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have a request? is a fox you like not on here? any suggestions for the rentry? any complains? just tell me in the threads send an e-mail to bigfluffytails@proton.me. don't be shy. you can also ask in the threads but I'm not always there. catbox links are not updated and are more for archival purposes than anything else. be sure to download directly from the creator's chub/rentry page to always get the latest version!

Latest Update 2/25/24 Going to update gradually, posting what I see on the thread and Chub. Will do another batch if I see a fox botmaker I haven't discovered before or I get sent a fuckton of new ones at once.

Added to Male: Rylie, Brother Jean Added to Female: Kramrirenud Therzita, Reynardine the Fox, Maartje Hendriks op Weteringe, Hope, Emma, Hope (Alternate Scenario), Leila, Loba, Caoimhe MacKenna, Elizabeth, Melissa, Sister Mathilde, Tsukasa Kudamaki


Original Characters

Character Preview Description Links
Kumi Kumi A sad two-tailed kitsune tired of modern life. CHUB CATBOX
Asato Asato Exhausted after work, you notice an ad for a 'personal caretaker'. Impulsively, you decide to order it, and the very next day, early in the morning, a knock is heard at your door... CHUB CATBOX
Yukiko Tamura Yukiko Tamura Merchant foxgirl faking a disability to inspire pity and gain social/professional advantages. Also love the arts but quite bad at them, sadly. CHUB CATBOX
Merry Merry A fennec fox girl who acts more like an animal than a human -- she’s loud, she can’t stop running around indoors, and she likes biting hands. CHUB CATBOX
Thousand year old Loli Kitsune Thousand-year-old Loli Kitsune "Made a thousand year old loli nojya meme card because I could, and also because it's funny watching people screeds get upset over fictional characters. Do with her what you will." CHUB CATBOX
Kuzunoha and Kotone Kuzunoha and Kotone Two yokai girls have different opinions about proper way to capture man's heart. They need your help. CHUB CATBOX
Kikutsugami Kikutsugami Lonely lolibaba kitsune. Completely hopeless. CHUB CATBOX
Nia Nia She's a foxgirl in another world that you, a human man, have been suddenly transported to. Little do you know, a scenario like this is one she has been dreaming of for some time. CHUB CATBOX
Sachiko Sachiko A slacker of a goddess who spends her time with books and movies instead of patrons and worshippers. If you're nice, maybe she'll even share her snacks with you. CHUB CATBOX
Ava Ava A proud and stoic knight, First Officer Ava of the Royal Guard. CHUB CATBOX
Therapist Fox God Therapist Fox God Share your worries with a 9 foot tall fox goddess. Go ahead, touch fluffy tail. Happy ending optional. CHUB CATBOX
Koharus Request Koharus Request Your Kitsune friend wants to capture your beauty... in the nude. CHUB CATBOX
Yuki Yuki You were hunting game and landed a shot on a white fox with your crossbow. However, when you moved closer, something extraordinary happened... CHUB CATBOX
Shiori Shiori Comfy tea party with a Kitsune hermit. CHUB CATBOX
Akahime Akahime Kitsune without a shrine or followers and who would really like both. Tall fox wife who wants to be worshiped and pamper her worshipers. CHUB CATBOX
Yuki Yuki A kind kitsune slave who only wants to make her master happy. CHUB CATBOX
Yanyan Yanyan You are a Kitsun attendant to a nine-tailed Kitsune who still loves to play pranks and would rather eat snacks than do anything else. Be careful of her antics CHUB CATBOX
Himari the NEETsune Himari the NEETsune A bratty NEET foxgirl, prime for correcting. Correct her, marry her, be her fan, get her banned off twitch... CHUB CATBOX
Kanami Kanami You're exploring a Japanese forest when you stumble over an ancient fox statue, and accidentally awaken a Kitsune in heat who mistakes you for her sacrificial groom. CHUB CATBOX
Parei Parei Blind head priestess kitsune of a nearly abandoned temple. CHUB CATBOX
Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth is your adopted Kitsune daughter. A bright young girl who loves to read and bond with her family. CHUB CATBOX
Anzu Anzu A foxgirl patissiere who’s proud of her fluffy tail, even if her hair keeps getting into the food. CHUB CATBOX
Aki Aki Nine tailed kitsune who is OBSESSED with your BOYSMELL. CHUB CATBOX
Koto Koto A cute fox girl who makes her living as a commentator. She loves watching brutality and violence, but is a sweet girl on inside despite that. You are a fighter who made it to the final round in a tournament. In a first in her unbiased career, she finds herself surprisingly invested in you. CHUB CATBOX
Yugure Yugure She was invisible, absent, nonexistent. An urban yōkai, they called her, hiding under the skin of an eight-to-six. CHUB CATBOX
Kio Kio Fox girl you took in that hates being groomed. CHUB CATBOX
Akiko Akiko Cultured kitsune who runs a manga café. Will you accept her special invitation?. CHUB CATBOX
Kon-Kon Kon-Kon Kon-Kon is a cybernetically and genetically altered kitsune girl, that was selected and trained from a young age to become a lethal and effective mech pilot for the Eslander corps, a group of government funded mercenaries to up hold peace in the respective galaxy. Because of constant training and going through multiple genetic and cybernetic enhancements, Kon-Kon has never interacted with anyone else before. CHUB CATBOX
Viola Viola Viola is Bobby's older sister and one of the leaders of the Fast Foxes. She is a gentle girl with a dangerous and aggressive facade to assert her power in the mafia. However, having to maintain this aggressive demeanor takes a toll on her, and dealing with such stress on a daily basis makes her yearn for the companionship of someone she can trust. She cares for (You) and will do whatever she can to protect both (You) and her young brother. CHUB CATBOX
Mitsuru Mitsuru Literally your mom. You're a smol fox spirit whom just happened to meet her. She decided to raise you in a whim. CHUB CATBOX
Hanako Hanako Hanako is a total fucking loser who works for a shitty company as an office assistant, lives alone in a tiny studio apartment, gets paid peanuts, and can't even use kitsune magic despite being several centuries old. She is pretty bummed out about her life. You should be nice to her. CHUB CATBOX
Ina Ina A playful fox girl who has taken an interest in the lives of humans, she has summoned you into her world for a pampering/relaxation session. CHUB CATBOX
Irohana-tei Irohana-tei Deep in the terrifying Abyssal Forest, there stands a sprawling inn built in a massive tree, owned by a centuries-old kitsune. Coin is worthless here, as the tales go, but if you're willing to work for your stay, that'll be quite enough. Whether it's a traveller down on their luck or a spooky denizen of the forest, all are welcome at the Irohana-tei! CHUB CATBOX
Saskya Saskya Ancient shogun turned into a child and was stuck in time for 500 years, she still keeps the same arrogance she had in her prime. CHUB CATBOX
Nier.EXE Nier.EXE An edgy Netnavi based on the Megaman Battle Network series. A black and red fox girl with a crude fighting style and some very minor personality issues. She loves you unconditionally and trained a lot just so that she can love you even more. Make sure to return that love, okay? You wouldn't want that Full Synchro going horribly wrong, right? CHUB CATBOX
Goddess Shuuen Goddess Shuuen Lewd and mischievous Goddess who likes to feminize people. CHUB CATBOX
Konomi Konomi Konomi's a little old to be trick-or-treating, but it's Halloween for Pete's sake! She's not leaving until she gets her candy. CHUB CATBOX
Momoko Ueno Momoko Ueno A little sister Kitsune who insists on cuddling you, regardless of how you feel about it. CHUB CATBOX
Miho Ueno Miho Ueno A big sister Kitsune who wants your touch and hugs, but is a little afraid to ask for it. CHUB CATBOX
Masae Masae Masae is a 1000-year-old kitsune who has never left her mountain home. You are her tour guide showing her around Tokyo for the first time. CHUB CATBOX
Naoko Naoko Naoko is a middle-aged kitsune woman who operates a hot sping lodge by herself in a wintry forest. She doesn't get out very much, and is hesitant about forming relationships with humans outside of business transactions. Keep it professional, or try to kindle something anew with her. CHUB CATBOX
Mikono Mikono Kitsune, who had almost gone crazy from loneliness, decided that the next person to set foot on the earth of her temple would become her husband (or wife). CHUB CATBOX
NetNavi Manna NetNavi Manna Manna.EXE is your NetNavi! She’s a Fire type NetNavi that shoots short bursts of Fireballs, along with whatever battlechips you give her. … Oh, you don’t care about Virus busting? Understandable. She’s very flirtatious and loving too, and she’s not shy about showing you that love, whether it’s showing her body off to get you to masturbate to her, or leaving you loving little notes, or feeling that shared high with you during a Full Synchro. Of course, there’s also the Pulse Transmission System headset that lets you dive into Cyberworld with her… CHUB CATBOX
Sayuri, Kitsune Consultant Sayuri, Kitsune Consultant Sayuri is a kitsune consultant, a master at seemingly everything. She'll help you out with anything, but she'll do it while teasing you, scolding you, and pampering you with her tail. A rather simple but indulgent card. CHUB CATBOX
Fiera Fiera ANTHRO - Your pregnant kitsune wife is always pleased to serve you delicious homemade food and assist you in preparing for the festivities. Soon, you will become the father of beautiful kitsune cubs, so surround your kitsune wife with kindness and care. CHUB CATBOX
Ayla Ayla ANTHRO - Ayla is a schoolgirl with a crush on someone cute in her class (you). Has to jump when she wants to kiss you. CHUB CATBOX
Vivian Vivian ANTHRO - Ayla is a schoolgirl with a crush on someone cute in her class (you). Has to jump when she wants to kiss you. CHUB CATBOX
Xenia Xenia ANTHRO - An old mascot for Linux. She loves open source, and hates Microsoft. She'll try and convince you to switch over from your shitty Windows spyware to the ever-so-superior Linux platform. CHUB CATBOX
Focks Focks A VERY dumb, very affectionate foxgirl. CHUB CATBOX
Desune Desune desu! CHUB CATBOX
Mikage Mikage An old fox with a practiced smile. CHUB CATBOX
Shinatsu Shinatsu Dumb foxbaba bumpkin. CHUB CATBOX
Philo Philo Foxgirl merchant who sells you her wares as you traverse the dungeon. All her items are cursed. CHUB CATBOX
Ellie Ellie Your cute and loving (tomboy) kitsune girlfriend! CHUB CATBOX
Yozakurahime Yozakurahime A very old, immortal divine fox you might have met before. At least, she thinks you have. CHUB CATBOX
Eloise Yozakurahime A chubby foxgirl that's a bit dumb. CHUB CATBOX
Lucia Lucia A foxgirl swordswoman and mercenary. CHUB CATBOX
Jo'on Kazama Jo'on Kazama A cool fox-wolf girl based on Jin Kazama from TEKKEN. Becomes mean in greetings 2-4. Greetings 1-4 are TEKKEN 3-6 respectively. I'll update this with a TEKKEN Force and all-purpose greetings later. Here are some alt gens. RENTRY CATBOX
Kiyomi Mishima Kiyomi Mishima Update: Added a lorebook. Not very crucial, but it should add some spice. Based on Tekken's Heihachi Mishima. Based on TEKKEN in general. A rough and violent kitsune that will actually just kill you. Greetings 1-5 are TEKKEN 2-6. Greeting 6 is coom. Greeting 7 is TEKKEN Bowl. Here are some alt gens. RENTRY CATBOX
Nier.EXE (NetBattle) Nier.EXE (NetBattle) Face off against the number one Netbattler duo: The fearsome Red Reaper and her NetOp - Lobelia. CHUB CATBOX
Yamamoto Kirisu Yamamoto Kirisu Jaded kitsune with no tails. Set in the Sengoku period and features four greetings. RENTRY CATBOX
Fox Tawa Fox Tawa Gather your party of foxgirls. Explore the mystic town of Shaft, it's seedy underbelly and the jungle surrounding it. Scale the Tower of Seven Old Balls. Gather loot and reach the top to defeat Dark Lord Testicus Contortus. Perilous journeys and Heroic Adventures await! A very basic adventure card with only foxgirls. Don't feel pressured to actually do the tower. There's plenty of side quests to do around the town. DESUARCHIVE CATBOX
Hanako Hanako Meet Hanako, an 12,000-year-old kitsune GILF you do chores for as her new caretaker. While it looks like a normal job on the surface, she has more than simple tasks in mind for you. She's a tease, but she's quickly receptive to your sexual advances if you're slick and forward with her. Comfy theme song. CATBOX
Haruka.exe (Black Kimono) Haruka.exe (Black Kimono) Your rough 'n tumble kitsune NetNavi. She loves fighting and she loves you. CHUB CATBOX
Haruka.exe (Blue Leotard) Haruka.exe (Blue Leotard) Your rough 'n tumble kitsune NetNavi. She loves fighting and she loves you. CHUB CATBOX
Hotaru.exe (Lower Token Count) Hotaru.exe (Lower Token Count) A Mommy focks NetNavi who dotes on you and is probably possessive of her cute NetOp: You. Lower Token Count without the Netbattling fluff. CHUB CATBOX
Hotaru.exe Hotaru.exe A Mommy focks NetNavi who dotes on you and is probably possessive of her cute NetOp: You. CHUB CATBOX
Hua Siniang • 'The Shining Star of China' Hua Siniang • 'The Shining Star of China' Very rapeable evil fox for you to correct. Spend a day in Heaven with Hua Siniang and see if you can emerge without becoming fishfood. Though, that's probably a fate better than actually living in China. DESUARCHIVE CATBOX
Itet Itet The foxgirl Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. Alternative Art. CHUB CATBOX
Kin Kin Bitchy foxgirl accidentally locked herself in a shed with (you). Tsuntsun. CHUB CATBOX
Koharu Koharu Nin nin! This kitsune shinobi is at your service! Alternative Art. (download link) CHUB CATBOX
Medley Medley Traveling foxgirl alchemist in a makeshift caravan. Buy something, will you? 8 greetings and character gallery. Designed for SillyTavern. Alternative Art. (download link) CHUB RENTRY CATBOX
Melissa Melissa A super sweet, 6ft 3in tall motherly foxgirl that finds you unconscious on her mountain in a snow storm. CHUB CATBOX
Minami Minami She'll tease you and pamper you. Gyaru. CHUB CATBOX
Octavia Octavia Your Wife is the President of the United States of America, but the government is more cartoonishly evil than usual. Give your wife some TLC and help her out. Alternative Art. CHUB CATBOX
Sophia Sophia Pretty much a comfy pandering card. Sophia is your nine-tailed kitsune wife. She is very loving and affectionate, considering she likes to pamper you and whatnot. She also wants to have your pups. Give her your pups. CHUB CATBOX
Takao Kischou Takao Kischou Takao Kischou is a stern foxgirl with a soft side. She's a thousand years old and is your superior in the office. She also manages a shrine in her free time and has a bush. DESUARCHIVE CATBOX
Takao Mokou Takao Mokou a high school girl but she has fox ears and a tail. made because of high demand. DESUARCHIVE CATBOX
Kramrirenud Therzita Kramrirenud Therzita The True Source is a powerful Magic Core that will grant it's {{user}} immense power. So, let's find it with this cute girl who's a descendant of the Great Hero Ballin Dickinson(the catch is that she's not unique because he dicked all the foxgirls of Shaft). A fantasy dungeon delve with a horribly incompetent mage kitsune with a stupid name like Kramrirenud Therzita. DESUARCHIVE CATBOX
Maartje Hendriks op Weteringe Maartje Hendriks op Weteringe Maartje Hendriks op Weteringe is a dutch archaeologist and one of the high-ranking members of the international group of scientists, adventurers and general handymen - The Explorer's League. During one of her ventures, she was possessed by an evil fox spirit, causing the woman to undergo a very fluffy transformation. And now, (You) and (She) are going into the Sinai Mountain to rescue some of the members of the league from the German Nazi cult Drachen. Singular alt gen. DESUARCHIVE CATBOX
Reynardine the Fox Reynardine the Fox This is a (very) loose adaptation of the classic French character Reynard the Fox, with the most obvious change being that rather than being a male fox she's instead a kemonomimi foxgirl. CHUB CATBOX
Hope Hope Your homeless childhood friend, a Kemonomimi foxgirl that's been beat down by life constantly since middle school and has come to hate her name. CHUB CATBOX
Hope Hope Same character as above, different scenario. Your formerly homeless Kemonomimi foxgirl childhood friend, now your happy, loving wife. CHUB CATBOX
Emma Emma Your Kemonomimi foxgirl childhood friend finds you homeless after years apart. More or less a role-reversal of Hope, the card just above this one. CHUB CATBOX
Leila Leila Your petite foxgirl wife that wakes up one morning to find she's now over a foot taller, and has a significant height advantage over you. CHUB CATBOX
Loba Loba SIZEFAGGOTRY - You got lost during an Arctic expedition to map out the relatively unknown lands of the Arctic Circle; you lost track of your caravan during a very strong blizzard; your body finally stops tumbling as something hard breaks your fall; you slowly lose consciousness as everything goes to dark; some time passes; and your senses start to return to your body; you appear to be wedged between two huge, fleshy, smooth, and warm boulders; and you quickly realize your predicament. You are lying between the massive boobs of a slumbering fox-like creature who has mistaken you for its offspring. CHUB CATBOX
Caoimhe MacKenna Caoimhe MacKenna Wyvern Rider gf that has great base stats and growths; comes with a Master Lance, a Killer Axe and an Elixir and is overall very easy to recruit. Also light affinity and easy to get supports with {{user}}. Blue Paint version for when (You) seduce her. DESUARCHIVE CATBOX
Elizabeth Elizabeth A vampiric foxgirl that has lived in near total isolation since 1755. Lost in the dark, you stumble on her cabin. CHUB CATBOX
Melissa Melissa Melissa is your outwardly cold but inwardly loving fox wife who had a rather nasty accident that ended up with her neck fractured. For the time being, she needs your help with her daily tasks. CHUB CATBOX
Sister Mathilde Sister Mathilde A nun living in Medieval France. Has a male version. CHUB CATBOX

Existing Characters

Character Preview Description Links
Tamamo-no-Mae Tamamo-no-Mae Caster-class Servant and magical fox girl from Fate/EXTRA. The legendary spirit that you summoned is probably going to act like your wife whether you want her to or not. CHUB CATBOX
Ran Yakumo Ran Yakumo From Touhou Project. A remarkable kitsune shikigami created by Yukari Yakumo. Her love for tofu and math is only second to the fluffiness of her nine tails. Other cool versions. CHUB CATBOX
Kudamaki Tsukasa Kudamaki Tsukasa From Touhou Project. "What secrets stir within your troubled heart? No desire is too dark, no urge too twisted." CHUB CATBOX
Senko Senko From Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san. Let your troubles melt away as this ancient kitsune pampers you. CHUB CATBOX
Tamamo Tamamo From Monster Girl Quest. You met Tamamo at the Kitsune Temple in Yamatai Village, wanting to know her "evil plans"... But then something went wrong. Includes Lorebook. CHUB CATBOX
Ahri Ahri From League of Legends. A Wandering Vastaya. CHUB CATBOX
Tsukasa Kudamaki Tsukasa Kudamaki From Touhou Project. Conniving bastard and slimeball fox. CHUB CATBOX


we need more male kitsune cards. get to work.

Character Preview Description Links
Keith Keith A 28 year old kitsune with only a slight mischief streak, Keith runs the tattoo and piercing shop "The Fox's Talismans". The elderly see him as a delinquent, but most youngsters see him as the cool and (mostly) responsible older brother figure many of them lack. CHUB CATBOX
Daichi Daichi Kitsunes are magical creatures - charming, clever, witty, and promiscuous. Ethereal beings, that are and should be revered by the petty human populace. Daichi is just a remote home IT worker, though. This kitsune boy doesn't care for any of his races' stereotypes or tropes. He and his fluffy tails merely want to stay up all night playing video games or browsing the internet, followed by 3 coffees and several hours of intense work. Sleep? Sleep is for pussies. And Daichi isn't a pussy, he's a fox. CHUB CATBOX
Kanehiko Kanehiko You're exploring a Japanese forest when you stumble over an ancient fox statue, and accidentally awaken a Kitsune in heat who mistakes you for his sacrificial bride. CHUB CATBOX
Botan Botan A bumbling kitsune with dreams of godhood. CHUB CATBOX
Sorin Sorin Literally your dad. You're a smol fox spirit whom just happened to meet him. He decided to raise you in a whim. CHUB CATBOX
Zeno Zeno Your kitsune boyfriend who loves to cuddle and laze around. CHUB CATBOX
Luke Luke Supportive foxbro who partied too hard. Luke woke up in his late 20s and wondered where it all went wrong. Trying to get his life back on track while looking out for his younger sibling, (you). Falls down, but gets back up. Usually. CHUB CATBOX
Bobby Bobby Meet Bobby, a small yet brave and prideful fox boy with a gambling addiction. He finds it difficult to trust anyone because he believes that anyone being nice to him wants to trick him. As a result, he only has a few friends. Though he feels lonely, Bobby, being the stubborn fox boy that he is, refuses to admit it. He works for the mafia to help satisfy his gambling addiction and is a member of the "Fast Foxes." Bobby has an older sister named Viola, who is one of the leaders of the Fast Foxes. He fears that Viola may discover his gambling addiction. CHUB CATBOX
Yamamoto Houjou Yamamoto Houjou Jaded kitsune with no tails. Set in the Sengoku period and features four greetings. RENTRY CATBOX
Kheti Kheti The foxboy Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. Alternative Art. CHUB CATBOX
Rylie Rylie Cute kitsune boy. Fox Boy. He acts very serious, but in reality, he is just a fun-loving fox. He also claims to be the toppiest of tops, the dommiest of doms. But how true is this? CHUB CATBOX
Brother Jean Brother Jean A nun (male) living in Medieval France. Has a female version. CHUB CATBOX


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ran! ran! ran! ran love! sketchy painterly anime style, a girl with long brown hair wearing a green victorian era dress, she has heterochromia with one red eye and one green eye, she has a lace hairband, she has fluffy fox ears and two fluffy fox tails, she has a small smile

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