Free GPT-4o with

This guide will show you how to get a free access to GPT-4o and other paid large language models with, this list below are the available models to use:

  • Auto (mistral model)
  • Claude 3 Haiku
  • Claude 3 Opus
  • Claude 3 Sonnet
  • Gemini Flash 1.5
  • Gemini Pro
  • Gemini Pro 1.5
  • Google Gemma
  • GPT-3.5
  • GPT-4o
  • Llama 3
  • Llama 3 7B
  • Mistral 7B
  • Mistral Large

Lets get started:

  1. Register with a temp-mail service. Since most temp-mail services don't work, is required. Make sure the email uses the gmail domain.




  2. After registering you might notice this 7 day trial popup that cannot be closed or interact with.

    • Simply go (or get) to ublock origin and click My Filters.
    • Now copy these filters from this pastebin and paste on My Filters.
      In case if the pastebin link is dead or blocked in your area or country, please visit the cached internet archive URL.
    • After that refresh the page and these filters will start working.
  3. You will notice the website will be blurry but the 7 day trial popup is gone.

    • Simply click quick action (the blue button on the top left) then click the outside of the window to unblur the website.
    • Now if you click the chats tab you will notice the blur again just do the same step.
    • Click new chat, as usual it will be blurry but keep doing the button method.

Now enjoy your Free GPT-4o. Proof of Testing (Video)

Additional Notes:

  • If it dosen't send try pressing enter again.
  • The site has a monthly limit once you send many messages. This is why using temp-mail is necessary.
  • Sometimes magai shadow deletes your account without noticing everything at random times or inactivity, since this is not concernining you can just create another account with temp mail.

Credits to for helping and improving with my filters.
Created by AndyForelli1988

Pub: 15 Apr 2024 15:43 UTC
Edit: 17 Jun 2024 14:39 UTC
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