firm breasts. Her beautiful, unblemished pale white skin. Her curvaceous body. She was beautiful to behold.

She came forward till they were standing directly in front of each other and pushed Her soft lips to his own. She held his face and kissed him deeply, their tongues coming together and dueling fiercely. She broke their kiss abruptly and pushed him onto the huge bed where he lay on his back, staring up at the beauty before him.

"Remove your clothes, Jon. Your wearing too much clothing for what I have in mind. By the time we're done, you'll be MY husband in all but name."

She lay atop of his naked, hard body as they kissed each other deeply. His hands were entangled in her long, soft, auburn hair and hers on his face as they pulled each other deeper into the kiss. He could smell the sweet scent of the perfume she wore and felt his body grow slightly slick from the scented oils she had applied on her perfect body.

They went on for another minute before breaking apart as Sansa got off him and lay on her back as Jon now climbed atop of her, pushing her legs up and far apart to reveal her bare dripping cunt. She saw the meaty pole that was Jon's Manhood at the entrance to her need filled pussy. All 8 inches of it. She unconsciously licked her lips. Oh she had chosen well.

He stared into her blue eyes, concern, apprehension and love all in his eyes.

"Sansa…we can stop right now if you say so. We can get our clothes on and pretend this never happened. No one in or out of Winterfell would ever know. But once i do this…Once I take your innocence….you'll be ruined for any other man."

She looked calmly into his face before pulling his head to hers and giving him another deep kiss. "I'm already ruined for any other man, Jon snow. I'm yours. Now take me.' She said as he kissed her fiercely with passion and quickly pushed and entered her pussy with his hard cock, tearing through her innocence.

They broke the kiss as Jon and Sansa gave a cry of pleasure mixed with only slight pain from Sansa. Her walls clamped onto her lover's cock and pulled him deeper into her until he was balls deep inside the wet warmth of her pussy.

He was made for her, Sansa thought through a haze of deep pleasure and slight pain as she felt his cockhead at the very entrance to her cervix. His whole length was fit snugly inside every inch of her deep cunt. And now she was a real woman. HIS woman.

With a nod from Sansa, Jon began to move his hips, moving his cock in and out of Sansa's tight wet pussy. Her moans of pleasure were just like his own, both feeling the pleasure from their connection and the way Jon's cock pushed into her pussy With each stroke.

"Harder Jon…faster now." She said in pleasure as Jon nodded and began to Fuck her relentlessly. His hips slammed hard into her own as he fucked her hard. Sweat poured off their bodies as they gave into the pleasure and love of their actions. He continued to go deeper and deeper into her warm pussy, his cock feeling Sansa's wet velvet walls tighten around him, refusing to let go. Feeling something brimming from her womb, Sansa gave a cry of pleasure and came as Jon gave a hard thrust into her willing love chamber.

She could see his face as he felt the pleasure of her cunt, as they slacked their lust and need for love with each other. Then as he pounded into her in hard deep thrusts , she saw his face begin to strain.

"Sansa. I'm going to cum….I need to pull out." He said as her blue eyes widened in realization and then determination. "NO!!" She shouted as she enclosed her legs around his back, pulling him deep into her and not letting go as he groaned in pleasure and despair at her actions.

He looked into Sansa's deep blue eyes, saw how beautiful her face looked as she felt the pleasure of their union, her now damp fiery hair still glowing in the light of the candle flames he fucked her and she whispered into his ear.

"Claim me Jon. Release your thick seed inside me. You're a bastard. I'm a Lady of House Stark. Show them how you've conquered them. Taking their lady and siring a child upon her. Forcing the beauty of the north to bear your child. To mother your children. Watch in triumph as I grow huge with your child, marking me as your woman. Yours and Yours alone. Prove your virility upon my womb and cum. Seed your wolf bride. Do your Duty to your wife and CUM!!"

Hearing her words was too much for him. Those words telling him to claim her….make her his. He slammed his hips and cock a final time deep into her pussy and claimed her soft lips in a deep kiss as he came inside her fertile pussy.

The entrance to her cervix parted and clamped onto his cockhead, making him moan in pleasure and shoot great streams of cum directly into her womb. A minute of releasing inside her passed then another as she still felt his manhood pump more and more sperm into her, warming her womb with his seed and making her cum again at the sensation.

Finally spent, Jon slowly broke their kiss and removed his cock from Sansa's sated pussy, her silken inner walls clamping on his cock the whole way and giving light squeezes all the way as he groaned in pleasure and his cock released any remaining cum it had.

With a wet "pop" sound, his cock was released from her warm pussy as it leaked copious amounts of his thick white seed as Sansa moaned her satisfaction.

Jon picked up the thick fur blankets from the ground and covered himself and Sansa with them as she placed light kisses all over his face before giving him a searing kiss to his lips and snuggling next to his warm body, her fiery hair spread about her head as Jon buried himself in her auburn locks and breathing in the fresh lemon scent as he pulled her close to himself.

"Goodnight Jon…my Lord Husband."

"Goodnight Sansa…my dear lady wife."

To be continued…..Next: Discovery:Catelyn Stark.

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