Daddy was laying on my bed fully nude, his cock was semi-hard, and he was puffing weed with my pipe. He sat up slightly as I walked in, and began to take notice and smile.

"Goddamn, girl! You look beautiful," he said, which made me smile and feel good. "Stop right there, and give me a twirl, let me see all 360 degrees of you, baby!"

I blushed, and gleefully gave a sissy twirl for him. He started breathing a little heavier, and I noticed he had wrapped one of his hands around his cock and was tugging on like it was a piece of taffy, until it quickly turned from taffy into a beef jerky. He was calmly slapping at his cock as it stood at full attention, and then he gave me my next instruction.

"Twirl around twice more, and when you stop, I want your ass facing me, and I want you to bend over to show me what you got, understand?"

"Yes, daddy," I said, in the weakest squeaky voice that I could muster, and began to twirl.

It was nice and cool in the house, and I don’t know if there is better feeling on earth than twirling in a satin dress with freshly shaved legs, and feeling the air rush up your dress to your satin encased clit and pussy. It felt so good, and I was having such a gleeful time prancing and twirling in front of daddy like a sexy sissy bitch, that I gave him an extra twirl or two before doing as I was told and stopping with my ass facing him.

"Now, bend over, baby, and grab on to the back of your makeup chair with your hands" he whispered in his deep, ultra-masculine voice, so I did.

"Heaven On Earth" started playing over the speakers, and it felt like the album was synchronized to our activities as Britney started singing,

"Your touch, your taste

Your breath, your face

Your hands, your head

You're sweet, your love

Your teeth, your tongue

Your eye, you're mine

Your lips, you're fine

You're heaven on earth"

I heard a squeak and knew that daddy was getting up from the bed. I had old wood floors, so I could hear daddy’s footsteps as he moved towards me. I remained bent over, shivering slightly in anticipation. He approached me and I could hear his carnal breathing. He put his big hands on my hips, and rubbed up and down from there to my thighs a few times before lifting up my dress and pulling it up to my back to let it rest.

"Take a few hits of these when I tell you to," he said, as he handed me the bottle of poppers, to which I agreed.

With that, he pulled my panties down to my knees, and started to kiss and run his tongue along my ass cheeks. He put one hand between my legs, gripping my clitty and girly sack, which made me moan. With his other hand, he pulled the butt plug out of my pussy, pushing it in and out several methodical times, before pulling it totally out.

He quickly replaced the plug with his lips and tongue, and began kissing my pussy like it was a mouth and ramming his tongue into me like it was a cock. At this point in my sissy life, my pussy had only been eaten out once. Daddy Daryl was a lot more aggressive than my other lover, and it felt absolutely blissful as he poked, sucked, and licked my pussy relentlessly.

"Take a few hits on that bottle, girl," he said, and he immediately resumed sticking his face between my ass cheeks.

I straightened up a little bit so I could take a few sniffs. After doing so, I quickly capped the bottle, and glanced up to see myself in the mirror on my makeup table. I could see him behind me, working my pussy like it was the last supper, as the intoxicating waves rushed to my head and throughout my body. This was the most vulnerable and feminine feeling I had ever experienced in my limited encounters with men. I was gushing pheromones. My pussy was puckering nonstop, like a hungry guppy fish yearning to be fed. It was heavenly.

"Get Naked (I Got A Plan)" started playing on the stereo, and as if he knew it was the next song, he unzipped my dress and let it slide down around my feet. I asked him to please put the dress on the trunk next to the makeup table, so he tossed it over there, and stood up behind me.

"Take another few hits off that bottle, bitch," he said to me, in a deep, serious voice.

I did as I was told, and no sooner than I put the top on the bottle, he slapped my ass as hard as he could. He slapped it so hard that I let a loud yelp, and began to turn around to look at him and let him know how bad that slap hurt me. As my head swiveled, he barked at me again.

"Turn your head away from me, bitch! Hit that bottle 2 more times, cunty cunt."

I was too scared to question him, and if I’m being honest, I liked being ordered around on some level, so I did as I was told, again. No sooner than the top was on the bottle, and the pulse inside my head intensified, he pushed down on the arch of my back, then grabbed a handful of my hair, and thrust his cock directly into my pussy as forceful and far as he possibly could, and I screamed in pain. He didn’t tease, and he didn’t ease. This was going down.

There were no more delusions of being treated like a goddess, or feeling like a sexy woman who was being doted on by a loving man. Daddy wasn’t going to make love to me. Daddy was going to fuck me at his pace and on his terms. What began as a chapter out of a Harlequin romance novel quickly felt like it had turned into an amateur BDSM porn clip. It seemed as if he didn’t care whether or not I was enjoying it on any level. I felt like I was nothing more than fuck meat to him at this point.

"Oh yeah, is this what you want, bitch?" he said, as he was pumping in and out of me like a jackrabbit, "You like the way I fuck that tight, dirty fucking ass pussy, don’t you?"

His pounding was so furious that I was unable to reply, but that didn’t slow him down. The sound was so loud that I couldn’t hear the music anymore. It was akin to the sound that of a car driving with a blown out tire. It kept popping in perfect, rapid, syncopated rhythm. His entire pelvic area was repeatedly smashing into my ass cheeks, and his balls were perpetually swinging into my numbed taint.

It was everything I could do to simply catch my breath and hopefully find my groove. Daddy Daryl was only the 3rd man I had let inside of me at this point in my sissy sexual history. In my limited experience of being fucked like a girl by men, this was equally as painful as the first time my secret college boyfriend took my virginity in a moment of lustful, unplanned passion. In other words, I was into being fucked, but it actually hurt badly.

This was only my second time meeting DD, and the first time we met was in a porn store, and both went into an adult video arcade in the store, then I sucked his cock through what was essentially a gloryhole. I didn’t know this man much at all. He seemed nice, but the night we were having went from sexy and romantic, to dominant and painful, though the pain was beginning to subside a little bit.

"Freakshow" by Britney started playing from the stereo.

"Freak Show (Freak) Freak Show

Don't stop and let it flow

Let your inhibitions go

It's a crazy night let's make 'em make a


He buried his cock as deep inside of me as he could, and stopped. He would grind into me as hard as he could from there, but the intense hardcore fucking had grinded to a halt. Both of us were breathing heavy, and I was occasionally whimpering in pain.

"Grab that bottle again, Katie," he said, between breaths, "and take 3 hits to each nostril. Understand, bitch?"

I had no choice at this point. While reaching for the bottle of poppers, I glanced up and saw our reflection in the mirror on my makeup table. He was deep inside of me and anchored, with both hands firmly on my hips, holding me in place. Mascara was running down my cheeks from subtle tears, and my whole face looked a mess. I paused for a second and got lost in the image.

Here I was, cock deep inside of me, as submissive as I could possibly be, with no clear way out of the situation beyond making him cum, and I’m upset? I was being given exactly what I asked for, by this random guy that I had invited over, to do exactly what he was doing to me, and I’m crying about it? What in the hell am I crying for? He grinded into me again, pulling my hips back onto his cock as forcefully as he could, and said,

"What the fuck are you waiting for, dirty bitch? Do as I told you to do, RIGHT NOW!"

With that, I unscrewed the bottle, said, "Yes, daddy," and took 3 hits of the fuck enhancing vapors into each nostril.

He reminded me to hold the last one as long as I could, which I did. At the moment of exhalation, he began to very slowly pull his cock out from being buried in my pussy for what felt like an eternity, right as the waves began to rush through my head. All the sudden, there was no more pain. I could see from the reflection in the mirror that he was really turned on by his dominance over me, and as he slowly thrusted back into me, he took his hands off of my hips and placed them on my shoulders.

I began to remember the video and monologue that had reopened the sissy door for me a few months back. As the words were coming back to me, I decided to try and turn the tables on him.

"Fuck me harder, daddy, your cock feels good," I said, and pushed back on him for the first time all night, which caught him off guard.

I saw his eyes go wide, and felt his hands tighten their grip on my shoulders. He started applying as much pressure and strength as he could to my body, then began thrusting into me. At this point, not only was the pain gone, but waves of pleasure began rushing through my body. The sissy bitch is in control once the pain turns to pleasure, because no matter how hard or violently a man may be fucking her, she wants it harder. As he was pounding away at me, I said,

"That’s it, daddy. Is that all you got? Gimme more!"

He started going faster, but speed wasn’t what I needed, as Britney’s "Ooh, Ooh, Baby" started pulsating through the room.

"Ooh, ooh, baby, touch me and I come alive

I can feel you on my lips, I can feel you deep inside"

I took my cue from the lyrics, and as he rammed me mercilessly from behind, I said,

"Turn me around, Daddy. I need to feel your body on top of mine, I need to feel you on my lips, and feel you deep inside."

With that, Daddy Daryl pulled his cock out of me, grabbed me by my neck from behind, and squeezed my throat as he pulled me off the chair and flung me onto the bed on my back. As I laid there looking up at him and trying to catch my breath, I saw him grab the bottle of poppers off the makeup table, take a sniff into each nostril, then lob the bottle to me, hitting me on my chest between my sweat drenched tits.

"Take 2 pulls on each nostril, and hold, bitch," he said, as he approached me and grabbed each of my legs. He remained on the floor, and my ass off hung off the side of my bed. He began bending my legs backwards and above my head as I was taking whiffs of the poppers.

No sooner than I could screw the cap onto the bottle, Daddy thrust his cock back inside of me, and it made a loud, wet, plopping sound as it found the end of my pussy. I squealed and he grunted, as he pinned my legs behind my head and put the entire weight of his body on top of me. His scruffy, unshaven face met mine at eye level, and he stuck his tongue as far down my throat as he could.

"Is this what you want?" I whispered in between his deep kisses, "You wanna make me a little cum dumpster bitch?"

He picked up his pace, and was breathing heavily, as sweat was beading off of his chest and forehead. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and began to slightly dig into his back with my nails. He let my legs go and put his hands around my neck, as he towered over me and pounded as hard as he could. I dug into his back a little harder, and wrapped my legs around his lower back and ass. I forced his hands off of my neck and pulled him down into me to kiss him as he furiously pounded away. "Gimme More, Junkie XL Dub" started playing on the stereo, as he was reaching his end.

"You like the way I rock your sissy cunt, don’t you?" he said, in between kisses, as he was fully inside of me and grinding his cock as hard as he could.

"I love it, daddy," I said in between moans, "I want to feel your cum deep inside of me, breed me, daddy, breed me."

With that, he began pulling his cock out and plopping it back into me ferociously for a few stabs, then settled into me and gave me everything he had. I was screaming, he was fighting for breaths, and then it happened.

He gave one last pump and began growling as he erupted. The feeling of cum spurting into my pussy was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Feeling the warm, gooey blasts of hot jizz filling up my hole was one of the best sensations I had ever had the pleasure of knowing. I started to spurt from my clit and was squirming around in ecstasy on his cock that was still throbbing, and still pulsating cum into my quivering deflowered pussy. We kissed intensely for a couple of minutes, rubbing our hands all over each other’s bodies, and then he gently pulled his cock out of me.

After gathering ourselves and regaining some composure, I excused myself to the girls room. He was rough, I was worn out, and deeply satisfied. As I was fixing my hair in the mirror and putting on some lip gloss, I heard the front door close. I ran out to try and catch him before he could get away, but he was gone.

Feeling somewhat dejected, I went back to my room to lay down and finger myself while reimagining the scene in my mind, when my phone buzzed. I looked down and it was a text from Daddy.

"That was fucking amazing, let’s do it again. You are one sexy ass girl, can’t wait to see you face down ass up in the near future!"

That was enough for me. I pulled my dildo out, grabbed my poppers, and started self infiltrating my stretched out pussy. As you could imagine, no lube was required.

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