Just needed a place to store all the tags that work to change up your characters. And just other helpful stuff.

Base prompt: depends on the category
seed: 966082668
sampling: k_euler_a
steps, scale: 28, 11
add quality tags: no
res: portrait (normal)


Remember to mix and match! This is supposed to be a rentry to quickly show that a tag works, but it may be best to include other tags alongside it for more specific haircuts. For example, "blunt bangs" + "hair over one eye" makes something new and unique entirely!

mix n match ex

The oddities sections are for outputs that aren't what the tag was for, but are still interesting enough to mention.

Moved all the files to catbox, so no more dead files!


These face tags work as you'd expect.

Prompt: {{official art}}, 1girl, medium hair, wavy hair, school uniform, face, {{ TAG TESTED GOES HERE }}
seed: 966082668

faces 1
faces 2
faces 3


oddities 1

Head Bits

Prompt (For most): masterpiece, 1girl, milf, {TAG TESTED GOES HERE}
Seed: 711463014

Misc. Head Tags

misc head 1
misc head 2


ears 1
ears 2
ears 3
ears 4
ears 5


Prompt: {{official art}}, white background, 1girl, parted bangs, white hair, school uniform, face, eye focus {{ TAG TESTED GOES HERE
Seed: 1115399836

eyes 1
eyes 2
eyes 3
eyes 4


eyes oddities 1
eyes oddities 2

Jitome & Friends

I've been told these tags work, but I couldn't get them to. I don't try to include any tags that are gacha, just things that work, but hey these get mentioned enough to drop here. Also, heart-shaped pupils works but is heavy gacha as well. +chibi helps

eyes jitome note


Hair Styles

Prompt: {{official art}}, 1girl, brown hair, school uniform, face, smile, {{ TAG TESTED GOES HERE }}

hair 1
hair 2
hair 3
hair 4
hair 5
hair 6
hair 7


hair oddities 1

Patterns and Prints

Prompt: {{official art}}, 1girl, blonde hair, twintails, spaghetti strap, smile, {{head out of frame}}, {{ TAG TESTED GOES HERE
Seed: 1290676640

pattern 1
pattern 2
pattern 3
pattern 4
pattern 5


pattern oddities 1


The prompt includes traditional media as it helps bring out other medium tags.

Prompt: 1girl, magical girl, traditional media, face, white border, beige background, {{ TAG TESTED GOES HERE
Seed: 3578818234

media 1
media 2
media 3


3d is a really fun tag. It's stupid, funny, and weird. double weighting up 3d seems to be okay, adding "blender (medium)" makes it uglier, banning and biasing up the ban seems to marginally improve quality.

media 3d 1
My take on how many curly braces 3d should have? 0-1, past that you start getting weird 3d structures in the background, and the 3d degrades in quality.
media 3d 2

Color Styles

colorstyle 1


symbols 1


emojis 1
emojis 2
emojis 3
emojis 4

Focuses (Sensitive)

focuses 1

Img2Img Settings

A bunch of anecdotal reports about img2img.

[To enhance better than the dedicated function], reduce strength to .2 - .4 and make sure noise is very low, like well below 0.05. Higher noise is only good for when you're giving the AI nothing but a really crude drawing to start with.

If you're working from photos or previously gen'd images, use extremely low noise to preserve details of the original: ~0.04. Lower strength too, to taste. Continue to describe the subject with tags matching the source image.

My experiences with img2img settings
0.5 strength and less makes the output look almost exactly like the original
0.6 for minor differences
0.7 for large differences
0.8 and higher makes the output unrecognizable from the original.
Always set noise to 0.
9 to 12 scale is ideal.

shitty drawing, raise noise
good input img, zero noise
0.6 for minor differences
0.7 for large differences

Quality Tags + Settings (NSFW)

Some comparisons for general quality tags and settings. These were taken while I was b& from /vg/ so they are nsfw /h/ posts, pls forgive.

Official Art & Masterpiece

official art & masterpiece


Remember, >28 steps means generations will cost money.


Official Art Weight

official art weight

Todo list

  • "x theme" tags
  • copyright tags
  • tag ordering
  • go through the rest of "tags" folder
  • go through the body parts folder, hair
  • go through the body parts folder, hair color
  • go through the body parts folder, ears
  • "if the anon responsible for facesfacesfaces is still there, might be worth looking into eye styles like jitome, tsurime, tarime etc."
  • go through the body parts folder, ears
  • go through the body parts folder, eyes
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