Gaping/Large Insertion model

gaping/large insertion/other model trained on danbooru, gelbooru, sankaku: all of gaping anus,gaping pussy,large insertion, huge dildo, fisting, prolapse, all the way through + some others. based on NAI nsfw.

prefer gelbooru (NAI) tags as the main ones were mapped when training on sankaku data, namely use gaping pussy instead of gaping vagina.
add letterbox in the negative prompt, all letterbox'd images were tagged in training so this helps a bit.
danbooru tags are a subset of gelboorus, for example danbooru only has gaping, where as gelbooru has gaping, gaping pussy and gaping anus

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Diff merge of Gape60 and AnythingV3. Much easier to use than Gape60 and more aesthetic! This is all I use these days.
Construction is: AnythingGape = Anything + (Gape - NAI)



AnythingGape-fp16 VAE
This is just the NAI VAE. Use this with AnythingV3 and its merges

the specifc parameters are:

AnythingGape Examples

Gape60 Examples

Some ones I made during testing. All generated in 512x512 with txt2img then edited and img2img'd to 896x896.

Gaping pussy

some types harder than others, can take effort to get it "anatomically accurate".
gaping pussy
second from the right was done with prompt editing, [prolapse:gaping pussy:10], etc. info on this. right most was edited to make the pussy way bigger, then inpainted.

Gaping anus

gaping anus

Huge penis

tags like large insertion huge penis size difference impossible fit stomach bulge. anal is tricky
huge dildo

Huge dildo

tags like large insertion huge dildo stomach bulge.
huge dildo


model understands it pretty well. make sure theres some context like a full arm otherwise it will prefer to just generate a dick.

All the way through

can be tricky, getting the squirmy/bumpy stomach bulge technically should be possible with intestine bulge.
all the way through

Uterine prolapse

the model has a hard time differentiating the different types of prolapse. prolapse is the usually smooth one, uterine prolapse adopts some anal prolapse attributes. can be tricky if you want it right.
uterine prolapse

Anal prolapse

tag is anal prolapse. also rectal prolapse should be recognized.
anal prolapse


some birth and egg laying data was added towards the end of training as an experiment, good luck getting it to deliver (literally). it can do pregnancy very well though. tags were mapped to giving birth, since birth and birthing were confusing the model for some reason. also egg laying.


not made with epoch 60 (think it was ~50). included anyway


despite the name it wasnt resumed from gape22, its started on a fresh NAI nsfw. technically only trained for 45 epochs since it started at epoch 15, i trained it for 120k steps in total.
gelbooru data for dilation belt dilation tape was added. works ok.
x-ray is confusing for the model so it was mapped to intview. still it cannot do x-ray :(
tags were only mapped starting at epoch 50 (oops), so it will understand sankaku tags somewhat.
data was added late for vibrator under panties and related. it still cannot pull it off, anything discrete like a hidden vibrator or butt plug is very hard for it to do (probably will train a new model for this).


masterpiece, best quality, (gaping vagina), ((gaping pussy)), (spread pussy), lying, on back, bed, legs up, (nsfw), 1girl, cute girl, solo, navel, small breasts, black hair, long hair, red eyes, blush, :o, sweating, close up Negative prompt: cum, pee, blurry, letterbox, inflation, censored Steps: 25, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 11, Seed: 1945215298, Size: 512x512, Model hash: edcecb19, Clip skip: 2

masterpiece, best quality, (large insertion), (multiple penetration), tentacles, ((anal)), ((anal penetration)), ((all the way through)), oral, gaping pussy, spread pussy, (intestine bulge), (nsfw), 1girl, cute girl, small breasts, black hair, long hair, red eyes, blush, fucked silly, sweating, pussy juice Negative prompt: letterbox, censored, simple background Steps: 30, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 11, Seed: 3110638353, Size: 512x512, Model hash: edcecb19, Clip skip: 2

Old models

gape22 (sanakaku + e621 data)

gape18 (e621 data)

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Edit: 25 Jan 2024 23:00 UTC
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