This is totally true and happened when I was younger. Reading some story's finally made me want to tell my experience. I have changed the names in the story to protect everyone involved

My first gay experience. I grew up in utah and yes I was a Mormon. We lived it a very active Mormon community. Growing up there was a lot of kids my age so we always played outside and lots of night games. A few times during truth or dare it might get to running naked, showing your cock, and a girl flashing us. But that's not what I'm going to talk about. It was when I turned 8. Then something crazy and unexpected happened. I was outside with the neighbors. John he was a coupe years younger then me. he was a Mormon also and lived right across the street. Alex was one year older and lived next to me and his parents were always gone and if they were home they were down stairs smoking, drinking or watching porn so he could do whatever they did not care. Then there was Luke and Ryan they were brothers. Ryan was the oldest he was my age and Luke was two years younger. They could do whatever their dad was in Jail and mom did not care. We were all hanging out just doing the normal kid stuff when Alex said we should go play Nintendo 64 in his house. So we went in and started the game his parents were gone. He said he had to go to the bathroom and left. We were just playing a motorcycle racing game. Then Alex came out of the bathroom fully naked we were all super shocked but his cock was standing straight out and it was way bigger then mine. I could not stop looking at it. We were like what the heck are you doing. He told us to come into his bedroom to look at something. We all followed him in and he turned the tv on with a porno playing. We all sat on his bed and watched it for a while. He was still naked and we all had are clothes on. I kept looking at his cock but trying not to look way obvious. I could feel my cock wanting to bust out of my pants. He then paused it and asked if we had ever had a blowjob. We did not know what that was so he said he would show us. He told me to undo my pants and lay on the bed I was scared and did not know what to think. But I undid my them and pulled them down just enough to get my cock out. And sat down. He told me to stand back up and when I did he grabbed my pants and underwear and ripped them down to my ankles and then told me to lay on the bed. He then pulled them all the way off and threw them in the corner. I was starring at the ceiling and then I felt this warm wet thing around my cock it twitched and I looked down to see my cock disappearing into his mouth it felt so good. I wanted to act like I did not want him to touch me but I started to moan and thrust into his mouth. I felt as if my mind was saying stop but my body wanted to have it go on forever. After a while he stopped and said that's what a blow job is. I stood up and went to grab my clothes when he grabbed my arm and said what do you thing your doing. I said I'm going to get my clothes on he said no your going to teach John what a blow job is. He told John to stand next to the bed and that I needed to take them off of him so I knelt down and undid his pants and pulled them down then i slowly grabbed his underwear trying to act like I did not want it but inside so horny and wanting to taste and feel it in my mouth. I pulled down his underwear and this cock the same size at mine popped out. It was uncut and I had never heard of or seen that before I was shocked and not sure what to think. Alex then told John to lay on the bed and me to get between his legs and put my mouth on it. I grabbed it in my hand and closed my eyes and slowly lowering my mouth to it when Alex put his hand on my head and shoved it onto johns cock it rammed down my throat and I gagged and tried to breathe and pull my head up. He said when I tell you to do something do it fast you hear me. I shook my head yes and he let go I jerked my head off his cock trying to catch my breath. Alex grabbed my head again and shoved it on his cock and said did I tell you to stop. I shook my head no and he let go. I kept sucking and was so horny being forced. He then told me to stop and had John then Suck on Luke then had Luke suck on his brother Ryan's cock. When we were done and all standing around naked. He said now we're going to all suck each other at the same time. It was super hard trying to get in a circle and so we all had a cock it our mouth while having ours sucked. I picked to suck on johns. I was turned on by the fact it was uncut and feeling the extra skin in my mouth. I have no idea how long this all went on for. Definitely not long enough. The door to his roomed opened and his mom was standing in the door way. She was super pissed and started yelling at us. We hurry and grabbed our clothes and left. I just had my pants and shirt on. I felt really weird waking home with no underwear on. I never got my underwear back I don’t know what happened to them.

That was my first time I hope you liked it and if you want I can share more stories.

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