Down the Rabbit Hole

Anon's thirst for bunny booty boils over

"Oh, Anon!"
The rabbit woman dashed down the hall as you exited your apartment. Her chest, large as ever on her short frame, bounced with every step as she ran up to you. This rabbit was Ms. Hudson, your neighbor and friend since you first moved into the apartment complex a few weeks ago. If you were to describe her, she'd best be described as 'energetic and earnest, but a bit of an airhead'. But, in your mind, you also would think of her as a shortstack. She only stood about four feet tall, but with her wide hips and ass, thick thighs, and large chest she seemed more like a miniature fertility goddess when you looked at her. It didn't help that she currently wore a white sundress that clung to her hips and chest. She bent over, giving you a good view of her cleavage as she took a second to catch her breath, before she suddenly looked up to you. "Anon, may I ask you for a favor?"

"Sure..." you said, wondering what the mature rabbit woman could possibly need you for this late.

"Great!" she said, grabbing your hand with surprising strength, "Come with me!"

She practically dragged you down the hall until she came to the door leading to her apartment, before opening the door and pulling you inside. It was a comfortably lived-in space, with a plush couch in the center of the living room and a lots of knickknacks on the various shelves. She led you to a recliner, and gestured for you to sit down, before turning to shout down the hall "Emma! Could you come here for a moment?"

"Okay, ma..." a voice rasped from one of the doors, before it opened. A much taller, lankier, rabbit woman stepped out. Unlike her mother, Emma stood at about your height of six feet, with a slender figure that was hunched over in what you assumed to be her usual slouch. Like Ms. Hudson, Emma's fur was white, with blonde hair. Unlike Ms. Hudson, her white fur clashed with the punkish clothing she wore, peeking out of the rips in her jeans and puffing up around her neckline. Her ears hung back behind her. She looked to you, than to her mother, then back to you. "Who's this?"

"This is Anon. He lives down the hall and is here to help you with your little problem."

Emma's ears, flushed, a bit of the skin on the inside growing pinker as she stood straight up. Her tired eyes looked you over again, much more seriously than before. A growing expression of embarrassment growing on her face.

"You see, Anon," Ms. Hudson explained, "My dear daughter Emma's gone into heat. She's never been much of a social person so she hasn't had the chance to go out and find a man to, ahem, 'help' her with her problem. And so, for the last week, she's been holed up in her room making all kinds of depraved sounds as she...'dealt with it' herself."

"M-MOM?!" Emma stuttered "What are yo-"

"And so..." Ms. Hudson continued, "I would like you to give my girl a bit of assistance."

"I don't think...." you started, unsure of how to phrase it, but her hand cupped your groin before her fingers found your fly.

"Don't worry, Anon." the matronly rabbit cooed, "I'll help you help her." With that, she pulled your pants open and slid them down your legs, along with your underwear, leaving you naked in front of the two rabbits. Their eyes widened slightly as they saw your erect cock spring free from its prison. You noticed their gazes linger there for a moment longer than necessary. The elder rabbit smiled, showing off her teeth, while Emma blushed furiously, looking away. Ms. Hudson leaned forward, her breasts pressing against your thigh, and whispered something into your ear which caused you to moan softly. You felt yourself grow even harder between the rabbits' gazes.

"Now, Anon," Ms. Hudson began, licking her lips, "We can do this three ways. First, we can have you fill my daughter full of cum, letting her know who's boss, and get her used to having sex with men."

Your mouth fell agape. Your dick throbbed painfully as you imagined Emma getting bred by some stranger like you, and heaping praise upon him after she did. That thought alone made you groan aloud at the sensation.

"Second way," Ms. Hudson continued, running her hands along your back, "Is for us to both take turns fucking you silly. We can use our tongues or our cunts, whichever you prefer."

The idea of being fucked by both women sent chills across your body. You knew that you were probably going to lose control any minute now, but you fought against it. She was just trying to help, right?

"Mom, this..." Emma said, ears blushing furiously but still closer than she was before. Her eyes were glued to your crotch, "This is ridiculous."

"Hush now, Sweetie, Momma knows what's best for her daughter."

Ms. Hudson gave an exasperated sigh and patted Emma's head, before reaching down and taking hold of your shaft. Slowly, she ran her hand along the length of it, causing you to gasp. She stroked you slowly, watching Emma's reaction intently. After several seconds, she stopped, and turned to look at her daughter.

"So," Ms. Hudson asked, "Are you ready to learn how to please a man properly?"

"No!" Emma blurted, suddenly standing up. She took a step towards you, then another, until she was directly in front of you. Her arms crossed in front of her chest, hiding her tits from view. Her cheeks were red, and her breathing quickened.

"Why not?" Ms. Hudson asked, still holding onto your cock. It twitched involuntarily as she gripped it tightly. "You're horny aren't you? I bet you'd love nothing better than to fuck him senseless. Why should I let you when I could teach you instead?"

Emma stared at her mom for a few moments, then spoke. "Okay, fine."

"Good girl," Ms. Hudson praised. "Now, you need to be nice to Anon first, okay?"

"Yes ma'am." Emma nodded, her voice softening considerably.

"Then start by kissing him."

Emma hesitated, looking down at your hard cock, then back at her mom. She didn't say anything, simply moved towards you and pressed her lips against yours. You moaned into her mouth, feeling your hips begin to move. But before you could kiss her back, Ms. Hudson interrupted you.

"Wait! Wait wait wait!" she exclaimed. "That's not good enough. What about me?"

"W-what about you?" Emma asked, turning around to look at her mother, confused.

"Well, since I'm here helping you, why shouldn't I share in the fun too?"

"Oh... um... sure..." Emma replied, though you could tell she wasn't completely sold on the idea yet.

But Ms. Hudson quickly put her mind at ease. "See, Anon, your girlfriend needs to learn how to pleasure a man, and only a woman can show her that. So let me...lead by example. Sweetie, watch how Momma does it."

With that, she reached out and placed one of her paws on top of your shoulder, pushing you backwards so that you were lying back in the chair. Then, she climbed on top of you, straddling your shoulders. Her pussy hovered over your face, and you could smell the scent of her arousal wafting through the air. Your tongue extended on its own, tasting her juices, making her squirm slightly.

She lowered herself down, and you opened your mouth wide. Without waiting for instruction, she sank her cunt lips down onto your mouth, and you eagerly licked and sucked her clit, eliciting moans from her. She spent a few moments enjoying the sensation of your tongue plundering her folds, before she remembered herself and said "Now, dear, see the effect I'm having on his cock? He's twitching and leaking because even a human like him can smell an aroused woman. While he tends to me up here, try servicing him down there."

Emma shifted positions, sitting down on the floor between your thighs. The sight of her kneeling beside you, staring at your cock with such an intense expression, almost brought you to orgasm right then and there. You couldn't believe it. This beautiful young creature was actually going to give you a blowjob. And while she had been quite reluctant to do so earlier, she seemed determined to make you feel good.

She wrapped her fingers around your rigid member, and began gently pumping it up and down. When she felt it twitch again, she leaned forward and kissed the tip of it, giving it a lick. She smiled, and continued jerking off your cock. By now, she was getting more comfortable with doing something other than just staring at it. As she pumped away, she would occasionally lean forward to suckle your balls, sending shivers throughout your body.

Your hands roamed all over Ms. Hudson's body, caressing every inch of her fur. She giggled whenever you touched her breasts, or brushed your fingertips across her stomach. Finally, after several minutes of this, she pulled away from you and looked down at you.

"How are you doing Anon?" she asked.

"I-I think I'm ready to cum," you answered.

"Excellent!" Ms. Hudson cheered, then, to Emma she said, "Honey, Anon's about ready to pop. So I want you to suck it down and get a taste for him, okay?"

"S-sure..." Emma said, sounding a bit dazed. Though you assumed she must have done this before. Or maybe she was just nervous. Whatever the case, she soon had your cock in her mouth, bobbing rapidly as she lapped up your pre-cum. After she got used to the taste, she started sucking harder, taking more of your dick into her throat. You felt her shudder and moan around your cock, and you realized that she must have came from doing that. That made you even hotter, and you groaned as you started shooting rope after rope of hot jizz into her mouth. She swallowed most of it, but some leaked out around her lips, dripping down onto her tits.

The sight of her swallowing your load made you shoot another spurt straight into her mouth. A few spurts dribbled onto her chin, which she promptly cleaned up with her tongue. Once you finished cumming, she slowly slid her mouth off your still-hard cock, licking her lips clean.

"Wow!" she gasped, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. "That was...really good!"

You couldn't help but agree. It was easily the best blowjob you'd ever gotten. Not that you'd really had much experience with them. Well, except for the time when you accidentally caught your neighbor masturbating. But that didn't count.

Ms. Hudson grinned at you. "That's my girl."

As if on cue, Emma sat up next to you, and gave your flaccid cock a tender squeeze. It immediately sprang back to life, and she gave it a quick kiss.

"Okay, Anon," she said, "you need to rest a little bit. Let me take care of everything." With that, she hopped off the chair and grabbed two towels from the bathroom. She handed one to you, and then helped you sit up. You hadn't realized how much Ms. Hudson had soaked your face until the towel came away and you felt dry again. She seemed to notice as well, running her tongue along your cheek and giving you a wink.

Meanwhile Emma was back to staring at your cock, slowly stroking it with one hand and using the other to masturbate. Her nose was buried under your balls, taking deep whiffs of your scent and moaning as her self-pleasure intensified.

"Emma? Are you ready to take the next step?"

"Uh huh..." Emma moaned.

"Do you want to climb onto Anon's lap?"

"Uhhuhhh...." she moaned deeper

"Then why don't you get on, and put Anon's dick where it belongs." Ms. Hudson softly suggested to her cock-drunk daughter.

Emma hesitated for only a moment before climbing onto your lap. Your cock rested against her pussy, making her shiver. Then she lowered herself onto it, letting out a long sigh as her tight wet hole stretched wide open around your shaft. She put both hands behind your head, pulling your face closer to hers.

"Oh fuck yes! Oh god!" she cried out, as she began bouncing up and down on your cock.

You could see by the look on her face that she was already close to orgasm. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth hung open slightly. Occasionally she let out a throaty moan as she bounced faster. Just before she reached her peak, she suddenly froze, and stared blankly ahead.

"Oh no..." she whimpered, "I can't cum yet! Please, please, stop!"

But you knew better than to do that. Instead, you gave her an encouraging smile, and wrapped your arms around her waist. This caused her to start bouncing wildly once again, almost knocking you over. And within seconds, she had her first orgasm of the day. She screamed loudly as her juices gushed all over your cock, soaking you instantly. As she came down from her high, she collapsed against you, panting heavily. You held her tightly while she recovered, kissing her neck and shoulders. Soon enough, though, she regained her composure and lifted herself up so that she was straddling your hips. Without speaking, she buried her face in your neck and started to grind again. Within moments, she was riding you like a wild woman.

It took less than five minutes for her to reach another orgasm. By now, she was practically screaming every time she slammed down onto your cock. The loud slapping noises echoed throughout the room, and you could hear moans coming from between your legs. It dawned on you a moment later that Ms. Hudson was getting off to watching her daughter ride your dick.

After several more orgasms, Emma finally slowed down. She leaned forward slightly, resting her forehead against yours. "Fuck, I'm gonna pass out soon," she sighed. "This is too goo-haaa?!"

You felt something hot and wet run up the length of your balls, before likely passing over Emma's cunt. Once, twice, three times before you realized that Ms. Hudson was licking the place where you and Emma were joined. Each time she licked you, Emma would give a soft moan or scream. After what must have been about ten licks, she stopped and looked up at you.

"Well, Anon, are you going to cum?" Ms. Hudson asked. "Surely you're about ready to pump my little girl full, right?"

You nodded, unable to speak.

Emma got off your lap with a loud plop, leaving just your cock inside her. She turned around, facing away from you, and bent over. You watched mesmerized as she spread her her lips wide, showing you the wet mess you had made her, before grabbing her cheeks and lowering her cunt back onto your cock.

"Oooohhhh fuuuuckkkk... yesssss!" she called out.

Ms. Hudson continued to lick your balls for some time as Emma resumed her frantic riding, but eventually moved up to your cock. You felt the tip travel up and up, until you heard Emma groan loudly and clamp down on your member.

"M-mom..." she groaned, and you realized Ms. Hudson was eating Emma out while you were being ridden. "I can f-feel him twitching!"

"That's it, sweetie, wring Anon dry."

A few seconds later, Emma arched her back and let out a loud shriek. You could feel her whole body shake as she came hard. When she opened her eyes, they were glazed over with pleasure, and her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath.

"Now, Anon, it's time to cum."

Without waiting for any further encouragement, you grabbed her hips, pulled her back towards you, and thrust upwards into her. Emma made a guttural sound as you hammered her from below. Her brain seemed close to shutting down altogether from the stimulation as you focused entirely on your own pleasure. Finally, you couldn't hold back anymore.

"FUCK!" you shouted out.

Emma immediately sped up her pace, slamming herself down onto your cock as fast as possible. A few seconds later, you felt your cock swell even larger, then erupt inside her. She screamed out in ecstasy as her pussy clamped down on your spewing shaft.

When you finished cumming, you slowly slid out of her, leaving a trail of sticky white cum along the way. Eventually, you both fell back onto the chair, exhausted.

"So," said Ms. Hudson, leaning over next to you. "How did it feel? Was it everything you hoped for?"

"Yes ma'am," you replied, rubbing your hands together. "She's amazing."

"My dear Emma was always such a talented girl." she agreed, then to the gasping rabbit in your lap, she asked "Emma, don't you think you should clean Anon's cock? He did such a good job, after all."

Emma, without saying a word, stumbled off of your lap before turning and going to her knees in front of you. Slowly, almost reverently, she used her tongue to worship your dick. Every once in awhile, she'd raise her head, look up at you, and smile. Before long, she had cleaned every drop of cum off of you, and was eagerly slurping it up.

Once she was done, she stood up and gave you a big hug. "Thank you, Anon. That was awesome."

"Anytime, Emma."

The two women sat there for a bit longer, before Emma went to get dressed. As she walked past you, she reached over and rubbed still rock hard cock for a second, laughing a little as it twitched.

"And tomorrow night, Anon will be joining us for dinner. We'll see how much he can eat." she laughed.

"Oh, yes ma'am." you responded.

Emma left shortly thereafter, returning to her room.

As you lay there, thinking about the day, you felt yourself getting hard again. Ms. Hudson noticed and asked "Still not quite satisfied?"

"No ma'am." you admitted.

"Then why don't we take care of that now?" she suggested.

"Yes ma'am."

The two of you quickly headed to her bedroom. She led you by the hand to the bed, where she laid down on her back.

"Come here, Anon." she commanded.

You crawled onto the bed between her legs, and leaned forward so that your face was inches from hers. Without delay, you stuck out your tongue and started licking her slit.

"Ohhh fuck, Anon! I love when you do that!" she moaned.

With one hand, you reached underneath her ass and gripped her thigh, pulling her closer to you. With how much she had been at it before, she was more than ready for you.

"Fuck me, Anon!" she begged. "Please fuck my dirty little whore pussy!"

You wasted no time, lining your cock up with her entrance and thrusting deep into her. You started pounding away at her as hard as you could. It didn't last too long before you could tell she was getting close. This only spurred you on, and you continued hammering her as hard as you could. You watched as Ms. Hudson's breasts bounced with every thrust, while her legs curled around your waist. Suddenly, she threw her head back and moaned loudly.

"OH FUCK YESSSS!!!" she cried out.

Her legs clamped down on your waist tightly, trapping you inside her as she came harder than ever before. After several seconds, her orgasm subsided, but she kept riding you until you finally had enough.

"I'm gonna cum, Ms. H!" you gasped.

"Cum inside me, Anon!" she pleaded. "I want you to fill me up!"

You slammed into her as fast as you could, before unleashing torrents of hot cum into her depths. The feeling of your warm seed filling her up sent her over the edge yet again, and she screamed out in pure bliss as another powerful orgasm ripped through her body. When you were finally spent, you collapsed on top of her, panting heavily.

After catching their breath, you rolled off of her and laid beside her. The two of you cuddled for what seemed like hours, talking about anything and everything. Eventually, though, sleep overtook you.

A few hours later, you woke up alone in Ms. Hudson's bed. Your cock was already stiffening in anticipation, and you knew exactly who would help you relieve it. You got out of bed and made your way to the bathroom, where you relieved yourself before heading back to the bedroom.

As soon as you entered the room, you heard moaning coming from behind the door. Looking through the keyhole, you saw Ms. Hudson laying on her stomach, masturbating furiously. Her eyes were closed, and her head was tilted back slightly. From the sounds of things, she was enjoying herself immensely.

Your cock immediately began to throb in anticipation. You looked down at your watch; it was just before 4pm. Still plenty of time to enjoy this wonderful woman.

"Mom's a real horndog, isn't she?" a voice asked from behind you.

It took you a moment to realize that the voice belonged to Emma. You turned around and found her standing in the doorway, wearing nothing but a tiny black thong and a t-shirt. Her perky tits strained against the thin material, clearly visible through the tight bra she wore. Even without actually seeing them, you could tell they were firm and round. And judging by the fact that she wasn't wearing any panties either, you assumed that they were shaved clean.

She had a devilish grin on her face.

"What are you doing, Emma?" you asked.

"Watching mommy play with herself." she replied. "Same as you."

"How did you...?" you stammered.

"It was pretty obvious what was going on." she explained, "So I watched you two go at it while I fingered myself. Then I thought I'd surprise you both and come join you."

"So..." you said, trailing off. "You're still horny then?"

"Of course," she laughed. "But I think I can find something else to occupy my mind for a bit."

Emma stepped away from the door and bent over, bracing herself against the wall. With one hand, she pulled her thong to the side and exposed herself. You stared at her tight, fluffy pussy, which glistened with wetness. Her fingers slid easily between her lips, and she brought them to her mouth, licking them clean.

"Mmmhmmm," she purred. "That feels good."

You moved towards her, grabbing her hips and guiding her into position. She spread her legs wide open, giving you full access to her pussy. You pressed your cock against her entrance, and she grabbed hold of your shaft. As you pushed forward, she slid along your length, making sure not to leave even an inch uncovered.

"God, you feel so good inside me." she whispered.

Then, without warning, she shoved all of your cock into her. You groaned in pleasure as her tight walls enveloped you. She let out a loud moan of her own as you bottomed out inside her. Holding onto each other, you began to slowly fuck her. Every few strokes, she would push back against you, trying to get more of your length inside her.

"Fuck yes, Daddy!" she exclaimed. "Give me all of your big dick! Fuck me hard!"

With every thrust, her ass jiggled, sending waves of pleasure throughout your entire body. It felt incredible, and you couldn't last much longer.

Suddenly, you felt Emma tense up, and her pussy gripped you tighter than ever before. She screamed out in ecstasy, as if she were in pain. A few moments later, you felt your balls tighten, signaling your imminent release.

"Oh god!" you moaned. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum inside me, baby!" she cried out. "Fill me up with your load!"

You exploded, shooting wave after wave of cum deep inside her. After a minute or so, you were done, and you collapsed on top of her. You kissed her passionately, tasting your own cum mixed with hers.

"That was amazing." she sighed. "Now why don't we take care of some unfinished business?"

With that, she flipped over and straddled your face. You eagerly accepted her invitation, and started eating her out, savoring the taste of her juices. While you sucked on her clit, she ground her pussy against your face, rubbing it all over your cheeks. The feeling was incredible, and the sight of her beautiful ass jiggling as she rode your face almost sent you over the edge again. But you held on, determined to make her cum first.

Her moans grew louder and louder until she finally came. A flood of juices gushed out of her, coating your face completely. You continued to lick her, drinking up everything she gave you. When she was finally spent, she climbed off your face and lay next to you.

"Damn, that was fucking hot." she said. "And now I need to return the favor."

She rolled you over, positioning yourself underneath her. She grabbed hold of your cock and guided it to her opening. Once you were fully inside her, she leaned down and started sucking on it. She licked all over it, teasing your tip with her tongue. Then she wrapped her lips around it and began bobbing her head up and down.

While this went on, she reached behind her and squeezed your balls gently. This caused you to gasp in pleasure, but also made your cock swell harder. Before long, you were ready to explode once again.

"I'm gonna cum soon!" you warned.

"Good," she replied. "I want you to fill me up like you did earlier. I want to be dripping with cum when you finish."

Your orgasm hit, causing you to shoot another load straight into her stomach.

"Fuck yeah!" she exclaimed. "That's right! Cum inside me!"

After a moment, your cock softened and slipped out of her. She sat up, letting you catch your breath. The two of you sat there, listening to Ms. Hudson's none-too-subtle masturbation from the other side of the door. It seems like she hadn't noticed you and Emma going at it, or did and was so turned on she had to relieve herself. Either way you and the rabbit girl sat in the hallway, covered in sweat, panting heavily while waiting for your impromptu teacher to finish. From the sounds of it, it didn't seem to be winding down anytime soon, and so Emma gestured to her door, opposite of her mother's and asked "Wanna hang out for a bit?"

"Sure," you replied. "But what about Ms. Hudson? Won't she notice us leaving together?"

Emma shrugged. "Maybe. She'll probably be at it for a while, though. C'mon, let's chill for a bit."

The two of you walked quietly through the halls towards Emma's room. Just outside, you heard Ms. Hudson moaning loudly.
"Yes! Yes! Fuck my little cunt, Anon! Make me cum!"

You looked to Emma, who rolled her eyes and led you in. Emma's room was surprisingly unsurprising, with band posters covering most of the walls and various anime figurines scattered across her desk. There was even a vintage looking anime poster of Sailor Moon hanging above one of her dressers, which she must have gotten from her mother's collection. Her bed was made of a dark blue comforter, which matched her curtains perfectly. In fact, just about everything seemed to match perfectly. A perfect screenshot of mid-2000s mall-punk and anime culture.

"So, how do you wanna watch?" Emma asked.

"What?" you responded, confused by the question.

She gestured to a shelf full of what you assumed to be DVDs. Only half the titles seemed to be in English, and even less were from series you recognized. It seems Emma was something of a film buff.

"Well... uh..." you stammered. "How 'bout we just pick one and see if it's any good?"

"Sounds good to me." she answered.

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