We just started talking one day and in about an hour we were best friends. We sat beside each other in class, played together at break and were almost always together. One day after school, I went to Cormac's house as I did regularly. He lived near the school so I just brought my books without going home. His parents worked late and his brother and sister were in secondary school which gave us about two hours to ourselves.

We watched TV for a while and flicked through the crappy shows that are on at three o'clock. Then, Cormac just asked me: "Do you ever think about sex?" At eleven, I couldn't help but make a giggle. "Sometimes" I replied. It was a lie. I thought about sex with the other boys in my class a lot, especially Cormac. "Why?" I asked, getting a little excited. "I dunno" he replied, "I'd just like to see what its like" I tried to hide my boner which isn't too hard at eleven when my cock was only four inches. "I have an idea" I began, "if you come down to my house, I can show you some videos on my computer". "You can show me here if you like" said Cormac motioning towards the computer across the room. He got up and turned on the computer. When it had loaded, I typed in the address of a good porn site that had straight and gay porn.

I sat for a minute, staring at the main screen which had two options: Gay and Straight. I finally asked Cormac: "Did you ever see any sex before?" Cormac replied: "No, I'm not really sure what it is. All I know is you have to be naked with a girl!" Seeing how little he knew about sex, I decided to use it to my advantage. "Actually there's two kinds of sex" I explained, "sex with girls and sex with other boys" I was now very excited and my boner was starting to show through my school uniform pants. "Show me the one with the boys" Cormac finally said and I stared shocked at him before finally snapping out of it and clicking Gay.

I watched Cormac as he scrolled through the list of videos before clicking on one he liked. Cormac watched the video but I continued to stare at his gorgeous face. A smile began to show on his face and I could tell he was enjoying it. "Whoa!" exclaimed Cormac with his hand on his crotch. "Feel this!" he shouted and before I could say anything, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his boner. I was speechless. What do you say in that situation? I said nothing and simply held his hand and placed it on my cock. "Wow, your's is nice!" he said. I replied "Do you wanna try it?". "What, sex?" Cormac asked. I nodded and he jumped out of his seat and ran upstairs. I hurriedly followed him up to his bedroom.

"Okay, so we get naked?" Cormac asked and I explained the basic principals behind gay sex. I stripped down to my briefs and lay on Cormac's bed. I watched him as he slipped off his shirt and pants and I could see his slightly smaller erection through his underwear. I stood up and locked lips with him. He explored my mouth excitedly with his tongue. After a few minutes of kissing, I lay him down on the bed and slipped off his blue briefs to reveal his cock. I knelt on the bed, staring for a minute. He had no pubic hair (neither did I yet) nor did he have any on his legs or ass.

I slowly moved my head down to his cock and held it in my hand for a minute. I moved my other hand around his body. He was slim but not athletic but I liked that. I moved my hand to his stomach which was spongy but not fat and caressed it. He rubbed my shoulders with his soft hands. I focused back on his cock and quickly shoved it in my mouth. It was the best feeling I had ever experienced in all my eleven years. Cormac let out moans of pleasure and moved my head up and down on his three and a half inch cock. I sucked and sucked until my best friend came for the first time in my mouth.

"Wow!" Cormac exclaimed, "I wanna do that for you!" He stared at me with a slightly puzzled expression. "What?" I ventured. He reached out and wiped a finger on the side of my mouth and held it up. I saw the drop of cum on his finger and said: "Taste it, that's your cum!" "My what?" he asked clearly confused. "Your cum" I said "it's what comes out of your dick when you suck it or jerk it" Cormac hesitantly placed his finger in his mouth and tasted the cum. "Mmm" he moaned "that's good!" "Wanna taste mine?" I asked. "Definitely!"

Cormac passionately sucked my cock like a pro until I erupted in his mouth. Before he swallowed, he knelt up and kissed me, letting my cum flow between our mouths. Our tongues wrestled and enjoyed the cum. We finally swallowed our shares and laid down naked beside each other on his bed. "Now it's time for the really good part!" I told Cormac met by a puzzled expression. I knelt up and raised his thighs so I could see his anus. I spread his ass cheeks and started to lick it. Cormac let out loud moans of pleasure and squeezed his football bedsheets. I slowly slipped a finger in, then two, then three while playing with his balls. Cormac seemed to have gotten quiet so I looked up to see him with his eyes closed and mouth open, absorbed in pleasure.

Cormac opened his eyes as I knelt up. I held on to his soft, smooth legs and told him: "I'm just going to your bathroom for a minute, wait there sexy!" Cormac said nothing as I left the room. I came back a minute later with a bottle of baby oil. He looked at me with a smile, he knew what this was for! I knelt back on the bed between Cormac's legs and squeezed some baby oil on his tight little asshole. I slowly slipped my cock in and Cormac let out a cry of pleasure. "OH MY GOD!" he shouted and squeezed my ass as I started to fuck him. He reached for the baby oil and squeezed some onto his fingers. He then slowly pushed them up my ass. I had never had anything up there before, it was wonderful. Cormac kept repeating: "Oh my God, Oh my God!" as I fucked him. I was in such extreme pleasure that I hardly even felt myself cum in his tight asshole, the whole thing was like a constant orgasm.

Cormac removed his fingers from my ass and flopped his hands beside him, smiling at me. "Thank you!" he said before pulling me to him and kissing me hard. We spooned in his bed for what seemed like forever, our hot naked young bodies absorbed in the warmth of each other. We held each other until I had to go. We would never forget this.

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