When they got home it was obvious that they would have to do a major rethink. It was Kat that came up with the solution. She could move her bedroom down to the basement so each of the triplets could have their own room within earshot of Emily and Mark. So, the next weekend the three of them started working on the basement. Kat was able to design her new room, bathroom, and walk-in closet. During this time another change in the family happened, Kat got her driver’s license much to Mark’s relief and dread. Granted now he didn’t need to chauffer her around, but now she could also sneak off on her own.

At seven months Emily got the depressing news that she had been expecting and dreading; no more vaginal intercourse until after the kids were born. Mark took this in stride through, after all whats a few months without intercourse when three new lives would be brought into the world. After talking about it, Mark and Emily decided that Mark should get a vasectomy before the kids were born so that when Emily was physically ready to get laid again all the little swimmers would be out of Marks cum. Emily of course would make sure that Mark had every last swimmer out of his cum. Just because Emily couldnt have use of her vagina at the moment didnt mean that she couldnt keep his cock in shape with other parts of her anatomy. Plus, side was that Emily had amazing cock-cucking skills. After all Mark had just wanted one kid while Emily had wanted two, now they were having three.

Two and a half months later the four of them were getting ready to go early morning fishing. By this time Kat and Brandon were inseparable and he liked to go fishing with Kat and her family. Emily had problems getting comfortable in her seat when she felt like she had peed herself (she was wearing her bikini bottom and one of Marks t-shirts for it was forecasted to be a hot day and she might want to go for a dip). Looking down, she knew what happened, her water had broken. The other three had just came out of the house with the food for the day.

"Hey guys, we got a problem."

"What’s that, Mrs. Schneider?" This was what Brandon always called her and after battling him, Emily gave up and let him call her that.

"I don’t how to tell you this but my water just broke."

Mark just smiled, "Kat can you help me get the boat unhooked and back in the barn please?"

"What’s this Dad, you’re not going to go into a panic like other dads?"

"Why panic kiddo, Emily’s going to probably be in labor a while before she gives birth and it won’t take but a couple of minutes to get the boat put away. After all, who knows what time we’ll get home. Speaking of that, do you want to ride with us or drive yourself?"

"Um..." looking at Brandon "We’ll ride with you. After all I can bring your truck back home."

"Well then let’s get going then."

Mark and Kat got the boat put back and then they all went to the hospital. Mark made sure to drive carefully for it was four in the morning and there was plenty of deer around. This was defiantly not the time to hit a deer. Driving to the hospital, Emily called Cindy to tell her what was going on for Cindy had given Emily very strict orders to call her when she went into labor; no matter what time it was. Of the four in the truck, Brandon actually was the most nervous.

"To see you like that honey, you would think that I was the one that was about to give birth" teased Kat.

"Shut up Kat, I’ve never closely known anyone who gave birth, plus I don’t have your nerves of steel."

"Well Dad’s not as nervous as you are." Kat couldn’t stop herself.

"Ya, well he’s been through this before and his nerves I think, are harder than yours. Can you please stop teasing me? I’m nervous enough as it is."

Arriving at the hospital, Mark dropped Brandon and the girls off at the entrance and went to park the truck. Once he got in, he found Brandon in the waiting room.

"I’m not family so they wouldn’t let me in."

"Come on Brandon, I’ll get you in and make sure to call your parents as well."

With that Mark took Brandon and true to his word got him past the nurses and into Emily’s room. Emily didn’t mind the fact that Brandon would see her private parts. For one she was a doctor after all. Two she knew that Brandon and Kat were sleeping together, Mark knew too for that matter. And the third reason the whole experience would be good for Brandon and Kat to see the entire birthing process. So, Emily put her foot down when a nurse tried to make Kat and Brandon leave. The nurse might have been new but she had heard all about Emily, Mark, and Kat and knew the last thing she wanted to do was to piss them off. Plus, anyone with half a brain knows that it’s never a good thing to argue with a pregnant woman.

The entire experience was a real eye opener to not only Brandon, but Kat as well. Having theoretical knowledge and having firsthand knowledge are two completely different things. They were both surprised by the amount of pain that Emily was going through.

Twelve hours later it was over. Emily had given birth to two boys and a girl. All three were born with blond hair that was shaded red and weighed six pounds six ounces apiece. The girl was named Gretchen and the boys were named David and Mason. Kat, Brandon, and Mark went home after they met the triplets. They were tired and being Sunday Kat and Brandon had school, in the morning, but Mark called off work so he could go back to with his wife. After they got home Kat and Brandon left to go back to his house for the night. They usually alternated between the two houses so that they got to spend time with both families. Granted Kat could easily afford to buy her own house, she still stayed with her mom and dad. One was she wasn’t old enough to buy a house, two was she didn’t know where she would end up working, and three she didn’t really know yet what all she wanted in a house. Four, she wasn’t ready to tell Brandon that she was loaded. Kat wanted Brandon to love her for her not her money.

When Mark got back to the hospital the next morning, Emily was already up and was moving around slowly. She had just got done nursing the kids and she had to go bathroom. She was tired but happy. Soon she would be able to move around again and with three kids to take care of she would need to be able to move around too.

"Morning Mark. Good news, I should be able to go home later today after the doctor checks up on me and the kids get their shots. All three would have all their vaccines. Emily had been to a third world country and had seen the damage that not having vaccines could do first hand. She wouldn’t risk that with her kids and she knew that Mark felt the same way.

"Hey, cool. You know honey it really sucked not having you in bed with me last night. I think that was this first night that I spend completely alone in the house in almost ten years."

"Aww" Emily said as she gave Mark a quick kiss and went into the bathroom. Mark stopped at the kids’ beds and said good morning to them. He then settled down in a chair and opened his laptop to work on his stock trading. That evening Emily and the kids were released to go home, and Brandon and Kat were waiting for them with dinner almost cooked and the table already set. Emily and Mark took the kids back and laid them down in their cribs. There would be no co-sleeping in this house. The kids would get use to their own beds right off the bat. Emily went to carefully take a shower with Mark’s help before dinner. She was grimy and smelly and wanted to feel better before eating.

Kat and Brandon had cooked an Italian meal together. When they first met, Brandon had trouble boiling water and now with Kat’s encouragement and teaching, he was helping her fix a fancy Italian dinner. He was even starting to think of making cooking his career. His parents never did much cooking and when Kat spent time at his house, she did the cooking so that she wouldn’t have to eat out all the time.

Dinner was excellent as always. Living on a farm and growing almost all their own food definitely helped with the quality of food. After dinner, Mark worked on cleaning up for one of his newest bosses was complaining and soon all three would be going at it. Kat and Emily took care of the kids. Kat took care of the bottle, while Emily gave the other two a tit each to suck at. She would rotate between the kids so that they all got breast milk and formula.

As time went on Brandon pretty much moved in with Kat. He and his parents were starting to fight because while he wanted to be a chef and open his own restaurant, they wanted him to go to college and become a lawyer like them. Kat had done nothing but encourage him to make his own path. Mark and Emily didnt mind having Brandon in the house as long as he helped out on the farm and treated Kat with the upmost respect.

Emily decided to take six months off work to take care of the kids. She and Mark had their first serious argument over how they would care for the kids. Since Emily had a serious education, which Mark didnt, and she was saving peoples lives every day; he insisted that she be the one to go to work and he would stay home with the kids and work the farm. While Emily wanted to be a full-time mom and let Mark be the man of the house and earn the money. Eventually Emily relented, after all she was the one with a college education and the safer occupation. She also made a difference in peoples lives every day, something which Mark pointed out and when Kat weighed in on Marks side, well that settled things. Plus, there was a few jobs on the farm which Emily wasnt strong enough to do by herself and she knew it. One more thing for them to consider was that Kat would be leaving in a couple of years to go to college.

One day when Mark got home, the house was dead quiet. This was something that he wasnt use to. Normally the house was full of the sounds of life and personally he liked it like that. He walked into the living room and his jaw hit the floor. Standing there was his wife wearing a white teddy that he had never seen before, and with her hair done up. Usually she kept her hair straight and down, but today, at Kats suggestion, she had put a wave in it and wore it up. Under the teddy, Mark could just make out the white G-string that Emily was wearing. This was also odd for her for she usually wore either boy shorts or cotton bikini cut briefs.

"See anything you like?" asked Emily in her rarely used sultry voice. In addition, she also added just a touch of an Irish accent. This absolutely drove Mark crazy with lust; for Emily had discovered long ago that Mark had a thing for her Irish accent. He just stood there dazed and his eyes were wide for he was making sure that he took everything in and committed it to long term memory. Emily started walking toward him making sure that her hips swayed a bit. Mark still hadnt said anything, his mind still wasnt working; after all its hard for a guys mind to work went all his blood is being diverted south. Emily had also started prancing around the room making sure to give Mark a view of her from every direction. Eventually Emily got to him and she started running her hands over Marks chest and stomach. She could see that Mark was hard and could guess at why he hadnt said anything yet. Emily loved this for she had all the power and could do anything that she wanted. Right now, all she wanted was to get her brains fucked out by her personal stud. "Don’t worry about the kids darling, Kat and Brandon are watching them over at his house. His parents are out of town this week." Mark was still quiet but Emily could almost feel his eyes tracing every curve of her body and she could feel the increase of heat coming off of Marks body. "Why don’t you get a quick shower and then show me who owns me?" Emily softly whispered in his ear while knowing what this would do.

Just as she predicted, Mark snapped back to reality. "" Show you who owns you?" I can do that without a shower, bitch" growled Mark. He picked her up and slammed her into the wall causing Emily to moan, this is just what she wanted. She felt Mark reach down to let his monster loose. Soon it was rubbing Emily’s soaking wet lips, no foreplay needed today. She went to move her G-string out of the way and Mark slapped her across the check. Looking into his eyes, Emily seen a look that she had never seen in Mark before, shear unbridled lust. Chills went through Emily, causing her nipples and clit to get even harder yet, despite the fact that she was starting to sweat a bit. Mark pretty much ripped Emily’s G-string off and she knew that nothing she did could stop him now and truth be told she didn’t want to stop him. In one massive thrust, Mark was buried completely inside her and was pounding her like a jackhammer. Within seconds, Emily was cumming buckets and moaning like she had never moaned before while Mark never once even slowed down for her. This went on for what Emily could have sworn was hours. She had so many orgasms that she lost count, something that usually didn’t happen. Eventually she was reduced to a semi-comatose pile of skin and bone that was begging Mark to cum for her. Mark however had different plans. He kept fucking her brains out, even though by this time she was shaking like a leaf in a tornado. She wanted to be owned so he was going to prove to her once and for all who "owned" her. Finally, Mark could feel his balls tighten up and the orgasm that he had, put all the other ones that he had to shame. It started in his toes and traveled all the way up to the top of his head. After blasting the inside of his wife’s hot cunt with eight massive shots of hot cum, his eyes started to roll back into his head. Slowly he fell to the floor barely able to hold onto Emily who was in no position to do anything either. Hitting the floor, they both passed out with Mark slipping out of Emily and cum flooding out of Emily and onto Mark and the floor.

Twenty minutes later, Mark woke up. His leg was asleep and all his muscles were protesting. Looking at Emily, he almost laughed out loud. To say that she was a wreck was a serious understatement. Her hair was now a tangled mess, both tits were hanging out of her teddy, she had red marks on her neck, and her legs and pussy were sticky with their combined juices. As gently as he could, Mark untangled himself from her and picked her up off the floor. He carried her to their bed and laid her down so she could sleep comfortably while he went to get a shower. After his shower, Emily was still sleeping and now she had started to snore lightly. Mark smiled and throwing on a pair of shorts went out to fix them some supper. Looking at his phone, he seen that Kat had texted him,

"Did you enjoy mom’s surprise?" Mark smiled and as a reply snuck back into the bedroom and took a picture of Emily lying in bed, snoring. Of course, she had a cover over her so nothing naughty was showing, but it clearing showed Emily’s messed up hair and red marks on her neck. Mark hit send, smiling to himself. The reply was quick;

"OMG dad, what the fuck did you do to her?!?!"

"Just that. I fucked her brains out of course."

"DAD!!! I didn’t want to know that!"

"Then you shouldn’t have asked. How are the kids doing?" Kat sent back a picture of the kids all sleeping in their pack-in-play. Mark smiled wider as he saved that pic on his phone. He had a loving family and again he swore that he would never take that for granted. As Mark was putting the finishing touches on dinner, Emily came out into the kitchen walking carefully and wearing a glazed look on her face. "You, ok?" asked Mark now a bit concerned.

"I just had my brains fucked out by the man I love more than life itself, what do you think?" said Emily with a tired smile.

Chapter 8

Finally, it was the time that Emily had been half dreading, half looking forward to. It was time to go back to work. Three weeks before, Mark had put his two-week notice in. His boss was sad to see him leave but understood. He made it clear to Mark that if he ever wanted to come back to work, all he had to do was ask. Emilys first day back was one of the longest in her life. Not only was she kept constantly busy, but she found that she was missing her family immensely. For the first time in her life, she wished that she wasnt a doctor. Finally, her shift was over and Mark had dinner waiting for her when she got home. Since Emily was breast-feeding the triplets, she had with her the milk that she had pumped during the day and Mark put it in the fridge for her. After dinner, Mark helped her get undressed and get a hot, relaxing shower. After Emily got out of the shower, Mark started the laundry and they went to bed for it was one AM after all.

This generally set up the pattern for Mark and Emily. Emily would go to work while Mark would not only keep the farm running but also take care of the kids with decreasing help from Kat. She and Brandon were working on making sure that their own lives would get off to a good start. Kat was accepted to MIT for engineering and Brandon was extremely supportive of her. All he wanted was for Kat to be happy in life. Brandon in the meantime had gotten a job at one of the fanciest restaurants in town and quickly impressed the head chef/owner who took him under his wing.

All three kids were started crawling early and it was obvious that Gretchen was the natural leader of the three of them, while the other two seemed to have more curiosity about their surroundings. All three of the kids were also large for their age which surprised no one. For even though they had been born a bit small, they were growing quickly.

On Mark and Emily’s two-year anniversary, it was time to give Cindy the paperwork for Tekla’s trust fund. Cindy and Emily had gotten even closer after she had married Mark and had kids. Often Cindy would help take care of the kids and Evan and Tekla had a blast playing with them.

The following spring was a time for another great upheaval for Mark and Emily, Kat and Brandon were graduating high school. Kat had earned valedictorian and had sent an invitation to her biological mother and grandparents for her graduation and open house. Brandon had just earned a spot about midway in the class but neither he nor Kat cared. After all Brandon wasn’t going to college although he did sign up to take business classes at the local community college so that he could run his own restaurant one day. To everyone’s surprise Kat’s real mother and grandparents did actually show up and were surprisingly civil toward everyone. For Kat’s speech she talked about life’s many trials and how they could make you stronger by reminding you what was really important in life and what wasn’t. She also touched on the need for her fellow graduating students to not follow their dreams in life but to follow the money. For the vast majority of people their dreams were outside their abilities no matter what they did so it was worthless to chase after something that couldn’t happen anyway. Where if they followed the money, they could at least support themselves and their families. Kat knew that her advice was like a bucket of ice-cold water in her fellow student’s faces and that many wouldn’t take that her advice to heart. She did however. She knew that she could be a world-famous detective with her people reading skills, but knew that might attract the wrong kind of attention to her. Since she was also good with science and building things, she decided to go into robotic engineering.

During Kat’s open house, she couldn’t help but to rub her mother’s face in the face that while Kat was very successful and had a loving family, her mother was still living with her parents and unable to find decent work. Her mother was rendered speechless when Kat told her that she was already getting job offers for when she graduated from MIT and that Kat wouldn’t have to have any loans because she had a full ride scholarship even though, she had secretly rejected it. This last part she didn’t tell her mother because the last thing she needed was her mother trying to extort money out of her. Brandon didn’t even know just how loaded Kat was, although he did know that she was well off.

There was another reason that Kat was really happy during her open house and that had to do with the ring that she was now wearing proudly on her left hand. Before the party started, Brandon proposed to her and she gladly accepted providing that they got married before she left for school, and they would wait to have kids until after she graduated and had a job. Brandon happily accepted this and being that he was wanting to own his own restaurant he didn’t care where Kat’s job search took her. Before the party had even started, Brandon and Kat had settled on a date and would start inviting their family during their open house.

Kat and Brandon’s wedding went off without a hitch that August, at the farm, with Evan playing the role of best man while Tekla was the maid of honor. Gretchen was a flower girl while David and Mason split the role of ring bearer. All of Kat’s and Brandon’s friends and family showed up. Even her real mother and grandparents. Her mother had even begged Kat to forgive her for all the things that she had done to Kat over the years.

"I forgave you a long time ago mother."

"Thank you, Katelynn,"

"After all, if you hadn’t been such a bitch then I would have never known what it was like to be part of a loving family. I now have three adorable siblings, real mom and dad who love me more than life itself, and now a husband who loves and supports me in everything I do just like I do for him." Kat’s mother just cried hearing this for she knew that everything Kat said was true.

Emily cried more that day then she had ever cried before for not only was her daughter getting married, but also her best friend, her mentor in some ways, the biggest reason that Emily and Mark had gotten together in the first place, and quite possibly the only reason that Emily was still alive. For when Kat and Emily first talked about Mark, Emily was really close to committing suicide and was actually planning to do it that evening. This time she doubted that once she started, anything could have stopped it. Instead, Emily was now a mother to three adorable children and a step mom to another. She had a loving husband and a large group of friends. Emily was also part of the inspiration for Evan to start studying to be a pediatrician. Helping to take care of Emily’s kids, Evan found that he rather liked children and the best way he could think to do a job that involved kids was to be a pediatrician.

Kat graduated three years later with her bachelors in robotic engineering and an associate in business management. She started her own business designing and building custom robots for industry. Brandon started his own restaurant while Kat was in college and it quickly became the hardest reservation to get in town. He did always keep one table available for close friends and family. Kat had helped him financially get his business off the ground and within a year Brandon had returned her money to her with interest. This was something that Brandon had insisted on, because he was determined to never take advantage of his wife. Kat’s business took off even faster, after all Brandon had a number of her robots working in his restaurant. Together they had two children, Charles and Mikayla, and were very happy together.

Evan also graduated at the head of his class and was dumb founded when he found out about his trust fund. After all he had a full ride to Harvard Med School. After some considering he turned down the full ride telling them to use it for someone who can’t afford school, he was going to pay his own way through. After eight years he graduated at the head of his class again. He quickly got married, but when she was seven months pregnant, she was killed in a car crash. Evan was devastated. He quit his job and moved back home. Having been through something like this herself, Emily helped pull Evan back from the brink and helped him get in the same hospital that she was in.

Tekla also went into the medical field. However, she became a dentist, because she didn’t want to have to make the life-or-death choices that Emily or Evan had to make on an almost daily basis. She ended up marrying her college roommate, Diana. They adopted two siblings whose parents had died in a car crash and Mark helped to teach to boy how to be a man.

The triplets however would make the biggest mark on the world. The three of them founded a green energy company that could cheaply and quickly make bio-petroleum from simple algae. Not only that but they also had massive investments in nuclear energy as well, concentrating on molten salt breeder reactors. Gretchen was the company’s CEO and Mason and David shared the R&D role. The company quickly became one of the richest in the world and the bane of diehard environmentalist everywhere, for there was now no need to electrify the world’s economy or pave the landscape with solar panels. Their process actually removed far more carbon, from the atmosphere, then was put in by burning the oil produced. The extra carbon was used to make carbon nanotubes and graphene sheets. After the company had really taken off, Evan came back home and everyone had been devastated by his loss. None more than Gretchen, for she had harbored a secret crush on him for years and seeing him hurt that bad almost killed her. After Evan had returned from losing his wife and unborn child, Gretchen and him started dating and two years later were married. They would have one child after Gretchen mis-carried their first. After their child was born, they found out that Gretchen would be incapable of having any more children, but they were still happy.

David would marry as well. His wife was a six-foot bombshell with piercing blue eyes, a wicked sense of humor, and a PhD in bio-chemistry. They would have four kids before calling it quits. Mason meanwhile, the black sheep of the group, would never marry and almost never dated.

Emily and Mark continued to live in the same farmhouse that they always had. When Brandon started his restaurant, he sourced everything he could from Mark and Emily’s farm. Emily would finally quit her trauma surgeon job when the triplets started school. The desire to be around and watch her children grow up was just too great. Instead, she got a teaching jig at the local university, teaching anatomy to want-a-be med students. She quickly developed a reputation for making students throw up during class because she was so graphic with her teaching. Her theory was that if you can’t take it in the classroom then you won’t be any good in the field. Mark stayed at home and worked on the farm. Using some of Kat’s robots and experimenting with various farming techniques, he was able to turn huge profits on the farm. He almost never needed chemicals of any kind, only using them as a last resort. Many other farmers would tour the farm to look at what he was doing. Many universities would also come to observe. Everyone was deeply impressed, not only with his innovative techniques but also with Kat’s robots.

Emily and Mark never did retire from the farm. They would continue to love each other through their entire lives and showed that love to each other almost every day. Finally, when they got to eighty-five, Mark got really sick. The sicker that he got the worse that Emily got as well. The day after their wedding anniversary, they said goodbye and died together, in their bed surrounded by all the people that loved them. The farm went to the triplet’s company who kept up the innovation that Mark had started.

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