Gogoanime DL User Script Guide

How to use

Step 1: Install a userscript manager extension like ViolentMonkey or Tampermonkey for your browser.
Step 2: Visit the script page and click the "Install script" button and confirm installation with your userscript manager.
Step 3: Visit any episode page of the anime you want to download from on Gogoanime.

Make sure you're logged in!

The user script uses the download feature available to logged in users, it analyses the direct download links provided under the video when logged in and not the external download links above the video, so make sure that you have an account logged in.

Step 4: Click the "Generate Download Links" button beside the normal download links under the video and let the script do it's thing.
Step 5: Once the links are generated, simply click the download link for the episode you want to download or batch download the episodes using a mass/bulk downloader or any other tool that supports multi-link-selection downloads.

Here is a demo of the script



This is just in case the user script is not working because of domain change, otherwise it should work as long as you're logged in to Gogoanime.

  • In case of domain change the simplest way to fix it is to add the current domain to the list of websites the script applies to or editing the original website.

Here is how to do it:

Be careful with script editing!

Don't change anything else!, make sure the website addresses are the only things you change, unless you are a coding pro and you know what you're doing, it's best not to tamper with the rest of the code otherwise you might mess up the code and render the script useless!, But just in case you do break the script, accidentally or otherwise, you can always reinstall it from the script page.

Step 1: Open your user script manager dashboard displaying the list of installed scripts.
Step 2: Go to the Gogoanime script and click 'Edit'.
Step 3: Add current domain to the list of sites on the script code by just typing // @match https://gogoanime.currentdomain/* or any other active Gogoanime address anywhere under the // @include website, example:

// @include     https://gogoanimehu/*
// @match       https://gogoanime3.net/*

Adding https://gogoanimehd.to should look like this:

// @include     https://gogoanimehu/*
// @match       https://gogoanime3.net/*
// @match       https://gogoanimehd.to/*

Alternatively Instead of adding sites you could just edit the existing sites addresses to match the current active domain.


Applying the address like this https://gogoanime.*/* should make the script automatically apply to any Gogoanime website with gogoanime.domain address, however with addresses like https://gogoanimehd.to or https://gogoanime3.net it doesn't work as the domain is not the only difference but the address body as well.

Step 4: Click 'Save' then exit, go to Gogoanime and the script should be working just fine.


Unless there are any major changes to how the Gogoanime websites work the scripts should work if you follow the instructions above, It is also best to use the official Gogoanime mirrors which can be found here.

Pub: 26 Jul 2023 15:07 UTC
Edit: 27 Jul 2023 08:57 UTC
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