A Night to Remember

After a long day out on the trails, (You) and Loona return to the hotel room
Both of you are exhausted yet equally satisfied on the beautiful views both of you have seen
You rest on the bed looking the time. 7:46pm and yet the sun is still out
European time zones are pretty funky at times
While relaxing you reminisce on that day 4 years ago
Never have you imagined being placed on a blind date by a friend with someone else
And the date turned out to be the one you married just a couple of days ago
That first date with her wasn't the best, but we had a fun time
You knew that from that day on we were one for the other
Cliché but it made sense
As you rise from the bed, you see a barely clothed Loona observing the boots docked
She noticed that you were looking at her
"Admiring the view huh Anon?" She said with a sultry look
Her soft supple breasts visible through her linen under shirt
The bright reflection of the sun behind her as it's sets outlining her beauty
"It's been a long day of hiking Anon. Wish we can just relax and watch the boats on the boats"
"This has been a nice honey moon trip after all."
Before you know it she pounced on you throwing you back onto the bed
"But I have something else planned." She says with a sultry grin towering over you
"Lets consummate our marriage my husband."
She proceeds to take you shirt off slowly while playfully licking your face
You can't help but take of your pants in the process as well
Despite her assertiveness, she's still a bit nervous
She pulls the strap covering her nethers to the side and proceeds to grind back and forth against your length, spreading her slick juices over your shaft as it dribbles out of her steaming folds
When she feels that you've been sufficiently lubed up, she gently grips your throbbing shaft, angling it towards her tight slit
As she slowly drops her hips, her hot folds swallowing your length, she lets out a quivering yip
When your hips finally meet, she lets out a satisfied sigh, rolling her hips as she interlocks her fingers with yours
She settles into a slow, steady rhythm, smiling at you as she takes you for a ride
Although sometimes you can hear a low growl or two coming from her
As her hips slowly rise and lower, she leans forward several times to lick your face and kiss you, whispering in your ear how much she loves you
The session lasts for nearly 30 minutes. 30 minutes spent blissed out, holding hands with your hellhound wife as the two of you make love
She lets out several soft moans, speeding up a bit.
When she finally reaches her climax, she makes it known, throwing her head back and howling, squeezing your hands as you climax with her
Her insides clenching around you, milking you of your seed as you fill her womb like a proper mate
She flops forward onto your chest, a wide, blissed out smile on her face with her ears folded back from the sensation
"Mmm... Thank youuuu looovvveeee..."
Still inside of her, you can feel her insides slowly unclench themselves from your shaft
After a while, she rolls off of you, your dick popping out as a thin stream of your combined fluids leaks out of her
She pulls you close, wrapping you in a warm hug as she kisses and licks at your face
Your head is pressed back into her soft, sweet-smelling fur as she gets the two of you comfortable
You're pulled close as she presses her wet nose into your hair, taking in your scent
The two of you cuddle for a bit, smiles on both of your faces
She falls asleep before you do, a grin on her face as she snoozes
Her soft fluffy arms hold you tight, keeping you safe and secure in her grasp
You happily sigh, closing your eyes as you relish her warm hug
It doesn't take long for you to fall asleep, the last thoughts you have being that of your love for the hellhound laying next to you

Pub: 26 Jul 2023 00:20 UTC
Edit: 26 Jul 2023 03:43 UTC
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