I have had numerous of restaurant throughout my life, but recently, my son encouraged me to open another. It has been one year, and we are quite successful with our new venture. We are actually quite surprised how quickly our little place has taken off. We have a long list of regulars who enjoy our cuisine. Owning and operating a restaurant has its difficulties. Long hours and few days off. But the rewards can quite outshine the difficulties.

Well one evening, several days before our one year anniversary, I was working the restaurant alone, without my son. A young couple came into our establishment and we showed them to a table. I took a few moments to warmly greet them, as I do all my customers. I try to make everyone feel like they have come home and are welcomed. I remember now that he young lady, no more than maybe 22 or 23, looked at me quite strangely. Her boyfriend (at least that is what I am assuming) was a very nice young man, about the same age.

Once I turned 60, I am no longer a good judge of age. Everyone looks very young to me... even my beautiful wife of 35 years! I brought them menus and informed them that a server would be with them in a moment. I then paid them no more attention, as I went around greeting the rest of my patrons. A few special patrons, I would sit at their table and drink a glass of wine with them.

I was going back to the kitchen to check on things, when the young lady stopped me. She asked about the bathroom. I explained that the facilities were presently under construction and that she could use the facilities on the third floor. I told her I would get the key. I walked with her to the bathroom and opened the door for her. I fully expected her to go into the bathroom by herself.

To my complete amazement, she pulled me inside with her. I asked her what was wrong, and she said nothing... nothing at all, as she reached down my front and started fondling me. Shocked, was not the word... I was flabbergasted. You must understand, I am an old man... I have owned many restaurants and never had anything like this happen before... Fleetingly, I thought maybe this may have happened to my son! I tried to explain to the young women that I was married and had children. She smiled, and brushed my words away with her hand... this does not matter.

She raised her skirt and showed me she was wearing nothing... absolutely nothing... underneath! I had not seen something so young, for so long.... I love my wife and have never touched another women since taking our vows. I thought maybe god or the devil was testing me... I thought I would be a fool if I didn't at least touch it. My fingers reached out like a child's in a candy store. She thrust it toward me as he unzipped my pants. She pulled out my limp old noodle and started rubbing it between her hands. My fingers found her inner stream and started swimming the back stroke. My mind kept struggling, holding me back... she was younger than my kids... and this... this surely was a sin!

Her body moved away from mine, and I released the breath that I had been holding... perhaps the temptation was over... perhaps, I had not sinned after all. But the temptation was not over as she knelt down and excepted my limp noodle into her mouth! She started sucking on it and pulling at my two limp rocks. My wife had never ever... done anything like this before. I had heard friends speak about oral pleasures, but it was not something you asked a wife to do... and definitely not the wife who kissed your children with those same lips!

I braced my old body against the wall, holding tight for dear life. I looked down at the young head that was now attached to my crouch and not letting go. I wondered if this was something my wife would forgive me for... or my son... The restaurant had slipped completely from my mind. I knew I had to do something... but I was not quite sure what. My hand moved down and cupped this young women's breast. She looked a little frustrated as my limp noodle... having never experienced anything like this before and being attached to a scared old man, refused to respond. She pulled it from her mouth and pulled me toward her. I was laying on top of her on the bathroom floor. I was curious if we had cleaned the floor that day.

She started massaging my partially limpness between her wet lips. She started stuffing it inside her and stroking my old cheeks. I felt my body respond as she started sliding up and down, causing my noodle to pump between her tight lips. I don't remember much after that... I remember that I did orgasm... though how... I have no idea. I remember someone knocking on the door and responding we will be out in a minute. I remember the girl telling me she better get back to her date... She told me I was her oldest man.... and would she get her dinner free... She did all that for a free meal? I was shocked and dismayed... I felt a little betrayed and a bit wounded... Some where in my mind I had thought that maybe... she wanted me... for me....

But why would a young women want an old man? She allowed me one last fleeting glance of her naked region before covering herself up again. I excused myself and walked out of the bathroom, not realizing my pants were still unzipped. I quickly zipped myself up again and took a few moments to gather my wits. I returned to my restaurant and requested no bill for that particular table.

I went in the back of the restaurant and found my loving wife. I placed my head on her shoulder and held her for a moment. "What's wrong, pappa?", she inquired. I shook my head and said that I just discovered another difficulty in running a restaurant.... She smiled and pushed me away. My wife looked into my face and touched my cheek with her rough hand... What ever it is... I know you handled it!

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