H3 Standard Category Banned Techniques/ Glitches

  • Any trick that is not possible in current Hitman 3 patch is banned (which can result in old submissions being moved to No Longer Possible Category)
  • Tranq glitch is banned (shoot target with Kalmer or use other sedative on them, kill with non-accident method right after, keep SA if body found)
  • Use of Midnight Suit in Mendoza banned (trespassing permissions are bugged)
  • 24 hour in game timer overflow exploit is banned (Example: https://youtu.be/mJyyyYnrXlk?t=1529)
  • Server/ disconnect glitch that results in target "death" without actually killing target is banned (Example: https://youtu.be/IZxoUftRYK8)
  • Server warp/ teleport (example: https://youtu.be/cW_8nXhbAHg) is banned on highly competitive individual level categories

Disclaimer/ Explanation

This is not intended to be a "glitchless" nor a "no major glitches" ruleset. It is banning a few specific glitches deemed harmful to competition by the community, based on community polls and discussion in the past. The reasoning for the banned glitches are given below:

  • Old patch tricks are banned because it is very difficult if not impossible to downpatch this game (at least with a rating screen). Ensuring that all records are possible on current patch ensures fair competition.
  • Tranq glitch is banned due to longstanding community opinion to do so. It is probably the most arbitrary glitch ban listed here.
    • More in-depth explanation of tranq glitch: Sedate target with Kalmer dart gun/ sedative poison/ goldbrick proximity mine, then kill target with non-accident method and retain Silent Assassin rating even if body is found
    • Many players feel that tranq glitch cheapens the challenge of Silent Assassin too much, as it makes any kill a free Silent Assassin kill as long as you are able to find an angle to shoot the target with the tranq pistol.
    • In any case, tranq glitch is mostly obsolete, only being a potential timesave in Illusions of Grandeur SASO currently. It would have more implications for full-game consistency, if allowed again.
  • The Midnight Suit ban are due to the philosophy that all suits should act the same in regards to trespassing
  • The timer overflow exploit is banned due to the fact no one wants to watch a 24 hour video
  • The server warp is banned for highly competitive categories because it is extremely random/ we don't know what causes it, and will kill competition if part of a WR strategy
Pub: 15 Jan 2022 00:32 UTC
Edit: 06 Jun 2022 04:14 UTC
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