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Please Help Me

I had just finished mowing my lawn. I was hot and sweaty. As I walked down my driveway from my garage to the front yard to retrieve my T-shirt I heard a faint voice say, "Please help me." I looked around and then I heard it again, "Please help me." It was coming from my neighbor’s house. I called out, "Where are you" and the faint voice replied, "Upstairs, the key is in the flowerpot."

I walked to the front of the house, found the key in the flowerpot, and let myself in. I had been in that house a hundred times before but not since the new couple had bought it. I went right up the stairs and stood outside the master bedroom. I called out, "Is it okay if I come in?" The voice said, "Yes, come in."

I opened the door and stood there in shock. Before me was a naked woman. I had only seen her once or twice but I recognized her as one half of the new couple. Her hands were tied together over her head and attached to a big eye-bolt in the ceiling. There was no slack in the rope at all. She was straddling a tall sawhorse. Her feet could not reach the floor even with the help of the weights strapped to her ankles. Her crotch had formed to the shape of the two by four that it rested on.

As I approached her I asked who had done that to her and the answer was…her husband. Before I could do anything she made me go home and get my camera so that I could record how I had found her. After I took a dozen pictures of her I slowly removed the weights from her ankles to relieve some of the pressure. Then I had to move an end table over and stand on that to reach the knot in the rope. It was not an easy knot to undo. I suspected that her husband had planned it that way. As I worked on that knot she told me that her name was Julie Ann and that her husband had accused her of cheating on him shortly after moving into that house. She had denied it. Then the night before for no apparent reason he accused her again, tied her up, and left her. He told her that all of the proof was on the kitchen table.

Finally I got her untied and off that sawhorse. Her crotch hurt so bad that she couldn’t walk. I went down to the kitchen, put some ice cubes in a plastic bag, and grabbed the pictures off the table. I could understand why her husband was so upset. There was Julie Ann with four men getting fucked in every hole by those cocks and more than one at a time too. Looking at them excited me as I walked back up to the master bedroom. I gave her the ice and watched as she held it to her rather sore pussy. Then I showed her the pictures.

Julie Ann said, "That’s not me."

I replied, "It sure looks like you."

Julie Ann said, "I don’t care what it looks like, that’s not me."

I asked, "Do you have a twin sister?"

Julie Ann said, "I don’t think so. I was adopted as a baby."

As I looked closer at the pictures I said, "Her hair is longer and darker than your hair is, and she shaves her pussy."

Julie Ann looked at the pictures closely too and said, "She has several earrings in her left ear too, I don’t."

I suggested that she call her husband and straighten out their differences. She disagreed. It seems that she came close to calling off the wedding twice and that he distrusted her from the very beginning. If he wanted a divorce then so did she. She was tired of him constantly accusing her of cheating on him. She admitted that she was no angle but she also admitted that she had not cheated on him after he had proposed to her. Although she did tell him once that when she looked at me, that her panties got wet. I smiled and she admitted that it was not the smartest thing that she had ever done. After that day the accusations got even worse.

Then the night before, he had just exploded when he got home from work. He had been fired from his job for embezzling money to pay a private detective to watch her. He was going to be arrested and he needed to get out of town fast…without her.

That was when he stripped her, raped her, and bound her up to the ceiling. She had been calling out all night long, but no one had heard her. Then I mowed the yard and she waited until I had closed the garage door to call out.

I suggested that she go to the hospital and she refused. So I wrapped her up in a blanket, picked her up, and placed her in my car. She was very quiet during the ride and refused to talk to the nurses, the doctor, and the policewoman that had been called in.

I told them as much as I knew and had to submit to a DNA test to rule me out as a suspect. I showed the policewoman a few of the pictures and pointed out the hair length, the piercings in one ear, and the pubic hair.

Julie Ann was tested, a rape kit was taken, and then she was released into my care. Two days later a detective stopped by to question us and to tell us that her husband had been arrested in another state for armed robbery, that the private detective had been questioned, and that he had given the address of the house where he had done the photography. Upon further investigation they had traced the woman in the photographs and found that she had a pretty good record of prostitution and that she had the same birth date and birth place as Julie Ann. She had also been adopted…she did have a twin sister.

In the next few months Julie Ann moved in with me, got a job, and started living the life that she always wanted too. Her marriage was annulled, her ex-husband was put in jail, and her twin sister was arrested again for prostitution. We go to see her sister about once a month but never her ex-husband.

A few months later we were married in a private ceremony with a Justice of the Peace and her adopted parents.

The sex was great both before and after our marriage. She never cheated on me and I never cheated on her. However, once a month she pretended that she was her sister and charged me for sex. On those occasions anything went. I paid her for a full twenty-four hours and made sure to get my money’s worth.

Julie Ann would become Samantha, she would wear special dresses just for the occasion, and she became every man’s dream…a girl that was willing to do anything, anywhere. I think that she got off on the thrill of the unknown and the prospect of getting caught.

Julie Ann had let her hair grow longer, she got her left ear pierced several times, and she shaved her pussy. She also got a copy of her sister’s birth certificate, a replacement driver’s license, and a passport. Julie Ann could pass for Samantha anytime that she wanted too.

Yesterday was Saturday and our day this month. We flew to Las Vegas, checked into a cheap motel, and then went out. I was the rich playboy and she was the hooker. She gave me a blowjob in a dark alley, she let me fuck her in the stairwell, and then she let me smash her bare titties into the motel room window as I butt fucked her.

Sometime after midnight she transformed back into Julie Ann my adorable wife. Luckily she had both sets of identification with her because she hit the jackpot in the casino across the street. Today we went home a quarter of a million dollars richer, even after they took half of her winnings for income taxes.

The End
Please Help Me

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