Quickly, I dropped my arms to my sides. "Y-You said we had to talk before starting..?" I asked quietly, trying to change the subject as quickly as humanly possible. I could understand why a normal, casual sex relationship may need a bit of communication beforehand. But the way mine and Dallas’ relationship had begun was far from conventional. Hadn’t we skipped the talking stage?

"Yeah," he nodded his head casually, opening the door to his office wider for me to enter, then closing it behind me. I heard the click of the lock behind me and turned to face Dallas. He took his ball-cap off and tossed it onto his desk in the same manner he had the first night we met. I watched him silently as he meandered about for a moment before turning his attention back to me. "I ain’t a rapist," he started with and my eyebrows furrowed. I wondered whether I had done something to impose that opinion on him. But soon, he continued, "I respect your right to say no. But I also respect that you’ve told me you want to be my whore, and if you don’t meet my standards, I won’t just keep you around to spare your feelings."

Shifting between my feet, my stare faltered in something like shame. Why did the thought of not being up to Dallas’ standards scare me so? "So if we don’t agree on certain things, it’s all over basically..?" I asked a bit timidly. I hoped the tone in my voice would not inspire annoyance in the older man.

"Basically," he breathed the word, but luckily, he just seemed to be disappointed by the thought of that outcome just like I was. "So we will have to go over some ground rules, of course," he continued, voice stern, "What I like, what you like. See if they match up. And see if either of us is willing to step out of our… comfort zones." He had a small grin on his lips as if he were thinking about something too devilish to fathom.

It didn’t take a genius to know he was thinking back to our night together. And most likely undressing me with his eyes. "Okay," I stepped a little closer, making myself at home in his office and taking a seat at one of the now two swivel chairs in the room.

He took a seat opposite me, then took a deep breath before explaining, "I like to play rough. As you could probably tell the other night. I like to tease women, I like to slap women. I like to tie them up and watch them squirm. I like to watch them give in to me. It’s a BDSM lifestyle and in no way will you be my slave or captive. You are free to stop the play at any time. You are free to leave at any time."

I nodded.

"I have what’s called safe-words. Have you ever heard of those before?"

I shook my head.

Dallas chuckled and shook his head a little bit as well. He was obviously amused by my innocence at this point as was to be expected. "They’re different for everyone. For me, the word Margot means to slow down, and the word Mercy means to stop completely. If during one of our encounters you ever say one of these safe words, I will always follow your instruction, you need never worry about that."

Blinking my eyes, which surely must have been wide at the time, I nodded my head and stuttered out, "That s-sounds… smart." Then I paused and worked up the courage to speak once more, "Is there more I will need to know?"

"Yes. You will call me sir or master or mister when we are together, nothing else unless I tell you so. If I order you to do something, you obey or else get punished for your disobedience. If I hit you, spit at you, fuck you, make you cum, so much as lay a finger on you—you thank me for it politely. If you forget your manners, you will be punished. If you follow my rules- if you are a good little whore to me, I will be the best damn master you will ever have. And you will live in a state of constant pleasure that I guarantee you will never forget." With a smirk set stubbornly on his lips, Dallas leaned back in his swivel chair confidently, "How does all of this sound, dear?"

The rules he laid out for me scared me, but all at once they brought this strange feeling to my chest and the rest of my body. Quickly, I could feel myself becoming hot at just the thought of a relationship so wildly sexual. I got flustered and awkwardly stumbled upon my words, "I… It’s… It sounds good."

"It sounds good, what?"

I narrowed my eyes, shifting uncomfortably. What did this man expect me to say?

Dallas laughed under his breath and in one motion, he pushed himself to a stand from his own office chair and was at my side instantly. He wrapped a hand around one of my wrists and yanked me up from where I was seated, then guided me over to the desk where he leaned me over so that my top half was rested on the surface and my ass was perked up in the air. My breathing quickened. This was it.

"Remember the rules, sweetheart," he whispered from just behind my ear before standing up straight behind me. I could feel his hands pick at the skirt of my dress and raise it up gently until my ass, clothed in just light pink bikini panties, was exposed. I half-expected for him to pull the panties down right then and there, or even to rip them off.

I expected to be fucked in that moment, but instead was met with a hard blow across my left ass cheek. I howled in pain, and even for moments after his hand had left its place there, the area still stung as if I’d been sat upon a burning stovetop. "Ow…Ow…" I whimpered, I shuffled my legs and tried to lift my face off the desk to face Dallas, but his hand was quickly on the back of my head, pushing me back down, "Please… Please don’t…"

But that stinging on my ass was quickly turning into something else. Something still hot, still burning- but tingling as well. Something that was certainly getting me off, I realized, and something that I decided I liked.

"Don’t, what?" he asked.

"Don’t hit me. Please…" my plea was only half-hearted this time. Because frankly, if he hit me again, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. A smile found my lips as my cheek rested against the cold wood of his big desk.

He hit me again, this time harder than the first. And as much as I thought the next slap would bring me pleasure, I once again was not expecting it. And I once again was overcome by an intense burning which eventually, within thirty seconds or so, faded to that soft, tingling sensation that sent jolts down into…

Long story short, I felt myself becoming wet from this abuse.

"I-I…" I stuttered out, confused about what Dallas wanted me to say, "What do you want m-me to say..?"

Another soft laugh fell from Dallas’ lips like warm honey. He leaned into me, and I could feel through the jeans he wore that he was very hard underneath. His lips were just beside my ear as he whispered, "What were the rules, whore? What do you call me?" It sent a shiver down my spine and caused my body to tremble for just a split second as goosebumps covered nearly every inch of my skin.

I got it. I understood what he wanted from me now. The only hard part was overcoming my anxiety and embarrassment and calling him one of the three titles he’d wanted. "I…" I breathed, then laughed at myself because I felt completely ridiculous.

Dallas didn’t seem as amused as I did though. He stood back up, pressing one arm against the small of my back so that I was pinned to the desk. "Do you think this is funny, whore?" he growled, raising his palm and striking me in the same exact spot he’d hit the last two times. His accuracy was on point. But this time, he did not stop with one smack, he raised his hand up again and whacked it back down over and over again until I was howling so hard I could barely think straight.

The only coherent thought that came to me amongst the pain mixed with some inkling of pleasure was that calling him one of those titles may fix this. Fuck my self-image, if he thought it was hot for me to call him that, who was I to argue? "Please! Please, M-Master. I’m sorry… Please, stop, Master!"

All at once, he stopped hitting me. He let up on my back and stepped away for a moment. I was free to move, but could think of no such thing. Instead, I stayed bent over the desk, heaving in heavy breaths and letting them off in shallow sighs. I heard his voice just a minute or two later breaking into the silence, "What do you say now?"

Between heavy breaths, I gulped, going through the rules he’d laid out for me and coming upon my answer in thankfully quick fashion, "Th-Thank you, sir."

I couldn’t see him, but I could tell he was smiling and I could tell he was pleased. And a small part of me was just as pleased with myself. Even with the pain in my bottom now, I felt more fulfilled and experienced in that moment than I ever had in my life thus far. And there was something about letting Dallas take utter control from my hands that felt… freeing.

"You’re doing well," he commented casually and I could hear his steps as they trailed behind me. I could hear him rustling with his pants. My heart rate quickened and I felt as if I might explode with excitement. But he stopped, resting a hand down on the redness of my bottom. I winced, thinking that the man would find some reason to hit me again, but instead his voice came in a kind of gentle tone, "Do you want me to fuck you now?"

Unconsciously, before I even could stammer out an answer, I arched my back so that my ass was raised up higher before him. I could hear him chuckle, but still he awaited my verbal response. My face grew red and I was so glad that Dallas couldn’t see my face right then, "Y-Yes, Master. Please…"

Just like that, I heard him go back to work on his pants behind me, and only seconds later I heard the jeans fall to the floor only to be kicked away, followed by his underwear of course. The first thing I felt were his hands on my hips. His fingers were coarse and callused, but his touch was as not to cause harm at all. It was crazy for me to think that this was the same man who’d just spanked me repeatedly- and the same man who’d blackmailed me and forced himself upon me days ago.

Next, I felt the very tip of his cock as it pressed against my ass. My panties were still on, but just the way he rubbed it across the curve and down toward my slit got me going. I moaned, fingertips curling while my nails just slightly scraped against the desk. I felt his fingers trace from my hips to the elastic of my panties and hook underneath them now. And in one fluid motion, he pulled them down. He was a pro at this, you could tell. He ordered me to kick them off once they fell to my ankles. I did as told.

Once again, he was just behind me and this time, I felt his flesh against my own. He let out a low sigh, "You’re wet for me already, huh?"

I felt myself blushing, and then nodding my head against the desk at his question.

"Say it."

"I… I’m wet, Master."

He didn’t speak again, and instead he busied himself with readying my body for what was to come. Just as he lined the tip of his shaft against my hole, just as I thought he would enter me, I felt one of his hands slide between my legs. His fingers teased at my clit, pinching it and rolling in small circles over it. My body reacted instinctually, of course, growing wetter and wetter with every action. My knees gave in multiple times, making me thankful for the desk underneath me or else I would’ve surely fallen to the floor.

I moaned. Quite loudly at first, but then abashed by the sound, I bit down on my bottom lip to only let out a soft, muffled sound in its place.

Dallas moved further down, sliding one finger into my pussy and working it in and out at a slow pace initially. "Oh my God…" I whispered in a breathy tone before sucking my bottom lip in once more to chew on. Once I spoke, it seemed to spark something in this man. He quickened the pace of his finger, drilling me and driving me practically insane.

I could feel myself gushing juices.

He added in a second finger, and then used his thumb to circle around my little nub all the while finger-fucking me. His free hand pressed against the small of my back to keep me from moving from the optimal position. I felt a pressure building up somewhere in my body, creeping up on me. Was I about to cum?

My bottom lip slipped from between my teeth and I moaned, "You… You’re going to make me… c-cum, Sir!"

He stopped. Dead in his tracks. An obvious sign that he was not yet ready for me to experience that level of pleasure. "Not yet, you won’t," he plainly stated, "And when you feel like you will, you will ask me for permission. Understood?"

My eyes widened. How could I ask for permission? How would I hold back a natural urge if he were to deny me that permission? Either way, the thought of him having such control over what sorts of pleasure and pain I experienced aroused me. "Yes, Master," I answered him.

"Now, what do you say?"

I smiled as I spoke quietly, "Thank you, Sir."

"And what do you want?"

"… Fuck me."

Dallas did not waste any time. Once he was given the order, he lined himself up and like an animal; he plowed himself deep within me. At first, it hurt I cannot lie. He was massive compared to the man I’d been with before and I was practically a virgin. I was so vanilla in the game of sex that I rarely even touched myself when alone. I whimpered, clawing my nails into the surface of his desk. But as he began to pull himself out before pushing himself back into me again, the pain began to subside to pleasure.

This was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I felt completely full, like if he had even one more centimeter of cock, it just wouldn’t fit. He moaned from behind me, and I could feel his hands grasp my hips and his fingertips dig into the flesh there for better leverage. Just like he had with the fingering, Dallas had started out with a slow pace.

Deliberately slow. I felt every single motion. I felt him flex his cock within me as it pressed against the walls of my cunt. I bit my bottom lip hard, trying so damn hard to be quiet because I was terrified that at any moment someone could so simply wander onto campus and happen upon our rendezvous.

"Jesus… Christ…" Dallas panted out the words, then added in a thrust between each word he spoke, "You’re. So. Damn. Tight!" The last thrust was purposefully harder than the others and forced me to lift my head and cry out in ecstasy. "Yeah, that’s right…" his voice was gruff from behind me, "You like big cock inside of you, don’t you, you little slut?"

I knew he expected an answer from me, and as humiliating as this all was for me, I wasn’t willing to receive another spanking. Softly, my voice came, "Yes…"

"Wrong!" he roared, and the instant he did, I felt a pang of regret for not saying the right thing. I silently drilled it into my head, or at least I tried to. This was something so foreign to me. Sir, Master, Mister. Please. Thank you. I wasn’t used to someone being so in control of my body and I surely wasn’t used to the notion of thanking someone for sex. Only seconds later, before I could even correct myself, I got my punishment.

Dallas smacked the same ass cheek he had already abused earlier. I bit my lip again to muffle the small sound of pain that escaped. But he wasn’t through, yet. Cock still inside of my hole, the man raised his hands from my hips all the way to the top of my back by my shoulder blades on either side. His nails were trimmed, but they were long enough to scrape. He dug them into my back and my eyes went wide. For a split-second, I considered using my safe word, but I was intrigued to see how it would feel and how the rest of this would play out.

I sucked in a deep breath through my teeth as Dallas slid his fingertips all the way down my back, a stinging trail following them. I was sure there would be marks tomorrow. A part of me wanted to back down, another part of me was excited despite the affliction. "Please stop, Master…" I whimpered, shaking my head while my auburn locks of hair fell into my face, "I’m s-s-sorry… I’ll learn…"

The man behind me stood still for a moment, shaft still placed in my slit. His nails stopped on my back and he leaned forward enough so that I could hear him just behind my ear, "You’ll need to catch on quickly if we intend for this to continue. Understood?"

I hummed briefly in response to his question, nodding my head. Then as fast as I can manage, I pushed out a, "Yes, Sir."

He stood up straight behind me without another word in my ear and continued in the same pace he was before my incident. He would plunge himself deep into me, then withdraw himself almost all the way to the tip, and then repeat the whole process over again. My pussy was wet. Wetter than it had possibly ever been before. I felt myself dripping around his cock as he fucked me and I breathed in shallow pants, body afire with a sensation I couldn’t quite place.

But I loved it.

Even when being punished by Dallas, I was exhilarated. Even when being hurt, my body still relished in the indulgence. I couldn’t help myself. Almost as if a whole other person took over my mind, body, and soul, I spoke up, "Oh… God, that feel so good." My words were breathy, they sounded like a sigh of relief through my lips.
And perhaps this was what relief felt like.

Dallas chuckled and only a short moment later I felt his hand at the back of my head. He gathered most of my red hair into the palm of his hand and pulled it back with a fist. My head shot back, my back arched in an uncomfortable position. He kept pulling until I was practically standing with him, legs pressed up against the desk and palms of my small hands rested on the surface.

His lips were directly by my ear when he released my hair and wrapped one hand around to my throat and the other to cup my left breast. I moaned, because just about this time, Dallas had decided to quicken his pace suddenly. It wasn’t like he lost any vantage in depth, he just began to buck his hips wildly into me and back out as if he were going for the world record. He groaned with pleasure right into my ear and I felt a small sense of pride at the fact I was causing him enough bliss to bring about sounds like that.

His grip tightened on my neck, not enough to cut off my air supply, but enough to surprise me. My bottom lip once again slipped out from its place between my teeth and I felt no choice but to let out the sounds my body was beckoning for me to make. He kept laying into me like a mad man – as if he’d been denied the proper release for far too long. He squeezed my breast for a bit before seemingly growing impatient and slipping his hand under the neckline of the black dress I wore.

Dallas’ hands were big and strong as they touched to the supple flesh of my breast. His fingers kneaded into the flesh at first, then found the small, hard nub that was my nipple at this point. He pinched it. Softly, at first, but then a bit tighter as he tugged it away from my body just a bit. Like all other forms of pain this man had caused me, it was accompanied by an overwhelming sensation of intrigue and giddiness as well.

I hissed out a breath through my teeth to conquer the pain, then went with my gut and spoke the words my mind was screaming for me to voice, "Th-Thank you, Master…"

I could hear his voice follow suit, low and gruff in my ear as he continued to pound in and out of me from behind, "Now you’re learning." He released his grasp from my throat and moved to take a handful of my hair once again, yanking it back which sent a sharp pain all throughout my scalp. I yelped, but didn’t speak a word. At that moment, I was so enveloped in the staggering feeling that was suddenly taking over my body. It felt much like what I experienced when Dallas was fingering me moments ago. I tightened up, trying to hold it back, but it was as if I could feel some storm clouds approaching within my body, slowly creeping up on me.

Ready to burst.

"Can I c-cum? Please, Master!" I yelled out, no longer a care in the world if anyone heard me. All I cared for was my pleasure, his pleasure, and wishing that I would feel this full for a long time to come.

There were a few moments of silence. Well not necessarily silence but moments where all I could hear was his flesh slapping against my own in repeated motions. That pressure building up inside of me only got more and more intense with every single thrust. Then finally Dallas yanked my hair so that my head was leaning as far back as it possibly could. He whispered in my ear, "Cum for me, whore."

And I’m not sure exactly what happened. His words almost seemed to push me over the edge of insanity. The pressure inside of my body spread like wildfire to every single inch. All of my muscles tightened up and clenched and something of a spiral of untouched bliss ran straight up from my pussy and through every ligament and morsel of my body. I moaned loudly. Or perhaps to his ears it was more of a screech or a scream. Either way, it was a pure sound of impurity. Then, all of a sudden, my body relaxed into the most serene state it had possibly ever been in.

Dallas kept thrusting himself in and out of me. I no longer felt the build-up, but there was still pleasure with each time he entered my hole. I could hear him taking in and releasing shallow breaths, I could hear him groaning and moaning, and at last a mumble came from his lips from behind me, "Oh, yeah.. I’m… I’m cumming.."

He pulled out and I felt a sticky warm slosh on my left ass cheek, just where he had spanked me brutally over and over again. For some odd reason, I felt the need to moan lightly at the feeling of it there. Dallas breathed heavily for a few moments, and then I could feel his presence as he walked away from me.

I was exhausted.

Slowly and carefully, I tried to turn around, but stumbled slightly. It was then I heard the low voice order me, "Don’t move." I followed his instructions, remaining pressed up against the desk, standing as still as I could. It wasn’t long before he was behind me against, pressing a soft cloth against my ass cheek and wiping away his cum. He then placed his hands on both of my shoulders and turned me around to face him.

My eyes met his and the passion in his nearly sent shivers down my spine. I felt so small and innocent and childish around this man though I knew that, for my age, I was very mature. "Was that… good?" I asked sheepishly, a soft blush coming to my cheeks.

He just stared at me. Silently. But then, a smirk crept up to his lips and he raised a hand to brush his hand against the side of my hair. He pulled me in closer to him and before my mind could even process what was going on, his lips were pressed firmly against mine. His fingers ran through the red locks, all the while pulling me farther into him.

I gave in as I always did for him, kissing him back and trying to meet the same fervor as him.

As he pulled away from me, I felt myself instinctually chase after him. I wanted more and I was half-sure that with this man, I would always want more. That scared me and excited me all at once. I bit my bottom lip anxiously as I lifted my eyes once more to meet his. He smiled down at me, rubbing his thumb against my cheek, then offered a playful wink, "I think you and I will have some fun."

I laughed, then nodded my head, "I… I think so, too." Then I tilted my head, unable to stop the prompted questions running through my head. Wondering whether the rules of our relationship applied outside of sex as well as in. I decided it was safe to address him normally since we were no longer in the throes of lust, "What…"—I breathed deeply – "What’s next..?"

The look on Dallas’ face was nothing short of amusement. He shook his head no, "Tonight? Nothing." But then, his eyebrows furrowed and I could see the gears turning in his mind. He had an idea, something that interested him. Once again, there was a mix of panic and titillation within my head dancing around in a sort of battle.
"What?" I asked, unable to help the mousiness of my voice.

"I have an idea for you," he grinned, then stepped over to a tall locker in his office locked with a padlock. He entered in a combination to the lock, then clicked it open and swung the door open. For a moment, he hummed with contemplation. Then he took something from within it, closed it, and locked it back up. He wandered back over to my side, holding out an object in his open hand for me to take.

It was a small dildo, no longer than 3 inches in length but on the bottom there was a vibrating embedded in the silicone. My eyes widened at the sight of the toy, but I reached out and took it from Dallas’ hand, anxiously picking at it with my short, thin fingers. I gulped, eyes glued to the dildo as I asked, "What should I do with this..?"
I’d never used a dildo before. Nonetheless a vibrator…

"At the start of your day tomorrow, I want you to put it in. Tuck it in your panties and turn the vibrator on the highest setting," he explained, eyes unwavering from me, "Leave it in and on. All day. Throughout your classes, throughout your meals. Until you are in your bed, I want you to keep that on. Understood?"

My heart sank in my chest and my stomach was a mess of butterflies suddenly. I nodded my head though, "What if... it gets uncomfortable?"

"That’s the whole point, dear," he chuckled in return. Dallas paused for a few seconds, placing a hand on mine and squeezing it a little, "Think of it as a game, huh? I want you to keep it in, keep it on, and keep track of how many orgasms you have tomorrow. You turn it off, you get punished. You take it out, you get punished. You lose track, you get punished."

I swallowed thickly, nervous yet filled with lust and enthusiasm. Nodding my head slowly at him, I let out a hesitant laugh, "There are always rules with you, aren’t there?"

He gave me his crooked little smirk, then winked, "Always."

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