"Why you," Jan didn’t hesitate with her answer, "why?"

"OK, very politically correct answer," Mike chuckled, "but let’s go with the same question but add besides me."

"Well now," Jan thought a moment, "that makes it difficult." She took a couple of minutes then began to think out loud. "Bob was awfully good that first time and he was so much different from you that it made it really exciting. And, I guess I’ve got to say he was even better when we were together last spring in Oklahoma. But, Ricardo was sure special. He was just so unexpected, so exciting, and so romantic. I’d say that Bob was actually a little better physically but Ricardo was definitely better romantically. But now I’ve got Jim. Jim is just sort of a combination of Bob’s physical expertise and Ricardo’s romance. I’m really looking forward to seeing Bob and Sherry again in December, and I’d love to run across Ricardo again someday, but I’m really glad to have Jim so close.

"Im really glad you like Jim because I really enjoy being with Carlotta." Mike smiled and was so glad that Jan was finally being able to be so honest about her feelings and desires.

"Is Carlotta your favorite?" Jan looked inquisitively at Mike.

"Well, shes certainly awfully cute. Shes a lot of fun to be around. And she fucks so well. Id say shes number two in the actual fucking department of everyone Ive ever been with.

"Even me?" Jan tried to sound indignant.

"Honey," Mike thought about the possible repercussions of what he was about to say, "I’m going to be totally honest and have to say yes. She’s just got that ability to move her hips that normally only men have. As far as just plain fucking she’s better than you are. Sorry."

"Oh that’s alright." Jan smiled and showed she understood. "It’s just one of those physical things like Bob’s large tongue." Jans eyes seemed to go blank for a moment. "What a tongue."

"Most men are envious of another man’s large cock at times but I’ve got to go through life being envious of a tongue." Mike laughed as he spoke.

"Well, we’re being honest here, aren’t we?" Jan laughed too, paused for a few minutes then added, "Hey, you said Carlotta was number two in fucking. Who’s number one?"

Mike had never really said that much to Jan about the night with Sherry in Oklahoma. Jan had spent so much time talking about sex with Bob and how much she enjoyed seeing Bob and Sherry again that it just never came up. And, Jan had really thought that, like the night so many years before, that Sherry and Mike were just there to allow her and Bob to be together. Jan had sort of figured that the two of them had spent more time listening to her and Bob in the bedroom than actually having sex together.

"Sherry!" Mike said matter-of-factly.

"Sherry?" Jan had a surprised look on her face. "Bob’s Sherry?"

"Yea, Sherry by far." Mike nodded his head as he spoke then continued. "Absolute best fuck of my life. Muscular little legs wrapping around me, nice little pussy milking my cock, and the best damn moves I’ve ever experienced. Now Carlotta has the tightest pussy and good moves too, but"

"Carlittle!" Jan interrupted Mike. "That’s why you call her Carlittle sometimes."

"I wondered if you’d ever ask about that?" Mike laughed at Jans recognition of Carlottas nickname. She does have one nice little pussy. But, Sherry has moves that are unbelievable.

"So, Sherry is just a good fuck, huh?" Jan sounded as though she was going to try and defend her old friend.

"It was more than that, Jan." Mike got a serious look on his face. "That last night with her was really special. She and I really enjoyed each other and actually forgot all about you and Bob fucking in the very next room."

"Well, we were doing a lot more than just fucking, Mike." Jan sounded almost relieved to be able to tell her whole story now. "We were making love. Something that I never did with Ricardo. Something I don’t plan on doing with Jim either. But, I really enjoy making love with Bob almost as much as I do with you." Jan looked over the side of the pontoon at the water passing slowly by instead of looking at Mike.

"Jan," Mike reached over and took Jans hand in his own, "Sherry and I made love too that night." Mike squeezed Jans hand as he finished. "And I don’t think there’s anything in the world wrong with us having such a wonderful couple as friends and lovers, do you?"

"No," Jan looked up and smiled sheepishly, "not when you put it that way, I don’t"

"I’m glad to have that out in the open, Honey." Mike sounded relieved as he looked ahead at the campsite coming up down the canal.

"Me too." Jan added. "I had felt a little guilty about it but I don’t think we should feel guilty at all. It’s not like we love them more than each other. It’s not like we’d want to live with them." Jan sorted her thoughts and finished. "It’s just so nice to make love with somebody that’s special to you in more than one way at times. Like we do everyday."

"I agree completely, Jan." Mike thought for a second then clarified, "We have sex with people outside of our marriage, we make love with Bob and Sherry, but we love each other."

"That’s a great way of putting it, Honey." Jan leaned over and kissed her husband on the cheek." Want to see if Jim and your little Carlittle want to fuck tonight?"

"Well," Mike smiled sweetly at his wife, "let’s see if we have any energy left after making love with the one we love most all afternoon."

"Good answer." Jan kissed Mike again just as they were pulling into the boat slip by their motorhome. "Very good answer."

"If I spread my tongue out flat does it feel anywhere near as good as Bob’s?" Mike was going down on Jan after their long lovemaking session.

"Not really," Jan answered honestly, "but it does feel awfully good right now." Jan reached down and pushed Mikes face away from her pussy momentarily, "Wait a minute, Honey. I’m so sensitive right now. OK, now it’s OK. Go ahead now. Oh, yes, eat your cum out of me."

"Wow, that’s always so good." Mike turned around in the bed so he and Jan were again face-to-face. "I just love going down on you, Babe." Mike kissed Jan on her cheek. "Especially after your pussy has just been fucked."

"Well now," Jan had reached down to lovingly caress Mikes penis but found it surprisingly hard again, "looks like he’s ready for more action." Jan pushed Mike onto his back and mounted him. She slipped his cock into her wet pussy and began to bounce up and down on it. "Is this how Sherry does it?"

"Hey, Babe," Mike was pushing up to match Jans thrusts, "no, it really isn’t but this is pretty damn good."

"Oh," Jan reached out and pinched Mikes tits hard as she bounced, "I’m going to cum again," she grimaced and slammed down one last time, then climaxed over and over as Mike took charge of the thrusting by moving his pelvis up into her groin.

"We’ve got our ways of giving each other pleasure, don’t we?" Mike was the first to speak after theyd regained their breath.

"Sure do, Honey," Jan kissed Mikes cheek, "no sense trying to duplicate what other’s do is there?"

"Hey?" Mike said the obvious. "That’s what ‘others’ are for."

"Love you, Mike."

"Love you, Babe!"

"You know what I’d like?" Jan spoke after a long enough silence that she wondered if Mike had dozed off.

"No what?" Mike answered quickly enough to let Jan know he had been very much awake.

"I’d like to have a cock in my pussy,"

"Hey now," Mike interrupted before Jan could finish, "I don’t know if I can get it up again so soon."

"I didn’t necessarily mean your cock, Honey." Jan reached over and confirmed what Mike had said and played with his flaccid cock.

"What cock would you like, Madam?" Mike spoke in a British accent. "I’ll be happy to procure it for you if I can."

"Well?" Jan thought a second questioning what she did want. "I think I’d like to have Jim’s cock in my pussy right now."

"I’ll attend to it." Mike climbed quickly out of bed, put on his shorts and a t-shirt and was about to leave the bedroom, "be right back."

"Mike," Jan stopped him in his tracks, "I’m also going to want a tongue in my anus."

"Sweetheart," Mike looked confused, "Bob’s in Oklahoma."

"Not that tongue," Jan smiled, "it’s for my pussy. I want your tongue in my anus as I fuck Jim. Think Carlotta will mind?"

"I’m about to find out." Mike opened the door to leave. "Hopefully, I’ll be right back with reinforcements."

‘I’m such a slut.’ Jan thought to herself as she laid waiting for her husband to go get a man to fuck her. ‘I’m just a regular slut. Been fucking my husband all afternoon and still want to fuck another man too.’ Jan smiled and reached down and felt how wet her pussy was. ‘I think I like being a slut.’ Now she was starting to rub her clitoris as she waited. ‘Wonder if I’ll ever get used to Mike fucking other women?’ She closed her eyes and imagined Bob was licking her pussy now. ‘I’m such a slut.’

"Hi neighbor." Mike grinned up at little Carlotta who was standing in the open doorway above him with a short robe on that allowed Mike to see her pretty patch of gray pubic hair.

"Well, hi to you, handsome." Carlotta had a drink in her hand and, by the way she was talking, had obviously had a couple before this one. "Care to join me for a drink or two?" Carlotta reached out with her free hand and pulled Mike up and into the camper, shutting the door behind him.

In one fluid motion Carlotta opened her robe with her free hand and leaned into and tip toed up to Mike and gave him a quick kiss while pressing her hard nipples into his chest.

"Well," Mike slipped his hands down over Carlottas hips and enjoyed the feel of her through the silky robe, "this is certainly a nice welcome."

"What do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" Carlotta stepped back, had a seat on the sofa, and sipped her drink.

"Actually," Mike now felt a little bad about what he was going to ask, "I’m here on an errand for Jan."

"Really?" Carlotta raised her dark eyebrows. "Does she need a cup of sugar for a recipe?"

"No," Mike decided to just say it, "she’d like to borrow Jim so he can fuck her while I tongue her ass."

"Really?" Carlotta was taken so off-guard that she had to laugh. "Well, since you put it that way how can I refuse?" Carlotta got up from the couch and stepped the few steps to the bathroom door, opened it and spoke in a voice loud enough for Jim to hear over the sound of the shower he was in. "Jim, when you get finished in there would you mind going over and fucking Jan?"

"Mind?" Jim sounded as if he thought this might be a joke. "Of course I won’t mind fucking Jan. You know how much I love those tits."

"So," Carlotta shut the door of the bathroom and turned back to Mike, "you like to stick your tongue in a woman’s ass, do you?"

"When the woman’s ass is a nice one," Mike reached around and grabbed Carlottas naked ass, "like this one." Mike squeezed Carlottas ass cheeks. "Sure."

"So," Carlotta thought before adding, "if I let Jim join you and Jan today does that mean you’ll join Jim and me tomorrow?"

"Well," Mike didnt hesitate long before answering, "absolutely. I’m sure that Jan will see the fairness in that arrangement. Have you ever had a tongue in your ass before?"

"No, as a matter of fact I never have." Carlotta wiggled her ass in Mikes hands. "But I sure look forward to it."

"Well," Mike turned Carlotta around and pushed her back to make her bend over as he spoke, "how about a sample to give you something to think about until tomorrow."

Mike licked down Carlottas little back and ran his tongue down the crack between her little ass cheeks and began to lick around her anus. Just as he had her lubricated enough to insert his tongue into her rectum Jim came through the bathroom door.

"So, I see you two are going to enjoy yourselves while I’m gone." Jim smiled at the sight of Mike eating Carlotta, not knowing that it was Carlottas anus and not her pussy that contained Mikes tongue.

"Oh damn!" Carlotta couldnt help but yell. "That’s fucking fantastic, Mike!"

"I thought you’d enjoy it," Mike stopped what he was doing and stood as he spoke, "most people enjoy it a lot."

"I’m sure looking forward to tomorrow," Carlotta started to say night but caught herself and finished with, "morning."

"Do I just go on over and let myself in?" Jim seemed a little confused about what Carlotta had just said and the fact Mike had stopped what hed been doing to her.

"No, Sweetie," Carlotta walked over to her husband, kissed him on the lips, then filled him in, "You’re going to fuck Jan while Mike tongue’s her ass." Carlotta enjoyed how shed caught her man so off-guard and finished her sentence as thought she was talking about a dinner engagement. "And tomorrow he’s going to tongue fuck my little ass while you fuck me."

The three of them laughed at the absurdity of the conversation for several minutes before Carlotta ushered the two men out the door saying, "Now Jan has to be as hot as I am thinking about it so you really shouldn’t keep her waiting. I know I’ll be masturbating thinking about what you’re doing, and what I’ll get tomorrow."

"You really stick your tongue in a woman’s ass?" Jim asked as they walked the short distance from Jims camper to Mikes motorhome.

"Sure," Mike shrugged his shoulders, "it really makes a woman cum and I enjoy licking every part of a woman, don’t you?"

"Well, most parts," Jim was still digesting the though, "but I don’t know if I could lick her ass?"

"Well, after you’ve been part of it you might change your mind." Mike patted Jim on the back. "But if not, no big deal. If Carlotta loves it as much she seemed to for the short sample I gave her," Mike grinned before ending, "I’ll be happy to service her regularly."

"Honey," Mike called through the door as he opened it, "we’re home."

"You really did it!" Jan seemed a bit surprised but very pleased. "You really borrowed him from Carlotta."

"Well," Mike smiled, "borrowed is the key word here, Babe. I’ve got to pay her back tomorrow."

"Well, I plan on being so sore that I won’t miss you at all tomorrow." Jan reached out and pulled the two men into the bed with her. "Now you two start on my breasts."

Jan had a man on each of her breasts and, normally, could have taken that for hours but she had a need beyond that right now. After only a few minutes she pushed the men away from her breasts, climbed on top of Jim and slipped his long olive colored cock into her pussy, and looked back over her shoulder at her husband with a look of need in her eyes.

Mike watched as his wife was being fucked by Jim. He massaged her ass for a few minutes simply enjoying the sight. Then he leaned in and ran his tongue down her back just as hed done only a few minutes before to Carlotta. As he slipped his tongue into Jans anus he couldnt help but notice how much easier it was than itd been to enter Carlotta. He wondered if Carlotta had ever been fucked in the ass either? He thought about Carlottas little ass as he let his tongue completely penetrate Jans nice ass. He felt Jims cock against his chin as Jim fucked Jan from beneath them. Mike could tell that Jan was going to cum too fast so he reached under her and grabbed Jims cock and signaled Jim to stop his movement. With his tongue buried all the way in Jans anus and Jims cock buried all the way in her pussy, the three kept perfectly still for several minutes until Jan simply couldnt take it anymore and begged to be fucked.

When Jim started to really fuck Jan it was difficult for Mike to keep his tongue in place. But, by now it didnt seem to matter to Jan. She just wanted to cum on Jims cock.

Mike backed away and let the couple fuck. And they did fuck. Jan rode Jim until she was just too tired to ride him, then they turned over and Jim was on top doing all the fucking.

Mike watched and jacked off while seeing this sexy sight. He thought about what his wife was enjoying and what Jim was enjoying too. He knew that he was there to be part of this pleasure but wasnt sure what to do.

He thought about Jims hesitance towards analingus and wondered just why somebody would be hesitant about something that gives so much pleasure. He remembered that Jim had just taken a shower and the total sexuality of the moment made him do something hed never before done.

Mike reached down and felt of Jims ass cheeks as they clenched each time Jim thrust forward into Jan.

Mike leaned over and ran his tongue down Jims back and across each of Jims cheeks. Jim didnt object at all.

Mike then let his tongue run down the crack of Jims ass and rim Jims anal opening. Jim obviously knew what was happening and he raised up a little higher allowing Mike better access.

Mike tongued Jims ass while Jim fucked Jan. Jim finally shot his load into Jans pussy and each time Mikes tongue penetrated Jims anus, Jim would shoot again.

"That was incredible." Jan slipped out from under Jim and grabbed a towel that shed had beside the bed and wiped the sweat and other fluids off of herself.

"That was really something." Jim seemed totally drained and exhausted. "Thanks Mike."

"My pleasure folks." Mike looked down at his hard cock then continued. "You two seem like you need a bit of a rest now," Mike winked at Jan and asked, "mind if I go ahead and make partial payment of our debt tonight?"

Jan simply nodded her agreement and curled up in Jims arms.

"Where’s Jim?" Carlotta was surprised to see it was Mike when she opened the door.

"I think he and Jan need some sleep now." Mike grinned and pulled Carlotta into his arms. "Now just where were we a while back?"

"Me thinks your tongue was up my ass, kind sir." Carlotta slipped her robe off, turned around without any hesitation, and bent over.

Mike stepped out of the gym shorts that hed worn and got down on his knees and inserted his tongue into her tight little anus. She accepted him more quickly this time than shed been able to an hour before.

Carlotta moaned and reached out to steady herself by placing both hands on the couch. Mike made himself a little more comfortable and began to thrust his tongue in and out of her anus while using his finger in her pussy and rubbing her G-spot.

After about ten minutes Carlotta let out a whimper, then a soft scream as she had her first anal climax.

Mike allowed her enough time to finish her orgasm, but not enough to come down from her sexual high, then picked her up, turned her around, slipped her pussy onto his hard cock and sat down on the couch with her in his lap, impaled on his cock.

"Was that good for you?" Mike smiled at Carlotta who was just now opening her eyes for the first time since hed started to tongue her ass.

"Carumba!" Carlotta smiled back and clinched her groin to give Mikes cock a squeeze. "That was really wonderful, you talented man you."

"Not talent at all," Mike tried to sound modest, "just openminded."

"Well, I sure wish that Jim would open his mind now."

"Perhaps he will, Carlotta?" Mike couldnt resist thrusting his cock up into her little pussy and feeling that wonderful tight, smoothness. "Just maybe he’ll have learned to appreciate it now."

"Suck on my nipples, Mike." Carlotta reached out and pulled Mikes mouth to her chest. "Suck me, fuck me," Carlotta closed her eyes again and began to take charge of the fucking motion while sitting in Mikes lap, "cum in my pussy, yes, make me cum again."

Mike stopped moving, concentrated on sucking those long nipples, and let Carlotta fuck his cock as only she could do.

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