This was how Leila found him an hour or so later. She had driven up into the hills from the Jamieson home in her brand new Subaru. She pulled up at the front of the house and went in calling to Jem. Getting no reply from the lounge, she went into the office and dropped the completed plans portfolios on his desk and went off in search of her brother-in-law.

Leila had her long blond hair tied in a pony-tail this morning, her generous breasts were loaded into a tiny white, lace-trimmed bra and a bright red blouse which did little to hide the swell of her C cups. She wore a short white tennis skirt underneath which she had the barest hint of a string that just about covered the neatly trimmed blond ‘V’ of her pubes but not much else. Anyone happening to be standing behind her if she suddenly bent over would get a generous eyeful of all her firm, rounded ass - which was the way she liked it. Leila Jamieson was a bit of an exhibitionist after all.

Not finding Jem in the kitchen either, she slipped out the side door and went down to the terrace to see if he was working by the pool. The Neumann’s new home had been built recently, with a few others, in a secluded cul-de-sac at the head of a narrow valley in the San Fernando foothills not far from the Pacoima Reservoir. Jem had gone to a lot of effort and time putting in the terrace and a full size swimming pool with an infinity drop over the valley; often they would have prospective clients to visit so he could demonstrate the quality of his company’s construction work and the strength of design. As she came down the steps onto the terrace she noticed that Jem was asleep on one of the loungers by the pool.

The second thing Leila noticed was that Jem was butt naked, and that his cock, already thick even when it was soft, lay like a massive log along the washboard of his ripped stomach, fully erect. Although they were used to seeing each other naked at their parent’s homes, this was the first time Leila had actually had the chance to appreciate Jem’s cock close up and hard. Fallon had kept no secrets from her little sister since she and Jem had been together and Leila’s pussy suddenly felt very wet anticipating that after all this time she might just be about to find out if all the stories that her sister had told her about Jem’s incredible love-making were true. "Hell," she thought, "I’ve been fantasizing about getting my hands on this for years." Her mouth suddenly felt very dry and she licked her lips.

Quickly, Leila removed her blouse and bra, then, on second thoughts, put the blouse back on buttoning only the middle button up. Without the bra, the thin cotton material really struggled to contain her large breasts, her nipples already standing proud with the anticipation of getting fucked. Standing up, she peeled off her string and put it on the table with the bra. She quietly sat on the edge of the lounger, her hand hovering over Jem’s erection. Her breath started coming more quickly as she felt her pussy moistening. Carefully she reached down to his hard shaft, her fingers gently encircling its girth and lifting it "Shit," she muttered, "he’s even bigger than Jake!"

It was certainly like none of the teen-aged cocks that she had fucked at college, they were either too small or too gross; the one half-way decent cock she had got hold of before she’d met Jake had belonged to a nerdy guy and he’d only lasted long enough to come over her tits. She smiled again at the sudden memory of his sperm splashing over her as he apologised profusely. The guy was so embarrassed he could not get away quickly enough. She’d then spent a pleasant twenty minutes on her own massaging the white, creamy sperm into her tittles, her favourite toy jammed up her sopping wet pussy until she came.

Fortunately for Leila she had met Jake a little over a year ago and he had been a real gift in the cock department. She and Jake knew they were too young not to take advantage of life and experiment and so they had agreed as part of the relationship that as long as they shared with each other they had the other’s permission to play around. Now Leila had her hand around her brother’s fat cock, it was not a long as Jake’s was, about an inch shorter she reckoned, but it was definitely thicker

She gently pulled down on Jem’s cock, his slick foreskin sliding back to reveal the firm crown of his hard, purple cockhead, a tiny drop of precum leaking from its tip. With the forefinger of her other hand she wiped the drop up and sucked her finger into her mouth. That was the first thing Jem saw as he came awake, his mind muzzy from his dream and feeling all hot and bothered. Thinking that Fallon had come back and was wanting to fuck him again he mumbled, "F…Fallon, honey, what are you doing back so soon?" Leila’s wet finger pressed against his lips and he licked at it. "Jem it’s not Fallon…it’s me…Leila." Her soft hand caressed his rock hard cock slowly, sliding the foreskin back and forth, the finger slipping between Jem’s lips, his tongue licking around the end of it as she teased him.

Reality eventually penetrated through the haze to Jem’s brain and his eyes slowly opened wide. Now he was fully awake. It was true, there he was lying on his back, one of Leila’s perfectly manicured fingers in his mouth, her fabulous breasts bulging from her blouse in front of his eyes, the hard nipples tenting the material. Her other hand was very slowly and very pleasurably wanking his painfully hard cock. "Whoa there, Leila, just wait a minute," Jem said as he gently took her finger out of his mouth and sat up. Leila’s hand stopped stroking him as he said "Are you really sure you want to be doing this hun? And what will Fallon say when she finds out?"

In his mind he was fairly sure that if Fallon had not actually put her sister up to it, she certainly wouldn’t object, more likely she would want to watch or join in. They had often discussed her wanting to involve someone else in their lovemaking, who better than Leila? At that thought his cock jumped causing Leila’s hand to reflexively squeeze him tighter "Ahh…ahh" he groaned "Seriously Leila. You want to do this here and now?" he added smiling at her. "Oh come on Jem." Leila huffed at him a little, fixing him with those same bright blue eyes that his wife had. "I’ve been wanting to do this for months ever since you coldn’t keep your eyes from ogling my pussy at the parents’ place." "Hmm" he said about to object but thinking better of it. "And…" she added, "I know you really like looking at my tattoo don’t you Jem?" she made a little girl pout, taking her hand off his cock long enough to unbutton her blouse and let it fall off her shoulders displaying the stunning Japanese maple tree that ran down her torso with its beautiful blacks, greys and pinks etched into her firm, tanned skin.

Her breasts swung free, the juicy hard nipples like ripe cherries and the same colour as the blossoms of her tattoo. His cock jerked again. "See?" she said reaching across to encircle his dick with her hand once more, "even he thinks so! And anyways, now that I am 18 I can definitely decide for myself what I want and who I want to do it with." "You’ve been doing that for ages already," Jem reminded her, his eyes drinking in the sight of her voluptuous tits, the sun glinting off the rings she wore in her nose and navel. It made her look like a wanton, horny pixie he thought. Her smile was simply stunning, again just like her sister’s. His cock was starting to throb with pleasure as Leila resumed stroking him.

"And, anyways" she added, "Fallon said it was perfectly ok to ask you if you would fuck me. Call it a birthday present!" She let that sink in; any resistance that Jem had remaining pretty much gave way at that point. "OK honey," he thought for a few moments before saying "if you are really sure you want this…" Leila leant forward and kissed him full on the mouth her tongue pushing between his lips. One hand went behind his head, the other resumed its stroking of his prick. They kissed, their tongues frenching each other, swapping saliva and duelling until Leila ran out of breath. Breaking apart, Leila stood up and walked over to the solid wood deck table. She grabbed a cushion off one of the chairs and lay back with it under her head, her cute butt on the edge of the table, her knees pulled up and her blond and now very wet gash thrust upwards. "Eat me stud!" she invited Jem who was watching her brazen antics slightly disbelievingly. He stood up, and came towards her, jacking his cock as he walked across the deck.

Kneeling between her thighs, he carefully spread her legs, her hands hooking under her knees, then reached for the outer lips of her pussy; like her sister, she was already sopping wet and he marvelled at the beautiful flower made by the blades of her inner lips and her round, dark pink cunt hole. Nestling under the trimmed V of her pubic hair, her clitoris peeked out from its cover, a tiny pink button. Spreading her lips, he stuck out his tongue and laved it from the bottom of her gash slowly up to the top, flicking at her clit. Leila squealed loudly at the sudden contact. "Ohhh fuck…yesssss!" "What is it honey?" He stopped and looked into her eyes. "Ah...ah…nothing…your beard really tickles." "Do you want me to stop?" "Hell no" she giggled. Jem wasn’t planning to stop anyway, his head dipped down and he slowly licked again from bottom to top, top to bottom and back again. He could smell the younger girl’s arousal as it leaked from her vagina, her sweet nectar mingling with his saliva and running down his chin as he began to eat her out properly.

He put his lips to hers sucking in spit and girl juices, savouring the taste on his tongue before resuming his licking action, up and down, down and up. As Leila’s pussy opened up more under his tongue, hemoved one hand to hold her skirt up and the other to caress her thigh. As he continued licking her out, his fingers toyed with the golden ring piercing her tiny belly button, feeling the tautness of her muscled abdomen beneath the cotton of her skirt. Leila started to moan softly as her excitement intensified. "Oooohhhh…yes….Jem…lick my snatch," she urged him, her hands finding his head, her legs flopping over his shoulders as she pushed his face deeper into her juice soaked crotch. Jem responded by stiffening his tongue and starting to fuck her slit with it, jabbing her clitoris on each upstroke. Leila grabbed his head harder urging him on. "Oh yes…yes…suck my cunt…fuck…oh…ahhh…ahhhhh…oh my fucking god that’s sooooo good!"

Jem transferred his attention directly to her clit, licking up and down either side, his beard grazing the soft skin of Leila’s open and now sopping wet pussy as she squeezed his head, her juices soaking his face. "Aiyee…fuck…fuck…fuck!" she moaned. "Right there…yesss….yessssss….oh god, oh god… I’m fucking cummmming!" she yelled as she suddenly lost it, coming all over his face. She pulled his face hard against her, grinding her pussy into him as her cum washed through her body. Pulling away to catch his breath, Jem stood and leaned over to plant a wet kiss on her smooth red lips as she moaned and whimpered with pleasure. He swiftly replaced his tongue with two of his fingers, slipping them deep into her still clasping pussy and slowly moving them back and forwards as she started to come down from her orgasm. He kissed her for a little longer his tongue running around her lips then moved back to her thighs firmly planting his mouth over her clit as he continued to finger fuck her with two and then three fingers.

Leila wasn’t expecting this at all and the sudden wave of sensation caused by the combination of his fingers massaging her ‘G’ spot and his lips vacuuming her hard, swollen clitoris sent her over the edge into a second cum "Oh…ohhh… ohhh…for fuck’s sake you bastard I’m gonna…!" she wailed as it hit her. "Yes…yess...ohhhhh…fuck me…fuck me…fuck!" she yelled. Jem jammed his fingers against her pubic bone finger fucking her with firm rhythmic strokes. Leila’s head rolled from side to side as she thrashed and moaned on the table.

Without waiting, Jem lifted her hips and stripped her miniskirt off. She looked totally wanton lying there, her wet thighs open to his hungry eyes, her gorgeous tattoo and smooth flat belly just waiting for a load of his semen and her glorious tits begging to be licked. He stood between her thighs and leaned down and suckled first one and then the other nipple into his mouth gently biting at it until she gasped out. She looked up at him, his engorged cock erect and lying along the inviting wet slit of her pussy. "Are you going to…?" As she said it he simply leaned forward and slid his hardness deep into her in one smooth steady thrust. As his balls slapped wetly against her ass-cheeks, Leila yelled out "Fuck meeeee…oh fuck…oh fuck…oh shit…you are soooo fucking big...fill my tight cunt….fuck yesss."

Her 18 year old pussy was tight around the girth of his cock and he’d worried at first that he had hurt her when he penetrated her, however Leila was grunting and fucking back at him as hard as she could each time he ploughed his cock deeply in and out of her snatch. Reaching down with both hands he lifted her legs and swing her feet over his shoulders which had the immediate effect of opening her cunt further and allowing the thick vein along the top his cock to graze her clit every time he thrust into her upwards thrusting pussy. Jem thrust into his sister deeply bottoming out on each thrust. Within minutes she was gasping and mouthing obscenities at him, her hands reaching for his and holding on like her life depended on it as she climbed toward yet another powerful orgasm.

For the second time that day, Jem was conscious of the "thwack…thwack…thwack" sound of his heavy wet balls slapping against a Jamieson girl’s ass, only this time it was his gorgeous sister thrusting back at him. The continued stimulation of her engorged clitoris had caused the girl to come completely undone, her eyes rolling in ecstasy as her cunt clamped down repeatedly on Jem’s shaft as she came again. "Ah…ahh…ah…fuck it!" she moaned. "Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss….fuck me…fuck me…yess harder" biting her lower lip hard as orgasm number three rolled through her, she surrendered completely to it. Jem was nearly ready to nut himself watching this pretty girl squirming beneath him. Impaled on his hard cock, Jake could feel her spasming pussy sucking at him, the pressure in his balls building as they started to ache for release.

"Jem…Jem" she breathed hard, "On my belly, on my belly, you know you want to…cum over… cum over me!" Hearing her pleading for his cum was all it took to send Jem over the edge, letting her legs drop he withdrew his cock from her gripping pussy as his balls started to contract. He fisted himself as the first fat jet of his hot creamy sperm splattered across her ripe tits, followed by a second then a third onto her belly filling her navel and coating her piercing, a fourth, fifth and sixth jet then covering her blond ‘V’ with a thick layer of his boy juice. Still fisting his foreskin back and forward firmly, Jem shuddered several times, squeezing out several more thick globs of his cum over Leila and watching as it slid down through her sticky pussy lips. "Mmmmm…" she purred, her fingers playing with the pooling liquid between her tits, "that’s really nice…yum," she started rubbing his cum into her hard nipples and firm glistening flesh of her tits.

Jem placed his thumbs on her trimmed blond pubic hair sweeping his cum up onto her tummy watching as she very sensuously massaged it into her shiny, sweating skin making specially sure to rub it into her tattoo. "Vitamin E is good for it you know," she smiled saucily, her eyes locking on to his. "You are a little vixen, you’re just as kinky as your sister aren’t you?" Jem said grinning back at her. "Well it does run in our family Jem" she answered. "You probably don’t know the half of it either though" now it was her turn to grin widely at him. Her tongue stuck out, she licked at her fingers. Jem leaned over her and suckled on one of her nipples, it was still hard and tasted of girl sweat, her arousal and his sperm. All in all not a bad taste he thought.

After a while, when she had finished using his cum to moisturize her skin, Jem scooped Leila up and carried her to the edge of pool; stepping off into the deep end still holding her as they splashed into the deep cool water. They both swam around lazily for a time before Leila reminded Jem that she was actually here to do some work, and so, a little reluctantly they climbed out and towelled off. Neither of them bothered dressing as the day was hot and after what they had just shared it seemed a bit silly to put clothes on. With a little self-control they were able to work methodically through the designs that Leila had prepared for two of their major clients. After agreeing some changes and discussing materials, during which Jem enjoyed immensely looking at Leila’s fabulous naked body, they finally finished up the designs and Jem fixed them both a very late lunch of salad, bread and cold meats which they took outside and had by the pool with a jug of cool, fresh sangria.

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