The cove parties and nudist events were a big draw to the area. The majority of folks that weren’t farmers around here depended on tourism either directly or indirectly for their employment. The businesses in town were used to closing down for the winter months and usually opened in the spring. Since I opened my resort the town has grown back to what they had been before the economic down turn. Buildings that had been foreclosed on were now open and busy. The town’s folks still were not happy with the adult theme of my resort but now they didn’t complain publicly. The town folks that had once had a meeting to discuss how to close me down, now were busy making decisions as to where to spend the tax funds available. Generally people wouldn’t recommend the resort to their family or friends but were happy to have people visiting their businesses.
I was always open to ideas and one day my wife Diana who was also my personal assistant asked for an hour of my time. It was sort of unusual for her to make a formal request like this. I was slightly confused when she came in carrying a bundle of materials, folders and drawings. I did my best to keep an open mind and let her make her presentation as she had requested. She started off by presenting her idea as a business opportunity that would complement the resort. She came right out and said that the nudism trends had been a windfall for my business and that there was a section of the groups that visited that had made observations.
We had one weekend of folks that were holding a convention of professional strippers. They had showed up and had a grand time but there were requests for more open area meeting rooms that they could use for entertainment. I was slightly confused and Diane picked up on that and said what she was proposing was a M-F strip club that would have space available for specialty or fetish folks to enjoy. It wouldn’t be just for one sex or the other one fetish or another but a place where like-minded of any particular group could meet. I stopped her and asked her to show me what she had in mind and where.
She pointed out a place on the property that was adjacent to the resort that would allow for access without inclusion, so folks could be at the resort for one event and not offend the others. I asked her to provide me with some numbers and she pulled out a folder with break downs of the industry and the availability and locations of similar clubs and or resorts that could handle this type of undertaking. She provided me with a building mock up along with construction costs. She had the market research suggesting that we’d have the only facility like it in the USA. I was intrigued and I asked her why she hadn’t mentioned this before and she told me that she really wanted it to work so she thought to present it as professionally as possible.
I laughed slightly and told her this wasn’t fair, and she started to apologize and I waved that off. I said not for making the presentation but that she was the one I usually would take ideas to bounce them off. She told me that the only real risk was, just how far we could push the town’s people before they pushed back. I dismissed that notion because what we’d done to this point had had such a positive effect on the town’s economy. Diana warned me not to underestimate the town though because they were gaining power through the administration of the income they had control over now.
I took her seriously and reminded her of how I had started by telling them that I would bypass them completely and build my facilities so the town wouldn’t get any of the business coming to or from my resort. She agreed and said that while they could make our business more difficult they’d never be able to close us down. I told her that being she’d presented this idea and seemed to have a passion of it that I wanted her to manage it from the onset. She asked if I was sure and I told her I was.
Six months later after the fall season closing party on the cove, construction began on club "O". One day about 7 weeks into the construction work, Diana asked if I could go with her to a presentation in Vegas that would mean a lot of future business if we were able to land a contract for the AVA awards show. She told me that if we secured this event that it would likely assure success with the club. I agreed and packed to leave the next day.
Diana and I went to the meeting at a board room in the business section of Vegas and made our presentation. I told them of our successful resort. Diana told them about Club "O" and how it was designed to hold just such an event and was truly the only place like it in the USA. They questioned our ability to hold the large numbers of visitors and Diana told them that the local town was used to tourism because of the lake being a recreational hot spot and could handle any over flow. They told us that we’d have an answer by the end of the week.
While in Vegas Diana and I visited a few of the casinos and played some. She suggested that we go to a specific club that she’d based some of her research on. When we got to the sandalwood club a beautiful woman greeted us as we entered and seated us at a table that overlooked the stage area and a waitress came over and took our drink order. Diana introduced Marcy as the manager of the club and we shook hands. I complimented her on such a wonderful facility. She said that she’d started out as a dancer and that through wise investment she now owned the entire business with no debt. I was impressed by that and asked what her secret was, she giggled and said well give the people what they really want. I started to say something what I don’t remember because as she interrupted me I noticed the gap in the front of her blouse and the cleavage that it showed.
She went on explain that while there were both male and female strippers at the club the real business was the fetish rooms in the other portion of the building. I asked how that worked exactly and she offered a tour if I could wait for a while. I said sure that I was enjoying the views. I was indeed surprised at the level of skill and talent the dancers as I observed them over the next hour. Besides being outstandingly beautiful they all worked the poles with skill, no mistakes. They all seemed to work the crowd and not individual customers. Marcy told me that the dancers had to complete a basic skills test before being hired. I said really and she went on to tell me that test also included make up and personal hygiene. She told me that the dancers male and female alike also were part of a union of sex workers.
The union provided protection from over active prosecutor’s along with health benefits, including regular testing for common diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. That said she told me it was about time for the local chapter of Cuffs meeting. As we walked to another area of the club she showed me several specialty rooms and eventually we went into a room that was filled with various bondage machines and scene areas permanently setup. A few folks were lingering about some.
Next to one scene areas I took a seat at one of the tables and watched. There was a couple in the area and the man took a collar out of a large leather bag and turned ordering the young woman with him to kneel. She looked to be about 25 dark complexion, and had a healthy curvaceous body. She was dressed casually but not cheap or slutty. She knelt in front of him and as he reached down to put the collar around her neck she arched her back slightly pushing her breasts out and presenting her open neck. He reached around her head and clasped the collar in the back. She seemed to shudder slightly or it may have been my imagination, but she seemed to change, and I swear I could see her nipples standing up under her blouse. He touched her chin and raised her to her feet and said clothes now, and he turned to his bag.
The young woman began to strip her clothes off a piece at a time and then fold them into a neat pile. Once she was naked and her clothes folded she knelt at his side providing a perfect siloette of the female from. Pert breasts with erect nipples sticking up a nicely rounded butt sitting atop her legs tucked under her. The man turned to her and motioned her to a wooden X cross. She went to the cross assuming the position of the cross and the man stepped behind her and lashed her to the cross. He took each limb and lashed it to the cross dragging his hands across her taunt body to the next limb.
Once lashed to the cross he released a latch on the base of the cross and turned the cross like a clock so she was upside down. Her body clung to the cross in the x shape, her legs slightly apart and as she hung upside down you could see the perfect shape of her ass cheeks. She was quite the sight hanging tied to the cross as her naked flesh seemed to glow in the lights of the room. He reached from behind her on both sides and clipped a clamp to each of her nipples, the clamps held together with a chain. It was quite arousing seeing her there hanging naked and a crowd started to gather.
The man pulled a whip from his bag and flailed it about a few times. The whip was a bunching of leather strips all free pulled together at a handle. The man seemed quite skilled swinging it about from side to side and round and round. He stepped closer to the woman on the cross and began to let the whip tips touch the skin of her tight rounded ass cheeks. It seemed like he barely touched her at first and then built up speed and pressure until you could see her flesh jump as it was impacted by the whip. He criss crossed her buttocks leaving light red marking about her ass.
His administrations had drawn the crowd into the intense scene, the suspense of the next blow could be felt in the air. When he was done, the young lady had markings from her shoulders to her calves. Her butt glowed a warm redness and she seemed to breathe heavy in her upside down position. The man released the latch once again and the cross was turned to right the young woman. Once up righted I could see her fluids dripping down the insides of her thighs. He released the nipple clamps and then the bindings and she slowly dropped to her knees in front of him. He knelt down on one knee and drew her head to his chest and ran his fingers through her hair and loved on her tenderly.
There was light applause from the crowd and a myriad of conversations took over. Marcy told me that there were other scenes that would be performing soon, as they were just setting up, I declined to stay. I told Diana that we should be getting home. We went to the Airport and were soon in the air. I looked over Diana and she sensed that I had questions for her and said what? The look on her face was humorous and I knew she was prepared to answer me. I started off with how she’s found the Sandalwood club, and she told me that she had initially been thinking about a strip club for the resort. She told me that the deeper she dug the more the sandalwood club would come up as a success story business wise. Then she told me about a few of our guests and the kinkier side of things that went on behind the scenes at the resort.
I told her that was fascinating and she said that in fact she’d found out that her personal taste was as a submissive and that must be why she liked being my assistant so much. I said really, you like being controlled especially during sex? She gave a sheepish look and said yes sir. I thought about her answer looking her over and realized what she was telling me. She liked being controlled by me. I asked her straight up, do you think you’d like to try that with me? And she said yes sir once more almost bouncing out of her chair. I looked around the plane and there weren’t any others in the first class section on this flight and I noticed her dress which seemed very professional before now seemed very accessible. I thought for a minute and told her to raise the hem of her shirt up some. She did so without question and I thought about the benefits of having a club that had a full time dungeon.
End of Pt 3

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