Indian tilde.

Hi all.
I understand that starting a tilde has been a topic in this group for a while and I have been wanting to that since some time as well. After giving it a lot of thought, I have decided that I will be starting a tilde soon. It won't be a gli tilde, but it will be a tilde focused on the Indian region. I would like to have people join me as participants, admins, staff, etc. It will be a small thing in the beginning. Here are some thoughts that came to my mind:


  • A community of tech enthusiastic people, with greater focus on linux / unix-like Oses.
  • Active community which encourages creating content.
  • Old school theme throughout everything.


  • All services right from the start. We will add services as the community demands it. I am planning to make it a democracy with a voting system in mind. Let's see.
  • A place to make an account on and then forget. To keep it at a healthy pace of development, I plan to introduce usage quotas? I guess. not sure.


  • A shell, obviously.
  • A public_html folder for websites.
  • An email.
  • ???

What is the current status?

Currently I have a free VPS from ORACLE. (Yes, I know, that's bad and all.)
As the community progresses, we will switch to other options. We do need a domain, and before that we need a name as well. The discussion for the tilde will of course be on a different IRC server. I plan to start working on it within a week, once I get enough members.

Pub: 09 Aug 2022 17:28 UTC
Edit: 10 Aug 2022 02:15 UTC
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