"I saw what you did boy" I almost peed in my pants the minute she said that but I thought I should just keep my composure and act as if I had done nothing wrong. In true fact I had done nothing wrong it was my Mom that jumped on me and I did what any hot blooded male would have done in my position. I acted calm even though everyone even her knew how shitscared I was of her "What are you talking about?" "If you going to act stupid I’m going to beat the hell out of the screw that fucken gay ass of yours" she slammed a fist against her hand "So how long have you two been at it?" "How did you know?" "Boy u scream like a bitch when you cum, I would’ve sworn that Linda was with a dyke" I felt embarrassed, so embarrassed that I felt my dick shrink at that moment

"From when your sister leaves for Durban things are gonna change around here, OK" I nodded fast so she doesn’t have to beat the shit out of me. "You and your mother are gonna be my bitches and don’t have jack to say about it or I will just have to tell your sister what you just did, OK" it was not ok but what choice did I have other than just nod and agree. I won’t say shit if you keep your word and to make sure you keep your end of the bargain here’s a little something to make you help me fuck you and your mom boy" She handed me her phone which was on videos menu and told me to play the first video. It was a video of mom on top of me "How and when did you take this? How could you do this to mom you know how much she loves you" Exactly why I want that whore to myself, wait you think I don’t know that you also have a thing for me or are you jealous that I want the two of you and not you alone?" "No, but this is blackmail" You got it wrong its direct mail, no pun intended" she laughed "you will do exactly as I tell you or you won’t be able to talk for at least a weak, NOW WHAT DO YOU SAY?" she sounded so evil yet she looked so dominant and so sexy.
I felt a slow rise I’m my pants which she noticed and got closer "I will just have to take that as a yes the Fag boy wont I?" I didn’t move nor say a word, Zee held my erction in her hand and pinched it so hard that I thought she was gonna break it off and whispered in my ear "So what do you say are you in or out?" I whispered with tears flowing down my cheeks and agreed that I was in. She let go and I dropped on my knees in agony. I couldn’t believe myself, I have just made a bargain with a lesbo to fuck my mom but I shore hoped that she would let me fuck her even if it was once and I couldn’t wait for my sister to go, but how was I gonna handle my mother. All sorts of thought raced through my mind and I almost forgot that I was kneeling on the bathroom floor with an extremely sore dick.


"Tony honey come on lets go to the mall I need a few groceries" "Be down in five minutes mom" I was down in less than five minutes "Shall we my lady?" "I sure am baby, your sisters are too busy to go with me" she said sarcastically and winked at me, in less than a minute we were out the door. When we got to the car I told her all about Zee weirdly enough she didn’t get mad she just said "We shall see" We did the groceries and chatted about general stuff then went on our way when she decide to stop at an adult shop and told me to stay in the car and that she would be right back. She came back in a few minutes and asked me not to ask her any questions and I didn’t so we drove off.

The next morning Amanda drove off very early, a few minutes later Pearl went to school as usual. As soon as they were both gone Zee came in my room and told me to meet her in my mother’s room immediately, I got scared but went anyway coz I didn’t want to cross her. "Close the door baby" Mom was completely naked and there were over ten sex toys on her dressing chest, now I was confused. "What is going on here mom?" Zee entered "Have you filled him in yet or should I?" She went over to my mom and gave her a kiss, now I could tell that these two were no strangers in the kissing business. Zee started sucking my mom’s nipples and fingering her pussy mom started moaning. "Hey boy take those clothes off and bring that strap on for me.
I did as told "Linda come on I know you are dying to suck his dick" mom called me over while Zee was putting on the strap on and put some lube on it and sharved it in moms pussy, Mom started moaning on my dick and paused from sucking for a few seconds then resumed with her skilled mouth. Mom pushed Zee on her back and straddled her and started riding the strap on like a crazy woman, making me come really hard in her mouth, they both started coming. We all collapsed on the bed until Zee said "Boy it’s your turn and you better not give me any trouble, get on your knees Linda lick his balls"

I have never had my balls licked before and it was great but I wasn’t prepared for what was about to come

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