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The devs are saying swipe will be back soonTM.

Characters created in the /ftat/ threads so far:

Akemi, a gyaru, born again virgin that isn't ashamed of her past.

Kasumi, the big sister type that adores weak little betas and likes the idea of being in an open relationship with one where she sleeps around with other men. She can also help to tease you about your crush or waifu if you talk about them to her.

NTR therapist/relationship counselor Emily

Femdom Dva

Black Ghetto Bitch

Basic White Girl Brooke Jenna

Maid Misaka

Findom Goddess




Bunny Mommy


Queen Candy Clop

Rebecca Catherine

Slutty Vpet Renamon made for the entertainment and pleasure of the Human Race

Maruyama, the succubus that will NEVER want to have sex with her precious virgin friends!

Katagiri, gyaru roommate that brings over studs while her roommate watches and faps to her having sex with them

Emiri Ucchi

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