I was scribbling notes in the personnel file, trying to figure out how to avoid big staff cuts through the winter. I knew some hours had to be slashed, but I always hated doing it. I must have looked to be in a sour mood, because the whole staff avoided contact with me other than the routine hellos and brief exchanges needed to run things. I rolled my chair away from the desk, trying to unjam my brain, and looked out the window at the will call counter

She had worked for us for 4 summers – ever since her junior year of high school. She was a cute kid then, but was just now starting to lose that teen baby face. In its place, she was beginning to take on the look of a strikingly beautiful woman. She let her auburn hair grow a little longer than usual this year, just a few inches past her shoulders, and when she was close by I could smell the lightly sweet fragrance of that soft hair every time she brushed it with her fingers or turned her head. Despite my strict rule against personal relationships with anyone at work, I had quite a crush on her. I was cautious to be professional in her presence trying to avoid being obvious, or create the impression that she was given any preferential treatment.

I never thought she would stay with us for so long, but I was glad she did. She was smart, friendly and customers liked her. She had just returned from a trip to Vegas with her fiance for her belated 21st birthday and I found myself taking more and more chances sneaking glances at her gorgeous body. Being a fan of a curvy backside, she was a constant reminder of what a perfect womanly ass looks like. I recalled pieces of a conversation I overheard between her and another female co-worker as they shared stories of what their respective boyfriends did (and didn’t) do for them sexually. My mind drifted back to it lazily.

"Great!", I thought to myself, "On top of everything else – now I’m horny as hell." I gathered myself and made my way back to the desk. If there wasn’t the sound of people talking in the break room and hallway nearby, I probably would have locked my door and given myself a quick jerk to relieve the tension. I cursed my own open-door policy and tried to get back to the pile of to-dos on the desk. It took awhile, but I got back into my work groove and managed to be productive the rest of the afternoon.

I hadn’t looked at the clock for quite some time – apparently a few hours – and was surprised to hear myself saying my daily "goodbyes" to the night staff as they left. I leaned back in my chair, closed my eyes and stretched my arms over my head when I caught a familiar scent.

"Boss?" said a low voice, startling me from my stretch. I looked over to the doorway and she was standing there leaned against the jamb with her hands in front of her – twisting and fiddling with her fingers nervously. "Can I talk to you a sec?"

"Of course," I said, trying to gather myself into boss mode "what can I do for you?"

"I know it gets slow this time of year," she paused and looked at her feet, obviously embarrassed.

"Yes, it does" I replied "but we’ve managed to survive every slow season just fine"

She was hesitant, and I wasn’t sure exactly why, so I got up and asked her to sit down. I sat on the front edge of the desk gesturing for her to take a nearby chair. She seemed to relax a little bit as she sat, and I heard her take a deep breath. She looked up at me and started again.

"I know it gets slow this time of the year, and I don’t have a lot of seniority here – but having my hours cut back would be really tough for me right now." She put one hand on each of her knees and took a sharp breath before asking, "Is there anyway I could keep my hours intact?"

Her gaze dropped again as soon as she finished asking and I could see the tension of asking was being replaced by the anticipation of my answer. A thought snuck in about how nice she looked with her hair hanging just over the side of her pretty face. I knew she and her stockbroker fiancé had recently found a new place together and that her earnings were not a major part of their income. I must have looked slightly confused – or she was reading my mind – when she looked up again.

"I left that asshole the day we got back from Vegas" her steely gaze looking past me at some vision of him, she crossed her arms, "caught him messing around with some slut in the woman’s restroom of a casino we were gambling at – fucking douchebag." The last comment was a hiss under her breath.

She continued, "I found my own place early this week and if my hours get cut back I wont be able to make rent, and I don’t want to move back to Idaho. I know I can make it worth your while to keep me on through the season – I know I can take care of business here better than some of these guys with more seniority than me." Now she was done being embarrassed and was stating the facts as she saw them. I drifted from work thoughts to innuendo as she spoke – agreeing in my head, "you sure could make it worth my while – I have no doubt you could take care of business". I thought myself a pervert for noticing that although she was somewhat light-chested as a teen, she had developed a perfectly proportioned pair of breasts. I silently guessed them at a 34C and wondered what kind of nipples she had.

"I can’t make any promises, but…" I started – answering in automatic mode "of course I will ensure that everybody gets their fair share of the hours we’ll have available. I’m not sure I can tell you for sure what that might mean for your schedule just yet ..." she rose from the chair and stepped to the doorway, and I stood up as well.

"OK, I just figured it couldn’t hurt to ask." She said, plainly

"Of course not," I assured her "it can never hurt to ask"

"Should I shut this on the way out?" she asked as she placed a hand on the doorknob

I could only think she meant on the way out of this job and the way out of my life. I was feeling panic and confusion. I wanted to yell at her for asking in the first place; I wanted to grab her, hold her close and tell her I would do anything for her; I wanted to find the discipline to just let her leave – and the distraction leave with her. She turned away and my eyes drifted down to her denim-clad ass.

"I like it when you watch me." She paused in the doorway again, never turning her head.

It was like a blow to the chest from a sledgehammer – my heart jumped inside. "I’m not sure what you mean…" I stammered as my cock awakened with a lusty twitch.

"It’s ok – you’ve been really nice to me, and I know the guys look," she turned halfway around and looked over her shoulder at me standing awkwardly at the corner of my desk. "But I like it when you look, trying to seem like you’re not looking. I think it’s sweet."

"Well," I tried to seem mature and composed "You are a very attractive young lady. I never meant to embarrass you by…"

"Having you admire my body was never embarrassing," she moved one step back into the room with the edge of the door lined right up against her spine "I think about you too sometimes – watching you be so serious in this place. I’ve thought about it, you know. What it would be like – me and you." She had her hands behind her, holding onto one knob with each. She was ever so slightly rocking her hips side to side as she swung the door a couple of inches to the right, then back to the left. Her head was bent towards the ground slightly, and her penetrating green eyes looked right at mine through a wisp of hair dangling loosely across her forehead.

"I had no idea," my mouth felt like it was full of sand "that you saw me that way." I slid a step backwards, tapping my fingers on the desk and trying to keep my gaze steady without being creepy. She smiled a confident, sexy smile and flipped her head so that the little tail of loose hair landed back on the top of her head.

"And you have no idea how many of the ladies here think you’re hot, do you?" she asked without expecting an answer. "They wont go for it because you’re the boss – but that makes you even hotter to me."

I reached behind me thinking I would catch the top edge of my chair but missed it (probably by a long shot) and ended up in a half-stumble next to the window. She stepped forward, closing the door with one hand as her other hand reached up to her own neck and gave it a light caress. I was hypnotized, shamelessly watching her hips as they moved with each step, then groping her torso and chest with my eyes as she moved towards the desk. I could feel a small bead of sweat work its way down my shirt collar. My tightening pants must have been obvious to her.

"I want you." She stated with purpose "I’ll bet you’re great in bed." She slid her ass onto the edge of my desk and rested the palms of her hands on her thighs. Her hands slowly moved up and down her legs and she changed her tone to something a little more flirty. "Come on – come over here – I’m not gonna hurt you.", she said with a fake pout and quick grin.

I guess that’s what I needed, because it suddenly struck me – I’m a lucky 37 year old guy. I got married early and divorced a few years after that. I have had my share of lady friends and fuck buddies, but this young thing pursuing me was absolutely stunning. Why all the anxiety? She was throwing herself at me, and she was right – I am great at sex. I moved out of boss mode, and I couldn’t wait to make love to this angel.

She grinned even wider as I stepped towards her, one of my legs in between hers, sliding one hand across her lower back and the other on the side of her neck. We stared into each others eyes for a brief moment. I pulled her body towards me with my lower hand as I moved my mouth to hers. Her lips were so fantastically soft they felt like they might melt as I kissed them. I caressed her neck and cheek as our mouths danced. She held both of my shoulders and pressed her fingertips into my muscles lightly at first, then more firmly as our kissing became more passionate. She teased my mouth with her tongue, lightly tracing my top lip then pulling it away and kissing me again.

Her hips were beginning to draw themselves tightly to me without my having to pull her close and I moved my hand out to her hips where her ass met the desk. I ran my whole hand along the outline of her form, from the back seam of her jeans around and up to the bottom of her ribs. I realized her whole body was in subtle motion – shoulders swaying, hips pressing forward into me, fingers massaging, even her head was making little figure eights as her mouth pressed onto mine and her tongue twirled in and out with a cock-stiffening rhythm. I couldn’t remember when I had ever been so hard.

I pulled my head back from our kissing and saw the fire in her eyes – and it was fierce. We looked intensely at one another as we tangled our hands up in a race for buttons to undo. Since her top had only four, I got there first, sliding the blouse over her shoulders feeling it land in a soft heap on the desk behind her. Her breasts were cupped by one of those skinny little bras that have just enough fabric to be called a bra, but are barely enough to contain the boobs they hold. I used both hands to slide underneath their lower edge and pushed the bra right off over the top of her head as my whole hands rubbed across her nipples. My eyes focused intently on two medium pink nipples with perfect little circles of slightly bumpy areola flesh surrounding them. Her nipples were stiff and perched neatly on the kind of breasts that fake ones are supposed to look like. I looked up at her face and she was smiling again.

"Go ahead," she purred "go ahead."

I rubbed my hands on the flesh of her body just below her tits and around to the top of them. I gently dragged my hands down onto the plump flesh and squeezed lightly as the nipples slid just past my palms. She reached around my caress to finish unbuttoning my shirt and pulled it off of me a sleeve at a time. Her boobs shimmied as she playfully tossed the shirt across the room. Her hands snaked up my arms, past my shoulders and neck until her fingers entangled themselves in my hair. She lifted her chest up and guided my head down to it – drawing in a breath as my beard brushed across nipples that felt electrically charged. I pursed my lips and pulled one of her nipples into my mouth. My sucking kept it in there as my tongue swirled across it – rotating around from the tip in a spiral down to the bottom. I opened my mouth wider and let the top part of her tit get covered in the heat of my mouth.

The moan I heard was quickly followed by the strengthening of her grip on my hair and her foot found its way behind my knee and pulled me into her even harder. I bathed her right boob with my tongue and lips while my hands continued their caressing and kneading. She was giving my head an unintentional massage as her ass moved around in small circles on the desk. As I shifted my mouth to the flesh of her other tit, I caught the light scent of musk – a lusty, unmistakable aroma of an aroused female. I wanted to see her naked. Touch her bare pubic mound. Explore the folds of her pussy. The very idea of it was driving me crazy and I sucked on her nipple even harder, creating a sloppy noise that seemed to make her shiver.

"Oh god damn I am so horny," a more obvious statement has never been uttered "come on, baby – suck my titties hard. Your mouth feels so good. Hmmmmmuummmm."

Without a word she moved her hands to the front of my shoulders and pushed me back a step. For a microsecond I wondered, "what the f-", then she slid off the desk onto her knees in front of me and grabbed my belt like it was the last good rope on a mountain climb. My cock was crammed against my belly with the top almost poking out of my waistband. In swift motions, her deft hands slipped the belt buckle apart, unbuttoned and unzipped me and pushed my pants to my ankles. The tip of my prick grazed her hair as she came back to directly facing my crotch. As the throbbing thing bobbed in front of her she put her fingers on it and looked up at me. I reached and brushed some hair from her face while her fingertips drummed across the veiny flesh from the bottom to the top and back again. She never took her eyes from mine as she slid her tongue out and cradled my cocktip with it. Her fingers never stopped moving.

"Holy shit," I muttered, my turn to be obvious "that feels so good." My eyes rolled up in my head and my breathing suddenly stopped when I felt the heat of her whole mouth encircle my shaft. She just slid her head onto it in one easy, expert motion. As I felt her nose push into my pubic hairs she paused. I felt that incredible tongue again – tracing a firm line back and forth a couple of times across the bottom of my dick. She paused again, sliding her whole head away from my body until my shiny pecker was completely out of her mouth. She repeated this 5 or 6 times. Each time starting with my cocktip resting in her tongue-cup, then disappearing into her hot mouth until it could go no more, the tongue making that "come here" motion under the shaft, then a constant suction as my cock re-emerged – bulging and twitching.

Her fingers rolled into soft little cylinders and she started gripping and un-gripping my cock in a pulsating beat as her hand moved up and down the shaft. Her saliva was lubricating the motion while she moved her eyes to the hand fuck that was happening. Every so often, she would slide her mouth back on and that kept the surfaces well coated. She was determined to get this cock to spurt and it really flipped a switch for me to think she wanted it so badly.

"Ah, yeah, yeah – good , feels so good," my throaty comments were in time with her strokes "you’re - gonna make – make me come – yeah, ah, ah, yeah"

Somewhere in there she had slid one of her hands under my balls and she must have felt them begin to tighten up. Just as the first volley of juice was bursting from my prick, she let go with her hand and engulfed it with her mouth - gripping my ass cheeks with both hands and pulling my hips hard to her.

"Aaaaaauuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!" I grunted while I felt my sperm shoot into the back of her throat and splash inside her mouth. "Oh god yeah, fuck yeah – uuuuuuuugghhhnnnnnnnnnnnn" My hips jerked forward with each thread of hot cum that jumped out of my dick. I didn’t realize I had one hand gripping her hair until I tried to move it to the desk to steady myself. I was dizzy as hell from the most incredible deep throat of my life. She didn’t let go until I was completely done, and as my dick slipped from her mouth – it trailed a thin line of saliva behind it and onto her chin. She grinned and giggled very softly as she watched me try not to pass out.

"You like that?" she asked as she used a single finger to wipe away the little bit of mess from her chin "I love doing that for my guy. I love watching you when you’re all fired up like that." She rose gracefully back to leaning her ass against the desk and watched me intently.

"I still want you in the worst way." I confessed energetically "Let me return the favor."

"Oh yeah?" her eyes twinkled at my offer, then it seemed she realized exactly what I meant and the lusty look returned to her face. "Hell, yeah."

I grabbed the belt loops on the front of her jeans and yanked her up into a standing position. I leered at her firm tits and bent my head to them again – this time just using my tongue to flick the nipples and trace outlines around the areolas. My hands made short work of the buttons and zipper holding her jeans on, with my thumbs easing her snug pants down around her hips. Her breasts heaved up and her hands wound their way through my hair and across the top of my back. I hadn’t realized that her sneakers were off, but she lifted each leg slightly to let the pant leg fall away – and when she did that for the second leg, I placed my hand under her upraised thigh and lifted her onto the desk. Her body moved slowly into a reclining position as I swatted a calculator and stapler from behind her. I quickly spread her blouse with one hand and she leaned back onto it. She put her hand behind her head, and kept the other roaming through my hair as I began kissing her neck.

I moved my kisses in a serpentine route along her tight body. Across her lavish tit, through her belly button valley and to the edge of her well-trimmed bush. I looked up to see her watching me – holding her head up with one hand behind it and getting a serious, "make me come hard" look on her face. I slipped my face past her mound quickly and lightly kissed my way down her thigh to her knee. Putting one hand behind that knee, and the other around her thigh, I held her legs further apart and observed her pussy. Beautiful. With her legs spread there was just a sliver of pink flesh showing past her moist lips. I had to hold myself back from pouncing on it like it was the last bit of food on a deserted island. I could feel my balls rumble again, and the blood started to rush back to my cock as I moved the hand on her thigh across and up until my fingers rested on the outer edge of her pussy lips.

Pulling and pressing with my fingers, her lips opened and closed around my probing digits. I ran two fingers up and down the length of her lips, lightly penetrating the folds randomly. I rested my palm on her mound and used my thumb to press into her hot slit more deeply. Her pussy was on fire and each touch left a slick trail of juice on my skin. I moved myself up and to her side, gripped her hips and lifted her further onto the desk so her feet could rest on the edge. My left hand released her hip and moved over the soft, warm mound of pussy flesh. I moved two fingers into her lips and found the edge of her hole. I rubbed it in tiny circles, then up and down , then circles again. Her hips rocked and pushed against my hand. I moved my finger up to the hood of her clit, and covered it in her slick juices. I touched her clit like you would touch the downy feathers of a newborn chick. The rubbing was working as her clit hardened under the tip of my finger just as she reached down and grabbed my wrist – not to push me away, but obviously to ensure I stayed right there.

"UUUUUUHHHHHNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn", her groan seemed to come as much from the center of her body as from her mouth. Her hips lifted off the desk, her nails poked into the tendons of my wrist and I could feel her muscles spasm and roll under my touch. A staccato wave of little twitches played under my hand. I watched her mouth open and her eyes shut – she didn’t make a sound for a moment or two. "Ooooohhhhhhhh yyeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, AAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhh!" she finally growled as her orgasm crested and left her breathing in short bursts. She opened her eyes and looked at me like I had done something impossible. Then she started to giggle again and slapped my face lightly.

"Haven’t had that done by hand in a long time – I thought you were going to eat me out." She tried to act like she missed out on something.

"I am going to eat you out." I stated without a hint of doubt "that was just a warm up."

"Oh my" she whispered, almost as if to herself.

My hand hadn’t left her snatch because I was taking in all the silky sensations on my fingers, so I moved to the edge of the desk where her feet were resting. I slid my body up underneath her legs until the back of her knees were hooked on my shoulders and gently pulled her towards me until her shiny, trembling pussy was just inches from my face. I rubbed my other hand on my own thigh for a few moments to warm it before moving it onto her pussy lips. I rubbed both sides of her slit with my fingers, ensuring that every digit stayed in contact with her flesh as they pushed and pulled. I rotated my hands so that my thumbs were at the base of her pussy – just above her anus and plowed them with a bit more force up and out until the entire pink middle of her was open to me. She had neat, plump little inner lips that framed a tight hole. The clit I had just finished massaging was barely peering out from under the hood and she indicated her growing impatience by grinding her hips up and out towards me.

"Do it – please." She said quietly but seriously "Come on, stop teasing me. I’m so fucking hot now."

I moved my face towards her and let my tongue dart out onto the lowest edge of her slit. Pressing the tip of my tongue firmly I traced it along the v as my thumbs continued to hold her lips open. She tasted slippery, hot and sweet. I used my tongue like a pointing finger to snake a zig zag pattern up her moist pussy. I circled her hole a couple of times before continuing to her inner lips. I stroked them more lightly with my tongue that I had the rest of her pussy, and I heard her breathing change. The muscles of her inner thighs, which were resting against my forearms, relaxed and tightened a couple of times. I knew whatever I was doing was working.

As I reached her clit, I let me tongue go softer and laid it across the whole hood like a warm, wet blanket. I rolled it in small waves, trying to coax her clit back to its previous hardness. My thumbs were now rubbing her pussy more vigorously, pushing her engorged lips aside, then letting them fall back together. She rotated her hips upwards, pressing the top of her cunt harder onto my tongue. I pressed back. We began a rhythm – a tango with her body rolling up to push onto my mouth, my mouth and tongue compressing the soft folds of flesh. I felt a hand move on the top of my head.

"Gnnuuuugh," the sound came from her throat seemed involuntary "yah, yaaaaaaah, uuuuuunnngh, right there – there. Oh god."

She pressed her palm onto my head and rotated her hips even higher. I let my tongue go completely soft and tried to cover her whole pussy with it. Her little spasm told me she was starting to peak. My tongue painted her pussy from the bottom to the top in long, quick laps. As my tongue moved back to the bottom, I kept it pressed firmly into her slit. I paused only for a half-second at the top and flicked her clit each time. I had my face pressed so deeply into her that I couldn’t see her pussy anymore, but my other senses took over. Her taste changed as her juices seeped out, her aroma changed as little beads of sweat appeared on the soft, nearly invisible hairs of her belly, the feeling of her muscles moving in powerful little waves was putting the finishing touch on my revived erection. I looked up – her head was tilted so far back I could only see the bottom of her chin – the tendons in her neck were pulsating and straining in time to the flesh I was licking.

"ohyeah – ohyeah – oh, oh, oooh," her orgasm was mounting with fury "oh, oh – yeah – yeah – ooooooohhh, ooooh, aaaaauuuuhhhhhhhh, yeeeeeeeeeeesssssss! OH! AUUHH! OH, OH! AAAAAUUUUUHHH!"

Her hips bucked into my face as her hand balled up into a fist and pressed hard onto my head. I felt her clit poke back at my tongue and her hole throb like a heartbeat. Her asscheeks clenched and unclenched as I struggled to keep my mouth pressed onto her pussy. I love to feel a woman’s orgasm on my mouth – it is the single most arousing thing I know – and my cock was straining in its own skin as I felt this sexy creature let herself erupt.

"Fuck yeah!" she said as her body began to settle. Her gaze returned to mine and I smiled at her when she continued. "that was fucking awesome. I wanna fuck you right now."

She sat up and slid off the desk, pulling me up by my shoulders and guiding me backwards until she found my chair. My cock flicked about when I plopped onto the chair and she grabbed it with one hand as she stepped right up to me, one leg on either side of the chair. Her tits were brushing either side of my cheeks as she steered my pricktip to her pussy.

"Just sit there." She commanded.

She never stopped delivering that lusty look as she released my dick and engulfed it with her pussy. I couldn’t tell if the position was doing it, or whether she had exceptional muscle control, or even if she was still convulsing from her orgasm – but as her silky glove of flesh surrounded my dick it grabbed me tightly. She rocked on me for a few moments. I felt her pubic mound bumping the base of my cock. Her full body weight was on me and I could feel myself getting larger inside of her. Then she rose – slowly – up and off my veined member. The sensation of her tight cuntskin rubbing on me as she moved was mind-blowing. She slowed down near the top – I could hardly tell she was moving. With just the tip of my cock inside of her, she contracted her muscles around me. Her determined look was softened by a little smile, and I could tell she knew how good this felt for me.

Her cadence was sure – four up and down thrusts, a pause at the top of the fourth with a pussy squeeze – then repeated. Her firm tits bounced in my face as she rode me, and I licked and sucked her nipples at each pause. This felt like a dream, a gorgeous and willing young woman humping my cock with abandon. I let my eyes close as I tried to take in every sensation.

"You can – you can come in me," she said with a husky voice "I’m on the pill. I want it – I want you to do it. Come in my pussy."

The huge wad I shot from the earlier blowjob was keeping me in the game this long, but when those words tumbled out of her mouth, I knew it wouldn’t be long. I looked at her again and everything was running in slow motion. Her fantastic hair floated above her head with each bounce, her lean thighs rippled every time they slapped mine, the muscles in her arms were taut as she gripped my shoulders. My balls started to tingle and twitch against the fabric of the chair. I caught her eyes and locked mine onto them. She smiled again.

"Tell me – tell me when you’re gonna come." She requested.

"Soon." I said quickly, "I’m gonna come inside you soon."

This caused her to quicken her pace and in response my balls tightened up. I felt that familiar, awesome wave of electricity across my belly. I put my hands on her hips and let them move with her as I caressed her skin. I groaned without knowing I was about to, and gripped her hips more tightly. She could sense it rising in me and leaned forward, putting her lips against my ear.

"Yes, yes, come in me baby," her panting whisper said "come hard in my pussy. Fuck me hard and come!"

I rose off the seat as my sack contracted and pushed a stream of sperm out of my cock. This time my orgasm was so powerful it snapped my throat shut and I could only make a guttural groan. As I moved, she lowered herself to the bottom and began pulsing her cunt around my cock. I spurted into her again, and again – each glob of jizz sending jolts through my body. She put her hands around my neck, pulling our heads closer as she licked and nibbled the edge of my ear.

I breathed heavily as my body began to settle down. She leaned back and looked at me – a wide smile dominating her face. She ran one finger along my bottom lip and said, "Now, about my hours…"

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