Lore proposal for /NijiEN/

  • a federation however, some states have more power than others
    • the new waves of migrant citizens are gaining power day by day
    • attempts to exile them to barren lands proved futile
    • does not have a central government but was made in the name of unity and to protect themselves from hostile nations and schizos
    • some states are oppressed and have been habitually victims of sex crimes (usually from the pomudachis)
  • current time: 20 states, started with 3 states
  • migration was fast therefore the main problem that the nation is facing are the clashes of traditions between the natives and the migrants
  • different cultures and religions (mainly because of migration)
    • polytheistic - the state in itself does not promote any state religion
    • religions have ritualistic chants
    • most citizens serve and worship multiple gods
  • while it is very diverse it is an inherently promiscuous nation.
  • most of its citizens have never ventured out of the country
  • has established diplomatic relations between the nations adjacent to it and /vsj+/
    • has habitual visitors from /2434/ and /vsj+/
      • diplomats from these nations would occasionally provide them with international news


Creation of States

The first three states started in the Western part of the country. Settlers from /jp/ and some refugees from different continents formed three settlements which grew into ten city states. The Great Migration began and the migrants settled on the Eastern part of the country.

The Great Migration of /NijiEN/, Civil Wars, and Unity

It was winter when the natives of /nijien/ realized that migrants from a different continent has started to live within their territory. Their practices were foreign as if they were of a different world and it disgusted the natives. Soon enough, attacks between the natives and the migrants started and ramped up. Schizos delighted at the sight of these attacks and egged them on. Schizos would attack and harass both the natives and migrants. The attacks still continue to this day. However, a growing number of natives have accepted that these migrants are here to stay in the name of unity, despite several attempts to exile them to barren lands they call /luxnoc/.


/nijien/ citizens have amused themselves with partaking in creation of murals and appreciation of the robust art and literature that its artisans (mostly from the yaminions and quilldren) have created and imported. However, the nation's favorite form of entertainment is engaging in massive public orgies to the disgust and amusement of its citizens. (Note: this is mostly a Western /nijien/ past time)


The citizens are have not only tolerated but welcome homosexuality in their federation. The Pomudachi in particular is known as body snatchers and developed a habit of raiding and pillaging Pentomo villages to snatch unwilling Pentomos in the middle of the night.


The federation does not have a state religion but recognizes 20 deities. Most citizens are polytheistic but has one god that they have pledged their allegiance to. Some are of the belief that their gods walk amongst them. Of the twenty dieties that are acknowledged by the federation, it is believed that Vox Akuma is a dreamwalker.

  • there is a cult based in the territory of the Quilldren that worships an unnamed eldritch being. They believe that by worshipping them, the being would deliver them a pleasurable death.
  • the settlers of the highly militant city state of the briskadets worship a god of many faces.
  • Comfydants and Stargazers believe that the gods that they worship are lovers and have given birth to three of the dieties.

Funeral Rites

Western /NijiEN/
After a death, the family or the guardian of the deceased would prepare a small pyre where they would burn the body. Depending on the the god that the deceased worshipped, they would chant the funeral rites of the god. They would then scatter the ashes of the deceased. Never to be spoken of again as they believe that talking about the deceased would keep bringing them back to the mortal and preventing them to be in the afterlife with their god.

Eastern /NijiEN/
Deaths in the Eastern region is handled much differently. The body of the deceased would also be burnt. However, the settlers would also burn the items that the deceased is known for. If the deceased was an artist, their most prized art or their paintbrushes would be burned with them, if the deceased was an artist a copy of their literature would be included in the funeral pyre. The ashes would then be kept in a box, urn or any other container depending on the religion of the deceased to be kept in a designated property in each of the states. Every anniversary of the death, the people who knew of the deceased would provide ritualistic chants for the deceased.

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