On Patrol

The night was too quiet for my tastes, especially for an evening on highway patrol. Normally during my rides, I’d run into at least something—someone with a blown tire, a call for backup, maybe a speeder or three. But no, the night was utterly and completely boring, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

It’s the bursts of action that help keep my mind off of whatever plagues me, they get me through the tough days when I just want to go home and mope. Thankfully those days are uncommon. Most days are good, where I come to work excited to get out into my community and serve it with all I could offer. It's why I became a police officer in the first place. Despite being told that the force was “in my blood,” the decision to enroll in the police academy was mine and mine alone. I loved to help people, and I loved to keep my community safe. But tonight, my issues were compounded by the lack of action.

I had just gone into heat.

It started just as my shift began, the familiar feeling that I’d felt every year since I was a teenager hit me like a semi. I could feel my body begin to change hormonally, preparing my reproductive system for the natural process that ensured the survival of the Belgian Malinois for an untold number of generations. Typically I’d pop some suppressants and continue with my day, but I didn’t have any on hand and the pharmacy I stopped by was fresh out. Fuck.

Even without suppressants, the first few hours of heat are never that bad, but I flew past that timeframe as my shift progressed. If I only had something to do, I could take my mind off the incessant itch that needed to be scratched until I could get home, but no, everything was dead quiet. So I sat in my patrol car, radar gun in hand, watching the smattering of cars pass by my concealed position in a seemingly random fashion.

‘3 over…2 under...4 over…’ The cars passed by one by one, not a single so far hitting my limit of 9 over. I had the radio on, trying to distract myself with music as my thighs involuntarily attempted to rub together to quench the need that kept growing. ‘Fuck. This is bad,’ I thought to myself as sexual musings began to parade around my mind. It was always the second sign my body gave once my heat went untreated for a time, and it meant that I couldn’t wait much longer to take care of myself in some fashion.

An hour later the urges were getting worse with no signs of slowing down. I knew I needed to do something about it, and fast. With a sigh, I triple-checked to ensure my body camera was off and my radio was silenced before I slunk a hand past my duty belt and pants, down towards my dripping need, hoping to gain temporary relief from my biological burden. Masturbation typically quenched my need for two hours or so, enough to get me through my shift and out to another pharmacy.

Just as my clawed finger grazed my hot, puffed-up vulva the radar gun went off, pulling me from my self-induced trance with a gasp and a jump. The device read 12 over, just past my threshold for a stop, but not an egregious offense by any means. I whined as I decided what to do: I could commit to my duty and stop the car, or I could shirk my responsibilities and indulge myself in what my body craved.

With a grumble I flipped on my lights and pulled out from the grass by the road, quickly accelerating to catch up with the speeder. Internally I figured that doing something would help take my mind off my heat for a time. Plus, if not, I could always “enjoy myself” after the stop if I was still hot and bothered.

Why couldn’t this just be a normal night?

There was no shoulder on this stretch of rural highway, so the white sedan I rapidly caught up to immediately pulled off onto a side road, placing on its hazard lights as I ran the plate and called the stop into dispatch. No warrants came back from the plate, so with a sigh, I checked for oncoming traffic before stepping outside into the warm night air. I closed my door that proudly displayed the state police emblem and a “K9 officer” logo before approaching the vehicle with the usual amount of caution. After unclipping the flashlight from my belt, I turned it on with a click of its button, keeping an eye on the driver inside while quickly walking up to the already-lowered window.

Peering inside the vehicle I could soon eventually see the operator, and I had to force myself to maintain professionalism as internally my body screamed at the sight and smell of him. A guy…of course my body would react that way. I could feel my vaginal walls physically tremble as I looked over the male. He was a human, good-looking too, with short brown hair and a strong jawline plus a short beard attached to his face. I’d think he was hot even if my ovaries weren’t trying to mutinize my brain.

“Officer Braeson, Highway Patrol. Do you know why I stopped you tonight?” I asked the man, looking directly into his blue eyes.

“No ma’am I don’t,” he replied in a gruff voice, hands on the steering wheel and returning my gaze with a nervous look.

“I clocked you at 12 over just past the exit over there,” I explained, pointing my flashlight back behind the vehicle towards the location in question. “Do you have a license and proof of insurance for me?”

“On my leg here. May I reach for it?” He queried, hands still firmly in place on the wheel in front of him.

I looked down to where he indicated and shuddered as my eyes wandered over the outline of his soft cock in his dress pants. ‘No! Bad girl!’ I mentally scolded myself as I nodded toward him. “Go ahead.”

He picked up his documents from his sturdy thigh and handed them to me. I could see his eyes study my body as he did, his cheeks taking on a light shade of pink when his eyes washed over my modest chest that my uniform highlighted ever-so slightly. ‘Well, he likes what he sees,’ I hummed to myself. I felt a surge of warmth hit me deep inside purely from his gaze, the intense blaze sending my breathing staggered and ragged as more and more sexual emotions welled up inside. With a short shake of my head, my last bit of remaining sanity pulled me away from the car window, intent on putting as much distance between me and the succulent-looking male as possible.

Once inside my cruiser, I sighed and fidgeted in my seat, my panties uncomfortably wet and clinging to me. My hormones were still raging uncontrolled, unfazed by actual work, and definitely made worse by the presence of a handsome male. Even more naughty thoughts ran through my mind as I looked over the license of the human, clumsily inputting it plus his insurance into my laptop.

The face on the ID stared back at me while I worked, the eyes of the handsome 32-year-old James Royce made the burning in my womb multiply severalfold as I looked at his record. His file was spotless, not even a parking ticket, but that’s not what I really cared about. It was the “married” in the marital status box that made my heart involuntarily skip a beat as the words crossed my vision. ‘Fuck, he’s taken…’

‘Well, maybe…just maybe he’d be up for a little fun anyway?’ I shook my head, the sinful thoughts quickly fleeing as regret rushed to fill the void. No, that was the heat talking. I couldn’t do that. I was on duty and he was married. Besides, this random man probably just wanted to get home to his wife, not have his bones jumped by a horny police dog.

Even with the fog in my head I still worked on making a decision about the traffic violation. Given his record and polite demeanor, I decided to let him off with a stern warning. No need to complicate my already precarious situation and keep me here longer than I needed. So, I stood from my car, documents in hand, and returned to the still-nervous man sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Here you go, Mr. Royce,” I said as I handed him his license and papers. As he reached out I was hit with another bout of his scent. It was so musky and manly, the result of a hard day's work. All I could think about was getting more of it, the thoughts doing little to assist my already-wavering resolve. The haze of my heat clouded over my brain as I rapidly lost all rationality in my actions, succumbing to my basal instincts unknowingly. I could feel my already-soaked panties get even wetter as his hand brushed lightly against mine, his soft skin tickling the fur of my fingers. It was then that I felt something snap within me.

“Sir, I’m going to need you to step out of the car,” I said sternly after he placed the documents away. ‘What the hell am I doing!?’ I mentally screamed at myself. Those words were not of my own making! I quickly realized that my needy body had taken over my actions by that point, and it was going to get what it desired one way or another. This poor man was about to become my outlet, and my ovaries knew just how to get what they needed.

“Oh, o-ok ma’am. What’s wrong?” The increasingly nervous man asked as he unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the door. My lower half quivered as he cautiously stood in front of me, a head taller than myself.

“I can smell something on you,” I said, unwillingly lying to the man. I almost, almost felt guilty as I abused my given powers to manipulate him, to mold him for my purposes, but I was too far gone down this road to stop. “Do you happen to have any drugs on your person sir?”

There were no drugs, obviously. I would have known the second I approached his car the first time if he did. The only smell coming off of him was the scent of a potent man, and all I could imagine was planting my nose deep into his balls and relishing his essence. No wonder he was married, any woman that got a whiff of him would be chomping at the bit for a piece. It was a shame that someone got to him first, but that was of little importance to me.

“No, I don’t!” He sputtered out anxiously, eyes darting around. I simply gestured for him to follow me to the other side of the car and then turn around. He did as I commanded despite his protests and placed his hands on the car roof, allowing me to get close to him and feel him up.

I began my false pat-down with my chest pressed into his back, being sure to lean my body as deeply into his as possible. I could feel my rock-hard nipples poke his strong back, digging into him through my bra and uniform. All the while I let my warm breath wash over the skin of his neck, causing the hairs on it to stand rigid. He shivered as my hands wrapped around him and made contact, my palms lightly groping around his chest, pressing into his pecs that stood firm underneath his dress shirt. I slowly worked my way down his torso, feeling along his stomach and sides in search of paraphernalia that didn’t exist.

My breathing grew even more discordant as I moved lower and lower, rubbing his taut abs and his hips that sat just above the waistband of his pants. Soon I was just above my final target, but I wanted to get him worked up a bit more—to make it seem like he would be the pervert in this situation. Heh, a perfect plan for my horny brain. So I continued my work on his strong thighs and supple butt, being gentle but firm so as to not overstate my intentions. His body was warm, warmer than I thought it would be, and the cause of that was revealed as my hands finally came down to just above his crotch.

“Oh, Sir,” I growled with a sultry laugh as I ran a hand over the sizable tent he was pitching in his pants. “Is this a weapon you’ve got here?”

“O-officer, please, I can explain!” He cried out, face beet red from the embarrassment of popping a boner in front of a cop. A lady-cop, at that.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Royce. I won't judge you.” I nuzzled his ear as I continued to stroke him through his pants. “Besides, I have something to admit as well.”

“Y-Yes?” The man asked as he let out a stifled moan at my rubbing and sensual touching.

“I’m in heat,” I whispered into his ear.

His spine went completely straight at my words, the reaction conveying his new understanding of what was happening. “Officer, p-please, I’m married!” he cried out as he bucked against my hand, his own body betraying his outward emotions.

I nibbled on his ear as I ran a hand down his trousers, fondling his hard, bare cock with nothing between us. “Now, now,” I hoarsely muttered. “If you didn’t want this, then why are you so hard, hmm? She doesn’t have to know…”

I could feel a bead of precum roll out from his tip as I stroked him, and I knew right then his body was mine. He had lost the war between good and bad, just like I had long ago. “Miss…This is w-wrong!” he whined as I turned him around to face me.

“Please?” I whimpered as I stared into his scared eyes. The switch from dominant to submissive was a calculated move, schemed to give him the guise of control in this situation. I knew a man in his state couldn’t say no, however—even a human couldn’t resist the scent of a woman in heat. His body had already decided what was to come, and it all ended with my belly full of his seed.

I pleaded my case to him, being sure to stroke his rigid cock continuously while I spoke. “My heat is killing me. I need a big, strong man like yourself to take care of it.” I knelt and pulled his pants down to his ankles, completely exposing his erection to the open air. I buried my snout at the base of his erection, huffing in all of his scent I possibly could. “You wouldn’t say no to a lady in need? Would you?” I asked once I got my fill of his heady musk.

Mr. Royce bit his lip as if seriously contemplating the offer I placed in front of him, but he knew he wouldn’t deny me. He nodded, sending my heart into overdrive as I quickly removed my duty belt and placed it on the hood of his car. While I did so, he stepped behind me and took charge, unbuttoning my pants and yanking them, plus my drenched panties, out of his way.

The night’s breeze was warm but still stung against my blazing-hot lower lips, sending shivers down my spine as he bent me over the hood of his sedan and spread my legs, revealing to him my swollen and dripping black-lipped flower. It was as if he knew I craved this, to be held down and bred like the bitch in heat I was, entirely at his mercy. Whatever he wanted to do with my heat-stricken body, he could, and I had no chance to put up any resistance.

I felt his smooth, bulbous cockhead rub against my aching vulva, causing me to grind desperately against him in an attempt to force his length inside. Foreplay or lube was not needed, my body had made sure of that thanks to the strands of arousal that clung to my inner thighs and labia. Despite my attempts to get his length inside of me, he held firm, finding it pleasurable to tease the officer he now had wrapped around his finger. After several tantalizing prods and pokes, he angled his hips at the perfect angle and finally entered my soaked canal. The hearty moan that came out of my mouth would have alerted anyone in a 100-foot radius, but with our seclusion nothing would come of it. Hell, I don’t think I would have cared even if this was happening in the middle of a city, the pleasure was just too alluring to.

He hilted as deep as he could go, his cock snugly reaching my deepest depths as my walls molded around him. It felt immaculate, like a massive weight being lifted from my shoulders, so pleasurable that I swore I could feel tears begin to form in the corners of my eyes. Through my relief, however, the deep-set itch was still there, and it could only be scratched with a healthy dose of his virile cum. I could feel my body already begin to milk him, the contractions pulling him even deeper into me. I whimpered again as he pulled out almost completely against the motion of my walls, worried that he’d come completely out, only for him to slam his hips back into my ass and drive me down into the car hood.

We worked into a rhythm, meeting each other’s thrusts in the middle every time. He grabbed my short brown hair that was done up in a bun, pulling my head back and using the knob of hair to pound me harder. At the same time, his other hand found my eccentrically-wagging beige and black tail and grabbed it tightly at the base, stopping its erratic movement. He combined the leverage from grabbing a fistful of my hair and my strong tail to totally ravage me, causing black sparks to enter my vision from the sheer exhilaration I was feeling. With every ram his heavy balls slapped vigorously against my clitoral cavity, driving me closer to the orgasm that began welling deep inside of me.

“Fuck…Fuck me!” I yelled incessantly at the man pounding me. “Give me everything. I need it!”

His pace increased with my moans and he leaned in close behind my head. “What do you need?” he growled into my ear.

“Your cum! I need your cum!” I cried, my open-mouth panting reaching a crescendo. The ragged breaths blended into the ear-shattering moans that tore through my ravaged body. “Give me your pups, fucking breed me!”

Mr. Royce’s thrusts gained in intensity still, each and every one determined to drive his cock so deeply inside of me they’d hit my womb. My walls clenched and massaged along his length, naturally trying to coax out the load that would surely knock me up. My body sure didn’t care that a stranger was breeding me, it only saw the fertile alpha spearing me on his cock, and it wanted his seed.

“That’s what you want, slut?” He roared. “Beg for it, then!”

“Please!” I cried, toying with my hypersensitive clit with my fingers. “Fucking please…Your cum is the only thing that can help me! I need it inside me! Fuck!”

He continued to smash me like a brute, soon pushing me over the edge that I had teetered along for some time. I screamed gutturally as the massive orgasm rushed through me in waves, sending my back arching and spasming as the euphoria hit all at once. The man inside of me was slowed as my walls gripped him with all they could, but they were no match for his strong, powerful movements. He continued to thrust against the pressure, rocketing my already-powerful orgasm to new heights.

My vision went completely white and my ears rung, my brain unable to comprehend any other senses besided the cock pistoning in and out of me. It was a feeling I’d never felt before, one born out of pure lust and need for this man’s seed, as well as the naughtiness of our combined actions. To know that I was here, on the side of a rural stretch of highway, being completely and utterly ruined by a complete stranger on the hood of his car…It drove me wild.

Although it felt like a lifetime, It only took me a minute or so to come down from my orgasmic high. Every other time I’d came, be it from masturbation or any other way, it took me a few minutes to recover before being ready to go again, but here, this man was rapidly bringing me along to a second one with his masterful thrusts that hit every perfect spot. I could tell he was getting close as well, inching me nearer to the release I so desired. His breathing rate increased, huffing along with moaning as his dick twitched and throbbed inside of me. I could feel his balls tense and his hips flex, proving that he was just moments away from releasing inside of me.

To my disdain he stopped completely, pulling his entire cock out of me and releasing me from his grip. “No! Please!” I begged and pleaded, yearning and scrambling for his wondrous dick to return. But my pleas went unanswered as he placed his strong hands on my arms and grabbed them, lifting and flipping me over on the car hood to face him. A look of raw, undiluted passion was adorned on his face, the blue eyes that bore into mine conveying just a fraction of the carnal need that flowed inside of him. The man propped one of my digitigrade legs on his shoulder, letting the other lay down flat on the car hood as he slid his glistening cock back into me, completing the transition to our new position.

He leaned in and kissed me hard, my muzzle and his mouth combining in a passion-filled embrace that elicited a hearty moan from my throat. With a gentle hand, he hastily unbuttoned my gray uniform, allowing it to fall onto the hood of the car as he groped my bra-covered breasts. The shining wedding band he proudly wore on his ring finger brought a lewd smile to my face. Seeing the pride of his matrimony grasping another woman’s breast was a sight to see, even for my clouded mind. The golden ring slipped from sight when the hand it was on slid underneath my black bra, pinching and twisting at my painfully-hard nipple while I moaned in bliss.

I reached up and grabbed his sweat-drenched head, pulling it close to my snout and then licking it all over, painting him in my canine scent. My words from earlier about his wife never knowing about this were dead and gone. I wanted whatever woman he was with to know that he claimed me and made me his bitch, that he inseminated a police dog in heat, and that it was amazing. To top it off, if she was human like him, she’d never be able to tell, making the indecorous action feel even more risqué.

“Shit, getting close,” he groaned, grabbing tightly onto my brown-furred leg that sat on his shoulder and thrusting even harder into me.

“Do it!” I howled, feeling my second orgasm nearing as well. “Make me yours!”

He grunted loudly and buried himself to the hilt, cock twitching and balls lurching as he finally came. The first spurt of cum that hit my needy womb blasted my brain into overdrive, pushing me over the edge and sending me screaming and moaning in pure bliss. Two, three, four, five… Each successive spray of potent seed chiseled away at the burning itch that had tortured me all day. At long last, relief mixed with euphoria as my body’s thirst for a male was quenched.

Mr. Royce collapsed onto my chest, the two of us drinking in the afterglow of our passion-fueled breeding session. I could feel him rub his fingers through my silky hair, his touch so kind, so soft after savagely stirring my insides up like his life depended on it. He brought his head to mine and we kissed again, this time our tongues intertwining as feelings of raw intimacy still surged through us. I pulled our bodies closer, whining in disappointment as his softening cock soon slipped out of me, sending a gentle trickle of our fluids leaking out onto my tail and his car hood. The sheer amount of cum inside of me was more than I thought possible, and I knew for a fact that I would become pregnant with his child.

“So, Officer Braeson, are you satisfied now?” He asked with a chuckle and a rub of my ears.

“Oh yes, Mr. Royce. Thank you for your help,” I cooed. “Although, my heat will come back in a few hours. I think I’ll need you again…”

“Hmm, we’ll have to see about that. I need to get home…”

“Oh, to your wife, right? Tell me, was I better than her?” I asked with a smug grin on my face.

“Well,” he pondered, scratching the fur on my back. “Not really, in fact, you’re both quite similar. Come to think of it, she’s a police officer as well. Oh! And she’s also a Belgian Malinois…Strange…”

I groaned and rolled my eyes at his joking. “You couldn’t have kept it up for a little longer?”

“Sorry, babe! But no one’s better than you,” he said with a laugh, sitting the two of us up and flashing a wide smile.

I lightly punched his shoulder, ever-so peeved at my husband for (slightly) ruining my fun. The mock jab was followed up by a quick but loving kiss on his lips. “Well, I cant argue with that. Thanks for playing along with me.”

“Anything for my darling wife. Was it everything you said it would be?”

“All of it, and more,” I said with a content sigh and shiver. “I’m so glad I came up with this, probably my best idea so far!”

“I don’t know, honey,” he said with a shrug as he stood us both back on the edge of the pavement. “I still think the swimming pool dressing room adventure was my favorite.”

I nodded in half-agreement and shuddered fondly as I remembered our escapades from last summer. Good God, were we wild! He bent me over in one of the cramped stalls and rutted me silly while there were people getting dressed in the others. Thanks to a scent blocking spray we could do whatever we wanted without the fear of someone smelling us, but the fear of somebody seeing us was still there. It had been our most risky and dangerous fuck yet, but we made it happen more than once on that beautiful hot day.

We walked over to the pile of discarded clothes and began to dress again, sorting through the mess of garments in the dim glow provided by my cruiser's headlights. While he got his briefs and pants on I replaced my still-soaked panties, purposefully not bothering to clean the mess of juices that resided between my legs. I just loved the feeling of his cum trapped inside of me, and the prospect alone was enough to get me riled up while I put my work pants and duty belt back on.

“So, you’re sure we’re in the clear here?” He asked as he buttoned up his dress shirt.

“Yes, love,” I answered monotonously for the thousandth time as I straightened up my uniform. “I’m off duty, all my cameras and radios were off, and no one drove by. I think we’re good.”

“Great,” he said happily as he kissed my forehead and hugged me tightly. “Just making sure. I don’t want my baby’s career to be at risk.”

I stood tall on my paws and cupped his cheek in my hand, reciprocating the peck on his forehead before nuzzling the love of my life gently. “Well, even if it was, it would be worth it. But thanks for looking out for me.”

“Alright, babe, I trust you.” He said as he released me from his grip. “You’re still stopping by the store right?”

“Mmhm, I’ll be home right after!”

“I’ll see you then, Officer Royce.” He waved and turned to leave before stopping, quickly turning back on his heels as he remembered something. “Oh! Do you have any cash for the babysitter?”

I nodded and pulled my wallet out of my pocket. “Here, this should be enough,” I said as I handed him a few 20s.

“Thanks, Michael should be asleep by now, so the night should be quiet for us, at least, somewhat quiet,” he said with a wink.

I laughed and waved goodbye, the two of us returning to our respective vehicles. As he started his car and drove off I sat still in mine, savoring the memories we just created. I really hoped that I’d get pregnant from tonight’s session. That would be one hell of a future story. Thankfully, the prescription I got for a new fertility booster would make that a reality.

These novel drugs were a miracle to interspecies couples everywhere, allowing us all to bypass many of the fertility issues that had plagued us for so long. Michael, our first and only, took several heat cycles of constant trying to conceive. Now, with these new boosters, it should now only take a day or two of creampies to knock me up, and I couldn’t be more excited. All I had to do was take the pills on days we tried, and the results would hopefully speak for themselves.

With a content sigh, I drove off into the night, ready to visit the pharmacy that would provide the tools needed to create our second of (hopefully) many children.

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