Something was different about Sansa Stark. Since a few days ago, the eldest Stark daughter had changed drastically.

Oh sure, she had long stopped trying to talk on and on about the endless new fashions and clothing from the south. She was no longer the innocent unknowing girl she had once been and had finally learned to look deeper into things. It was something that had Jeyne sighing in relief. If she had continued her naive ways in such a kingdom as Westeros, she would have been too easy to manipulate.

But something else was different about her…and her slow mind on the issue be cursed for she could not seem to find out what it was.

Her eldest daughter had changed.

That much catelyn stark was sure of. As she prepared for king Robert's arrival in a few days, she couldn't help but think about it.

Where once there was timidity, there was now overwhelming confidence in her actions that befitted her name and station as a daughter of House Stark. She walked and talked with a confidence that had not been there before and her eyes shone with some inner light and strength.

Indeed she was becoming as sharp and cunning as catelyn herself and her Sister Arya had been unable to bait her at all this whole week in an argument, Sansa defeating her sister in a verbal spar of words without even as much as looking uo from her sewing and needlework. She was new.Like a woman come into her own at last.

She was now even more aware of her body and beauty and wearing dresses that showed off her bodies curves which In turn was driving some of the single men at Winterfell mad. She had even heard that many red haired whores at the local brothel were getting more business because of her daughter, with men trying to find a woman as close to her daughter in looks to satisfy there lust.

Whilst she was happy to see this change in her daughter, it brought only one conclusion to her mind.

Somebody had bedded her daughter. And not just anybody. Somebody Sansa had loved and Wanted.

Sansa was no longer a pure lady but a woman. This would be troubling if the king wanted her to marry his son Joffrey. All hope rested on Arya then….

Knowing Arya's character there wasn't much hope there either.

Since Arya had turned 18 and become as beautiful as her late Aunt Lyanna Stark, there was even more madness in lust for the men of Winterfell. And she was just as accomplished a warrior as her father in battle.

Now all she had to do was find out who was bedding her daughter and put a stop to it.

Strangely enough….something inside her kept telling her that Jon Snow was somehow involved…..

"Husband in all but name indeed…." Jon snow could not help but think.

Since their first night together, Sansa had simply become his mind and soul. Should he be in the training yards, she would watch from the castles battlements. Should he come from a routine patrol, she was there waiting for him at the castle entrance, silent and unseen. Should he go to his room, she was there already, waiting quietly and patiently for her "husband."

He had been relieved beyond words when she bled again at the beginning of the month. Sansa had not. She had been hoping for a child.

"How would you have explained it, Sansa? It's a relief that there is no child. It would be a shame to your reputation and the baby itself." Jon had said gently to an irritated Sansa.

Sansa hadn't liked that. "There is nothing wrong with my reputation that would shame me or OUR baby. I'm not promiscuous nor would I not know OUR child's father. You are an honourable man, Jon. No shame would come from carrying your child. There is just no child……FOR NOW." She said, her blue eyes on his face.

Her emphasis on the last words had sent heat to his face and a chill down his spine. She meant business.

Not that it took much work to get Jon inside her and pouring his seed into her. No matter how much he tried to resist his lady wife's (it still made his heart warm to call Sansa that name) attentions. All she need do was look at him whenever they were alone together, her face seemingly impassive while her blue eyes met his and spoke volumes. Licking her soft lips at him, her gaze never wavering.

Jon would then see the curves of her body and hips, her swelling breasts as her nipples poked through her dress's silk material and her fiery hair….

Within minutes he would be kissing her deeply as he sprayed load after thick load of sperm into her fertile womb. And the way she would then spread the moist lips of her satisfied cunt apart and let him see his seed run down from inside her pussy, asking him to claim her once more…..

He would be ready and willing within seconds, his cock erect almost at once to Sansa's amusement.

They sometimes spent most of their free days together in his rooms, laying on his/their bed, kissing and talking of the future.

She now stayed by his side most of the days, always where he was. She walked with him when they were in the Gods wood and was always sitting close beside him as they rested near the main halls fireplace. She would sometimes fall asleepbon his shoulder while they sat near the fire's warmth and Jon enjoyed watching her auburn hair glow fiery red in the flames reflection.

He had tried once to take her to her rooms when she had fallen asleep thus but she had woken just as he was about to lay her on her bed. Her blue eyes had instantly connected with his own dark ones and conveyed her orders. Either it was his rooms or nothing.

She had then proceeded to Fuck him senseless "as punishment" for even thinking of taking her to sleep anywhere else but their "Marriage bed" in his room.

"Married men don't return their wives to their homelands bed, do they?" She had asked him, then kissing him deeply as she pounded into his cock from above him and he filled her with his seed.

Jon should have known someone would find out. At least he should have suspected it. Most of Winterfell were blind to their relationship, but not all of it. While Arya grew more suspicious of the more friendly ( See Arya for the words " They look like a couple of newlyweds") relationship, she had yet to voice her feelings, still investigating, while Jeyne Poole seemed to be closing in on them.

It was thus that he shouldn't have been surprised to find Catelyn stark in his room, waiting for him while sitting on his bed. A frown on her beautiful features as he closed the door.

"I shouldn't have been surprised to find you were the one bedding my daughter, Jon Snow. It seems the local brothel is too small for you to sire your Bastards in, isn't it? You have to smear the good name of the ladies of Winterfell with your actions. Especially my daughter. It is a wonder that you haven't gotten her with child with how much you two are going at it, night after night."

Jon didn't know what to say. He was frozen by her words and wondered what he would do. He couldn't murder her nor would she just let it go if he promised to leave Sansa alone. Not that Sansa would take that well.

She might just murder Catelyn herself, irritated as she was at still bleeding at the beginning of the month again, meaning no child and then being told they could not continue with their happy lives together. Years of resentment towards Catelyn was rising in Jon now.

"I have come up with a solution." The lady stark continued as she walked towards the door and bolted it shut before returning to sit on his bed.

"And what is that, lady Catelyn?" Jon asked, trying to keep his anger in check.

The Tully heir stood from the bed and, to Jon's shock and amazement, let the red dress she wore slip to the floor, showing off her amazing body. Even at 38, the lady was a beauty to behold. Her long dark red Tully hair unbound and flowing to her neck like her daughter's, her unmarred smooth skin and the mature curves of her body as well as her huge firm cleavage that was now bare on display.

"Since I cannot banish you due to my husband's protection and I will not hurt my husband with the news of his children coupling due to his ill health, I will use my body to satisfy your urges to protect my daughter and the girls of Winterfell your advances. Be grateful, Bastard. You would be dead if ned knew."

Jon could only smirk at his luck. His advances? He and Sansa were in love. And if by any other girls he meant Jeyne Poole then that girl should be locked up away from him or she would practically throw herself at him.

He did not say any of this though, but advanced on the stark lady.

Catelyn was on her back, her legs spread wide apart as Jon plunged into her soaking pussy. She was such a slut. She knew there was nothing pure about her intentions to protect the girls and she truly resented Jon for being Neds bastard but she had gone so long without sex that she was needy for it. And jon was hung like a stallion!

Her breasts bounced up and down as Jon pounded into her hard, her moans of pleasure and pain at how huge his cock was stuffing her tight pussy filling the room as he fucked her relentlessly.

Jon was fucking years of resentment into her pussy, punishment for all her haughty comments and snide remarks at her hands. His cock was impacting into her cunt hard, making the Tully heir scream in pleasure.

Now finally with all 8 inches of his cock inside her, he could feel the cockhead press up against Catelyn's womb, the very place sansa was created. Slowly jon eased himself out, Catelyn closing her eyes and arching her back up from the bed as she tried not to let out a scream frustration or want, she needed his cock, badly And jon was only too happy to oblige.

When he was about halfway out, he pushed himself back inside at a faster pace, slamming into her as he reached down and grabbed Catelyn tully red hair forcing her soft lips to his as he kissed her fiercely, he wanted to hear her moan into his mouth as he was kissed her possesively and filled her pussy with his cock.

Jon could feel his release getting close and released Catelyn's lips from their kiss as he began to pound harder and harder into the redhead beauty. "Listen well, Catelyn. You're mine now. No one else's. Not even Lord starks. You came to me and now you're moaning like a brothel Whore as I take you and you break your vows. I will take Sansa as my bride and there's nothing you will do about it. You will support us for you are mine now and addicted to this cock. You know it as well as I." He said as Catelyn moaned in pleasure and began to cum hard, her wet pussy clenching at his cock.

"Ughhhh! You fucking Tully bitch. You fish whores from the Riverlands are always begging for it. Your cunt is just clenching for my seed." He roared as the pounding of his cock into her pussy increased, her lewd moans of pleasure filling the room as his balls began to build in need for release.

"Me and Sansa will need a lot of Gold to begin our lives once we're married. And we're not leaving anything to that idiot Robb. Not Winterfell nor The Riverlands. I'm going to seed you, Lady Tully. Make you bear my child in your Womb. A new Heir to the Riverlands." Jon said as Catelyn'seyes widened in lust and shock though not even trying to resist.

"I'll give you a nice going away present from our encounter today. And after that I think I'll pay aunt Lysa a visit as well and get a foothold on The vale. Leave her nice and pregnant with my heir after a tumble or two. My children will be in charge of the north for generations to come and all because you were a lustful little Whore. I'll give you another child to care for and nourish with those huge tits."

Jon's words were too much for Catelyn. Her pussy was gushing with juice at the thought of carrying a bastard offspring of Jon's. Jon finally slammed into her cunt one last time, pushing way past her cervix into her fertile womb and making Catelyn unknowingly wrap her her legs around his waist,pulling him deeper into her.

"Take my seed Tully Whore! Take all that thick cum in your cunt and bear my child!"
He roared before silencing Catelyn's cries of pleasure with his mouth, kissing her deeply and possessively as he pasted her womb with load after load of his virile jizz. She felt his seed flow into her cunt as he came for one minute straight before breaking their kiss and sliding out of her satisfied pussy.

He smirked in triumph as he watched his thick seed leak from her conquered and impregnated womb. He wondered what her kinsmen from the Riverlands would say, seeing her ravished by a bastard and him having sired an heir on her womb. House Tully was conquered.

He left her in the room, a sweaty cum leaking mess, dreaming of babies with red hair and dark eyes. She would leave before anyone discovered her but it was now over. She was now Jon snow's woman

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