Her breasts were way bigger then he remembered but of course they were, she was a woman now not a teenager. He forgot she had a couple of freckles on her breasts and the one right next to her navel.

He cupped her breasts as he looked up at her and noticed her biting her bottom lip. He couldn’t believe he forgot how big those were, the way they looked right now, he wanted them against his lips.

Cody moved his hands and cupped her nape with one hand; with his other he smoothed his thumb against her bottom lip. He pulled her down as he moved his eyes to hers; he watched them close as he brought her closer.

He felt her hands slid up on his shoulders as he brushed his lips against hers, he kissed her, not rough but not light and he loved the response he got from her.

Cody was making her lower tummy feel weird, good kind of weird and she wanted more. She thrusted her tongue in to his mouth and moaned as she felt him cup her bottom and started to knead her cheeks. She moaned again as he gave it a light tap, she felt his hands outline her waist as he made his way to her breasts.

Cody cupped them as she nipped his bottom lip; he loved the little whimper she let out as he rubbed his thumbs against her nipples.

"Cody," she moaned, she tried getting closer but it wasn’t working, he was still teasing her.

Cody continued to kiss her neck after she pulled away and moaned. He paid extra attention to her neck, making sure that she knew that he didn’t care about the scar that was there. How could he forget the wound that was once there? He continued kissing her as she gripped the head broad and moved higher above him.

He continued to knead her breasts as he made his way closer to them, nipping the top curves, kissing her freckles and licking the one right next to her nipple.

Bailey whimpered as she felt that lick, her breasts were aching and that lick to her freckle had her pussy clenching, she wanted his mouth on her nipples so bad.

She cried out as he flicked his tongue against her nipple and gently pulled with his teeth.

Cody started flicking his tongue again; rolling it and teasing for a bit before he began to suck hard.


He felt Bailey cup his head, digging her nails into his scalp as she lowered herself even more and brought his head closer to her breasts.

He groaned as he sucked harder, he switched sides, lifting her breast higher and began flicking his tongue against it doing to same as he did the other and began sucking hard.

The more he sucked the more she cried out and the more wetness he felt against his abs. He moved one hand down from her breast along her waist and then down in between their bodies.

He cupped her and moaned against her nipple as he felt her wetness, god he wanted a taste.

He looked up at her and was in awe, her eyes were closed her lips parted as she moaned. He moved his hand and gently ran the tip of his finger against her clit, he watched as a crinkle formed between her brows as she moaned.

Cody continued to suck her nipple as he rubbed her clit again, this time the crinkle appeared again as she cried out and arched her back.

How ready was she? Cody sudden thought. He eased his hand lower as he stopped sucking and kissed the valley of her breasts and nuzzled her there. He eased his finger inside her entrance and groaned as he felt her hotness and wetness. He heard her let out a deep moan as she tried getting closer to his finger, she was damn ready.

Cody gently pushed her back and turned and reached for the condoms in his night stand drawer, he grabbed the foil square and ripped it open. He sheathed himself and adjusted her; he looked up and saw her heavy lidded eyes, such lust. She was more then ready.

Bailey leaned down and kissed him hard and then nuzzled his neck and moaned as he rubbed the head of his cock against her wet pussy.

Cody groaned as he pushed the head in, she was so fucking tight, god it felt incredible the way she was sucking him into her body.

"Bébé tes chatte est ajusté, si lavette," Cody groaned as he thrusted into her. Fuck his French was slipping out, he groaned again as he thrusted a second time.

Was that French? Bailey thought. God, those words were making her even more hot. Her pussy clenched as he continued to thrust.

"Oh God," Bailey whined, she nipped his neck and moaned as he tapped her ass.

Cody cupped her rear and thrusted even faster, slamming his hips against hers. He was getting too close; he slowed and heard Bailey whine.

"Bébé que sucré chatte comme il lent?" he slowly eased out and then back in, hearing her protest.

"Ou que sucré chatte comme il brutal," Cody slammed into her, making her cry.

Bailey didn’t know what he was saying; the only thing she knew was that he was damn right teasing her.

"Don’t tease me," she panted as she sat up and planted her hands on his muscled chest.

Cody helped, still cupping her bottom as she lifted and thrusted downwards, he looked up at her and was once more in awe and he gazed at her. Her eyes closed as she rode him, her mouth open as she moaned with each thrust.

Such a beautiful site, he thought, Bailey’s beautiful flushed breasts swaying, her arms tightening, her nails digging into his chest. Her short brown hair hanging along her face, her thighs shaking, Cody didn’t know how he missed it, she was damn close he could feel it as her muscles tightened around him and released.

Cody pulled her down against his chest and felt Bailey nuzzle his neck and then bite. He thrusted, it felt so damn good, every touch she gave him felt amazing, even the feather light ones, those were his favorite.

Bailey cried out and engulfed his head as he thrusted even faster. The sensual burning felt amazing and it was bringing her higher the more he thrusted.

"Fuck, Cody!" Bailey cried out.

Cody picked up his pace and shortened his thrusts, making them come even faster. Her muscles continued to tighten around him; Cody felt every sensation as he thrusted, the walls of her pussy, the way it felt as he glided against them.

"Suave miséricorde, Bailey," he groaned.

Bailey, felt it coming and cried out as the she felt the rush burn through her body.

Cody continued to thrust as he groaned; he felt her come all the way down near the base and that was all he needed. He thrusted three more times and buried himself to the hilt and let out a deep groan as he came inside of her, no, he wasn’t coming inside of her, he was wearing that damn condom. If he had it his way then he wouldn’t wear anything, he wanted her flesh against his, nothing blocking them. Still this was amazing, better then all the sex he’s ever had.

He bedded many woman over the years, bedded them with the lights off. That was the only way he could find satisfaction, with the lights off he imagined it was Bailey that he fucked, no it wouldn’t be fucking, not with her, with her he’d make love. When the lights were on, he closed his eyes and thought about her, when he touched he thought about touching her soft smooth skin. He even made the mistake of groaning her name, the brunette woman he was with, sure as hell wasn’t Bailey but it was always Bailey to him.

Now he wouldn’t have to pretend, he had the real thing beneath him, panting and whimpering as he pulled out of her and nuzzled her neck. How long would this last? Not long, he was supposed to be keeping his distance but here he was lying down next to her and pulling her against his chest.

How could he stay away from this? How when he still loved her? He never deserved Bailey even now he still thought that she still needed better then him. He had nothing to offer her. His house wasn’t even his house, he was renting it and in a few months time he was moving again, he didn’t like to stay in one place for too long. He hadn’t really thought about settling down or even having kids, he was home but not long enough that he would want a family, not till he was done and that wasn’t coming for a really long time, he still had at least ten more years in him, he was only twenty-six, hell maybe even longer then that.

Bailey’s soft snores brought him back to reality, she was already sound asleep, cuddled up against his side. He should sleep to only he had the sudden sense that he was being watched.

He eased away from her and grabbed his pistol that was sitting on the night stand and grabbed the pair of sweat pants that were hanging on the edge of the bed. He slipped them on and headed down stairs with his gun drawn.

Who the fuck was watching them? Had they watched while he made love to her? He only felt it as he finally began to settle, if they were watching longer then he didn’t know, he was too involved with pleasuring Bailey. If that was the case then he really was going to have distance himself, he didn’t need to be distracted, that could cost her, her life.

The bottom floor was cleared and the feeling of being watched eased. He made sure the alarm was still on and the windows and doors were locked before he headed back up stairs.

He was almost to the bed when he realized he was still wearing the damn condom, he went in the bathroom and discarded it along with his sweat pants and returned to a stirring Bailey. Was she having that nightmare again?

He eased under the soft comforter and pulled her to his chest once more. He started to lightly run his hand down her thigh and back up in a soothing manner which eased her a bit and then finally she was calmed once more.

He stared up at the speckled ceiling as he absently continued to lightly run his hand up and down her thigh, he wondered what they were going to do tomorrow, it has been three days and nothings happened. Could they really not find her or were they keeping there distance and waiting for the right moment to attack? Either way he hoped Blake would be home sooner then he said, he couldn’t just do this with him and Stiles, he needed more help because he had no idea what he was up against. But for now Bailey was safe and if she was in real danger then he’d take her up to the cabin, it was more or less a safe house.

Bailey woke up and panicked her breathing picking up as she tried to move. Where was she? Who was on top of her?

Think Bailey, she told her self. She felt hot breath on the top of her head and arms wrapped around her, a leg around hers, trapping her from even budging. She also couldn’t move because the body was practically on top of her, her face was smashed against the pillow. It was Cody who was on top of her.

She focused on his even breathing as she tried to slow her breathing. It’s just Cody, she repeated in her mind. She stared at the pale white wall as she focused. She could do this, she told herself focus Bailey.

Her heart rate slowed, her breathing became even. Bailey lips curved into a small smile as it worked, this was a new step, a new step of getting over her fears. She didn’t want to think about those right now, not when she was in bed with Cody.

She closed her eyes, was almost asleep when Cody tightened his hold on her and gently rubbed his face against her hair and sighed. Was he content? She was and that was saying something the way he was wrapped around her, protectively Bailey realized.

"Awake?" she softly asked.

"Yes," he guided his hand down from her shoulder and down her waist and back up, he couldn’t run his hand any other place, he was practically covering her body, something he realized he shouldn’t be doing. He eased away from her knowing Bailey was probably having a panic attack from him being over her. He had no idea how they ended up like this.

"No, I’m…fine." Bailey pulled his arm and felt him hesitate.

"Bay, are you sure?" He didn’t want her doing something she was uncomfortable with. She made that clear last night that she didn’t like people on top of her.

"Yes," Bailey tugged again and felt him snuggle up against her back.

She closed her eyes as he wrapped his hand around her once more. The feeling of his hot breath against her head and the feel of her skin against his was making her want him now.

Bailey focused her attention on the feel of his hand moving down her the dip of her waist and over her hip and down her thigh and back up only this time he cupped her breast and gave a gentle squeeze.

Bailey held back her moan as he played with her nipple and then moved his hand between her breasts, caressing her, his hand moving down her stomach. Bailey slightly moved her legs; opening her self up in invitation only he moved his hand back up her body, his hands gliding, smoothing and then cupping her breast once more.

What was he doing? Just playing with her? Her breasts were sensitive, her nipples were aching for his touch and he was just playing.

Cody loved touching her body, he was savoring every inch with his hands, he didn’t know the next time he was going to get a chance to touch her like this. He wanted to know every inch of her body once more.

"Close you eyes, Bailey." He gently whispered as he eased up on his elbow and planted a soft kiss against her shoulder.

Bailey took a deep breath, and exhaled as she felt him kiss her shoulder and lightly brush his finger along her arm. He didn’t know that her eyes were already closed so she kept them that way.

She felt Cody ease her back on the mattress and then felt nothing, she almost opened her eyes but didn’t as he ran his finger tip against her neck.

"Shh, just relax," he continued to run his finger between the valley of her breasts and down her stomach, around her navel and then across to her hip and then felt it lightly trail to her other hip and then take a different direction.

Bailey tried controlling her breathing as felt him trail his finger closer to her sex, God touch it she wanted to tell him but held it in.

Bailey bit her bottom lip as she opened up her legs wide, hopefully he took the hint and wouldn’t tease her.

She heard his muffled laughter as he nuzzled her between her breasts and bestowed soft kisses all the way up the her nipple. The blood pounded in her veins as she waited, wanting, in anticipation.

Cody eased lower loving her reactions; he wondered if she knew how expressive her face was. He panted kisses in different places, focusing his attention on just giving her pleasure.

He realized Bailey finally realized he was over her and heard her breathing picking up as her body tensed a bit.

"Bailey breath, focus on just the touch, don’t think about anything else," Cody kissed his way back up her body and brushed his lips against the hollow of her throat and kissed her.

Bailey focused her attention on Cody’s hot breath feathering over her neck as she felt it move closer to her lips.

She felt it, his breath, hot against her lips, the way it sent a tingle down her spine. She never felt this way before, this was so much more then what they had last night, could it possibly get better then the last?

Cody couldn’t wait any longer, it was killing him just to pleasure her, and he already was dying to be inside of her.

He kissed her slowly, softly moving his lips against hers, and let out a low groan as she tried to deepen the kiss, it only made him pull back and continue what he was doing below her waist.

Her legs were still wide open, too wide if you asked him; he didn’t know she couldn’t get them that open. Cody nuzzled her in the junction of her thighs and really wet sex. Bailey’s arousal was so intoxicating, she smelt so fucking good and he wanted a taste.

His mouth watered at that thought, he couldn’t though at least not yet. Oh what the hell, he thought.

He smoothed his hands up her thighs caressing her knees, down her thighs and hips as he settled himself between her thighs. He cupped her breasts and he breathed against her wet folds.

He heard Bailey’s whimper as he licked all the way up the seam and stopped right before he licked her clit. He groaned as she lifted her hips, she cried out as he licked again, this time he flicked his tongue against her clit and bestowed a wet kiss upon it.

Bailey whined, lifting her hips and pushing his head closer. She felt like she was burning alive, she needed to ease the flames and he wasn’t helping.

"Cody," Bailey cried out as she arched her back and let her orgasm rush through her, the amazing bliss and yet it still wasn’t enough.

"More," she moaned. "Cody, God, give me more."

"Keep your eyes close and I’ll give you more," he breathed heavily as he moved his way back up her body.

He settled himself, snug and nuzzled between the folds of her pussy, the head of his cock rubbing against her lower stomach; he moved his hips, gliding his hard erection against her arousal and what come he left on her.

Cody drew her taunt nipple into his mouth and began to suck while he fondled her other breast. He liked her whimpers too much, the way she sounded with each touch he’s giving her so far, that would boost any mans ego just to know he was pleasuring his woman the right way.

He switched sides and groaned as she cried out and arched her back once more. Was she already coming again? He continued his slow thrusts as he began sucking her hard nipple into his mouth.

"Please," Bailey cried. "Cody, I need you."

Cody gave her nipple one last suck before pulling back and adjusting himself lower, he groaned deeply as he pushed the head in, so fucking tight. She wrapped around him like a fist, yet it felt like silk, pure hot sensation contracted around the head of his cock.

He thrusted and held back his next groan, this was heaven. He kissed her as he eased out and thrusted even deeper inside her, he muffled her cries as he worked inside of her now.

He couldn’t believe she let him do what he wanted, couldn’t believe that she kept herself calm, he hoped this helped her a bit. She didn’t need to fear him, ever; he’d never lay a hand on her or force her to do something she didn’t want. God, he loved her and all he wanted was her to be somewhat whole again, he knew she wasn’t and he was going to do his best to make it whole like it once was, she deserved it.

"Ouvre tes yeux, bébé." He whispered those words against her lips as he groaned, and realized he said them in French. Bailey had no idea what he had just said but still he saw her open her eyes as he pulled back and looked down at her flushed face.

Her eyes dazed as she looked up at him, there was pure bliss in those brown eyes along with something else…love? No, no way she would love him.

"Dieu, Bailey," he groaned as she tightened around him and then released him.

She gripped him like a fist once more, making him groan even louder. He got down on his forearm and used his arm to hook her beneath her knee and raise her leg. He shortened his thrusts and pounded into her even faster.

Bailey couldn’t hold on any longer, she cried out as she dug her nails into his back and arched her back. The best orgasm of her life was rushing through her; she felt Cody’s muffled groan and soft peck on her neck as she was coming back from the pleasure

Cody thrusted one last time and buried himself to the hilt and came inside of her. Fuck, he forgot the condom, how could he be so careless? He always used a condom ever since taking Bailey in high school, with her he wanted to be extra careful, apparently not careful enough since he was in the heat of the moment and forgot to sheath himself. He hoped she wouldn’t be angry.

He balanced his weight above her, so she was still comfortable lying there catching her breath, he was as well but mainly his mind was on the thought of getting her pregnant, he couldn’t get over the fact that he forgot, not that he cared he rather have nothing separating their flesh but this was Bailey and he didn’t have permission not to use one.

"Thank you," Bailey murmured, she wrapped her hands around his head and hugged him to her chest.

Cody shouldn’t worry, she didn’t seem to care or she hadn’t noticed which was going to be hard to believe.

They both groaned as he eased out of her and kissed her chest. He hugged her to his body and turned over on his back, making her lay half on top of his chest.

She still had him against her chest, not that he cared he wouldn’t mind sleeping like that. He kissed her softly there and let out a low groan, he still wanted her.

Bailey released his head and snuggled up against him and laid her head in the crook of his neck and sighed deeply.

Cody let out a throaty laugh, "Satisfied?"

"Yes," Bailey softly laughed.

"Sleep now, its only five in the morning." Cody sat up and pulled the covers over them and laid back down, pulling Bailey next to him once more.

"Good night, Bay." Cody whispered.

Cody senses were on alert; he quickly sat up and managed not to wake up Bailey. He got out of bed and grabbed his Beretta and strode over to the closet and pulled on a pair of jeans. Someone was around the perimeter, he could feel it and they were closing in.

He shouldn’t leave Bailey but he needed to, he locked the door behind him and descended the stairs with his gun drawn. How the hell did they find her?

The last step he stopped, they were coming through the front. Dumb fucks didn’t even know how to enter a house.

He was on the opposite side of the door when it quietly opened. Cody had his hand on the trigger as the front end of his pistol met the temple of the bastard who decided to enter his house.

"Pistol to my temple, you don’t waist time at all," the figure laughed low, it was deep though and Cody knew who his Beretta was drawn on.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Cody lowered his pistol and let the man walk through, he wasn’t alone there were five more behind him.

"Your not suppose to be here," Cody pointed out as he walked beside the man and started flipping the lights on.

"The mission is done with, it was a success but we made a mistake."

"What do you mean you made a mistake?" Cody muttered.

"He had ties to another drug lord; this one is in the United States and he’s now disappeared."

"How did we miss that?" Cody exclaimed, they fucked up big time and now they probably weren’t going to find the bastard till he slipped up, he was in the United States running free.

"He’s not my concern right now; we have nothing to go on so until then my sister is my main concern."

"What did-," Cody didn’t finished because of the look on Blake’s face, he was in deep shit but it wasn’t his fault, Cody knew it was going to end up being his though, that’s how their fucked up government worked, they had to blame someone and that someone is going to be Blake Summers.

"Have you found anything?" Cody suddenly asked.

Blake stared out the window of Cody’s kitchen, and sighed. He had an idea of who was after her.

"I think its Lieutenant Howards," Blake said angrily, he knew what happened to his sister and what that dumb shit did to her.

"Lieutenant Howards?" Cody questioned, he knew the lieutenant, no way was he the one who raped Bailey, for gods sake he was married and he had a kid.

"Blake, come on, are you sure? Howards-,"

"It was him, I know what he did to my sister and she wasn’t the only one. There were others Cody, she was just the last because of what happened three days later."

He raped here, three days later? Was when they were under attack, where Bailey nearly died.

"What are you saying?" Was he saying the attack was planned?

"I dig some digging and I found a report of a woman being raped, she was in Bailey’s platoon. She’s now dead. You know how? That attack, there were five other women who died, including Bailey’s partner."

Cody stared wide eyed at Blake’s back, all those women were victims and they’re all dead now, except for Bailey.

"He’s after Bailey because she didn’t die like he planned. But she doesn’t remember anything," he pointed out, no wait that wasn’t true but she constantly had that nightmare.

"Fuck, she does. He doesn’t know that though." Cody pointed that out.

"It doesn’t matter. I’m thinking Bailey told him she was going to report it, if she reported that then the others would come forward eventually, how would that look? Their now dead and although Bailey can’t remember anything there is still that slim chance that she could and that slim chance is enough to kill her."

Cody cursed, that wouldn’t look good at all. So he killed them off and now he was after bailey.

"Blake are you sure it has nothing to do with the accident?" Cody walked closer to him and braced himself against the counter.

"I’ve thought about that as well, but this is the only lead I have and it’s the only one that makes sense, that and my gut is telling me."

We learned to listen to our gut and what it was telling us. "How are we going to move on this?"

"We’ll discuss that later, right now I need a few hours of sleep." Blake sighed.

"What the fuck!"

Cody and Blake both turned around and saw Bailey practically running into the kitchen with just a long t-shirt on. Her hair was all crazy despite it being short and the marks on her neck were defiantly noticeable, he shouldn’t have marked her.

She ran to Cody with wide brown eyes as Richmond stepped into the kitchen right behind her, he was outraged.

"He said to protect her not fuck her."

"Watch your mouth when you’re in front of her," he growled as Bailey tried to get behind him, she was damn scared, fuck. He couldn’t blame her, Alecxander Richmond was a tall man who had a lot of muscle and when he looked angry he looked like a mad man.

"She belongs to-,"

"She belongs to no one but me, do you understand?" Blake yelled as he looked at both of them.

Cody didn’t say anything, Bailey belonged to him in someway but she didn’t belong to Alecxander Richmond.

"Get out of here Alecxander," Blake ordered. "Stiles get in here and get him to cool off; I don’t need this shit right now."

Bailey didn’t know what was going on, her brother was here and she knew he wasn’t supposed to be and this mad man was staking a claim on her and she had no idea why, she’s never seen him before.

Bailey heard her brother say Stiles? She looked beyond the angry man and sure enough there he was.

"Matty?" Bailey breathed out. "Of course you work with my brother, you know I always suspected you." she softly laughed.

She stepped from behind Cody and ran to Matthew as he stepped around the guy called Richmond. She hugged him and began to cry, she thought she never see him again. Not for the reasons she had before because she now only had feelings for Cody, Matty was what she always felt around him, a brother and he wasn’t going to be anything more.

She pulled back from him and looked around him and saw a familiar face. She’s seen him before, think Bailey.

"I know you," she said. "Noah?"

Cody looked at Blake; he was damn surprised as well. Bailey was remembering. She hasn’t seen Noah since before her last tour which was almost eighteen months ago.

If she was remembering, she could remember other things as well. Things Cody didn’t want her to remember.

Bailey noticed his eyes began to water and she didn’t know why.

"You remember me?" Noah asked.

"Yeah? I don’t know where from but your there in my mind and your name is there to." She honestly didn’t know how she knew him but he was there in her memory just like Matty was, it was the same memory that her brother was in.

Another head popped out next to his, she knew him as well. She concentrated but nothing was coming from the face she was looking at, he was the youngest out of the bunch and she knew him, he looked so familiar, the name was on the tip of her tongue but she couldn’t remember.

Bailey’s eyes began to burn, "I’m sorry, I don’t remember you," she softly whispered.

"Its fine honey, I don’t expect you to," he smiled shyly.

Bailey managed a small nod and looked over at Cody; he had a serious face as he looked at her.

"Come on, let’s go get ready." Cody walked up to her and grabbed her hand; his team cleared the entrance as they all looked at Bailey.

Cody felt their eyes on him as well; they’re probably wondering what the hell he was doing getting involved with Bailey. Everybody knew though, they all had an idea of what Bailey meant to him, his cousin gave him a knowing glance earlier, he knew what was going on whether he knew it himself.

After they no longer seen them, his men turned to look at him with concerned faces.

"What are we going to do?" Whitman asked.

"I think she’s in more danger now that she’s remembering certain things. She could remember her training and you all now what will happen if she does." They knew that Bailey would want in on the action; she wasn’t going to sit back and have them take care of her, if anything she was going to be the making the orders. Bailey was the take charge kind of woman, she didn’t sit on the side lines and knowing that, she could get herself killed.

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