It was almost too easy to lure her home with me, after she’s had too much to drink at the party. Even then, I could tell she wasn’t

actually a college student, but luckily enough, she’d told her parents earlier in the week she’s be staying with a friend for the night. I’d

overheard her telling some of her high school friends around the keg.

Now, a little past tipsy and pinned beneath me on my bed, laid this beautiful sophomore. As I leaned in to kiss her, I was met with a

lot of resistance. The girl kicked and squirmed as my lips pressed against hers, but eventually, she stopped resisting.

I could feel her arms relax and her shoulders release their tension. I slowly let go of her left wrist and let my hand make its was to

her breast. They weren’t huge, but they were firm and perky, just like I liked them.

As I massaged her breast, the girl beneath me began to slowly kiss me back. She steadily picked up the pace, and the kisses

between us became much more deep, rough, and passionate.

I was the one to break the kiss, and she looked almost disappointed.

"I take it back, don’t stop. This feels…. amazing," she confessed.

"Why the sudden change of heart?" I asked smugly.

She bit her lip as I continued to fondle both of her breasts now, reaching further into her shirt. I tried my best to remain nonchalant,

but her beautiful blue eyes made me loose my breath. I knew from the moment I saw her that I could get her to go for me, as long as I

got her alone like this.

"I didn’t want to kiss a girl, I guess. I thought it would be gross, or disgusting. Maybe the gross part is that I like it so much," she


"I knew you would," I laughed. "I could tell from the moment I saw you."

"Oh my god," the girl covered her face with embarrassment, not taking the compliment well. Her grinning face looked back up at me

and I jumped for joy when she hesitantly ask me to continue before she changed her mind and sobered up.

I didnt need to be told twice. I pulled her shirt up over her head, and her sexy black bra greeted me. It wouldnt stay for long,

however, because I was quickly ripping it away to reveal her soft, round mounds below.

Her nipples were already hard before I put my lips around them. Gently, I nibbled and let my tong roll around it. I could hear her

gasp with pleasure, and she had no idea that this was just the warm up.

After giving each breast equal and fair attention, I slowly made my way down her stomach with soft and carefully planned kisses.

When I began tugging down her skirt, I was met with nothing but giggles and soft pants of pleasure. As her skirt and matching black

thong passed by my face, I laid kisses on the inside of her thighs, teasing her slightly.

When my mouth came down on her warm, wet, and waiting pussy, her paintings became louder. As I lapped my tong up and down

her slit, she moaned and squirmed with pleasure. She tasted amazing.

In a matter of minutes, the legs I held my face between were shaking in orgasm at the workings of my quick and gentle tong.

She was saying something about how amazing she felt, when I was getting up to my knees and ripping off my shirt and bra. Unlike

the high school sophomore beneath me, my college sophomore breasts were filled out to a D cup, and she quickly took notice.

I pounced back up to her though, and our lips were once again intertwined. It turned me on so much to think about the saliva and

juices that were moving back and forth between us.

I took her head and gently led it to my breast, and she didn’t take long to cradle my rock hard nipple in her mouth, even grabbing my

ass as her mouth went back and forth between each. I played with her clit as she did this, flicking it back and forth. She even began to

copy, fingering around my soaking pussy.

Suddenly though, she stopped.

"I can’t do this, I’m not a lesbian!"

I laughed, and told her she didnt have to be to do this.

"It’s not the same. Me doing stuff to you, it just makes this real. This is wrong, I shouldn’t be doing this," she exclaimed while

reaching for her clothing.

I reached up and grabbed her hair, firmly by the roots, determined not to let go. I ignored the cries and the please and forcibly pulled

her down between my legs to my freshly shaved pussy.

At first, it was only receiving tears and wails, but eventually, the defeated girl started to move her tong up and down my pussy. At

first, little and quick, but then she began to lap up my juices with long, slow flaps of her tong.

I held her there for a better part of an hour, experiencing a handful of orgasms. It was probably the most turned on Id ever been in

my life, forcing a sixteen year old to eat my pussy.

Finally, I let go, but the girl didnt bolt. Instead, her tong continued sliding between my lips and she kept sucking up all my juices.

She was careful to hide her face from me and not look up to meet my gaze.

I knew that meant she’d enjoyed it, and that on some level she was now struggling with the fact that she had a strong sexual

attraction to other girls.

As she wiped a tear from her eyes, she looked down to the floor, ashamed, as she asked me to go down on her again.

"I can do that," I assured her. "My roommate should be home soon. We can both play with you."

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