I was really having a good time pulling and playing with my cock.

I didn’t realize a friend from up the street had come to see me and had walked in and up to my bedroom and he saw me doing this to myself. He had watched me for a minute or two he told me before I saw him.

I was so embarrassed and tried to cover myself up.

He laughed and said there is no need to cover up – we all do that at times. I do it a few times a week myself. Looking at you had given me a boner.

Without a word he pulled his cock out and began to stroke it. Then he said let’s do it together and I didn’t say anything but he dropped his pants and took off his shirt and we were both there nude looking at each other. He started to pull himself and I got my cock hard again as it went soft when he saw me and then the two of us were standing there watching each other wank off. It made me really hot and sexy. He said you have a nice cock, can I feel it.

I didn’t say anything and he came over to me and he took my cock in his hand and squeezed and felt it and then began to stroke it.

He said it not only looks good it feels good too, feel mine.

I did and I liked the feel of his, He had more skin on his and when I stroked his the skin went right over the tip of it. Mine did when you pulled it up but it didn’t stay there like his did.

I said your looks different to mine.

He said I am not circumcised and you are and then he explained what circumcision meant. I stopped and looked at his and he stopped wanking me and we both played with his and pulled the skin back and we looked and talked about our cocks. He said I have heard you have fucked Loretta.

He said I have too – she is a good fuck don’t you think. He was now looking and playing with my cock. He said I like the look of yours without the extra skin on it. Loretta said she liked yours too.

We he began to stroke mine and said why don’t you do it to me some more.

As we both stroked each other cocks we talked about fucking Loretta. I told him I have fucked her five time and last time I fucked her I came inside her and she got shitty with me and said she would get pregnant. She didn’t though and she told me after I went she washed my cum out by putting a bottle of soapy water up her cunt. She had heard that stops you getting pregnant.

God he said I was never game to cum in her I always pulled it out and I wanked off all over her tits.
He said lay back on the bed and I will pull you off and I want to see you cum.

I did as he suggested and he wanked me off and tried different ways of holding my cock and I loved it.
He wanked me for about three or four minutes and then I came and I told him I was going to cum and he worked my cock faster and I shot my cum straight out and all over his hand and some went on his face.

When he had milked all my cum out he licked his lips where the cum had run down his face . He just licked it up and didn’t seem to mind.

I said god you licked my cum – what is it like.

Not bad – just like mine.

Then he asked me have you ever tasted cum.

I said no – I have tried to drink mine but after I cum I cant do it.

He said I was the same but one day I got on the floor and put my legs over my head and tried to suck myself off but I couldn’t. I wanked off and when I came I got some in my mouth and I tasted it then .

What was it like I asked.

It tasted a bit funny – sort of salty and sour. The same as yours.

Anything like piss?

No. Not that I have tasted piss but it dint taste like piss smells.

I don’t know if I could do that – I came into a spoon once but I couldn’t swallow it after I had cum- I just couldn’t do it.

Then he said its your turn and we swapped about and I began to wank him and it was great. The feeling of his cock in my fingers felt different to mine for some reason and I liked it.

He lay back and we didn’t talk as I just enjoyed the feeling of wanking him and I started to feel his balls.
He said that felt great.

I was watching his cock as I stroked it as the skin came right up and over the top of his cock and looked great as I slid the skin down again and exposed his cock head.

He was telling me how good it felt and I was doing it really well. He was laying back with his hands under his head and with his eyes closed – he was really liking me doing it to him. He said this is almost as good as fucking Loretta.

Then I don’t know why – the thought of seeing Loretta nude when I fucked her and what I was doing now with my cock as hard as ever and bobbing up and down as I sucked him I just had this amazing feeling and was sort of mesmerized by my hand going up and down on his cock and the head of his cock popping out with every stroke and I just bent down and took his cock in my mouth and sucked it. It felt awesome.
He looked down and said fucking hell – that is awesome. My first time being sucked – it feels fantastic.

I didn’t stop I just kept going sucking his cock and bobbing my head up and down as Loretta had done to me a couple of times when I was ready to cum and she didn’t want me to cum inside her.

Oh god that feels great and he put his hands on my head as I pumped him with my mouth. That felt nice too with him fondling my head as I sucked him.

I continued to suck him for another few minutes and he grunted and lifted his bum off the bed and the next thing I knew I had a mouth full of his cum. It was too late to do anything but swallow it and when I did he still kept spurting and I got two mouthfuls and then he slowed down. As he pumped his cum into my mouth he was moaning with the pleasure of cumming as I knew what it felt like too. His hips were moving up and down as I sucked like he was fucking my mouth, I had stopped pumping on his cock as I was busy swallowing cum. I didn’t have time to think whether I would or not – it just happened and now I had tasted it – I realized it wasn’t that bad – it tasted funny but not that bad that I wanted to spit it out.

I sucked him until his cock went soft and his cum ran out. Then I took my mouth off it and he was laying there panting – Obviously he had a good orgasm.

How was it I asked.

Absolutely mind blowing he said – it is the best thing I have ever had done to me. I will do it to you after – and let you feel how good it is.

I said I cant wait.

Give me a couple of minutes and I will – god that was amazing. My first time. Have you done it to anybody else.

No but Loretta did it to me a couple of times when I was ready to cum. I pulled out of her just in time and I wanked myself off into her mouth. After I had cum she sucked me clean – even with her cunt juice on my cock. She is a real slut.

Shit next time I fuck her I will get her to do that to me – I just cum on her tits. That would be great.

He asked me what he tasted like and I told him it was like he said. It was a bit salty and sour and had a strange taste. It was ok but I wouldn’t say it was something I enjoyed but because I was sucking cock it seemed to be better than it was, and I was sexed up and would do anything when I am like that. I can still taste it in my mouth and its not that bad.

Garry then said ok I think I am ready now – lets do it. I lay on the bed and he played with my cock until it was hard and then he just went down on me. It felt awesome from the moment his mouth closed over my cock and I could feel the warmth of his mouth over it and then he started to suck and bob up and down. It felt just like I was fucking Loretta but he was doing all the work and I was just laying there like she does when I fuck her. He licked around the rim of my glans and that felt good too. He started to do things to me he wanted to try and I just let him. Laying there and letting him suck me was awesome. While he was doing that I got a feeling in my nipples and I played with them with my fingers. Loretta likes me to suck or lick hers. Now I know why - it feels good.

Gary kept sucking and then I said wank me at the same time, and he got his hand and began to wank me as he sucked me and it felt fantastic and I said next time I suck you I will do it like this – it feels great.
He stopped for a moment and said this is so much fun – I am glad you want to do it again I know I do.
Then I felt my orgasm coming on and said I am going to cum.

He looked up at me and I knew he was going to swallow my cum and when I was ready I let out his huge moan and I spurted about three times into his mouth and he was swallowing it as fast as I could give it to him.

He swallowed my first lot then another lot and finally he sucked me dry and I had nothing left to cum and my cock started to go soft – that’s when he took my cock out of his mouth.

I said I don’t know if I like you sucking me off or fucking Loretta the best – I like them both.

He said I know I like what you did to me – we must be poofters or something.

How was it did it taste good.

Great just like my own – its about the same. We must all taste he same.

Well I said I want to try it again any time you want me too.

Me too – we are real cock suckers arnt we.

Have you ever been fucked up the bum or done it to anybody he asked me.

No but one day I want to try and fuck Loretta up the bum. Her cunt is pretty tight so he r bum would be even tighter.

That would be interesting.

Ok do you want to suck me off again – I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Ok get down and I will. This is cool.

After that he and I often wanked each other off or sucked cock a few times a week.
I still wanked myself off nearly every day and a couple of weeks later we got Loretta to let us both fuck her at the same time – I went up her bum and Garry went up her cunt. I came in her bum but Garry had to pull out of her cunt before he came. She loved it and it was the first time she had been fucked in the bum.
After that both of us fucked her and we both fucked her cunt and her bum every time we fucked her.

One afternoon she wanted to see us suck each other off so we did it to show her. We did it 69 and it was cool.

Then she said she wanted us to suck her cunt.

I was prepared to do it – she said she hadn’t been fucked that day so she washed her cunt and I went down on her and she told me what to do and she had the most amazing orgasm I have ever seen a girl have. Garry said it was fantastic. Then he went down on her and sucked her off and she came again.
After that we both took turns in fucking her and fucked her twice each.

About a week later Loretta and I were fucking together and she said she wanted me to cum inside her so I did. Then she said she wanted me to suck her out – with my cum in her and I didn’t want to but she said I often sucked Garry off and swallowed his cum, so what was the difference –After all it was my cum in her. She said I often suck your cocks after we have fucked her and you kiss me after that. Now she wanted me to do the same.

It took a lot of courage to get down on her – her cunt had a fairly strong scent after we had been fucking and I could see my cum leaking out of her cunt. I closed my eyes and went down onto her and after a few seconds I had no problems – she tasted great and I loved the taste of her juice and my cum.

That day I said I wanted to shave her hair off. It was beginning to get longer now and giving her head you got hair in your mouth. She said I could but not all of it, just some of it. That was hilarious with me shaving around her cunt and then sucking her out again. She tasted really good now with no hair on her cunt and it was fantastic.

She told me a few days later she loved the look of it and the feel of her smooth skin around her cunt when she masturbated. I said I would shave her any time she asked, and that became once a week when we fucked and sucked together. Garry wasn’t allowed to shave her but he enjoyed sucking her like that too he said.

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