The inside swimming pool looked very much like one she had seen, while on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera on the last spring break. The sorority had sponsored and chaperoned it. There were girls from all over the country. She recalled. It was one of the worst trips of her life.

Not a man on board except for the crew, and as far as she was concerned, none of them had been worth Richard's pinky finger. There were thousands of nice juicy pussies going to waste. Had any of the fraternities picked up the information about the trip, there would have been a score of powerboats following the ship all the way to Mexico and back. The whistling, yelling and screaming would have been deafening.

A love boat, it was not. There was only one half way decent man on board. He was the cruise director, however Linda didn't like the competition. There were over two thousand giggling, screaming sexy college girls on board, all after the same guy. When the week was up, he was lucky to escape with his life. Horny sorority sisters are not a good group with which to deal.

They took a tour of Mazatlan and went to the famous bar called "Senior Frogs". Sixteen girls were placed on "special judicial report", for removing their blouses and dancing topless on the tabletops. Talk about girls gone wild. The special report would be a letter sent to their parents, if they were caught doing it again. For some strange reason, the tour guides took everyone through the central meat market. It was horrible as there was more blood than a "Jason" movie. Someone made the comment about the cute little birds flying around in the gigantic market. The guide said,

"Those aren't birds," senorita, "Those are flies."

At least a third of the girls became vegetarians after that. There was a panic when one of the younger girls came up missing. The police were notified and it was thought that they would have to hold the ship. Two of the chaperons almost had a nervous breakdown. After the trip, six of the chaperons out of the fifteen that went, refused to have anything to do with the sorority in the future. Four of them were past sorority sisters. They described some of the girls as wild animals.

Mary Stewart, the missing eighteen-year-old girl, made it back to the ship twenty minutes before it sailed. She told the chaperons that she got lost, however the roomer was that she met a very handsome man at Senior Frogs, and went with him to his hillside residence. She said that they were there from noon until seven o'clock, and then he brought her back to the ship. While she was there he used four condoms, and she used the six she had brought along on the trip. Her big concern was, where she could find some more condoms, as there were still two ports left. Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, and she wasn't going to waste a minute away from home.

The tour of the Great Mesmer had continued for at least two and a half hours. Linda was tired and wanted to lay down … with Richard.

Miles droned on telling Richard about his reverse osmosis unit that was their method of producing pure water, from the salty ocean by forcing the salty impure water through a semi permeable membrane, through which salts and impurities cannot pass. Miles added the unit produced several thousand gallons of fresh water from the ocean daily.

"That is the water we all drink. We use it in the swimming pool and restrooms; everywhere."

Linda felt that was one of the big differences between men and women, besides the obvious ones of course. She could have replaced his dissertation with one sentence.

'We take water from the ocean and purify it for drinking, swimming and bathing.'

Why did Miles feel it was necessary to explain the whole reverse osmosis process? Because he is a man she thought, and that's what men do. All this talk about water had made her thirsty. They went up some stairs, that both of the men called a ladder. Linda was fully aware of the difference between a ladder and stairs, but she didn't correct them, as she knew it was a naval term and another thing men feel they must talk about. They walked down the hall and stopped in front of a door that had a sign affixed to it. The sign had small paintings of cherubs and cupids. The words were painted in gold leaf, "Honeymoon Suite #1".

Miles laughed and said all the rooms have the same sign, but different numbers. Some of his friends who have been on the ship think it is a cute idea, however others believe it to be silly.

"I think it is worth a laugh," said Miles in his thick English accent.

"It is funny, don't you think sweetie?"

"Cute," said Linda still thinking about something to drink. Miles opened the door and handed Richard the key. The room was very large, dwarfing the one on her nightmare cruise. There was a large sliding glass door leading to a veranda that had two adjustable deck chairs and a table.

She saw three televisions. There were two in the front room and a large flat screen on the bedroom wall. Each TV had a VCR and a DVD player. There was a large bookcase that contained many classics, videotapes and DVDs. When Linda was checking some of the titles, Miles said,

"We also have satellite hook up with three hundred stations. As you are port side you have a nice view of Mexico. Of course when we head north you will have only the ocean as a view. We can change your cabin to starboard then if you wish."

Linda saw all of their clothes hanging in the closet and their bags stored underneath.

"Our clothes!"

"Yes," said Miles, with a smile, chuckling, "I had two of the crew take the chopper to get them. I understand the hotel security became a little upset when the chopper landed on their front lawn scaring all of the birds. My lawyer will probably hear from them."

On a short dresser, she saw a bowl of fresh fruit, snacks and bottled water in a silver bucket filled with ice that said, "Yackamura Water." When Linda removed the cap and sipped some of it, she thought it was truly worth all of the reverse osmosis process.

"Well I'm going to leave you now as I have urgent business on the bridge. Actually I'm just getting all the details ready for Kiko's birthday party; and deflowering, ha ha!"

Miles looked at Richard and raised his eyebrows, but Richard just shook his head. Miles then shrugged his shoulders and as he went out the door he said,

"See you at five."

"He is kind of a lecher." Said Linda, "but I like him."

"As long as you aren't one of his interns."

"Yah … however the girls do seem happy."

Richard grabbed Linda and lifted her in the air, holding her in his arms. He pulled her head to him and kissed her. She thought, ‘you naughty animal … I love it so much’. Richard dropped her on the bed then moved down to her feet.

While looking in her eyes, he pulled her shoes off and then her socks. He then reached up and unbuttoned the front of her shorts. Placing his fingers in the top of her shorts he pulled them down leaving her in her panties and top.

Richard spread her legs and crawled between them. When Linda started to pull her panties down, Richard shook his head from side to side slightly. She wondered why he didn't want her to take them off. He continued to move his head between her legs, stopping only to kiss the soft inner parts of her thighs.

She moaned with delight, as the feeling was wonderful. She was excited and her thighs had both sparks of electricity and a feeling of being tickled. Although Linda knew and loved what they were going to do, she was always surprised and excited, as he never seemed to do it the same way twice. Richard then moved his face so it was only an inch or two away from her crotch. He lifted her legs on his shoulders. Linda said,

"Richard … my panties."

"Yes … they are lovely."

"No … I meant for you to take them off."

He said nothing, then moved his mouth to her panty crotch and began to suck. She wasn't sure what to think. Richard was sucking on her panties, the panties she had worn all day. Oh God she thought, he was wonderful. Slowly Richard pulled the edge of her panties to the side and slid his tongue into her vagina.

Linda sucked in air as though she had been drowning, and was now on the surface. When he began to suck her labia, she moaned louder and came hard. Her juice wet her panties and they were soaked. Richard then took her hard clit in his mouth and sucked on it tenderly rubbing it with his wet tongue. He then added insult to injury when he slid a lone finger up into her tight vagina and began finger fucking her.

She grabbed a pillow and held it over her face screaming, as loud as she could and came again. He always knew what she needed and when she needed it. She could count on him to be there with a solution to her problems. Richard was her man … forever as long as he wanted her, no matter what.

He reached up and pulled her panties down and off her legs. She new what was coming and couldn't move, waiting for his wonderful cock. Now on his knees in front of her, between her legs, she lifted them high and opened them wide, smiling. She wanted him; she wanted him now. His penis was standing straight; the foreskin pulled back, the head a glowing pink. It looked like it wanted to be inside of her, where she wanted it to be, so badly.

Richard leaned forward, hovering there with his hands on either side of her head. Linda knew at that point what he wanted. He wanted her to guide his cock into her. She grabbed the hulk and fondled it for a few seconds, then slid it up and down her pussy lips concentrating on her clitoris. The soft slick head of his penis made her pussy catch fire. She needed him inside her now, fucking her as hard as he could.

Was it the ship, as it rolled side to side, the front end dipping down in the water, or was it just the fact that she loved him and he was the best lover she had ever had? It didn't matter, what it was. He was where he should be, deep inside her causing her pussy to groan, 'Fuck me Richard … fuck me hard.' Linda's hands were on his hard butt … the butt she had always dreamed about.

She was holding it tight as he flexed, causing his cock to go deeper into her, faster. She was in Richard's heaven. She was having her fix of him. Oh God she thought, she was going to cum again, so soon. Oooooo, her liquid made a small gush coating the hulk, and making it much easier for him to fuck her viscous vagina.

Richard was breathing very hard. She knew he was ready and would soon cum. She could feel the tightening in her back. Her thighs tingled and were wrapped around his legs holding him in. Linda was shoving her ass up off the bed to meet his thrusts. His perspiration was running from his forehead dripping into her eyes, the salt stinging a little, but it didn't matter as her nerves were tingling and she began to flow heavy, her back tightened and she whispered,

"Richard, oh God, Richard … fuck me baby. Cum in me."

She could feel him flex his whole body, his hands under her butt cheeks squeezing as he came. Richard the teacher, her Professor, grunted like a caveman as his sperm shot out of his cock coating the deepest depths of her cunt. She felt his cock pulsating as more of his cream filled her tight vagina. His lovemaking was always different, and always wonderful, and he was cuming more than usual it seemed.

He lay on top of her for a few minutes, and then kissed her. She kissed him in return and rubbed the small of his back, which always seemed to hurt him a little when he came hard. Concerned about his weight on top of her, he rolled off and lay next to her, still breathing heavier than normal. She got as close to him as possible and kissed his chest, then asked him,

"Feel better sweetie?"

"Great," he said. "You?"

"You always do it for me honey. I could never complain. You make me feel like the queen of the world."

Richard leaned forward and kissed the top of her head.

"You are my queen baby."

Satisfied, she curled up in his arms as the ship rocked side to side, enticing her to sleep. Now this was a cruise, she thought just before she closed her eyes for a much-deserved nap.

She awoke at three fifteen. She looked over at Richard and he was still asleep. She noticed that the ship was not moving. Looking out the sliding glass door, Linda could see that there was a small seaside-fishing village about a mile or two across the water.

Richard was so cute. He was sleeping in just a t-shirt and his white socks. She wondered why he hadn't taken off the shirt when they were making love. It was probably because they were in a hurry and ended with a wild climax. After cuming like that, they both needed rest. He was on his back, with his flaccid cock flopped over to the side in a full rest position. It looked like a telephone pole that had been blown over in a hurricane. She kept staring at it wondering what Richard would do if she began to suck on it. What could he do, but lay back and enjoy the experience? Hell what did she have to loose? He would get hard like he always did and end up with his cock inside of her pussy, moving fast toward a wonderful climax.

She moved cat like so she would not disturbed him, and knelt by his hip. Bending over she slid her hand under his large piece of meat and slowly lifted it up, holding it straight. Linda moistened her lips with her tongue and dripped some saliva on his penis, then placed her mouth over the gorgeous tip of his cock. It was designed so perfectly for the dual job it had to do. Richard could pee with it and much better he could slide it into her pussy, where it had come to fit completely. She didn't know if her vagina had stretched a little or if his penis had shrunk to fit her. She actually didn't care as they were like hand in glove, and she was crazy about how they made love. It was no longer just a fast fuck and hard cum. He now took his time and made love to her tenderly.

Whatever it was, it was close to perfect and when he pushed it into her, there wasn't an excess centimeter of room anywhere, except at the end where her cervix, was waiting and sucking for his deposit of soothing cum. She began to suck slowly, licking the thick head. It filled her mouth so well that she had to breath through her nose, otherwise she would pass out.

Linda had analyzed her cocksucking, however had not come up with a valid reason why she enjoyed it so much. When she first sucked a penis, it was a few months ago and it belonged to the father of her girlfriend. It was his birthday and she wanted to do something nice for him. She was sure he would like it much better than a tie; and he did.

Things were different now however. It was no longer a concession to a girlfriend's father or an obliging act, giving to a lover for his exquisite pleasure. It was something she had come to find was a driving force in her to drink at the fountain of his essence. When she swallowed Richard's sperm, it was like vitamins that enhanced her life; like nothing else in the world, and all the oysters she could swallow were just a dim second to his luscious cum.

As she began to suck harder, she felt his hand caressing her hair, stroking it as he would a family pet. His cock was now hard in her mouth and she was attempting to lessen the pressure on his testicles, by relieving him of a small portion of his semen. He didn't need it she thought, but she did, so she sucked even harder.

Richard moaned as Linda's mouth drew hard on his cock. She knew it felt wonderful to him, as his tongue felt on her clitoris. It hadn't taken long and he began to cum. The inside of her mouth was coated with the slippery liquid. It was on her tongue, under it, between her teeth and some of it was sliding down her throat. The feeling was so good; she often wondered why so many women refused to do it with their lovers and husbands. She felt sorry for them as they were missing one of a woman's best pleasures.

Even though she had swallowed all of his cum, she was still enjoying his penis in her mouth. What was so nice was, the hulk hadn't gone down at all. She had noticed that occasionally after she gave Richard a blowjob and he came, his cock would remain hard, so she would get a two for one deal. All women knew what that meant. It was a sale on sexual satisfaction. Maybe that was why many women didn't want to suck their partner; as they believed once he came that was it, and they wouldn't get off. Their partner was good only once and the ladies weren't going to waste it by swallowing it.

He looked at her smiling and said,

"Get on me little girl, sit on it and fuck me."

Not wanting to waste a perfectly good hard on, Linda swung her leg over him, like she would mounting a stallion, however she was going to impale herself on his fleshy saddle horn. As his penis eased up into her, she felt like it had gone clear to her lungs. She knew it wasn't that long, but it was sure filling her up.

A little apprehensive she very slowly moved her hips forward. The feeling was the best she could remember. Moving back in a fluid motion Richards cock was rubbing hard on the bumpy flesh if her "G" spot and as her labia were being pulled inside they tightened around her clitoris. It was almost like being masturbated by her own pussy. Richard didn't know that she was in a wonderful battle, fucking him, and fucking herself at the same time, so he stuck a thumb in his mouth and wet it. When he took it out he placed it on Linda's clitoris and began to massage it.

She was now moving fast front to back and Richard's thumb remained on her clit. She was close and told him that she was about to cum. He shoved his hips up off the bed and his cock went deep into her vagina, causing her to squirt everything she had. Linda was drained and had very little strength left, so she just leaned forward and lay on his chest.

He was getting ready so he continued to thrust up into her faster and harder. She knew how a whore must feel when she is with her forth customer of the evening. She was just going through the motions, and allowing it to happen. Linda didn't want Richard to feel like he was by himself however, so she slid her arms around to his back and whispered what every man wants to hear,

"Fuck me baby, Fuck me hard with your thick cock. Make me cum again and again. Do it honey now sweetie, I'm ready."

Richard came as hard as he ever had before, and she noticed that there was a lot of his cum inside of her. After Friday's teaspoon of sperm, it now felt as though he was shooting several ounces.

After ten minutes he patted her ass and said,

"Baby do you want to get up now. We can take a shower, and start getting ready for the party."

"Why don't you go ahead and take your shower first. I'm going to just lay here and rest a while, besides my pussy is sore and I don't want to shower with you."

Richard laughed and said.

"Ok little girl."

To Be Continued …

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