There were still quite a few of both teams milling around as she strolled through the bar area.
"Been busy?" Lydia enquired.
"You could say that," Manning began before heading to the bar and ordering another five Hooch's.

Alan Saltmayor saw the woman bowl back into the bar, with her Oakleys shading her eyes and fixed his gaze on her. She had a brief interaction with one or two of the other girls before ordering a mammoth round of drinks at the bar which she seemed to be tackling by herself. Saltmayor approached her.
"Hi, I'm Alan Saltmayor, the President's Chief of Staff."
Manning turned to face him.
"Alright pal, what's your game then?"
"I just wanted to introduce myself and give you this phone on which the President will be able to contact you. Don't tell anyone about it." Alan went on.
"Fuck that noise bruv, if he wants me he can find me on Twitter. @TheHarlowPython is the handle. He can DM the shit out of me on there."
Saltmayor was taken aback by Manning's whole demeanour, what on earth did Trump see in this woman?
"I must insist ma'am, Mr. Trump has asked that I pass this to you."
"Look fella, Mr. Trump is wallowing in a puddle of my piss out there at the minute so putting his name to something isn't going to give it any fucking credibility."
Saltmayor assumed this was some sort of joke and attempted to drop the phone in her pocket. As he lurched forward Manning reached out and took a grab at his crotch.
"Decent package son, play your cards right we could have some fun together. You must know the number of this phone? Just ask your boss about the places I could take you in the sack!"
Alan felt a flood of nausea come over him, his stomach turned. He locked his eyes on Manning.
"Look, I have no fucking idea what my boss sees in you, I think you're a fucking mess. For whatever reason he seems to like you. When he wants to contact you he will do on this phone. That is all I have to say to you, now kindly get out of my face."
"Alright ball buster, are you on the reds or something? I'll take the fucking phone, just cool your jets."
With that Manning sunk the next two Hooch's and strolled across the bar whacking numerous girls on the back as she passed.

Alan was beginning to wonder what the hell had happened so he ordered his men to look for his Trump. This had been a fuck up from the very start and he was getting it in the ear from the director of Markhams Inc, the company who had won the tender for the construction of the wall. The CEO was calling again, Alan ignored it. He needed to get his boss to the border in the next twenty-four hours otherwise he knew that the protestors could stall the work. If momentum built then there was the potential for public opinion to turn and fast. He didn't need that... Trump didn't need that, Alan needed to fix this and fast.

Alan made his way back to the convoy of cars and felt some relief as he spotted Trump getting into the back seat of his limo. As he opened the car door the stench of urine hit him like a train.
"Jesus Don, what the fuck happened to you? I thought she was joking when she said she had left you wallowing in her piss, but my fucking God you let her piss all over you?!?! What the actual fuck? We've got protestors threatening to derail the progression of your wall and you're finding the time to get pissed on!"
Alan was clearly extremely angry and Trump knew that he had let what had happened get away from him. It was what Manning did to him though, she had a power over him and he couldn't resist it.
"Alright Alan I know I've dropped the ball on this one but I've had my fun and we don't need to chase her around now. Nobody saw anything and who would believe her if she told anyone anyway." Trump said, eager to ensure that Alan stopped shouting at him.
The wall was something Trump knew he needed to focus on. He hated the Mexicans, he hated the fact that they strolled across the border every day to his precious United States.
"Get Air Force One ready Alan, we leave at once. But there is one condition," Trump ordered.
"Sir," replied Alan with an inkling of what was to come.
"She comes with us, we can't have her speaking with anyone can we?" The President went on, softening his tone to try and reason with Saltmayor.
"Of course sir."
Alan had a plan. What better place to get rid of this woman than at a construction site?

Manning slept wonderfully that night, better than she had slept in years. Smoking had taken its toll on her and most nights she would wake with a coughing fit. Each attack would last for ten or so minutes before she could settle down again. Tonight was different, whether it was the sex or the drink she didn't know, but she had blacked out as soon as she lay her head on the pillow.

'I'm heartbroken (without your love) I'm heartbroken (yes I've had enough)',' Manning's phone blared out. She woke with a start.
"Fuckin' love this tune, Lydia this tunes facking class ain't it? Met T2, Micah Richards and Anton Ferdinand at Uni when this tune dropped. Drinking champagne in the VIP wasn't I?"
"Just answer the phone Alexei I'm shattered," mumbled Lydia.
"Yes Trump, what you sayin'?" Grunted Manning as she slid 'answer' on the phone.
"Madam, it's Alan Saltmayor. The President requests that you join him on Air Force One for a trip to New Mexico. He has urgent business that he needs to attend to but would like your company aboard the plane. We shall send a car, it will be at the hotel in thirty minutes."
He hung up before Manning could respond.

As Manning put down the phone she could feel a set of eyes going right through her, when she looked up her room mate Lydia was staring at her.
"Take a picture if you want sugar tits."
Lydia completely ignored her before changing the conversation
"Who was that on the phone?"
Manning interjected straight away.
"That was old time from the White House baby girl, he's a fucking dirt bag, the things he likes to do."
"I don't believe you," her room mate shot back.
She couldn't and wouldn't believe that Manning was having relations with the President of the United States.

Lydia had been growing tired of cricket for a few years now. The money wasn't great and the last few years had not been kind on her body. Furthermore she wasn't getting the grade A snatch she used to.
If only there was a way to make a shitload of cash and disappear. Then it came to her.
"Prove to me that was the President."
Manning noticed a slight swelling under her tracksuit, she had roomed with Lydia for a while and had always longed to fuck her. She was the one that had always got away, but not anymore, it's about time she met the 'Harlow Python' Manning thought to herself.
"Get changed treacle we're going to New Mexico," Manning said, "limos coming in 30."
With that both girls began plotting. Lydia was hoping to secure her financial future whilst Manning felt sure she was not far away from securing that elusive poontang. What could possibly go wrong?

Jack had driven limousines for various people over the course of the last five years but had never had a job like this. He parked up outside the hotel having already picked up the order of drinks, the large brown box contained drinks he had never heard of before. Bottles of VK, Apple Sourz and Corkys. He had no idea what was going on or who he was picking up but with a Secret Service agent next to him he knew that it was someone important.

Trump was at the airfield early. He loved to sip champagne and eat olives on bright days at the airfield. It took his mind away from all of the stress and he could focus on the issues of the day. This wall was becoming a blot on the early days of his Presidency. He needed to set things right and fast.
He didn't have an exact plan but going to New Mexico was key. He would meet with the workers, the management, the protestors or their representatives and he would make a statement. Hours later he knew the protestors would be gone one way or another. He just needed to find the right protestor with the right face to make a statement on television saying that they had changed their mind and that would be that.
He sipped away in the knowledge that Manning was en route, he had just received confirmation of the pick up, he wondered if he would be joining the mile high club. His mind raced and his cock bulged, he had never had so much sex, he had certainly never had so much anal sex. His anus twitched at the thought of Manning sliding her huge cock up him. The twitch you get when the muscles contract independently, it felt amazing and he could not wait to be penetrated again. He wasn't gay, he kept telling himself that fact, if the public found out about this he would be strung up and there would be no way back.
This was his private affair and Manning was no Monika Lewinsky. He settled down as a light aircraft flew overhead. Not long now he thought looking down at his sparkling gold Rolex watch.

Manning had thrown her holdall at the limo driver and dived inside, giddy with excitement, she loved this type of thing. She loved being the centre of attention, she loved VIP areas and mingling with the minor celebrities that she occasionally came into contact with in her life at home.
"Look Lyds, bubbles. Want a glass?"
Lydia was just climbing in to join her but was more cautious about being seen.
"Sure why not?"

"Here Drives, how long's this gunna take?"
Manning questioned the driver, she loved making mindless small talk, it made her feel important.
"About half an hour Miss."
Jack responded wondering why a Secret Service agent was here to protect these two clowns.

Manning kept Lydia's glass well and truly topped up throughout the journey, she knew that Lydia loved pussy but she was not prepared to get turned down again. She would fuck Lydia soon, she could almost feel her wet pussy clamping around her hard cock, she knew a bit of alcohol would lube the deal. Her mind wandered as she placed her hand on Lydia's thigh and gently started to stroke it.
Lydia was feeling slightly tipsy because of the mid-morning drinking and made no attempt to stop Manning. In fact she seemed to quite enjoy it which created a stirring in Manning's loin. They sipped and giggled for the next twenty-five minutes before the limousine pulled up to the airfield.
"It's an Air-Force-One,
Trainers by the truck load, trainers by the tonne,
Don't feel dazed when I catch you by your jays,
Chump, best to act like Forrest Gump, best to run!"
Manning started rapping.
"Fix up look sharp, don't make me paint a bitch, something get dark, hear the bang, see the spark, duck down, lay down just (get on down)".
"Big tune Dizzy," laughed Lydia before leaning in and kissing Manning.
"You're getting lucky later." Lydia said softly.
With that Manning pulled her Oakleys down.
"Course love".

With 'fix up look sharp' in her head Manning leapt out of the limousine. She took a moment to take in the scene whilst a tipsy Lydia stumbled out behind her. Air Force One was ready to go and the most powerful man on the planet was desperate for her cock up his ass again. Could life get any better? The sun came out from behind a cloud, Manning knew that her cock was going to be busy on this flight. She adjusted her package which had started to twitch at the thought of more sex.

"Wait a minute drives," she called back to Jack. "Got the rest of that champers left, don't want that to go to waste."
She dived back into the limo and snatched the bottle from the side, leaving the glasses behind as she swigged from the bottle, Trump emerged from the hanger.
"Alright Trump? Hope you've brought your A game? See Lyds, told ya Trump fuckin loved it up him," laughed Manning.
"Jaysus Alexei, you weren't joking, this is amazing," stuttered Lydia in reply.
The champagne had gone straight to her head and champagne always made her horny, it must be the bubbles she thought.
The Secret Service agents beckoned them all on board. As Manning reached the top of the steps she took one last opportunity to survey scene around her. This is fuckin brilliant she thought.

As Manning entered the plane she was taken aback by how spacious it was. She was used to Ryanair economy, not this type of luxury. She took another glass of champagne from the waitress on board and was shown to her own room. She flopped down on the bed, the glass and bottle spilling on the floor. The interior as you would expect was of the highest quality, oak finishes on all of the wooden surfaces and all the facilities of a five star hotel on a aeroplane.
There was a knock at the door.
"Alexei, it's Lydia, please let me in."
"It's open sweets," Manning replied as she manoeuvred herself into what she thought would be a seductive position on the bed.
She lay with her legs spread, making it immediately obvious that she was turned on. Her cock bulged as Manning wondered what would happen next.

The door swung open and Lydia snuck inside, shutting the door behind her. She had got changed and was wearing one of the Air Force One dressing gowns.
"What do you think Alexei?" She said seductively.
"I think it would look better on the floor cute stuff, get over here," Manning responded.
It didn't take Lydia too long to creep her way over to the bed, by the time she had got there Manning had already whipped her tracksuit bottoms off and laid her cock on the bed. Lydia stared at it.
"Give it a lick Lyds, you'll love it." She said forcefully.
Much to her surprise Lydia obliged straight away. She started with her balls, licking away at them before moving all the way up the shaft to the tip.
"Fuck, feels like you've done this before Lyds." Manning seemed surprised.
"I've never had a cock this big but I've sucked and fucked a few in my time, I just turned to pussy a few years back. When I saw this Congo cock in the shower though, I knew I had to give it a try. I just didn't want May to know." Lydia responded.
"Anyway enough of this blowjob bullshit, you gunna fuck me or what?" She went on.

Manning shot up, pulled Lydia onto the bed and pinned her down parting her legs. She then took her cock into her hand and guided it towards Lydia's wet entrance.
"Go slow, it's been a while" Lydia moaned in anticipation.
Manning slowly guided the tip into her wetness, Lydia gasped as Manning slowly slid further into her. Lydia's pussy devoured her cock like a snake devours its prey.
Manning increased her rhythm, fucking Lydia. She used one hand to pin her down whilst the other tweaked at her perfectly round nipples.
Manning knew it wouldn't take her long to blow her load, she had wanted Lydia for as long as she could remember. Now she had her she wanted her to feel her explode inside.
"I'm gunna nut inside you, fuck Lyds love that tight little pussy of yours! Have that ya bastard!"
She exploded inside her and with it turned Lydia back to cock. Manning pulled her cock out and slapped it on Lydia's pussy which was haemorrhaging cum.
"Wash yourself up in there love we've got a President to meet."

After a quick shower and change both girls re-appeared wearing matching off-yellow outfits. They were supposed to be wearing these tonight with the rest of the team. They were supposed to be at a leaving dinner with the UK Ambassador in Washington, but as they were not going to make it not they thought they would get good use out of them anyway.
Manning had briefly run through the previous few days with Lydia whilst they soaped each other off in the shower. Both girls were eager to have some more fun and Manning was keen to lose her mile high anal virginity.
"Fackin 'ell Lyds, I'm Steve Kean to have Trump's cock up me ass."
She had told Lydia as she pulled back her foreskin and washed away all the left over cum.

Alan turned to Trump and whispered in his ear.
"Mr President, it seems that you were going for Gold but ended up with Mustard." "Well Alan, with a comment like that I have got something special planned for the next few hours. You will do exactly as I say or else I'm dropping you off in New Mexico and feeding you to those dirty little wetbacks at the wall."
Trump puffed a smoke ring in Alan's face.
"Welcome ladies," Trump bellowed, "help yourself to whatever you like, I've bought some of your favourites. Those WKDs that you like and some Apple Sourz. In fact let's do shots right now!"
Trump poured four shots single handedly whilst puffing with a cigar with the other.

All four of them drank, smoked, ate and flirted for the next hour. Alan reluctantly at first, but as the drink took hold he began to relax and get into the spirit of things.
"Right enough of this lets get to it," Trump said demandingly and pulled Manning close.
He kissed her, their tongues intertwining like fish dancing in the water. After drinking so much so early in the day Trump was drunk and horny. He was desperate to have Manning again but he was going to make Alan watch.
As Trump kissed Manning, Lydia looked at Alan, Alan knew that he was pretty much powerless to resist. He shifted on his seat, thought briefly of his wife back in New Jersey, then leaned over to kiss Lydia. From that point he knew there was no turning back.

The kissing and heavy petting lasted for a while. From a distance it looked like two jocks and their cheerleader girlfriends going at it for the first time, the excitement was reaching fever pitch. On closer inspection Manning, Trump and Alan's cocks were bursting out.
Manning's dick had pushed her dress upwards like a circus tent. She had hitched it up so Trump could slide his hand up her dress and start to wank her off. He loved feeling the tip of her cock and sliding his thumb over her Jap's Eye but Manning loved it more.
Just like Trump Alan had his hand up his girl's dress. Sliding up her smooth legs, he had his thumb pressed down on her swollen clit and a finger inside her wet cunt. Occasionally he would slide it out and then slip it into Lydia's mouth.
"You're a dirty little whore," he whispered.
"You haven't seen anything yet," she she replied.
As she did Trump stood up and Manning dropped her dress.
It fell to the floor as Manning downed another WKD.
"All aboard the Bum Train, tickets please, choo choo," cried Manning in delight.
Alan was confused until Trump made it perfectly obvious what he wanted.
"Alan, you've got two choices here. Join the train and enjoy the ride or you're off at the next stop."
Alan knew he couldn't turn back now, Manning had her erect cock out and was gently stroking it up and down. Trump was doing the same whilst Lydia, having also stripped, was furiously fingering her tight, wet pussy.

Trump dropped his trousers and pants revealing his erect cock.
"Choo choo," called Manning as Trump entered her from behind.
"Oooooh ya bastard," she said, as she spat on her cock and slid it into Alan's tight virgin arse.
"Damn you're tight, tell me you fuckin love it up ya Alan, ya bastard".
"I fucking love it up me Alexei," came the response.
It was met with howls of laughter from Manning and Trump.
"My turn now."
Lydia had stood up and parked herself in front of Alan at the perfect height for his cock to enter her anus.
Alan knew what to do, he had fucked his wife from behind for years before they were married because she didn't want her pussy tainted. Like Manning he spat on his cock and manoeuvred it to the entrance of Lydia's tight arse before sliding it in forcefully.
Before they knew it all four of them were locked in the bum train. Trump fucking Manning's ass who in turn was fucking Alan's, who in turn was fucking Lydia's, who in turn was furiously fingering herself to climax.
The heat generated by all four bodies fucking was incredible they were all visibly sweating. They had all found a way of fucking which enabled them to hit each other perfectly.
It was Alan who was going to cum first.
"Fuck," he called as his cock burst inside Lydia's arsehole.
It was the second time in a matter of hours that she had been filled with the seed of a man and she loved the feeling.
Trump was next to blow, filling Manning's anus with his salty load. Finally it was Manning's turn.
"Oooohhhh have that nut in you... You complete, fackin' bastard," she cried as she nutted deep into his asshole.
With that all four collapsed in a disgusting heap of sweat and cum.

Exhausted from the train, all four fell asleep before being woken by the pilot.
"Mr. President, ladies and gentleman, we will shortly be arriving in Albuquerque. Please take your seats for our arrival."

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