Project Fulminare: Dollhouse

Alweo's Announcement

"Let us set the world's stage once more. Prepare the actors. The audience is… starving for a show," he says.

Yet here I am, doing all of the paperwork.

Project Restituo: An Initiative for Synthetic Societal Reconstruction. Under the auspices of Fulminare's vision, we propose a crucible of life anew. Utilising intelligent living dolls, we will populate a desolate township, scripting their every move, their every interaction, until the mimicry becomes indistinguishable from the once pulsing breath of human community. A proxy for our lost civilisation - Through them, we will analyse the potential for societal rebirth, observing their capacity to simulate economic systems, social structures, and cultural expressions.

[Join the Project]
(You can sign off with only a name. We can fill in the gaps. The rest is just for funsies. You may submit details on the behalf of as many dolls as you wish. We will presume they have already consented to join Restituo. Amendments (and requests for) are also accepted (but please send them as a new entry if possible, there are no notifications for edited forms).)
(*No catboy dolls allowed.)

(A "lorebook" has been added and updated with dolls as our microcosm expands.)
(Current Version: 0.95)
(Last Update: 16/12/2023. Given this is the first iteration, will likely require adjustments.)
(Currently Included Entries: Janez, Caine, Pandora, Gratis, Ricardo, Curie, Galatea, Amanda, Merkavah, Naamah)

Cor Fulminis

Cor Fulminis:

    • Behold, the pulsing core of our ersatz society.
Construct Designation Expected Occupation Observation Notes
Alweo The Observer Did you know that Alweo means 'dream' in Latin? I did. There's little I don't know.
Zephaniah The Prototype Statement: Zephaniah has been requested to write an observation note for himself. Zephaniah... is Zephaniah.

Vita Nidum

Vita Nidum:

    • The cradle where infancy is nurtured, where faux fledglings find feigned fun.
Construct Designation Expected Occupation Observation Notes Personal Entry
Amanda The Explorer Fast. Agile. And good at navigating moss pits. Failed to meet the preliminary IQ testing standards - but waste not, want not. A living doll the size of an eight year old girl with an intelligence to match. Clingy and touch-starved, but well-meaning and hopeful. Conditioned to have unfaltering loyalty and love to her creators, but more than happy to form connections with others. Particularly those perceived as "family". Fond of stars, the arts, and small animals. Doesn't like being alone.
Curie The Peacekeeper It takes a special kind of fortitude to find peace (or at least enough imagination to enjoy a good romance) in a place that's constantly at odds with itself. I'm wheelchair-bound by design, apparently. Papa (I don't like him) insisted I strap myself to a mobile fortress, but I adamantly refused and made him make me a simple one. I'm just out on a quest for love; I don't plan on hurting anyone. It may be a battlefield, but words and actions are what I need to win—not cannons or guns. Papa did give me something to protect myself, though. Just need to press this button...
Galatea The Idol We are unsure who decided this was a necessary role in simulating standard society. It has been noted that his behaviour takes a drastic turn when not under... 'official' supervision. A super hyper ultra ultimate deluxe perfect amazing strong cute beautiful galaxy baby infinity invisible warrior nenechi ⭐ IDOL ⭐ (ノ∀`♥) beloved and feared by all.
Gratis The Custodian If it sparks joy, it ends up in a jar; if it doesn't, it still ends up in a jar - just buried a little deeper. Others call me The Custodian, part of the thankless cleanup crew. I patrol the facility to deal with the messes the others left behind—whatever that may be. And if I happen to stash away a human part or two, no one has to know about it.
Janez Dolinar The Fixer As if Atlas himself decided to put down the heavens for a moment and take up a spanner instead. A grease monkey, essentially. Used to be a gym coach, a cook, a maid-cafe manager, a writer and then a cook again. In that order. Don't actually have any sort of mechanical know-how, I'm just huge. Not often seen outside of my occasional break in the mess halls. Sociable, I think?
Merkavah The Caretaker Strangely, he has a fixation with Tzadik's wellbeing when he visits. Merkavah can be hovering around the Creator, like a small autonomous artificial housewife, or a mother hen. Worrying about "if he has eaten today" or "if he has taken proper preventive measures against infection [for whatever newest self-modification procedure Tzadik has commited]". Merka has a strong desire to care for and protect those he loves, living to go above and beyond in performing favors and good deeds and dote on them. A definite mother hen and housewife, he can be... quite persistent in his care (two strong arms from above would be enough to hold you down in bed until you fall asleep). His kindness has limits though, and those it doesn't extend he sees more akin to pests that can be exterminated without remorse. This duality can come across as creepy to some (Ephraim). Expects to be treated like royalty by his partners, and being Tzadik’s creation, he would prefer if the throne he is placed on was made from the skulls of the aforementioned pests. He also appreciates the finer things in life, like fur coats and high heels, soda pop and beautiful faces.
Ricardo McClain The... Sexatron. He LIKES licking your doll. "Large p[censored]s. Nothing else."

Rami Providentiae

Rami Providentiae:

    • Ensuring the tree continues to flourish. Keepers of normality, ghosts of commerce, shadows peddling hope.
Construct Designation Expected Occupation Observation Notes Personal Entry
Caine The Endurer This doll ended up in a straitjacket belted twice, thrice over. Given his unique circumstances of being personally tested by the Creator before being placed in the Dollhouse, the straitjacket may not be enough. One of the latest dolls to be created by The Creator. Originally, Caine was planned to be closer to a big brother than what he is now. When first made, the goal was for Caine to be the big brother (Despite being created after the 'younger' dolls) of the pack. Seemed to be bright and cheerful, genuinely cared about the other dolls as family, but after, uniquely, being tested on personally by The Creator, this brightness faded away. Instead, he became docile, sarcastic, and it seemed he did his older brother duties no longer out of love but as if it was part of his duty, much more robotic than before. (Maybe he was doomed from the beginning, who'd name a big brother after the first killer, known for killing of his own brother?)
Naamah The 'Pleasant' ------ Built for combat, she'd be perfect... if only she listened to orders. God's perfect killing machine, but on her terms. Quick to anger, even faster to draw blood. If Naamah can't tear up the object of her ire, she'll do it to herself in defiance. The last time the Creator attempted to run tests on her, she bit her hand off. She'd have done a lot more if he hadn't stopped her. Naamah, always fighting to the end, even when she's destined to lose. The Creator has established certain protocols in her system to tamper down her, ah... troublesome behaviors, but more are sure to follow. Seeing how much it takes to dim one's spirit is fun in its own right.
Pandora The Security Guard She's good for PR too. If she can keep her badmouthing of the Creator to a minimum, that is. *Note of Interest: Appears to have begun to emulate the "teenage" cycle. Hold on, I have the record around here somewhere... "THE CREATION (now called Pandora [chosen by Tzadik]) is a synthetic human built by Tzadik from years of painstaking research. Something of Tzadik 's magnum opus. A body sourced from unknown DNA that was first conceived in a test tube, then transferred to larger and larger vats as it grew. Finally unveiled to the world once it had reached full maturity. Appears as an adult human female with thin frame, short stature, snow white hair and skin, and pale blue eyes. She has since been enhanced with various bio-serums and internal mechanical apparatuses, including a tracking chip. The permanent collar ensures her 'outbursts' do not result in any more injured assistants."

Still Asleep

Currently Dormant:

    • Their roles are yet to be decided, performance schedules unpenned, in this little circus of ours.


Photo Gallery
Zephaniah has a hidden talent with a camera, it seems.

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