Why are you wiped Tony? You hardly did anything. Oh I hardly did nothing eh? You Bishop need only remember it was I who tackled you when that nutcase decided to use you for sniper target practice. And I who chased down the other douche bag that thought his disguise was even close to the every awesome James Bond. Oh I don't know Tony I think you're getting confused seem I remember tackling you and chasing the douche bag. Tony gets up. Oh yeah I don't think so. Bishop getting up acts like she is just looking and stretching and then when Tony looks away charges him taking him to the floor. See I told you I tackled you not the other way around. Ah so it would seem. But if you would be so kind. Ahhh!! Tony rolls and flips to get on top pinning down her arms. See I'm just not convinced it could have been either way. You know this would take a lot of explaining to do if anyone else was here. Little did they know Abby was standing there out of sight watching.

Yeah you're right. It would take a lot to explain why you are wrestling each other to the ground in the work place after hours and being male and female, one might draw the wrong conclusion. Ah Abby didn't know you where there, or still here. Ah just doing some cleaning before heading home.

So Tony are you going to get off of her or not. Oh huh, oh yeah sorry. It's cool. I'm fine. Abby is just jealous it's you on me instead of her. What, wait. Bishop you can't tell him our secret. It's Tony for goodness sake. Now he will tell mcgee and the he will want to get the truth from me and then Gibbs will find out. Just a mess. Oh don't worry Abby Tony won't say a word. Oh yeah, why wouldn't I? You won't say a word because of this. She grabs Tony and leans up and kisses him with all she's got. Tony still in shock just lets it happen. As Bishop breaks the kiss Abby says well didn't see that coming. Tony looks at Abby. Abbys like well I ain't going to kiss you if that's what you're waiting for.

Tony stands up. I think I need to go home. Ah come on Tony it was just a kiss. Bishop gets up and stands next to Abby. Tony grabs his stuff ready to leave when she says oh well your loss. Then she kisses Abby and they wrap each other up in a passionate make out style. All Tony can do is watch. Abby taking a breath says hey if you wanna watch pay up this ain't a free show unless you're going to be joining. Bishop walks over to Tony. Ahh come on lighten up. It's just us here and we won't tell a soul. She gets up against him and leans in for the kiss. Tony thinks ahh hell I'm dreaming I gotta be dreaming. So if I'm dreaming why does it feel so wrong and real.

Tony gives in and grabs Bishop pulling her into a deep and passionate kiss. Abby watching says my work here is done. Bishop says okay see you tomorrow. Tony says wait you ain't staying. Nope I only do that with her ain't about to change that Tony sorry. Oh ok. What I ain't enough for you. Ha your plenty. Then shut up and continue. With that he kisses her some more moving down her neck back up to her ears where he nibbled slowly. She moans and slides her hands into his shirt and up his chest. Hey stops kissing her to take his shirt off and then watches her as she strips out of hers. Ah that's beauty right there as he marvels at her slim abbs and perfect breast. She moves closer and rubs her hands over him as he moves his over her taking in every detail. Slowly she moves down taking his pants with her letting him be revealed in all his glory. He leans on the desktop for support as she palms his jewels. Slowly she squeezes as she moves in to suck him deep into her mouth. Tony moans at her assault on his manhood. Up and down she goes gradually picking up the pace. Damn, girl keep that up and I will be embarrassed for not lasting long enough to enjoy this right. She laughs and stands taking a minute to step out of her jeans before bending over to allow him the view of her sweet pussy. Ah a site to behold yet better to taste I'd imagine. Well why don't you get down there and find out.

Wasting no more time Tony gets down there and plants his face to her honey pot. As he devours her sweet nectar she lets out a long moans while squeezing the desktop. Ahh yes probe your tongue deep in my pussy. Taste all of me. Ungh ungh. I'm so wet, I haven't been tongued like this in forever. Ungh ungh. As he licks and licks his cock throbs more and more. Finally he steels himself and stands placing his cock at her entrance and his hands on her hips he thrusts deep inside giving her all of him at once. Oh ungh ungh fuck that's it plow into me ungh yeah just fuck me. Tony grabs her hair pulling as he pounds away. Yeah fuck that's a tight pussy. Ungh ungh shit oh yeah faster and faster he pounds feeling his nut about to bust. He thinks ahh well we've already gone this far might as well take it all the way. Hey thrusts a few more times and with her moaning he lets it loose deep inside her, giving her every last drop. Are you cumming in me? You are aren't you? Tony if Jake sees this we're dead. Tony pulls out and steps back.

Sorry I just figured we'd already gone that far why not take it all the way. Bishop looks at him. And if I end up pregnant are you going to man up and take care of me and the kids. Yeah of course. I mean I don't mind you cumming just warn me next time because I'm not on the pill. Oh ok. She turns around looks at his desk. You gotta clean that up. Tony laughs and says nah let mcgee see it and then him try to figure out what it is. Tony no way clean that up or this will never happen again. Oh again huh. Yeah you heard me. Hey pulls her close kissing her once more before they both get dressed clean up and leave to get some sleep before tomorrow.

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